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Chapter 1268 Tomorrow is Doudou’s wedding day

Watchtiger? Come to think of it… Could it be that unusually ugly white tiger that was captured by Senior White Two?

The white tiger that he had in his memory was a rather ugly one with a very long waist. Its waist was so long that it could twist itself into a ‘U’ shape and bite its own tail.

[Hey! No. Song Shuhang, don’t you go too far!] The voice of the watchtiger sounded in his mind once again.

F*ck, I was heard again.

This mental communication thing is really too unfriendly for people like me who aren’t that good at concealing their thoughts.

At least when it came to speaking, he could still withhold some words and avoid saying them out loud, saving him quite a few problems. However, ever since mental communication had become popular, he would sometimes think about things that would make him seek death.

These thoughts would subconsciously flash in his mind.

Sigh, it was really exhausting.

While mental communication did indeed bring great convenience, it also brought him a lot of troubles. Alas, there were very few perfect things in the world.

Song Shuhang nodded. [Fellow Daoist Tiger, thank you for your reminder. I shall quickly return to the main world then. Still, for how long can I stay here?]

He did not know what had happened over at Senior White Two’s side, but there was no time to think right now. If he had some questions, he could just wait to ask them when he got back to the main world.

The white tiger replied, [My master said: ‘the sooner the better, and no more than 10 minutes.’]

[I understand.] Song Shuhang opened his eyes.

Ten minutes is enough.

In the room, the holy light flame raged brightly, burning all the ‘evil energy of the Netherworld’.

The Tiger-Patterned Beast Cultivator had disappeared.

Song Shuhang was pretty certain that the Tiger-Patterned Beast Cultivator had not died. He believed that what exploded before was a clone or something similar.

At this time, Kindness’ voice could be heard from outside the door. “Senior Tyrannical Song, did something happen?”

“Come in,” replied Song Shuhang. Since Senior White Two told him to return to the main world [immediately], he couldn’t afford to waste time.

Kindness, Great Master Turtle, and the Branch Head entered the room together.

They stared at the raging holy light flame that was inside the room and tensed up.

Kindness found that there were only nine patients left out of the original ten. In addition, all the patients were now in a comatose state, and the ‘evil energy of the Netherworld’ in their bodies had yet to be removed.

Something has happened!

Kindness, Great Master Turtle and Branch Head felt the same.

Song Shuhang simply replied, “A demon of the Netherworld mingled with the patients and tried to attack me.”

Great Master Turtle’s complexion changed.

Most of the patients were members of their ‘human alliance’, and for these patients, there generally was no problem with their background. As such, the patient in question was definitely a beast cultivator that was from outside their alliance.

Great Master Turtle said, “My apologies, Senior Tyrannical Song. It’s my fault for not screening them thoroughly enough and letting a demon get through.”

Song Shuhang waved his hand, and said, “You aren’t to blame for this. There are simply too many patients, it would be extremely difficult to screen them one by one. Even I had failed to see through the other party at first. Also, I’m running out of time. While I was curing the patients, I was noticed by a particularly troublesome existence, so I have to leave the Beast Realm immediately.”

Great Master Turtle was startled. “Even Senior Tyrannical Song can’t deal with that enemy?”

Song Shuhang gravely said, “Just a while ago, the other party attacked me from afar and caused me to ‘died’ once. If you look carefully, you’ll be able to see some differences between the me right now and the previous one.”

The Great Master Turtle’s heart shivered, and he carefully felt things out. Sure enough, Senior Tyrannical Song’s current state was a little different from before. The ‘Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’ in front of him right now gave him the feeling of a ‘newborn baby’.

“Anyway, I must leave. I can only leave the matters of the Beast Realm to you.” Song Shuhang touched Kindness’ head once again and sighed. “At first, I told you that I would stay for at least three days, but now it seems like I’ll have to leave in advance. ”

Kindness nodded understandingly. “Senior Tyrannical Song, stay safe.”

Song Shuhang felt that he had some fate with Kindness; it was just that the time they had spent together was too short. If they really had some bond, perhaps they would meet again at a later date in the future.

Song Shuhang said to Kindness, “Before I leave, I want to give you a gift. Do you want it?”

Kindness blinked in confusion.

Song Shuhang brought out the Sage Seal, and said, “Extend your hand. I’ll stamp a seal onto you.”

Kindness was still confused.

Great Master Turtle, who was at the side, quickly prompted her in the language of the Beast Realm while anxiously gesticulating. He explained the magical effects of the ‘Sage Seal’ to Kindness. Great Master Turtle was an elder that imparted knowledge, so he was quite knowledgeable, and even had a good understanding of a Profound Sage’s Sage Seal.

And so, Kindness stretched out her arm and bared her small wrist at Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang used the Sage Seal as a stamp on her wrist. “Farewell.”

After wrapping up the matters at the Beast Realm as quickly as possible, Song Shuhang took out the teleportation rune given to him by pet No. 1, ‘You’re busy T233’.

He clenched the rune and poured his true yuan into it.

