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Chapter 1338 Ah, I’ve gone too far again~

although he had an expert like fairy sixth cultivator of true virtue to forge things for him, and her speed was very fast… the rate at which his realm improved was too high.

if this were to continue, he would already hit the fifth stage realm and transcend his tribulation before fairy sixth cultivator of true virtue could finish forging the combined magical treasure.

if that were to happen, the combined magical treasure would become meaningless.

song shuhang thought, if only i had a team of fairies sixth cultivator of true virtue with me right now, it would truly be wonderful.

in addition to the forging, he had yet to finish gathering the main materials for some of the magical treasures—he still lacked nine kinds of materials.

it would simply be perfect if i could get a bunch of materials and a bunch of fairies sixth cultivator of true virtue. song shuhang imagined it in his mind.

at this time, he had to think of beautiful things…

…because with him being constantly electrocuted and scorched, dreaming about some beautiful things could help alleviate the pain.

“aaah, here it comes again! this is the true power of the aftereffects of an eighth stage heavenly tribulation…” song shuhang was scorched black once again.

it wasn’t only the power of the lightning that existed within the heavenly tribulation, but also the power of the fire and metal. there were also whispers that attempted to seduce cultivators’ hearts, stimulate their desires, and destroy their will.

wait, could my beautiful thoughts just now have been an effect of those whispers? song shuhang calmed himself down.

he was facing an eighth stage tribulation, so even small attacks should not be underestimated.

over at the front, skylark yelled, “aaaah~ i can still hold on! however, you definitely won’t be able to resist for longer.” at this time, her body was also scorched black and riddled with injuries.

she was talking to the consciousness of the ‘liquid metal ball’ in her body.

the power of the heavenly tribulation was the nemesis of netherworld energy, and after sensing the netherworld consciousness that was hidden in her body, the power of the heavenly tribulation had become even more concentrated.

the heavenly tribulation directed most of its attacks towards the netherworld consciousness within skylark’s body, so the damage that she received herself was reduced.

the liquid metal ball coldly said, “[sneer] do you think that a mere heavenly tribulation can erase me? did you really think that i’d let a part of myself enter the main world without having made any preparations? you’re naive. just wait, i will temporarily hide in the deepest recesses of your body like a lurking venomous snake. after this heavenly tribulation is over, i will come out and occupy your body once again.”

while it spoke, all of its power began to converge. most of the netherworld energy directly diffused out of skylark’s body… but this energy was a decoy.

its true essence had gone to hide deep in skylark’s body and disappeared. even skylark herself couldn’t sense where the netherworld consciousness had gone to hide.

when the power of the liquid metal ball disappeared completely, the corners of skylark’s mouth rose. she murmured, “it really is quite interesting. since it wants to hide like a venomous snake in my body, why did it have to explain that to me before going into hiding? could it be that it was afraid that i wouldn’t know what it was doing? it definitely isn’t a fool, so there’s only one possible answer to this… it wants to re-occupy my consciousness, but for that to happen, i would have to know that there is another consciousness inside my body. knowing that, i would end up triggering and activating its consciousness. for an existence of its level, detecting thoughts is very easy. it wouldn’t be difficult for it to do this.”

moreover, to be able to completely hide oneself from the power of the heavenly tribulation, one definitely had to pay a certain price. it was very likely that it had entered a state of suspended animation.

to wake it up, skylark would have to remember its existence in her mind after the heavenly tribulation. it would only then awaken and retake her body.

…this was her guess.

skylark tipped the brim of her hat, and softly said, “as such, in order to prevent you from waking up, i have to lose this memory of you. or perhaps go with an even more thorough choice and have the heavenly tribulation turn my body into ashes and completely disappear. i don’t believe that you will still be able to occupy my body then.”

all of her attire had become tattered from the explosions of the tribulation, but this little white hat remained unscathed.

“fellow daoist tyrannical song, i’m going to completely give up any resistance~” skylark turned around and waved to song shuhang.

“huh?” song shuhang was dumbfounded.

“i don’t want to live anymore, so i’m going to die first,” skylark said seriously. “after i die, you will have to deal with this yourself! as the catastrophe is likely to go for you next… it would be best for you to run as far as you can.”

after saying that, skylark descended from the air and fell to the ground in a freefall, completely giving up any resistance. she even deliberately suppressed her spiritual energy and cancelled the body strengthening techniques that she had activated.

song shuhang said, “f*ck!”

an entire army of ‘heavens’ echoed in his mind, and he had a strong urge to gift them all to fairy skylark.

if you choose to go and transcend a tribulation, then go through with it! you can’t just suddenly say that you don’t want to live anymore and choose to die!

this is no longer just seeking death, alright?

this is 100% trying to die!

song shuhang had never seen a fairy maiden like skylark who played her cards so unreasonably. with a simple ‘i don’t want to live, so i’m going to die first,’ she gave up all her defenses and went to get destroyed by the heavenly tribulation.

how did she manage to live until now and even cultivate to the seventh stage venerable realm?

could it be that she was affected by the whispers of the tribulation, and her mind had gone haywire?

song shuhang shouted, “fairy skylark, isn’t it good to be alive?”

skylark responded, “don’t persuade me~ it’s useless. i don’t want to live anymore, so there’s no need to talk nonsense, just run away. perhaps after i die, the heavenly tribulation will disappear, and you’ll be able to leave the heavenly tribulation realm.”

