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Chapter 1339 Eternity!.

i died for nothing…

this was skylark’s last thought before she died.

“this poisonous gas is so fierce.” song shuhang was retreating while looking at the poisonous gas from the corner of his eye. even skylark, who was lying down and letting the heavenly tribulation guided missile explode directly on her body without receiving any serious injuries, stopped breathing as soon as she came in contact with the poisonous gas.

“if this poisonous gas were to get into the main world, it would definitely be crazy… no, it would be useless, actually. once the weapons born from the heavenly tribulation are moved to the main world, they lose their effect.” song shuhang shook his head.

moreover, without the aid of any magical treasures, he would definitely die as soon as he came in contact with the gas. right now, he had to focus on saving his skin first.

after skylark’s aura dissipated, the poisonous gas that was constantly spreading stopped moving. afterward, it converged around skylark.

song shuhang saw a flash, and the heavenly tribulation realm disappeared.

skylark had once again failed to transcend her tribulation and died.

after losing its purpose, the heavenly tribulation realm dissipated, and song shuhang fell out of it.

at the same time, the restrictions on his inner world were lifted, and song shuhang’s body returned to it.

he then found himself at the sword saber peak.

he exhaled in relief. “i survived.”

however, i wonder when senior skylark is going to resurrect…

as soon as he got back inside the inner world, song shuhang brought a piece of clothing over to him with a mental command.

he had stored all of his daily necessities inside the inner world and his magical bracelet. fortunately, he still had clothes to wear.

“luckily, although my realm is skyrocketing, it’s only at the third immortal bone right now. i’m still quite a bit away from the ninth one.” song shuhang checked his own realm.

he had to take good control of his realm and be especially careful not to take medicinal pills indiscriminately. it would be bad if his realm were to skyrocket again.

at least until fairy sixth cultivator of true virtue had finished forging the combined magical treasure, he should control himself.

if he really was left with no choice, perhaps he could consider using daoist priest horizon’s technique and impart several years’ worth of strength to others.

“i should report my current state to senior white and the others. if i want to return to my main body, i have to sleep first.” song shuhang lay down right where he was, closed his eyes, and began meditating.

he activated the ❮true self meditation scripture❯.

by doing so, song shuhang found that his ‘true self’ had changed again.

the true self’s upper body was still naked, revealing his strong muscles like marble, and his whole being exuded light of virtue. in addition, he had the ❮ksitigarbha’s soul ferrying scripture❯ on his knees.

however, his head now had long beautiful blue hair, and he was also wearing a flat imperial hat.

and below him, there was a chibi ‘fat whale’.

what’s with this weird style?

after i get to the fifth stage, i have to change this weird style that my ‘true self’ has assumed, song shuhang thought to himself.

at the same time, his consciousness sank and took the initiative to enter a sleep-like state.

after about a dozen breaths of time…

song shuhang felt his eyes shine, and in the next moment, he found himself in another space.

it had worked.

song shuhang opened his eyes with joy, and said, “sixteen, senior white, soft feather, i’m back…”

however, when he was in the middle of saying that, he suddenly paused.

in front of him, xuan nu sect’s skylark reached out and flicked her long blue hair back. she was wearing a tight-fitting combat dress with a little white hat on her head.

she was beautiful and very charming.

skylark said, “yo, fellow daoist tyrannical song, we meet again.”

song shuhang: “…”

xuan nu sect’s skylark asked, “are you surprised to see me? eh?”

song shuhang asked, “may i ask where we are?”

skylark replied, “where else would it be? of course it’s the heavenly tribulation realm that’s used for eighth stage heavenly tribulations.”

song shuhang began to hammer the ground vigorously, honestly wanting to cry.

i’m here again, i’m actually here again…

did senior skylark finish resurrecting in such a short time?

xuan nu sect’s skylark said, “by the way, i’ve got something to give you.”

as she said that, she reached out and took out her left eye.

the scholarly sage’s eye was gouged out once again.

then, skylark gave the eyeball to song shuhang. “i’m giving this to you as i’m going to challenge the heavenly tribulation one more time. this time, i definitely have my body obliterated by a heavenly tribulation hydrogen bomb. as such, it’s better if you take this eye with you.”

song shuhang’s trembling hand took the eye. “do… do you really have to do it again?”

skylark laughed, and said, “of course, i’ve already absorbed my previous experiences and am now fully prepared. this time, i have to be able to get past the heavenly tribulation poison gas before falling.”

song shuhang took the scholarly sage’s eye, and without saying anything, ran away.

skylark was immortal, but he was not.

he had to stay as far away as he could from the range of the tribulation to avoid being tempered by the power of the tribulation and have his realm skyrocket again. his dream of having a combined magical treasure had just begun, so he couldn’t let it end so easily!

i have to complete the thirty-three divine beasts’ combined magical treasure. the determination in song shuhang’s heart had never been firmer.

