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Chapter 1330 Did I get up on the wrong side of the bed today?

This guy’s tongue was just like that of a frog, long and flexible. Having such a tongue simply caused it to lose the dignity of being a turtle. When its tongue shot out, its tip became as slender as a rope and wrapped around Song Shuhang.

“Aaaah~” Song Shuhang was dragged away. “Ah, my waist… is going to be wrung apart!”

When it wrapped around his waist, the giant turtle’s tongue tightened it so much that it was impossible for him to breathe.

The giant turtle of disaster had appeared abruptly, without exposing its aura. At the same time, the way it used to travel through space was also very strange, with it not causing any spatial fluctuations.

When it suddenly appeared and crushed the immortal boat, Senior White’s clone noticed the abnormality only before his boat was destroyed.

The same was true this time. It was only when Song Shuhang was dragged away that Senior White was able to sense the giant turtle of disaster.

In addition, not only did it have a tongue as long as a frog’s, the elasticity was also the same. After its tongue had wrapped round Song Shuhang, it retracted like lightning.

Senior White said, “This guy is very vengeful.”

Then, Senior White’s figure became transparent and disappeared.

He didn’t use his spatial skill; instead, it was a state similar to the giant turtle’s when the latter left the small black room. His figure ‘merged’ with the small black room and became transparent.

Then, Senior White suddenly appeared right at the jaw of the giant turtle.

He didn’t let a single wisp of his aura leak.

As such, the giant turtle of disaster was not able to sense him.

The giant tree of virtue reappeared in Senior Whit’s hands.

He lifted the giant tree and swung it at the jaw of the giant turtle.


Before the giant turtle’s tongue could fully retract and bring Song Shuhang into its mouth, its jaw was struck violently, and its huge mouth was forcibly closed.

With that, Song Shuhang was left hanging in mid-air.

At this time, the virtuous lamia emerged from Song Shuhang’s body, and opened her mouth to bring out ‘Scarlet Heaven Sword’ so that she could use it to slash at the tip of the giant turtle’s tongue.

Sword intent burst out from all over Scarlet Heaven Sword, and this eruption brought about a temperature comparable to that of the sun.

With this, the turtle’s tongue was directly burnt.

Song Shuhang took this opportunity to escape, and stabilized his figure with a black lotus. The virtuous lamia guarded him and looked at the giant turtle with a solemn expression.

At the same time, Fairy Creation appeared.

As the virtuous lamia beauty occupied the upper position, floating behind Song Shuhang, Fairy Creation had no room, and was forced to position herself under Song Shuhang.

When Fairy Creation appeared, she held Song Shuhang’s waist with both hands while leaning outward to take a look at the giant turtle of disaster in the distance. “Dululu~ Big~ Big~”

Song Shuhang said, “Fairy Creation, don’t wring my waist, it’s going to break!”

As the giant turtle had failed its sneak attack, it retreated, opened its mouth, and retracted its tongue. Afterward, it stared at Senior White.

“Who are you? And, why do you have my innate skill of traversing through time and space?” The giant turtle made a sound.

This guy had actually been pretending to be stupid before.

“So it’s an innate skill, and not a magical technique. No wonder my simulation of it felt a little strange, and I even felt greatly restricted when I crossed through space…” Senior White’s clone continued to carry the giant tree of virtue.

“Simulation?” The giant turtle of disaster’s voice seemed to have involuntarily rose by two notes.

Senior White calmly said, “Mm-hm, when you used the ‘Space-Time Traversal’ skill, I was able to understand the principles behind the spell after carefully observing it once. After that, I analyzed it in my brain, and it was simple to simulate the effect. As I’m still unclear on what special body structure one should have to use this skill, my simulation of the talent was greatly restricted. At the very least, it is unable to break through the barrier of the ‘small black room’.”

The giant turtle of disaster solemnly said, “How could that be possible? When did you see me display this skill?”

Song Shuhang floated in the air, and said, “When you left before. Didn’t you use it to leave the small black room?”

The giant turtle of disaster said, “Me, leaving? No… I’ve never left this place. I’ve only just arrived here.” After saying that, it continued, “I understand now. It seems like another of my tribe had arrived earlier. However, since they’ve already left, why didn’t they take away the objects affected by the ‘aura of eternity’?”

This giant turtle wasn’t the same as the one from before?

There wasn’t only a single giant turtle of disaster, but a group of them?

“Are you talking about Fairy Skylark’s eye? It has already been taken away, you’re too late.” Song Shuhang shook his head, causing his long blue hair to flutter in the wind.

“An eye?” The giant turtle of disaster stared at Song Shuhang, and said, “The object I’m talking about that’s affected by the ‘aura of eternity’ is you. You’re the one that I want to take away with me, what does that have anything to do with an eye?”

“Huh?” Song Shuhang looked dazed.

“I got it.” Senior White used secret sound transmission, and said, [Shuhang, remember how you activated Skylark’s eye before? During the activation, your body should have been permeated by its aura. Although you’ve pulled the eye out, your body is still affected.]

This was troublesome. Now, even Song Shuhang’s main body had become a target for the giant turtle of disaster.

