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Chapter 1325 Song~ Stupid~

10,000 years is too long, I have to make the best use of all the time I have!

Song Shuhang tried to establish contact with the Inner World. As long as he could return to it, he would be able to use Senior White Two’s world of the black lotus as a springboard, and then smuggle himself into the Netherworld Realm.

As long as he was able to get to the Netherworld Realm, there were many channels that he could use to return to the main world.

Song Shuhang was quickly able to establish contact with his Inner World.

However… he wasn’t able to enter it.

He could sense it, and his consciousness could even enter it, but there was a barrier between him and the Inner World, one that blocked the entry and exit of all kinds of things.

He couldn’t enter, nor could he take anything out of it.

Song Shuhang smiled bitterly, and said, “It’s over. We’re going to have to stay here for 10,000 years.”

He was even already thinking about the lines he was going to say once he was released from this 10,000-year-long sentence.

[I was imprisoned for 10,000 years and forgotten by the people of my hometown. But now, I can finally see the light once again!]

Senior White’s clone patted him lightly, and comforted him by saying, “Don’t worry, you won’t be staying here for 10,000 years.”

“Senior White, do you have a way to get out of here?” Song Shuhang’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Senior White’s clone shook his head, and said, “The three of you are currently only at the Fourth Stage Realm. The lifespan of a Fourth Stage cultivator is merely over 600 years… If you don’t become stronger, you definitely won’t have to stay here for 10,000 years, as your life would end 600-700 years from now. And in this confined space, it isn’t easy to advance.”

In this space that was filled with the aura of death, spiritual power was very thin. It wasn’t a suitable place for cultivation.

If one were to practice here, ten years might only be equivalent to a year of practice outside.

It was getting half the results with double the effort.

It was ten times more difficult to ascend to the Fifth Stage here when compared to outsiders.

Song Shuhang burst into tears, and said, “So you’re saying that the three of us don’t even have the qualifications to be detained here for 10,000 years.”

“To be detained for 10,000 years? What are we going to do in these 10,000 years?” Soft Feather looked around, and saw that there was nothing but deathly fog around.

Su Clan’s Sixteen said, “I think we should look for a place to stay first… We can’t just remain floating in the air.”

Song Shuhang said, “I wish T233 were here. As long as it didn’t emit light or heat, it would be the same as a small planet. We could live and work on it.”

Soft Feather said, “The only thing we can see in this world is this ashen mist. Would we be able to find a place to settle down in this place?”

She found this world very interesting, and she felt as if she had just entered a horror movie scene. There was an aura of death everywhere, while the gray mist blocked her line of sight. Even with her eyes that had been strengthened through cultivation, she could only see up to 50 meters away.

Regretfully, this world never seemed to change; it lacked anything exciting.

Senior White said, “We should try descending for a certain distance first. Even the ‘Abyss Realm’ isn’t a bottomless pit. If we continue to descend, we’ll definitely be able to find a place to stay.”

While he said that, the ‘guardrails’ on Meteor Sword rose.

Senior White said, “Sit tight.”

Now, it was time for some racing.

Song Shuhang immediately hugged the guardrail. Whenever Senior White flew with his sword, his body would always feel weak as if all his power had been drained.

Soft Feather and Su Clan’s Sixteen also grabbed the guardrail.


Meteor Sword raced downwards at the fastest speed.



“A little too fast.”

The three of them reacted differently.

Meteor Sword was flying at full speed. After flying for more than 30 minutes, Senior White’s clone made a gesture and stopped the sword.

Senior White’s clone contentedly said, “It’s been a long time since I flew a sword with all my strength.”

Song Shuhang inquired, “Have we reached the end?”

“No, we might not be able to land here,” Senior White’s clone said. “The space we are currently in is like a loop. When we were flying at full speed just now, we would be affected by the laws of space every 10 minutes and sent back to the beginning. In other words, in this space, the starting point is the ending point, and the beginning is the end. No matter how much we descend, theoretically speaking, we cannot reach the ‘ground’.”

Song Shuhang said, “Then are we just going to keep floating?”

Senior White said, “Wait, I remember that I had collected an immortal boat before we were sent here. We can stay inside the immortal boat first.”

After saying that, he took out his own spatial magical treasure, and brought out a normal immortal boat from inside it.

This immortal boat immediately evoked some of Song Shuhang’s memories. He had once stayed on this immortal boat and listened to Dharma King Creation’s ‘360-degree windmill, vibration mode’ Seven Deaths Song.

Recalling the ❮Seven Deaths Song❯ that had been in vibration mode, he turned pale even now.

The door to the boat opened, and the four then entered it. The space inside the immortal boat was large enough for them to stay in.

After closing the immortal boat, Senior White’s clone stood at its door and held his chin as he looked at the outside world.

Song Shuhang asked, “Senior White, are you not going to come in?”

Senior White’s clone said, “Well, I just discovered an important thing. The connection between me and my main body is gone… A moment ago, I could clearly sense the main body’s status.”

Song Shuhang responded, “Senior White, your main body wasn’t caught and sent into a small black room, right?”