[Prepare for spatial jump, the destination is ‘Main World-Earth-ChinWenzhou City-Baijing Street’, the starting point is ‘Beast Realm-Black Horse Branch’. The coordinate lock is complete and the spatial jump will take place shortly. 3… 2… 1.] The mechanical voice of pet No. 1 sounded in Song Shuhang’s mind.

In the next moment, Song Shuhang felt spatial power envelop him.

After that, he was shot out like a bullet.

F*ck, this method of spatial transmission is too violent.

Under the Branch Head’s, Great Master Turtle’s, and Kindness’ reverent eyes, Song Shuhang disappeared from the Beast Realm.

Main World, China, Wenzhou City, Baijing Street.

By the window of the 21st floor of Baihong Building.

A beautiful girl was sitting in her dining room eating a healthy breakfast.

Her dining room was facing the window. When the girl was gracefully taking a sip of her hot milk, ‘Spiderman’ appeared on the glass of her apartment window.

“Pfff~” ​​All of the milk in the girl’s mouth was sprayed out.

“F*ck!” Spiderman cursed. After that, his body slid down the smooth glass.

His posture was indescribably comedic.

“Eh?” The girl leaped from the chair, hurried to the window, opened it, and looked down.

Did Spiderman fall to his death? Her house was on the 21st floor!

When the girl looked down, she could no longer see Spiderman.

“Strange…” She frowned and looked puzzled.

“Dameng, is something wrong?” Her mother’s voice sounded out.

Dameng replied, “Mom, I just saw a guy suddenly appear outside our apartment with his body lying flat on the glass. Then, he began sliding down the glass!”

Her mother asked, “What? It couldn’t be that the window cleaner slid down, right? Did something happen?”

Dameng replied, “I couldn’t see clearly, but when I opened the window, I could no longer see him.”

Mother said, “Could you just have been seeing things?”

Dameng said, “Impossible, I even clearly heard the guy shout out ‘F*ck’.”

Dameng’s mother heard this, quickly walked to the window, and then leaned over the window while beside her daughter.

She did not find anything strange.

Dameng’s mother affirmed, “You were definitely seeing things.”

Dameng: “…”

Dameng’s mother calmly looked at the time, and said, “Anyway, let me tell you something else. It’s already 7:55, you’re going to be late for work in five minutes.”

Dameng screamed, “Shiet, my attendance record!”

Dameng’s mother said, “Tsk, since when did you even attend properly?”

Dameng burst into tears, and responded, “Are you even my mother?”

At this time, a figure emerged out of thin air in the corner of an empty street near Baihong Building.

Song Shuhang sighed. “Fortunately, I’ve already learned how to fly on a saber and perform simple illusions.”

Needless to say, that ‘Spiderman’ on the girl’s window was none other than Song Shuhang.

When he was teleported, he happened to appear on the glass by accident. Fortunately, he did not get stuck within the glass… Since he wasn’t in his liquefied state anymore, would he have ended up cut apart?

Song Shuhang took out his phone from his magical bracelet.

As soon as his phone connected to the Internet, a series of ‘ding ding ding’ rang out.

He first checked the date as the time on his phone was no longer accurate due to the influence of Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion’s Time City.

He remembered that he was involved in the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion incident on the night of the 15th of September, and was then sent to the Beast Realm.

After that, he experienced six sunrises in the Beast Realm.

However, a day in the Beast Realm was obviously different from a day on Earth.

So, what day was it today?

After connecting to the Internet, the date on his phone automatically updated.

Sunday, September 22, 2019, 8 a.m.

It was close to the time he spent in the Beast Realm, just one day extra.

So… he missed a full week of classes.

Song Shuhang murmured, “This is the cruel world of cultivation. Sometimes, when getting embroiled in a major event, I might miss out on the classes I like. It truly is quite unfortunate for my attendance record.”

After saying that, he opened his chat software.

Senior White, Su Clan’s Sixteen, Tubo, Yangde, Gao Moumou, and many others had sent him messages.

Song Shuhang opened his phone and called Su Clan’s Sixteen first.

However, Sixteen’s phone appeared to be out of service, and could not be reached.

Song Shuhang thought, It’s not in the service area? Could she be somewhere where there’s no signal?

After that, he called Senior White.

The call quickly connected.

Senior White laughed, and said, “Hey, Shuhang. You’re finally back?”

Song Shuhang responded, “Yeah, and what I’ve experienced in the past few days really can’t be summarized in a few words. Anyway, Senior White, where are you right now? I’ll go look for you.”

Senior White replied, “Sixteen and I are currently on an undersea adventure, but we’ll be back by tonight. Our phones broke at some point, I’m talking to you using use the reconstructed version of our phones. If you have the time, help us out by preparing two phones for us.”

Song Shuhang responded, “So that’s the case, no wonder I couldn’t call Sixteen just now. No problem, I’ll go and buy some phones and have you modify them at a later date.”

Senior White said, “By the way, tomorrow is the 23rd. It’s Doudou’s wedding day. Have you prepared a gift yet?”

Song Shuhang said, “F*ck, I forgot about that.”

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