“boom! boom! boom!!!”

the dense mass of heavenly tribulation guided missiles landed on skylark, blasting her location into a bottomless pit. and there were still more attacks landing where she had been, chasing down after her.

“give me some time, at least give me a few more minutes!” song shuhang burst into tears; his inner world ‘restriction’ was yet to be lifted.

he couldn’t open it in the heavenly tribulation realm yet.

he could only retreat while transmitting his voice to skylark.

“goodbye.” skylark tilted her head. she was in a terrible state at this time, but she was still alive.

…the main reason for this was that when the ‘liquid metal ball’ occupied her body, it had actually strengthened her physique. when the liquid metal ball possessed her, she received the blessing of the netherworld energy, which caused her physical body to reach the level of an immortal.

even if she had lost the blessing of the netherworld energy, the intensity of her physical body was still above the ninth stage realm.

as such, as long as the eighth stage heavenly tribulation didn’t use nuclear bombs, it wouldn’t be able to cause her any fatal injuries. at most, her appearance would look horrible.

“senior skylark, don’t be so headstrong, think about your life. think about… ah, right, think about senior thrice reckless! think about how interesting he is and about a future with him!” song shuhang continued to retreat while transmitting his voice, attempting to encourage skylark.

“i actually have no choice but to do this because of some personal matters. fellow daoist tyrannical song, you don’t have to worry about me. aaah~ it hurts! are all heavenly tribulations this weak? i’m already lying down and trying to get killed, yet it still can’t kill me.” skylark frowned, and said, “stop wasting your energy, just send the strongest wave you’ve got~!”

song shuhang persuaded, “senior skylark, your naked body is visible, at least get up and cover yourself first.”

skylark looked at him and rolled her eyes. “fellow daoist tyrannical song, you’ve been naked ever since your debut, you aren’t qualified to say that to me!”

song shuhang: “…”

that went straight to my heart!

“come! i can feel that the next wave of the heavenly tribulation is going to be good. it would be best if it could completely obliterate my body in a single breath without leaving anything behind!” skylark chuckled, and waved to song shuhang again. “time is running out. fellow daoist tyrannical song, if you don’t plan on ending up having to have me plan your funeral, then you’d better leave quickly. if you die, you’ll be gone forever.”

song shuhang heard these words and realized something.

he immediately remembered the huge accumulation of skylark’s body parts in the belly of the giant turtle of disaster.

does skylark… have an immortal body?

there were many types of immortality.

there were low-level versions that could allow the user to resist death even after receiving fatal blows. these people could continue to move around even if shot with thousands of arrows.

there were mid-level versions that could allow the user to restore themselves even after being blown to pieces or getting burned to cinders.

then, there were high-level versions that could allow the user to revive even after their soul was destroyed, which allowed them to return from the river of time itself.

skylark was probably someone with high-level immortality.

and this speculation came from the fact that the heavenly tribulation possessed the power to destroy a cultivator’s body and soul and kill them thoroughly.

while they had been speaking, a new wave had begun descending from the sky.

as skylark had guessed, it was a big one.

a chubby missile with a prominent skull logo painted on it descended.

a nuclear bomb?

no, this isn’t the aura of a heavenly tribulation nuclear bomb. song shuhang’s inner world still had many nuclear bombs in it, and he knew their aura very well.

so what exactly was this missile?


after the huge explosion, a bright-colored mist came out.

the mist expanded in all directions at a terrifying speed.

is it a poison gas bomb?

isn’t this heavenly tribulation a bit too weak? song shuhang silently thought to himself.

cultivators were quite resistant to things like ‘poison’. wouldn’t it be better to have used a strong explosion to kill them in a short time instead?

“cough, cough, cough~” at the heart of the explosion, skylark coughed loudly.

her whole skin had turned purple.

it was like when she had been infected by the ‘evil energy of the netherworld’, and her skin became similar to that of a dark elf.

but this time, the purple was much deeper.

at the same time, blood could be seen flowing out of her eyes, mouth, and ears.

“aaaaaah~ i underestimated its power… i thought that i would at least be able to withstand a heavenly tribulation nuclear bomb~ i really wanted to see the power of the atomic bomb and the hydrogen bomb.” skylark coughed up blood vigorously and grabbed the ground unwillingly. “it seems i’ve gone too far again~”

if there were no nuclear bombs, her body wouldn’t be obliterated, which would cause her plan to fail.

she had really gone too far~

skylark curled up on the ground, posing like a sleeping beauty, and stopped breathing~

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