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Chapter 1308 Young man, how is it? Isn’t it exciting?

Song Shuhang said, “Where am I supposed to get 33 kinds of Eighth Stage materials? These Eighth Stage horse hooves really are the only ones I have on hand right now. If you don’t believe me, you can even ask this senior who’s right beside me.”

Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue stared him down. “Just bring them out.”

Song Shuhang replied, “I really don’t have any more Eighth Stage materials.”

Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue sighed, and said, “Do you know that you sending the Eighth Stage materials one by one causes my heart to rend?”

In the past, it was her with the small and big hammers that would cause others’ hearts to rend. Despite that, the other party would still have to pay with a smile.

But now, she was the one whose heart was hurting as Song Shuhang continually sent over Eighth Stage materials to her. Every hammer strike brought out a tear. She felt she’d become a disgrace to the Heavy Metal Sect.

Song Shuhang subconsciously said, “Then… Should I gather the materials first, and then send them all over in one breath?”

Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue fiercely slapped Senior Turtle’s turtle shell, and shouted, “So you do still have other Eighth Stage Profound Sage materials!”

Senior Turtle: “…” My shell isn’t a table. Why do you have to slap it so hard?

Song Shuhang said, “No, what I’m saying is that if I acquire more Eighth Stage materials, I’ll save them up first before sending them to you. Senior White said that he was going to take me to dig treasures out in space later. There’s a good chance that I’ll be able to dig out some Eighth Stage materials.”

Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue looked up at the sky. “I suddenly thought of a type of mushroom.”

Song Shuhang responded, “What type?”

Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue continued, “The onion-type mushroom.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

At this time, Doudou’s palanquin was rushing towards its original path.

Zhou Li frowned and said, “We must have been tricked.”

He thought of Dugu Bai… Zhou Li suspected that the ‘dragon and lion dance greeting team’ was possibly a part of the scheme of Dugu Bai’s group.

Song Shuhang curiously asked, “Would Dugu Bai really be able to make such a big move?”

Dugu Bai was only at the Fifth Stage Realm. Would he really have the power to do so much?

Zhou Li gritted his teeth, and said, “Earlier, Dugu Bai was talking about a plan A in a group called ‘Dog Catching Group’ of which I’m the founder. They planned on hijacking Doudou’s palanquin in the middle of the procession. Besides plan A, he also had a certain plan B. Anyway, some people in the Dog Catching Group have lots of power. Among them are disciples of Fairy Lychee’s sect and also quite a number of powerful loose cultivators of unknown origins. If they really went to help Dugu Bai, then he would easily be able to achieve this much.”

While he was talking, his phone rang.

He looked at the phone and saw that it was a call from True Monarch Yellow Mountain.

Zhou Li frowned and answered the call.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain said, “Zhou Li, are you back on the original wedding path yet?”

This time, True Monarch Yellow Mountain didn’t sound off at all, and the signal appeared to be working normally.

Zhou Li quickly asked, “True Monarch, did you know that we got tricked and were heading to a grassland?”

True Monarch Yellow Mountain said, “Hehehe, how would they be able to block our signal and intercept and use my number to talk to you without my tacit acceptance?”

Zhou Li: “…”

True Monarch Yellow Mountain continued, “It was Dugu Bai’s doing; he’s Fairy Fleeting Life’s disciple. Rest assured, everything is moving according to my plan. Just bring Doudou back onto the original path and someone will take you to the ‘wedding venue’. After that, I will arrange for Doudou to meet Fairy Fleeting Life. Regardless of what happens, this wedding will have Doudou and Fairy Fleeting Life as the protagonists.”

“I understand. I’ll be immediately taking the team back to the path.” Then, Zhou Li asked again, “True Monarch, did you also meddle with the ‘greeting team’ that Dugu Bai prepared?”

True Monarch Yellow Mountain laughed, and said, “I merely gave him a little help and pushed the boat along the stream.”

The corners of Zhou Li’s mouth twitched.


At this time, a violent explosion suddenly sounded from the phone.

Zhou Li was startled. “True Monarch, what happened?”

True Monarch Yellow Mountain said, “It’s nothing. It’s just that there’s a big battle going on not too far from me. You head to the wedding venue first. If there’s a need, I’ll talk to you there.”


Dugu Bai and his group of brothers and sisters arrived at the headquarters of the ‘Dog Sky Battalion’.

Everything had gone smoothly, and no accidents had happened on their way here.

The wedding team slowly entered the Dog Sky Battalion.

At the beginning, Dugu Bai was worried that the dog cultivators there would notice something was off, so he had also prepared several plans in his mind to deal with them.

Strangely enough, he didn’t have to use any of those plans.

The dog cultivators in the Dog Sky Battalion did not notice any abnormalities, and the wedding team successfully entered the bridal room.

In the end… Dugu Bai wore a red dress with a red veil on his head, and was arranged into Fairy Fleeting Life’s eldest brother’s castle.

Is this the bridal room?

While sitting on the edge of the bed, Dugu Bai’s heartbeat began to accelerate.

Now, he just had to wait for his teacher, Fairy Fleeting Life, to appear.

When Fairy Fleeting Life lifted the red veil and saw his true identity, she’d definitely be surprised.

