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Chapter 1269 Nicholas Dou

Senior White said, “Well, you still have one day to prepare it.”

Song Shuhang said, “I see. I got quite a bit of stuff from my trip to the Beast Realm, perhaps I can pick out a suitable gift from that.”

Besides, regarding Doudou’s wedding, he was more concerned about who the groom was.

Was it going to be Fairy Fleeting Life’s older brother that was going to go up there? Or was it going to be Fleeting Life? Or could it be Fairy Fleeting Life’s disciple? Or could an entirely different party take that spot?

Doudou’s wedding was destined to be a complicated drama.

Song Shuhang worriedly said, “By the way, Senior White, are Lady Onion and Little Cai alright?”

A week has already passed, I wonder if they’ve gotten through their inner demon tribulation yet…

Senior White replied, “Lady Onion has already stabilized, but she has shown no signs of waking up. As for Little Cai’s inner demon tribulation, it has proven to be a bit more troublesome. A clone of mine is escorting them to Dharma King Creation as we speak. Fellow Daoist Creation is going to have a small concert soon, and several fellow daoists who have recently been caught in the inner demon tribulation are being sent there. I hope that it really is as Fellow Daoist Spirit Butterfly has said and that Dharma King’s singing is able to vanquish inner demons.”

This inner demon tribulation was very troublesome, and no cultivators had shown signs of waking up. The fellow daoists in the group could only grab whatever hope they could find in this desperate situation, and so they chose to go to Dharma King Creation.

What if Dharma King Creation’s singing really was as Venerable Spirit Butterfly had said, and it had the effect of breaking inner demons?

It wouldn’t hurt to try, although it was a rather extreme measure. But if it was actually effective, sacrificing your ears to do so wouldn’t be a problem.

Senior White continued, “Anyway, since I had figured that you weren’t coming back, I got Qing Wu to take your appearance and attend the classes in your place. However, Qing Wu was only able to get to Jiangnan area on the evening of the 16th, so you still missed a day of class.”

Song Shuhang’s heart felt warm. “Thank you, Senior White.”

Senior White had even considered such details for him. Having such a senior was truly his great fortune!

Senior White said, “It was nothing much. Anyway, did anything interesting happen in the Beast Realm? Looking back now, I was only able to go to the Beast Realm when I was a child. After that, I busied myself with closed meditation, and never had the time to go out and have some fun.”

Song Shuhang replied, “A lot of very interesting stuff happened on this trip. I’ll slowly tell you about everything when you get back home tonight.”

The battle at the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, the big-eyed planet, the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure… all of these should greatly interest Senior White.

“Sure, see you tonight, then. Do you want to talk to Sixteen?” After Senior White said that, he handed the phone to Sixteen.

Su Clan’s Sixteen smiled, and said, “Hey, Shuhang. Welcome back.”

Song Shuhang responded, “Yup, I was at least able to come back alive.”

Sixteen asked, “Did you encounter dangers? Are you injured?”

Song Shuhang replied, “It’s more serious than just an injury. I ended up dying once. Fortunately, I had a life talisman. I’ll tell you about everything when you get back tonight.”

Su Clan’s Sixteen said, “Okay, see you tonight. Do pay attention to your safety.”

Song Shuhang said, “Mm-hm, I will. See you tonight… Wait, Sixteen, why do I feel like there’s something wrong with the way we’re talking to each other?”

He was getting the feeling that Su Clan’s Sixteen was talking like a virtuous wife.

Su Clan’s Sixteen calmly said, “There isn’t anything wrong with it. If you aren’t used to it, I can switch to a different mode next time.”

Song Shuhang asked, “What? Switch mode?”

Su Clan’s Sixteen giggled, and said, “I’m just kidding… Actually, I’ve had some fortuitous encounters over the past few days, and this has slightly influenced my way of thinking. However, Senior White checked it for me, this effect is short-lived, and things will go back to how they were in two days.”

Song Shuhang was relieved.

Su Clan’s Sixteen seriously said, “By the way, Shuhang, I’ve grown a bit recently. Would you like me to send you a video?”

Song Shuhang: “Pfff~”

Was this also a result of that thing that had influenced her way of thinking?

Su Clan’s Sixteen said, “Do you not want to see? I’ve grown a little recently. It’s the first time in five years.”

Song Shuhang: “Pfff~”

Su Clan’s Sixteen seriously said, “Ah? I can’t record right now. Forget it, let’s just talk again tonight. See you.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Su Clan’s Sixteen said, “Also, Senior White said that if you’re free today, you should go to Dharma King Creation. After all, Little Cai is your disciple, while Lady Onion is your monster pet. I’ll be sending you Senior Creation’s coordinates in a short while.”

Song Shuhang said, “Alright, if I’m able to catch up in time, then I’ll go.”

In his Inner World, Ye Si was similarly going through her inner demon tribulation.

If he could get to the concert, he could also let Ye Si have a seat.

After ending the call with Su Clan’s Sixteen, Song Shuhang called his roommate Gao Moumou’s phone.

Senior White said that he got Qing Wu to go to school in my place, I hope that everything went well.

Gao Moumou quickly answered the phone. “F*ck, it’s only 8 in the morning. Shuhang, why are you calling me so early?”

Song Shuhang said, “It’s nothing, I just suddenly wanted to talk to you.”

Gao Moumou replied, “F*ck you! Have mercy on me, I was busy writing until three in the morning.”

Song Shuhang asked, “You’re still writing? You haven’t dropped the novel yet?”

Gao Moumou replied, “When did you see me drop a novel, huh? Tsk, speaking of which… Shuhang, have you taken the wrong medicine these past few days which made you drop your balls? You’ve changed a bit too much, and we can’t adapt.”

“Huh?” Song Shuhang suddenly got a bad feeling.

