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Chapter 125- The refined Young Master Hai1

Dealing with the bloodstains and assassin’s corpse on the ground was a major problem. Corpse Dissolving Fluid couldn't deal with the fleshy body of a Rank 2 cultivator.

Also, the noise and disturbance from the battle, as well as the shrieks of the assassin before he died, would likely have attracted the attention of the other residents of the building. It was likely that other people would soon come to investigate.

If the residents called the police after noticing the abnormal situation, it would be very troublesome. There wasn't a bald western monk to take the blame this time.

Speaking of the western monk, was he well in the prison? Or had he been released yet?

Oh wait, we got side-tracked.

"We need to deal with this corpse first?" Song Shuhang said.

Su Clan's Ah Shilu nodded. "The corpse can be moved to secret room for now. I'll contact the Su Clan for now, and will get the relevant people to deal with this. No traces will be left behind. The bloodstains outside can be dealt with me now.

The two moved the corpse to the secret room.

Then Ah Shilu took out a bottle of medicinal liquid, and sprinkled some on the place of battle.

When this medicinal liquid came in contact with the traces of blood, it quickly fused together. In a blink of an eye, all the blood was completely cleaned, and even the smell of blood had been cleared, and only a mild medicinal smell was left.

Apart from the sabre scars left in the hallway and apartment walls, there no longer seemed to be any abnormalities.

As for the CCTV, Su Clan's Ah Shilu had already meddled with it since the day she moved here.

"We'll leave it like this temporarily. Everything else will be left to the experts." Ah Shilu weakly sat on the sofa, unmoving.

Song Shuhang also exhaled. He took out his handphone to check the time, and it was already one o 'three in the afternoon.

He still had to get to the driving centre by two, to swipe his card for attendance at the theory lesson area. Then, he had to send Zhao Yaya to the station.

The time when he had to swipe his card was still one hour away, and the time could still be considered plentiful.

Song Shuhang opened the Nine Provinces Number One group.

In the group, Loose Practitioner Northriver left a worried message. "Little friend Shuhang, how's the situation? Are the two of you alright? I've already contacted Ah Qi. He's enroute now."

"Thank you for senior's concern. Thanks to Great Master Tongxuan's flying sword, we've temporarily passed this tribulation. We're now safe." Song Shuhang replied.

Loose Practitioner had always been online, and when he saw that message, he finally sighed in relief. "Stay there. Ah Qi will be there in ten minutes!"

"Alright." Song Shuhang replied.

As he finished typing, he realized that Su Clan's Ah Shilu had crept behind him at some unknown point in time, and was looking over his head at his chat log.

"I don't want to see Ah Qi." Ah Shilu said seriously as she stared at him.

Song Shuhang immediately advised. "Be a good girl and don't throw a tantrum. Your wounds are so serious now, and there's still that Immortal Farming Sect uncle who wants to capture you alive. These various problems, will be much safer after Ah Qi joins up with us. Senior Ah Qi is also very worried about you."

Ah Shilu frowned. Originally, if she didn't want to see Ah Qi, she would definitely have immediately run away.

But… Song Shuhang had saved her several times within the span of one day. She owed too much of a debt to him, so she didn't feel good rejecting Song Shuhang's suggestion.

She could only sulkingly pout.

"When senior Ah Qi comes, I'll be returning to Jiangnan University City. Stop being so pessimistic. Perhaps senior Ah Qi has found a way to cure your injuries." Song Shuhang comforted her.

"How could it be so easy." Ah Shilu muttered. She was the one clearest about her own condition. She… didn't have much time left.

Just as Song Shuhang was about to give a few more words of comfort, his hand phone rang.

Swiping it open, he saw that it was Zhou Yaya that had called.

Song Shuhang cleared his throat, and accepted the call. "Is anything the matter big sis?"

"Hey, Shuhang. What's wrong with your phone? I haven't been able to get through." Zhou Yaya asked.

Song Shuhang honestly replied. "Ah, I was just in an area with no signal. I just came out from there."