Why do I feel like there were a few steps missing here? Dugu Bai clenched his fists, feeling that there was something off about this wedding.

Wait, what about the wedding ceremony?!

Whether the wedding was conducted in an ancient manner or in a modern manner, wasn’t there always a wedding ceremony?

It should’ve been either the husband and the wife kneeling according to the old ritual or them having a priest preside over their wedding… Yet, why did neither of those things take place?

While Dugu Bai was in the middle of his thoughts, the sound of footsteps could be heard.

The footsteps are light… just like a woman’s. It seems like Teacher is coming!

Dugu Bai held his breath as his heart beat faster and faster.

Through the red veil, he saw a figure stand before him.

The figure reached out and lifted his red veil.

Long blond hair and a face with a calm expression appeared before his eyes.

It’s Fairy Fleeting Life’s eldest brother!

F*ck, director, there’s something wrong with the script.

What happened to my teacher, Fairy Fleeting Life? Why is it her brother who appeared here?

Could it be that… Fairy Fleeting Life was knocked out by her brother while she was trying to knock him out, thus resulting in her elder brother being the one to attend the wedding?

The more Dugu Bai thought about it, the more he felt something was wrong, and the more he felt disturbed.

The eldest brother looked calmly at Dugu Bai, who looked like Doudou right now. He nodded and began to take off his clothes.

Wait, wait, wait. What is he doing?

The eldest brother calmly said, “It’s getting late.”

It’s getting late? What do you mean it’s getting late?

What do you usually do after getting married…?

After getting married, you undress and…

Damn it, this is the bridal room! This eldest brother wants to f*ck Doudou in the bridal room?

Dugu Bai pissed himself in fear.

His brain went blank, and he didn’t know what to say.

The development of the plot was completely outside his expectations. He had no idea how he was supposed to face this scene.

At this moment, the eldest brother had taken off his jacket and untied his tie.

Dugu Bai trembled in fear.

I have to calm down. What do I do?

If I don’t want to lose my chastity, the best choice would be to show my original form.

As long as ‘Eldest Brother’ knows that he has married the wrong bride, I might be able to resolve this misunderstanding.

However, there’s a lot of weird shiet going on here.

For the eldest brother to have been willing to marry ‘Doudou’, could there really be something wrong with his sexual orientation?

What if… What if he takes a fancy to me, and still goes through with the act?

It was not that Dugu Bai was being narcissistic here, but he was prettier than many fairy maidens.

However, if I don’t reveal my original form, there will be only one ending—I will have to do the deed with Teacher’s eldest brother while disguised as Doudou.

That choice was equally terrible.

Isn’t there a way for me to get out of this situation?

Dugu Bai frantically racked his brain, but at this time, his previously brilliant mind was completely blank.

There’s no longer anything that can be done.

In a case like this, a problem that can’t be solved with the brain can only be solved with brawn!

Dugu Bai secretly clenched his fists.

I shall have this ‘Eldest Brother’ taste the power of my ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique❯.

After he knocked out the big brother, he would be free.

As Dugu Bai was getting ready to fight, the eldest brother unbuttoned his shirt and revealed a tight-fitting set of armor.

He said, “Young man, how is it? Isn’t it exciting?”

Dugu Bai responded, “Huh?”

The eldest brother calmly said, “You almost got married and entered the bridal room. Is your heartbeat accelerating? Are you scared or excited? Do you want to fight with your life on the line and push things to the next level?”

Dugu Bai: “…”

The eldest brother calmly said, “Show your original form. Fleeting Life isn’t here. Ever since the beginning, your plan to crash the wedding was destined to fail.”

Dugu Bai jumped up. “Where is my teacher? Also, you knew that I planned on ruining the wedding? Were you aware of my plan B as well? Damn, did you arrange for my teacher to meet Doudou?”

Dugu Bai wasn’t stupid, so he immediately figured out what had happened.

“There’s no point in being so nervous. Young people sure are impetuous.” The eldest brother found a seat to sit down on, took out a thick book, and began flipping through it.

Dugu Bai gritted his teeth, and said, “Why are you still holding arranged marriages? What era do you think this is? Everyone should be free to love!”

The eldest brother slightly raised his head. “When did I ever arrange a marriage for Fleeting Life? From start to finish, it was all about me getting married. How is that related to Floating Life?”

Dugu Bai was speechless.

However, after giving it some thought, he retorted, “Although my teacher wasn’t part of the arranged marriage, isn’t that Doudou too pitiful? Its marriage is mandatory. I have asked about it.”

“Oh, you know quite a bit.” The elder brother turned a page of the book, and said, “However, the reason Doudou was forced to get married is that he sought death. It’s a punishment that comes from True Monarch Yellow Mountain. He who seeks death should bear the consequences of his actions. Is this not common sense?”

Dugu Bai: “…”

The eldest brother closed the book, then raised his hand, and looked at the clock. “It’s almost time.”

Dugu Bai’s heart shivered. About time? Has Doudou and Teacher already gotten married?

The eldest brother stood up, and said, “Okay, young man. The good show has already begun. As the legitimate successor of the ‘Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect’, you can’t miss out on the good show.”

Dugu Bai responded, “Huh?”

The eldest brother calmly said, “This wedding was arranged in order to draw out some guys. And now, the actors of this big show have arrived.”




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