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1278 The transformation of the inner demons If there wasn’t anything wrong with his head, how could he possibly think that Dharma King Creation’s singing was nice?

Senior White Two said, “…Do you think I won’t dare to extend my fingers and crush you like an ant?” His voice went directly through Song Shuhang’s earplugs, and even overwhelmed Dharma King Creation’s singing.

Wait, were Senior White Two and I in a mental chat just now? Heavens.

It’s really, really unfortunate for me to be in a mental chat with a great expert.

Experts were especially powerful when it came to self-control, so when they communicated with others using their mind, the other party would only be able to hear what they wanted them to hear. On the other hand, for the weaker party, the experts would usually be able to hear everything that they were thinking about.

Senior White Two said, “Forget it, it seems that if I don’t let you experience it first-hand, you won’t be able to understand the sound of nature contained in this song.”

After saying that, he stretched out his finger and said to Song Shuhang, “Don’t resist.”

Song Shuhang wiped off the foam that was at the corners of his mouth.

As Senior White Two pointed his finger at him, he felt a hum in his ears—it was as if all the filth in his ears had been cleared out, leaving him inexplicably refreshed.

This kind of feeling was similar to when he first opened his Ear Aperture.

Senior White Two said, “Take out the earplugs and listen carefully.”

Song Shuhang said, “After removing the earplugs, won’t I get instantly KO’d?”

Senior White Two said, “Even if you had not taken off your earplugs, you were on the verge of breaking down earlier. So, there’s no difference whether you collapse now or later. Actually, wouldn’t it be better if it was sooner so that you don’t have to experience any more pain?”

Senior White Two’s words are too reasonable.

Song Shuhang gritted his teeth and reached out to remove the earplugs.

Dharma King Creation stomped with great force on the stage, grabbed the microphone with both hands, and roared, “All unfilial people should… die die die!!!” Sound waves that were visible to the naked eye rippled in all directions.

At this time, the eight Dharma King Creation clones that surrounded the venue yelled synchronously, “All unfilial people should… die die die!”

The fellow daoists at the venue were in great sorrow. Even with the reinforced earplugs, more than half of the survivors got KO’d, gazing towards Dharma King Creation who was on the stage with their blurry eyes.

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple, who was in the rear, said, “Little friend Shuhang, have you gone crazy? Why did you remove your earplugs?”

Riverly Purple Mist thought for a moment, and said, “Perhaps little friend Shuhang’s approach is right. After removing your earplugs, you won’t have to suffer as much. Wearing the earplugs will only extend the amount of time that we’re tortured by the singing.”

Although she said that, Riverly Purple Mist did not make any attempt to ​​remove her earplugs.

As the fellow daoists of the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’ thought that Song Shuhang was going to pass out… Shuhang’s face showed a strange expression.

The expression on his face was one of surprise.

Then, it turned into a relaxed expression.

Eventually, his eyes slightly closed, and an expression of enjoyment appeared on his face.

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple curiously said, “What’s going on?”

Great Master Profound Principle pointed to the brain, and then shrugged—could he be saying that Shuhang’s brain went into shock because of the singing?

Riverly Purple Mist asked, “Was he brainwashed, or did he go crazy?”

Song Shuhang said, “I see… so this is the sound of nature!”

Sure enough, Dharma King Creation’s crazy roaring hid the ‘sound of nature’ within.

When Senior White Two pointed at him, he allowed his ears to hear the sound of nature within the singing.

The sound of nature wasn’t the roar coming from Dharma King Creation, but rather the indescribable sound that was hidden under his roaring accompaniment.

The sound was perfect. Song Shuhang could not think of better or proper words to describe this sound.

It could only be said that this sound brought one the ultimate audiovisual enjoyment.

It was as if you were crawling in the desert with your throat parched, and right when you were about to die of thirst, a glass of water suddenly appeared in front of you.

Or as if you were extremely famished and a piece of fragrant bread was suddenly placed right in front of you.

The sound of nature brought one such a kind of ‘extreme’ enjoyment.

“Kill kill kill~ Kill the heartless! Kill the unjust!” As Dharma King Creation got to the climax of the song, the sound began to rise.

And the pleasant sound hidden in his singing voice also rose in volume.

Goosebumps suddenly emerged on Song Shuhang’s body as the song was just that good to listen to.

Song Shuhang couldn’t help but lightly shout, “Kill kill kill~ Kill the heartless! Kill the unjust!”

After lightly shouting those few phrases, he found that such light shouting was not able to satisfy his emotions.

Therefore, Song Shuhang involuntarily waved his hands.

He then sang loudly along with the song. “Die die die~ Those who defy the heavens shall die on their knees!”

Soft Feather’s eyes lit up next to Song Shuhang. “Die die die~ Those who defy the heavens shall die on their knees!”

…Senior Song is really the best. I always knew that he was different, and that he would be able to appreciate the charm of Senior Creation’s songs.

On the stage, Dharma King Creation’s eyes focused on Soft Feather and Song Shuhang, and a moved expression appeared in his eyes. “Die die die~ Those who defy the heavens shall die on their knees!”

