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Chapter 1331 One’s hair is very valuable

The giant turtle of disaster said, “I understand. Then let’s go with fair trade.”

I’m not a coward, nor am I being confused by your beauty, I’m simply making the decision that is most correct and effortless!

Senior White’s clone waved the huge tree of virtue, and solemnly said, “Alright, let’s attack it!”

The giant turtle of disaster: “…”

Excuse me?

Didn’t I just say that I was fine with going with fair trade?! Listen to what other people are saying!

No, listen to what this turtle is saying!

Song Shuhang reminded, “Senior White, just now the giant turtle said that he was fine with fair trade.”

“Ah? Oh, I thought that it wanted to fight, so I subconsciously ignored what it just said.” Senior White lowered the tree of virtue.

The giant turtle of disaster: “…”

So it turns out that you weren’t listening to anything I was saying since the start?

Senior White said, “Well, since it said it’s fine with fair trade, then so be it. We aren’t kids anymore, killing only harms others and begets anger. Alright, Mr. Giant Turtle, what are you going to exchange for Shuhang’s hair and eyebrows?”

The giant turtle of disaster replied, “I have one thing on me that should be suitable for this trade. I have some green fur that grows on my back. Although it isn’t exactly like the hair on one’s head, it should be suitable for this exchange.”

“We don’t want your green fur.” Senior White waved his hand, and said, “This is a fair trade, be a little more sincere!”

The giant turtle of disaster asked, “Then what do you want?”

Senior White said, “Show me the special structure of your body. That would be a lot more sincere.”

The giant turtle of disaster said, “Even I would die if I were to cut my body to show you its structure.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Wasn’t this giant turtle of disaster a bit too easy-going?

Although the last one could have just been pretending to be stupid, it clearly had a tendency for violence with it having bitten apart Senior White’s immortal boat from the getgo.

However, this one was actually bargaining with Senior White.

Senior White said, “Well, let’s go for the second-best, what do you think about a turtle shell? I remember that one of the magical treasures of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure required a turtle shell.”

Song Shuhang raised his hand, and said, “Senior White, I’ve already acquired turtle shells.”

“You’re quite fast at collecting the stuff you need. That’s fine, we can just change the item. Do you have any forging material of the Eighth Stage or higher with you? They must belong to 33 specific beasts. Hm… other than the nine types that have already been collected.” After saying that, Senior White listed the remaining 24 beasts whose body parts Song Shuhang still needed.

After taking a moment to think, the giant turtle replied, “I have a pair of antlers, it should be at least of the Eighth Stage.”

After saying that, the giant turtle waited for Senior White’s reply.

Senior White did not speak and just stared at it.

After a long while.

“Nothing else?” Senior White stared at the giant turtle of disaster with a look of disbelief.

The giant turtle of disaster nodded, and said, “The only thing I have that fits the list you gave me are the antlers.”

Senior White said, “Eh? Your kind has the ‘Space-Time Traversal’ skill, so shouldn’t it be easy for you to use it to find a good number of materials as you stroll around? Despite that, you actually only have a single kind…”

The giant turtle of disaster: “…”

Do you seriously think that one can find materials just by strolling around? I mastered this Space-Time Traversal skill when I was a child, but I’ve never heard of it having this function.

The giant turtle of disaster explained, “The Space-Time Traversal skill was not meant for entering treasuries and such. The universe is so vast, so when one uses it, the chance of actually entering a treasury is extremely meager.”

Senior White did not say anything in reply; instead, he put away the tree of virtue as his figure gradually became transparent.

In the next moment, he appeared thousands of meters away.

At the same time, a huge asteroid was in his hand.

Senior White reached out and split the asteroid.

After the asteroid was cut open, two ores, one red and one blue, appeared.

Calmly storing the two ores, Senior White said, “Blue gold essence together with rising sun gold… Not bad, these ores that had been born together can be used to create dual swords.”

The giant turtle of disaster: “!!!”

I mastered the Space-Time Traversal when I was young, but I never knew that it could be used in such a way!

Senior White said, “I’ll do better in the future.” After saying that, he turned his head, and said to Song Shuhang, “Shuhang, it’s your hair that’s being traded here, you decide whether or not you’re fine with the deal.”

Song Shuhang nodded. “Deal!”

He’d never thought that his hair would be so valuable… One’s hair is very valuable, once it reaches your waist, you can easily exchange it for Eighth Stage forging materials, so don’t waste it!

The giant turtle of disaster spat out a pair of huge antlers. Each antler was larger than Song Shuhang’s body.

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and cut off his long hair.

The blue hair, which was as thick as a cloak, fell down, making his head much lighter. The long hair had actually been quite heavy when it was on his head.

“Ayaya~ Hair gone~ Ayayaya~ Worry gone~” Fairy Creation embraced Song Shuhang’s waist and began to sing. However, because her personality A was incomplete, she couldn’t say a complete sentence. As such, she could only sing one line of the song, followed by screaming ‘ayaya’.

After the blue hair was cut, the eyebrows and eyelashes followed.