“No, the problem is on our side,” Senior White’s clone said. “But fortunately, just before my connection with my main body was broken, I gave a command to Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless’s disposable virtuous flying sword. As soon as the Yellow Mountain Ceremony is over, he would be sent to the Secret Realm of Slowness.”

“Speaking of Senior Thrice Reckless, he probably wanted to get into that small white room from before,” Soft Feather suddenly said. “When I was watching the live broadcast, Senior Thrice Reckless clenched his fists when the small white room had opened. However, who exactly was it that was locked into the small white room? I can’t seem to remember.”

Song Shuhang said, “It’s a beautiful fairy sister. I don’t remember anything else, though. Right, I have something that’s related to her.”

Then, Song Shuhang took out Skylark’s Eye, which had turned into a crystal.

He only remembered that this thing was related to the fairy that had disappeared. Because of that, he had wanted to give this eye to Senior Thrice Reckless Mad Saber.

Su Clan’s Sixteen asked, “Is this an eye?”

Senior White’s clone said, “This eye belongs to Skylark. It seems that there’s something wrong with your memories.”

Soft Feather asked, “What’s the use of this eye? The Sage’s eye we got in the foggy dream before could make people experience pregnancy, so what about this one?”

“I don’t know, should we test it out?” Song Shuhang reached out and poured his true yuan into the eye.

The true qi of the ‘Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique’ was injected into the eye.

Despite that, there was no reaction from the eye at all.

Su Clan’s Sixteen said, “Activating the Scholarly Sage’s eye required ‘righteous qi’. Perhaps activating this one also requires a similar energy?”

Soft Feather asked, “What kind of energy does it need? I don’t have much of an impression of that ‘Skylark’. What was she good at? What cultivation technique did she practice?”

Song Shuhang asked, “Does Senior White know what Senior Skylark is good at? What kind of cultivation technique does she practice?”

Senior White’s clone pinched his chin and thought for a moment. “If we’re talking about what she’s good at… Then she should be really good at seeking death? As for her cultivation technique, it should be related to the ice system.”

Song Shuhang asked, “Isn’t it Senior Thrice Reckless who’s good at seeking death?”

Senior White’s clone replied, “Her way of seeking death is different from Thrice Reckless’s. Every time she seeks death, she would do so in a literal way. She would try her best to die faster.”

Su Clan’s Sixteen frowned, and said, “Then shouldn’t she have died by now?”

Senior White said, “Yeah, but she has somehow managed to live until now.”

Song Shuhang suddenly remembered a famous quote from Senior Thrice Reckless Mad Saber. “People who love to seek death generally have luck that isn’t too bad, right?”

Soft Feather raised her hand, and said, “Because if they didn’t, then they would have died the first time they sought death. Therefore, those who are able to survive are lucky!”

Soft Feather had a point!

Su Clan’s Sixteen calmly said, “The topic has gone off the track… We were discussing how to activate this eye.”

Song Shuhang said, “Do we have to seek death to charge it up?”

Su Clan’s Sixteen said, “Senior White said just now that Fairy Skylark’s cultivation technique was related to the ‘ice system’, maybe we can try that out instead? But I’m not of the ice system.”

“I’m of the fire and lighting system.” Song Shuhang shrugged his shoulders.

Soft Feather remarked, “I’m not of the ice system, either.”

Senior White said, “I specialize in the earth system. Not many people belong to the ice system, anyway.”

“Duduyiya~ Stupid.” At this moment, a voice rang out from behind Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang turned his head and saw Fairy Creation’s projection floating behind him.

Song Shuhang said, “Fairy Creation was also locked in with us?”

Soft Feather responded, “She had possessed your body. Since you were locked in, she’d naturally be brought in here as well.”

Song Shuhang said, “What about Dharma King Creation? Without Fairy Creation, he no longer has the ability to suppress inner demons… Wouldn’t the world of cultivation be done for?”

He remembered that after the successful ‘inner demon slaying’ concert, Senior Creation had received many invitations from various forces, and the Warring Buddhist Sect had even arranged a ‘World of Cultivation Tour’ for him.

But now that Fairy Creation was locked up with him, Dharma King Creation’s concert would only possess destructive power, and no longer have the attribute to suppress inner demons.

At that time, wouldn’t Dharma King Creation’s ‘World of Cultivation Tour’ only bring destruction and none of the benefits?

Just thinking about it was terrifying.

“Stupid~” Fairy Creation continued.

Song Shuhang said, “I feel like she’s scolding me.”

Soft Feather comforted, “This is Fairy Creation’s personality A, and she can’t communicate with people normally. Senior Song, you must be mistaken.”

Fairy Creation said, “Song~ Stupid~”

Soft Feather: “…”

Song Shuhang’s mouth twitched and looked at Soft Feather. “What about now? Was that still a coincidence?”

Su Clan’s Sixteen covered her mouth and chuckled.

Senior White’s clone said, ​​”Could Fairy Creation have found something?”

“Yiyiya~ Dudu~” Fairy Creation blinked.

Senior White’s clone said, ​​”Shuhang, hand Skylark’s eye over to her and let her have a try.”

“Fairy Creation is just a projection right now, would she be able to hold an item?” Nevertheless, Song Shuhang still handed her Skylark’s eye.





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