Little friend Song Shuhang and little friend Soft Feather are truly my loyal fans.

In the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’, little friend Song Shuhang was the first fellow daoist who agreed to listen to him sing an entire song. After that, he even quietly sang his new song.

As for little friend Soft Feather, nothing even needed to be said—after listening to his songs, she was the one to spread his music everywhere.

Having such fans, Dharma King Creation was extremely moved.

Those two could really appreciate his singing.

Unlike ordinary people who wanted to experience death through his songs, little friend Song Shuhang and little friend Soft Feather could truly understand the wonders of his music.

I shall write a song for each of you, Dharma King Creation secretly thought to himself.

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple said, “I think little friend Shuhang lost it.”

Riverly Purple Mist affirmed, “Yep, he definitely lost it.”

Doudou struggled to turn over. “But… why is he suddenly immune to Dharma King Creation’s singing after losing it… This doesn’t make any sense~”

“Perhaps if something breaks in one’s head, they would no longer be influenced by the singing?”

“Maybe his ears can no longer hear the sound?”

“Maybe… He awakened some special ability?”

“I’m going to die, die, die~”

“I don’t want to die yet… I want to see whether or not my disciple has recovered from his inner demon tribulation. Otherwise I won’t be able to die in peace~”

The hearts of many cultivators suddenly moved.

Right, they didn’t cross thousands of miles to listen to Dharma King Creation’s singing. They had relatives, friends, fellow daoists, and fellow disciples stuck in their inner demon tribulations. They came to see if Dharma King Creation’s singing really had the effect of dispelling inner demons.

As Dharma King Creation’s singing reached the climax, the sound of nature accompanying his singing also erupted.

Afterward, some of the cultivators who were stuck in the inner demon tribulation began to tremble.

At this time, a cultivator who had been stuck in his inner demon tribulation suddenly wailed, “Die die die! Those who defy the heavens shall die on their knees! No no no, I’m not going to die again, don’t~”

Another cultivator who had been stuck in his inner demon tribulation groaned, “I surrender, I surrender~ I surrender, don’t kill me~”

“Take me away from here, blegh~ Take me away.” As if there was a domino effect, another cultivator who had been deeply trapped in his inner demon tribulation opened their eyes.

One led to two; two then led to three; and three then led to many more!

The cultivators who had been deeply trapped in their inner demon tribulations woke up one by one. They uttered heartfelt whimpers in various languages. Soon, their mouths frothed as they listened to Dharma King Creation’s terrifying singing, and then their bodies went soft and lost all power.

Did Dharma King Creation’s singing really have the power of driving out inner demons?

At this time, Dharma King Creation’s singing on the concert stage gradually subsided.

The ❮Seven Deaths Song❯ was coming to its end.

Song Shuhang, who roared for a long time with his hands high, finally calmed down.

Heavens, what was I doing just now?

Was I actually singing along with Senior Creation’s ❮Seven Deaths Song❯?

Soft Feather happily said, “Senior Song, from today onwards, you and I are both soul mates of Senior Creation.”

Song Shuhang laughed. “Hahaha~”

If Senior White Two had not helped him, he would not have been able to hear the sound of nature in Dharma King Creation’s singing.

Then, he turned his head and looked behind him.

Little Cai’s wings were stretched out as she lay on the ground with her legs constantly twitching~ However, she had still not recovered from her inner demon tribulation.

Lady Onion, on the other hand, was now awake.

She was holding her onion sprouts with both hands and was unceasingly hitting a seat.

“Aaah~ It’s Dharma King’s singing! Aaah, I don’t want to hear it, I don’t want to hear it!” She covered her onion sprouts with her hands and hit the backrest of the seat with all she had in her.

However, the backrest was soft, so she didn’t really feel much pain despite how hard she had tried to hit it.

Lady Onion cried, “Die, die, I’m going to die~”

Song Shuhang reached out and grabbed the enlightenment stone. Lady Onion had finally broken free from her inner demon tribulation.

“Save me, Shuhang~ I don’t want to listen to songs anymore. I will be obedient in the future. If you tell me to go east, I will not never go west. Save me~” Lady Onion burst into tears.

The onion juice rolled down her onion sprouts.

“You’re the one who said that, so you’d better keep your world.” Song Shuhang smiled and transferred Lady Onion and the enlightenment stone into the Inner World’s garden.

In the end, his eyes fell on Ye Si.

Ye Si was still quietly lying in her seat, unaffected by Dharma King Creation’s singing.

Song Shuhang frowned slightly and looked around again.

About one-third of the cultivators who had been deeply trapped in their inner demon tribulation had woken up, and they were making various kinds of wails, but their demons had been dealt with…

The other two-thirds, like Little Cai, were twitching, but they were still stuck in their inner demon tribulation.

Song Shuhang said, “Senior Creation’s singing really has the power to destroy inner demons? Could it be some hidden effect of that sound of nature?”

Senior White Two responded, “Accurately speaking, the effect of this song isn’t to destroy the inner demons, but to transform them.”

Song Shuhang curiously said, “Transform them?”



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