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Chapter 1270 Bridesmaid? Best man?

Hearing the name, Song Shuhang immediately thought of Doudou.

It couldn’t be that the ‘bride’ who was going to get married tomorrow ran away from home again, right? Wasn’t ‘Heaven Shrouding Hook’ Zhou Li supposed to be watching over him?

Maybe Doudou is really just an expert at running away from home. If Zhou Li’s methods were already seen through, then he really wouldn’t be able to stop Doudou.

However, Doudou has yet to reach the Fifth Stage. If this ‘Nicholas Dou’ really is him, did he use an illusion technique to assume a human form and talk to my mother?

Song Shuhang said, “I’ll be heading there immediately.”

If it was really Doudou, why did he run all the way to Wenzhou City? Tomorrow was his wedding, and True Monarch Yellow Mountain was definitely going to catch and bring him back. Even if he wanted to find Shuhang, shouldn’t he have gone to Jiangnan University Town instead?

With a belly full of doubts, Song Shuhang flew back home.

After opening the door, Song Shuhang saw Mama Song busy in the kitchen.

In the living room, a man with long blond hair sat calmly.

His facial features were a mix of Chinese and Western styles, and he had a gentle and deep gaze.

The man was holding a teacup, and when he saw Song Shuhang enter, he smiled with a hint of bashfulness.

Song Shuhang tried to feel out the other party’s aura, but he could not sense a single trace of energy from this man—it was as if the other party was a completely ordinary man.

Mama Song said, “Shuhang, you’re back. Entertain your friend while I go and make snacks for you.”

Song Shuhang nodded, and responded, “Alright.”

After that, he sat next to the blond man, and said in a soft voice, “Doudou?”

“Woof, please call me Nicholas Dou right now.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Heavens, it really is Doudou.

Song Shuhang said, “How were you able to run away? Also, what’s with this weird name?”

Doudou took out an ID card and handed it to Song Shuhang. “I requested Cave Lord Snow Wolf to make a human ID card for me a long time ago, and this is the name that’s on it. Woof~ So that’s what I use for situations like these.”

Song Shuhang glanced at the ID card, and saw the name ‘Nicholas Dou’ on it. At one side of the ID, there was also a picture of a blond man.

Is this kind of name really alright? Cave Lord Snow Wolf couldn’t have cheated Doudou with a fake ID, right?

Song Shuhang asked, “What’s with your appearance? Aren’t you a Pekingese? Do you have a mixed heritage?”

Pekingese was a Chinese dog breed, so was Doudou actually a mixed breed?

Doudou flicked his long blond hair, and said, “I naturally have to transform into an appearance that fits the ID. When I got the ID, I wasn’t able to assume a human form yet, so Cave Lord Snow Wolf simply got the appearance of a world-famous star and modified it a bit, resulting in what I look like right now.”

Song Shuhang asked “So, are you using an illusion technique right now?”

Doudou sighed, and said, “Yes, I’m using a special magical treasure. It’s got a really realistic effect, and it can even conceal my aura. I’ve relied on this magical treasure to avoid Zhou Li’s search many times, but he later figured out the trick to beat my magical treasure, so I didn’t use it anymore.”

As technology and cultivation techniques had been developing and advancing, anti-tracking methods and tracking methods were continuously improving as well.

Zhou Li had True Monarch Yellow Mountain and an entire team as backup for his tracking methods. Doudou, on the other hand, only had himself to rely on while using his anti-tracking methods and magical treasures.

As he thought of this, Doudou felt very tired.

Song Shuhang asked, “You ran away from home again?”

Doudou sighed, and said, “Not today. I asked stupid Yellow Mountain if I could go out for the day. At six o’clock in the evening, I have to go back.”

Song Shuhang said, “So, why did you come to Wenzhou City? If I hadn’t just happened to come back today, you wouldn’t have run into me at all.”

Doudou rolled his eyes, and said, “I didn’t come here for you, I came here to see some old friends. After that, I remembered that your home was nearby, so I stopped by. In addition… I heard that Wenzhou City has a hospital that has introduced sex change technology from Thailand. I’ve heard that it’s especially great, so I came to have a look.”

“What? Sex change technology?” Song Shuhang was dumbfounded.

Doudou said, “Mm-hm. Shuhang, I’m getting married tomorrow.”

Song Shuhang nodded, and said, “I know, I still have an invitation that I got from True Monarch Yellow Mountain.”

Doudou seriously said, “I stared at my little Doudou last night and found that it hadn’t disappeared yet.”

Song Shuhang was confused. “Huh?”

Doudou continued, “Since I’m going to be marrying someone, and the one I’m getting married to is a male dog, I’ve been wondering if I was a female dog. It’s possible that Yellow Mountain cast a magical technique on me when I was young, and after some time, I may become a female dog. However, I’m going to get married tomorrow, yet I still haven’t turned into a female dog.”

Song Shuhang probed, “So, you want to go to a hospital and get sex change surgery to become a female dog?”

“Hehe, how could that be?” Doudou said. “I was just thinking that in the case I do become a female dog, I could immediately head to that hospital to become male again. I really don’t want to become a bride, it’s going to mess with my views on life.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

After saying that, Doudou relaxed on the sofa again, and spun around the teacup that he was holding in his hands.