"Where are you now?" Zhou Yaya asked again. "Also, where did you run off to in the morning? I heard from Doctor Li that you carried off the patient from room 570? And even just brought along a blanket from the hospital? I had to help you pay for it you know!"

"…" Song Shuhang gazed at the blanket just thrown aside on the sofa, speechless.

"Why did you carry away the little miss for? That little miss is still injured." Zhou Yaya rapidly fired off questions.

Song Shuhang scratched his head, wondering how to explain to Zhou Yaya.

At this time, there was the sound of someone knocking on the door.

Song Shuhang lifted his head to take a look. The door hadn't been closed after the adorably foolish uncle had broken it down, but a middle aged man was still knocking politely on it.

"Sorry, did something… happen here just now?" The middle aged man asked politely.

He could see that the apartment was in a mess like it had been ransacked, and even the main door's lock was broken. Adding on, there were even a period of goosebump inducing shrieks2.Under the urging of his curiosity, he had come over to take a look.

"Excuse me, just now me and my friend were having an argument. We angrily broke some things, and bothered you." Su Clan's Ah Shilu rose to her feet, calmly responding.

The middle aged man suddenly sighed. The youths these days were always losing their tempers, and even made a mess of their homes during their arguments. He laughed and gave some words of comfort. He didn't bother the two of them any longer, and returned to his apartment.

Su Clan's Ah Shilu's voice travelled through the phone to Zhou Yaya.

Zhou Yaya's heart trembled, and she asked, "Shuhang, you're still with that little miss? Where are the two of you now? What have you been doing all this time?"

"Big sis, this matter can't be explained in a short while… I'll explain it to you face to face later. That's it, I'll be hanging up now." Song Shuhang quickly hung up.

He had to arrange his thoughts, so as to easily respond to Zhou Yaya's countless questions later.

Ah Shilu huddled onto the sofa again, and began to ponder about the origins of the assassin.

That's right, Song Shuhang had said before that he had a way to find out the assassin’s identity? Ah Shilu's heart began to get restless.

At the same time, in one of China's areas with high mountains and untouched forests, there was a region humans had never explored before.

The Moonsabre Sect was located here.

The Moonsabre Sect's sect leader, the Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers, was frowning as he reclined on a chair made of ice. He was having a conversation on the latest Iphone.

"What? The assassination failed? Su Clan's Ah Shilu wasn't killed? Trash!" The Lord of a Thousand Soldiers frowned and sighed.

His breath had a lingering smell of something charred.

Not only that, his body would often give out the smell of barbecue.

When one closely looked, not only was the Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers's entire back charred black, his right hand also looked like charcoal. These charred black areas also seemed to faintly have a golden fire burning. These golden flames were the tribulation flames from a failed Heavenly Tribulation, and were even more serious than Su Clan's Ah Shilu!

That was why the Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers needed to recline on an ice chair. He needed the cold nature of this 'Cold Frostmetal' ice chair to temporarily suppress the golden tribulation flames.

"Elder Young Master Hai, the assassination failed. What should we do next?" He gazed at a figure next to him.

It was a white clothed young master, who had a long sword on his waist and was as refined as jade. He seemed to be an Immortal who had walked out from an ancient painting.

Not only did this Grand Elder of the Moonsabre Sect have an unfairly tyrannical strength, he was also the brains of the Moonsabre Sect.

"Be at ease sect leader." Young Master Hai had a plan in advance, and said, "It doesn't matter if the assassination failed… I already prepared for both eventualities. We just need to follow the plan, and your injuries from the Heavenly Tribulation will definitely be healed."

Young Master Hai smiled slightly, as if everything in the world was in the palm of his hands.

The Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers laughed along with him, and next to his ice chair, there was a seven coloured Immortal fruit that emanated a soft radiance. Hope filled the eyes of the tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers.

Young Master Hai turned away, and his eyes seemed to have a strange trace of smiling intent appear in them.

1: Hai means sea

2: Congratulations, you are now a witness to a murder!

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