Gao Moumou said, “Haven’t you felt it yourself? You’ve become too effeminate these past few days, you even catwalk all around the place. Also, your voice has become very soft and you always seem to be bashful. In class, you even like to hold your chin up with one hand and smile charmingly from time to time. Yayi has told me that you seem even more feminine than her… To be honest, both Tubo and Yangde have been given quite the shock from the huge changes that have happened to you.”

Song Shuhang burst into tears. “F*ck.”

Qing Wu was a monster willow and also a female monster.

Female monsters were inherently charming, so in daily life, it would be normal for her to instinctively show her feminine charm.

If this kind of charm were to appear on a girl, it would be seen as something that could add to their beauty.

However, if it appeared on a man… ugh!

Song Shuhang suddenly started tearing up.

His heart was now in great confusion.

On one hand, he was very grateful that Qing Wu transformed into him and went to school for him, and that no one was able to recognize that she was just faking it the entire week.

But on the other hand, what was he supposed to do about Qing Wu’s giving others an ‘effeminate impression’ of himself in school?

“Cough, actually, it’s not that I was trying to be feminine,” Song Shuhang said seriously. “The thing is that I’ve been acting for a movie recently, and there’s this character in it that, because of the plot, will be displaying rather feminine movements. As such, in the past few days, I’ve been silently practicing how to play that role.”

“So that’s the case. You should have said so earlier, we really started worrying for you these past few days.” Gao Moumou let out a breath of relief, and said, “What’s the name of the movie?”

Song Shuhang was preparing to make up a movie title…

When Gao Moumou’s cry came from the phone. “Ah, could it be that? That hugely funded movie that is currently under development, ❮My Reckless and Unrestrained Life❯? The male lead, [Zilang], is portrayed by ‘Reckless Tyrant’. Could that person in the cast who’s called ‘Tyrannical Saber’ be you?”

Song Shuhang responded, “Huh?”

Gao Moumou asked, “Which role are you playing? It’s a big movie, and many are looking forward to it. When is it going to be released? After Senior Brother Gao Sheng, what’s the villainous image that you’re going to construct this time?”

Song Shuhang replied, “I’m not sure, either.”

Wait, when did I ever sign up for Senior Thrice Reckless’ death-seeking movie, ❮My Reckless and Unrestrained Life❯? What role do I even have in there?

Could Senior Spirit Butterfly have been trying to secretly get me into the movie?

After ending his call with Gao Moumou, Song Shuhang thought about it, and then called Soft Feather.

Soft Feather’s voice sounded from the phone. “Senior Song, hello.”

Song Shuhang replied, “Haha, good morning, Soft Feather. Where are you right now?”

He had called to figure out whether Soft Feather was with Venerable Spirit Butterfly at this moment. If they were near each other right now, he wasn’t going to ask his question yet.

“I’m currently flying to Senior Creation’s concert together with Senior Brother Liu. Senior Song, are you coming to the convert?” Soft Feather happily asked.

Song Shuhang said, “We’ll see. If I’m able to make it in time, then I’ll go there.”

Soft Feather happily said, “Great, I recently heard that Senior Song has participated in many exciting events. After the Senior Creation’s concert ends, you’ll have to tell me about your adventure.”

Song Shuhang responded, “No problem.”

Soft Feather laughed, and said, “Then see you at the concert.”

Song Shuhang said, “Wait a minute—”

Before he could even finish what he was saying, Soft Feather already hung up.

Song Shuhang: “…”

Well, I guess I’ll just ask her about ❮My Reckless and Unrestrained Life❯ after the concert.

After the call ended, Song Shuhang remembered Li Yinzhu and Chu Chu, who were in the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

When the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion was transferred to the Beast Realm, the Time City was left in the main world by Pavilion Master Chu.

I wonder where the Time City is right now…

Song Shuhang’s consciousness entered the Inner World and contacted Pavilion Master Chu, who was at the edge of the ‘living spring’.

Song Shuhang asked, “Senior Chu, I am back in the main world. Can you lock onto the Time City’s location now?”

Pavilion Master Chu opened her eyes, and said, “I’m unable to lock onto the Time City’s coordinates in my current state.”

She only had her head left, and she was relying on the power left behind by Slow-Witted Song and the power of the living spring to prevent herself from dissipating. As such, she couldn’t even leave the Inner World.

Song Shuhang smiled bitterly, and said, “What about Chu Chu and Yinzhu?”

The two of them were still in the upper level of the Time City.

With seven days having passed in the outside world, the two of them should have already spent around 84 days in the Time City.

Pavilion Master Chu said, “Relax, I left behind enough medicinal pills in the Time City, the two of them will be fine. Also, I’ll just impart a formation to you, practice and master it when you have the time. When you master it, you can use this formation with the ‘Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion Token’ to try and lock onto the coordinates of the Time City. As long as the Time City is not destroyed, you should be able to find it after a few tries.”

Song Shuhang replied, “Alright.”

Now that he was back at Baijing Street in Wenzhou City, Song Shuhang went home to see his parents.

Since he wasn’t able to go back home for the mid-autumn festival, he could at least make up for it now.

As he thought of this, Song Shuhang took out his mobile phone and called his mother. “Mom, I’m free today so I’m coming back home. Are you at home right now?”

“You brat, why was your phone down recently?” Mama Song said. “Anyway, I’m at home. Right, a guest came to our home early in the morning and said that you were their friend. They’ve been waiting for you all morning.”

“There was a problem with my phone in the past few days, I was only able to have it fixed today. Who’s the guest?” Song Shuhang said curiously.

Mother Song replied, “It’s a foreigner named Nicholas Dou. He looks handsome, very kind, has a neat smile, and he came bearing gifts.”

Song Shuhang: “Pfff~”

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