His current form is just an ‘illusion’, so is he actually holding and spinning the teacup with his two paws? Isn’t that quite difficult to do?

This was the first time that Song Shuhang had seen Doudou this listless.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s ‘marriage idea’ really made Doudou miserable.

Song Shuhang asked, “Doudou, do you regret making the ❮Stupid Yellow Mountain’s Song❯?”

He remembered that it was at the hand-guided tractor competition, after Doudou played the ‘Stupid Yellow Mountain’s Song’ in front of all the cultivators, that True Monarch Yellow Mountain had made up his mind to have Doudou get married.

“How could that be? I choose to grit my teeth and bear the consequences of my death-seeking actions. According to Thrice Reckless’s famous saying, everyone is an adult, so we have to take responsibility,” Doudou proudly said. “If I could return to that moment in time, I would instead increase the volume for the ‘Stupid Yellow Mountain’s Song’ by three times and make the song even more resounding!”

Yup, late-stage Thrice Reckless disease, truly incurable.

After a short moment of excitement, Doudou became listless once again and lay on the sofa.

After a while.

He suddenly asked, “Shuhang, are you my friend?”

Song Shuhang looked at the listless Doudou, and softly said, “I guess.”

When he’d first stepped onto the path of cultivation, Doudou had been there and provided him with a great amount of help… Although he’d also brought him a great amount of trouble.

“Then Song Shuhang, as good friends, shouldn’t we share our blessings and our difficulties?” Doudou’s eyes lit up. “As such, on my wedding day, you should be the best man… no, that isn’t right, be my bridesmaid!”

“I refuse!”

“You liar, didn’t you say that we’ll be friends forever?”

Song Shuhang replied, “I’m fine with us being friends for life, but me being your bridesmaid is impossible.”

Doudou gritted his teeth. “Seriously, I just can’t rely on any of you guys.”

Song Shuhang said, “When you came to Wenzhou City looking for your friends, were you trying to get them to be your best man… I mean, bridesmaid?”

“Obviously, what else do you think I’d be here for?” Doudou rolled his eyes.

Song Shuhang pinched his chin and smiled. “Aren’t you going to revolt?”

Since he went to look for a bridesmaid, had Doudou already accepted his fate?

Doudou proudly said, “What good is there in resisting? Marriage is just a type of ceremony. Haven’t you heard of that saying? ‘Marry away a daughter is like spilling water.’ As long as I get married, that stupid Yellow Mountain can’t control me anymore. Hehehehe, when I get married, I can finally run away.”

But after his short triumphant state, Doudou returned listless.

Was he that afraid of getting married?

Or could it be that he couldn’t bear to part with True Monarch Yellow Mountain?

Anyway, this listless version of Doudou was really a rare sight.

Song Shuhang could no longer bear it, and said, “Doudou, have you ever thought… that your partner might actually be a female dog?”

Although it had been planned that Doudou was going to get married to Fairy Fleeting Life’s brother, if things went well, it was likely that Doudou would end up marrying Fairy Fleeting Life.

“Hehe.” Doudou raised his head, and softly said, “A lot of my friends have already comforted me and told me that given stupid Yellow Mountain’s character, it was impossible for me to get married to a male dog. However… I saw the groom yesterday, it was a powerful elder-level male dog of the [Dog Sky Battalion].”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Isn’t that Fairy Fleeting Life’s brother? I remember Fairy Fleeting Life mentioning that her elder brother was part of the [Dog Sky Battalion].

“Anyway, I’m going to look for some more of my friends to see if anyone is willing to share these hardships with me and be my bridesmaid.” Doudou stood up and put down the teacup.

Song Shuhang suggested, “Doudou, you might as well look for a female friend, or True Monarch White Crane. After all, when it comes to being a bridesmaid, normal male cultivators would definitely not agree.”

“Impossible,” Doudou said quietly. “The only female cultivator who I’m good friends with is Chu Chu. I definitely can’t tell her about me getting married.”

“Pfff~” Song Shuhang couldn’t help but laugh.

Doudou rolled his eyes.

Song Shuhang said, “If you really don’t have any other choice, you can go to the Nine Provinces Number One Group and get few fairies to make up the number. Fairy Lychee, Fairy Firefly, Fairy Dongfang Six, and a few others should be willing to be your bridesmaids if you ask them.”

“I can’t do that.” Doudou shook his head, and said, “It’s already shameful enough that I’m getting married to a man. If I were to go to them and ask them to be my bridesmaids, I would only be ridiculed more.”

So… Doudou was actually looking for a large group of ‘male’ bridesmaids to share this ‘humiliation’?

Song Shuhang said, “Doudou, although True Monarch Yellow Mountain said you were getting ‘married to a man’, can’t you take the initiative to get a group of groomsmen instead and put up the front that you’re the one getting a wife rather than you being the wife?”

“Huh?” Doudou’s eyes lit up suddenly.

Although True Monarch Yellow Mountain said he was going to marry Doudou to a man, Doudou was also male. There was no reason for him to play the part of the wife.

“Shuhang, we’re friends, right?” Doudou said. “Come on, just be my best man then!”




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