“boom! boom! boom!!!”

as it had previously, the eighth stage tribulation began with the lightning tribulation appetizer that was set to allow the cultivator that was transcending the tribulation to warm up.

song shuhang, who was running wildly, was mercilessly hit by the lightning tribulation, causing his body to turn numb and convulse.

“aaah~” song shuhang screamed.

after being struck, his body began to grow stronger from the stimulation of the eighth stage tribulation’s power.

and… inside song shuhang’s sea of qi dantian, that lazy fat whale illusory core was absorbing bits of the power from the tribulation lightning.

at the same time, song shuhang instinctively activated the ❮steel hands technique❯. his ❮steel hands technique❯ had completely mutated after he had been ‘liquefied’ by young master phoenix slayer, becoming the ❮steel body technique❯.

a pitch-black metallic color enveloped his entire body, making him look like a dark metal man.

the ❮scholarly indestructible body of the buddha❯ emerged, and the runes of the ❮righteous body tempering poem❯ spun around his body, branded him, and strengthened his body.

there was also the ❮holy ape dragon power technique❯, which had a second ‘holy ape projection’ finally take shape behind him.

this holy ape was condensed by relying on the strength of his own physical body, resulting in it being one size smaller than the holy ape projection that senior white two had given him.

two holy apes, one large and one small, squatted behind him in a very disciplined and arranged manner.

after the three body tempering techniques were upgraded, they ended up triggering the ‘immortal bone’ in song shuhang’s body. the third immortal bone had finally taken shape.

the immortal bone pierced his illusory core, and became an armor piece that latched onto the tail of his fat whale illusory core.

song shuhang’s realm was improving by leaps and bounds.

in a very short period of time, it had jumped from the first immortal bone to the third immortal bone at the fourth stage.

moreover, this rise in his realm was still in progress.

“no, stop!” song shuhang yelled. “the second piece of my combined magical treasure hasn’t been finished yet. at least give me some more time!”

however, the merciless heavenly tribulation continued to strike him frenziedly.

“aaah~” song shuhang continued to receive the aftermath of the heavenly tribulation, which caused his body to convulse again and again.

“by the way, fellow daoist tyrannical song~” at this time, skylark’s voice could be heard coming from a distance.

song shuhang: “?”

she was fighting against the tribulation and had decided to survive until the wave during which the heavenly tribulation sent a hydrogen bomb. as such, she displayed all kinds of ancient secret techniques that would dazzle other people’s eyes.

skylark transmitted, “after a while, the hydrogen bomb will come down and you might be affected. i have a pill here that you can take. i hope that you can manage to survive for a while under the power of the hydrogen bomb. this pill is very powerful, it’s a unique pill of mine. under normal circumstances, taking it can guarantee that your realm will ‘whizz’ by for a few small realms. right now, it would at least be able to increase your recovery speed; i really hope that you can last for a while.”

song shuhang shouted, “aaaah! (i don’t want it!)”

however, while he was in the middle of screaming and had his mouth open, a pill shot into his mouth and melted.

a cool liquid slipped down his throat and into his stomach, and was quickly absorbed by his body.

the medicinal liquid contained a vast amount of spiritual energy.

a portion of the spiritual energy scoured through song shuhang’s body, healed the injuries he got from the heavenly tribulation, and tempered his body to a higher degree at the same time, all while expelling the impurities in his body.

an even greater portion of the medicinal power directly went into song shuhang’s dantian.

the fat whale opened its mouth unceremoniously and swallowed the medicine into its belly.

skylark’s voice sounded again. “there’s no need to thank me. after all, it was because of me that you were brought into this heavenly tribulation.”

song shuhang was so moved that he felt like crying…

his realm could originally have been considered to be skyrocketing, but now it was as if there was fuel added to a fire, and it was improving even faster.

skylark had delivered a fatal blow to song shuhang at this critical time.

“boom! boom! boom!!!”

at this time, the heavenly tribulation turned into its modernized form.

no heavenly tribulation guided missiles appeared, but rows of strange mirror-shaped weapons emerged instead.

did the heavenly tribulation get new weapons again?

song shuhang’s sixth sense told him that these weapons were extremely dangerous. as such, he ran away at the fastest speed he could reach.

in the heavenly tribulation sea, the mirror-shaped weapons locked onto skylark. then, a multitude of dazzling lights flashed.

once the quantity of something reached a high enough number, a certain kind of beauty was achieved.

a beauty greater than romance.

skylark was hit head-on.

“this is it. this is awesome!” at the instant that she was hit, she immediately cancelled all of her defenses.

she gave up all resistance, and let herself get hit by the dazzling lights.

after this, skylark’s aura dissipated, and her body was shattered by the lights.

in the end, a small piece of bone was left of the shattered body.

in the space, the 100,000 light cannons continued to fire, keeping their aim on that small bone.

song shuhang turned his head and looked back as he ran wildly and saw this incredible scene.

the 100,000 light cannons unceasingly bombarded this tiny bone, but they could not do any damage to it.

[eternity!] this word suddenly emerged in song shuhang’s mind.






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