Song Shuhang’s head had become bald once more.

He held his hair in one hand, and the antlers in the other.

With this, the giant turtle of disaster acquired the items infected by the aura of eternity that it wanted.

As for Song Shuhang, he got a pair of huge Eighth Stage antlers, each of which he could use to forge a [Giant Deer’s Strong Bow].

With the pair of antlers, he could make a pair of bows.

“The trade is complete.” The giant turtle put away the long blue hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Then, its body became illusory and disappeared.

This giant turtle of disaster surprisingly had a good temper! Its actions were completely misaligned with its clan’s name.

“What a pity,” Senior White murmured.

Su Clan’s Sixteen breathed a sigh of relief. Is the crisis over?

When one was with Senior White, the crisis and the harvest would always be proportional.

Soft Feather said, “Senior Song, the last time I saw you, you had also been bald. This time, you’ve become bald again.”

“There’s nothing to fear, watch this.” Song Shuhang silently urged the ‘hair growing technique’ imparted to him by Dharma King Creation.

In the next moment, his hair grew again.

It grew fast, reaching his calves in an instant.

The hair was thick, dense, and heavy.

Song Shuhang felt his head sink.

At the same time, his heart also sank.

He quickly reached out to grab a strand of the long hair and moved it in front of his eyes.

After that, he saw that it was the color of the sea, blue.


The long hair before had been affected by ‘Skylark’s eye’, which had caused it to turn blue. This time, he had used the ‘hair growing technique’ to grow his hair out, so why was it still blue?

Have my genes been affected? Did the gene that causes me to grow black hair become one that causes me to grow blue hair?

Blue hair was, of course, beautiful on a fairy’s head. However, if it were on a man, it was a test of their appearance.

“Your hair is still like Skylark’s?” Senior White thought for a while before he brought out the tree of virtue and got ready.

Soft Feather pondered for a moment. “Senior Song, can’t you use your hair to exchange for more Eighth Stage materials? In this way, you can keep on selling your hair for materials.”

Su Clan’s Sixteen shook her head, and said, “The giant turtle of disaster that had appeared just now had been very easy to talk to, it should be an exception. If a violent one were to appear instead, I’m afraid that we will have no choice but to fight.”

“I’d better cut it off first lest it attracts another giant turtle.” Song Shuhang sighed, and reached out to shave off his newly grown long hair.

After thinking for a while, Senior White said, “Shuhang, give me the hair first.”

Song Shuhang handed over his thick blue hair, and asked, “What do you want it for?”

Senior White said, “After our treasure-digging operation in this ‘small black room’ is over, if we can’t leave through the breach in the barrier, we’ll have to rely on this hair of yours to attract another giant turtle. At that time, whether or not we can leave this place smoothly depends on how enticing your hair is.”

Song Shuhang nodded.

Senior White took Song Shuhang, Su Clan’s Sixteen, and Soft Feather back to the breach in the barrier.

During this period of time, a lot of things had spewed out from the gap. And so, Senior White led Song Shuhang and the others to search for treasures.

However, for the time being, there weren’t any forging materials for the ‘Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure’ that could be seen.

The materials that came out of the gap varied greatly.

However, most of them were ‘garbage’, and weren’t worth collecting according to Senior White.

Time flew by.

There was no day or night in the small black room.

Song Shuhang felt a little tired. After all, so many exciting things had taken place today, and he was exhausted.

Senior White took out a hand-guided tractor and hung it on Meteor Sword. After that, Song Shuhang lay in the bucket and soon fell asleep.

Soft Feather continued to hunt for treasures with Senior White.

Sixteen looked at Song Shuhang from a distance, and saw that he was deeply asleep, so she avoided disturbing his rest.

After a long but unknown amount of time, Song Shuhang woke up.

He opened his eyes and found himself in a world of darkness.

Song Shuhang exclaimed, “Where am I? Senior White, Sixteen, Soft Feather?”

However, nobody responded to him.

Moreover, he couldn’t feel any of the three’s aura at all.

What’s going on? Where did they go?

Why am I here all by myself?

Song Shuhang stood up in doubt.

In addition, wasn’t the Wielder’s small black room never changing? Why is it so dark here?

Song Shuhang stood up and tried to take a step.

As soon as he stepped out, he felt that he had kicked something.

Song Shuhang squatted down, and at the same time, he willed for that finger of his made of light of virtue to illuminate the surroundings.

Then, with the help of the Sun Finger, he was able to see what he had kicked.

It was a thigh… It should have been once part of a woman.

Song Shuhang’s face turned ugly.

Afterward, he turned his head and looked around.

In the next moment, he was stunned.

No matter where he looked, all kinds of body parts filled the space.

There were fingers, arms, thighs, and various other body parts. This place was simply like a slaughterhouse.

With so many remains, how many people had been dismembered here?

He couldn’t stop anger from surging in his heart.

No matter how good a person’s personality was, seeing such a cruel scene would definitely fill them with anger.

But in the next moment, he suddenly saw half a head.

It was a head with long blue hair…

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