Moreover, there was more than just a single giant turtle of disaster.

Even if they repelled the one in front of them, there would still be another one that would come looking for the Skylark’s aura and recover Song Shuhang.

This was simply a disaster… It was even more terrifying than the curse of the sea urchin warriors.

Song Shuhang said, “Wait, the only place where I’ve experienced any mutation is the hair on my head, my eyebrows, and eyelashes. Perhaps there’s a better way to handle this.”

The giant turtle of disaster glanced at Song Shuhang carefully and nodded. “You’re right, the part of you where the aura is most intense is indeed your head. Those are the only things that I need to take with me.”

“This is easy then.” Song Shuhang let out a sigh of relief.

He had planned on cutting off this long blue hair ever since he got it. He didn’t want to have such dazzling blue hair anyway.

Moreover, he had a ‘hair growing technique’, so he could grow it back in minutes.

With this in mind, he stretched out his hand, grabbed the long blue hair that was thick as a cloak, and got ready to cut it off.

However, right when he was about to cut it off, his hands stopped.

For some reason, he felt really uncomfortable.

I’m quite unwilling to give my hair to this giant turtle without getting anything in return. The eyeball was left behind by the Fairy Skylark, so he was fine if the giant turtle of disaster wanted it. However, the hair he had now belonged to him!

No, this wasn’t the main reason why he was unwilling.

Song Shuhang examined his thoughts, and found that the source of his unwillingness wasn’t this.

Although he was going to shave his hair originally, it wasn’t of his own volition to shave it off now. He felt threatened by the giant turtle of disaster.

If only I had the ability to overpower this giant turtle of disaster, I would be able to keep this long blue hair for as long as I wanted. If I wanted to tie my hair into a ponytail, a braid, or maybe just let it loose, I could do so.

In the end, it was still a matter of strength.

Song Shuhang sighed. Be sensible, you’re a man who has lived through the life of an onion who withstood the sun and wind by itself on the peak of a mountain for hundreds of years. You merely have to cut off your hair to eliminate innumerable troubles, and get rid of these giant turtles of disaster.

…Why am I thinking so much about cutting my hair? Did I get up on the wrong side of the bed today? Did I suddenly become more sentimental? Or is it that the ‘chatty attribute’ that I got when I possessed Doudou hasn’t completely disappeared yet?

Song Shuhang shook his head, and reached out to cut his long blue hair again.

Behind him, the virtuous lamia sensed Song Shuhang’s emotions. She slowly raised the Scarlet Heaven Sword in her hand, and continued to focus on the giant turtle.

“Wait.” At this time, Senior White waved the giant tree of virtue, and said, “Shuhang, you grew your hair yourself. Why are you giving it to this guy for nothing?”

Fairy Creation sang out, “Ayaya~ Hateful~”

The giant turtle of disaster replied, “My mission is to take away the things affected by the ‘aura of eternity’, and all I want is his hair.”

Soft Feather shouted behind him, “That hair was grown by our Senior Song, why should he give it to you in vain? If the part that had been affected wasn’t his hair, but his head, should he have given you his head for nothing? What’s with this bandit logic?”

Su Clan’s Sixteen didn’t make a sound. She simply unsheathed the short saber in her hand, and took a deep breath as a golden light shone in her eyes. Just like the others, she stared at the giant turtle intently.

The giant turtle fell silent, and after a while, it solemnly said, “I must take away his hair.”

“Then, exchange for it with something else. Fair trade is a well-known principle in the universe.” Senior White grabbed the giant tree of virtue with one hand and pointed it at the turtle. “Otherwise, if you plan on directly taking it, come and fight.”

What special organ structure do these giant turtles of disaster have that it allows them to ignore the barrier of the small black room when they traverse through time and space…?

Senior White was really curious.

He wanted to take down one of these giant turtles of disaster and study it.

The fighting power of a giant turtle of disaster was unknown as they couldn’t be judged with the ‘realm’ rankings at all. There was a chance that they could erupt with combat prowess at the level of someone at the Ninth Stage or even higher.

However, this couldn’t stop Senior White from wanting to study their internal structure.

If he killed one, dissected it, and studied its internal structure, he might be able to perfectly simulate the ‘Space-Time Traversal’.

Senior White’s eyes lit up.

How long has it been since I’ve had such a strong urge to do something big for the sake of acquiring knowledge?

Senior White let go of all that restricted him.

At this moment, Song Shuhang, Su Clan’s Sixteen, and Soft Feather found that Senior White’s charm began to increase.

It became something that could not be ignored.

The eyes of the three people were involuntarily drawn over and fell on his figure.

Since it was a ‘clone’, its charm value would not be able to reach the level of the main body.

However, when the clone let go of its restrictions, its charm value still soared to a terrifying level.

Even the giant turtle of disaster’s gaze was involuntarily attracted to him.

Senior White’s Clone slowly said, “Whether it be a fair trade or a big battle, I’ll accompany you to the end.”

Don’t be a coward, come on!

After I kill you, I can study you!

The giant turtle of disaster discovered that it could read a person’s mind as it immediately understood the thoughts of the handsome yet insane human that stood opposite to it.




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