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1249 There is also a Great Northern Emperor Two?

Pavilion Master Chu Two leaned against Song Shuhang’s ear, and whispered, “Hug you to death? Although I don’t really get what you’re talking about… are you planning on refusing my request? Can’t you give it some more thought?”

Her voice was pleasant, but it contained an undisguised threat within.

“Cough~” Song Shuhang said. “Pavilion Master Chu, you don’t know this saying? I’ll explain it to you then. In fact, the so-called ‘hugging a man to death’ is a variant of ‘hugging a sister to death’, it’s just that the posture you’re assuming right now is the same as those—”

“I don’t need to know such useless knowledge. What I need is for you to consider my proposal,” Pavilion Master Chu Two interrupted Song Shuhang. She still clung to Song Shuhang’s ear, and gently whispered, “Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Song Shuhang said honestly, “Senior Chu, your arms are wrapping around me too tightly. If things go on like this, I’ll end up broken.”

Pavilion Master Chu Two smiled softly, and said, “Then, I’ll just break you.”

In the next moment, Song Shuhang really did break.

As long as the ❮Steel Hands Technique❯ state was removed, his body would revert back to the initial slimy state, which allowed him to escape from Pavilion Master Chu’s arms.

Song Shuhang said, “Senior Turtle, let’s go!”

The sea turtle rolled its eyes.

Go you ass! Pavilion Master Chu is someone at the Immortal Realm, plus my realm is sealed, so how am I supposed to run away from her, huh?!

The entire space was sealed right now, and no one would be able to leave.

“Hahahaha, interesting. But do you really think you can escape from my grasp?” Pavilion Master Chu Two stretched out her hand and drew a circle in the air.

The puddle-like Song Shuhang and Senior Turtle were then trapped by the ‘circle’, and even the range of their movement was restricted.

Song Shuhang willed it and used the ❮Steel Hands Technique❯ again, turning himself into a human form. “Senior Chu, there is no happiness in forcing somebody to do something. Anyway, trapping me by force isn’t the way, so you should just give up.”

Pavilion Master Chu Two shook her head, and said, “I refuse.”

Song Shuhang said, “Forcing a melon open won’t bring one sweetness.”

Pavilion Master Chu Two proudly said, “Then just add some sugar. Besides, I’m someone who quite likes salty things. When I have jellied bean curd, I prefer mine salty and not sweet.”

Song Shuhang exclaimed, “Heresy!”

“Hehe.” Pavilion Master Chu Two held out her finger, and said, “I have to get what I want. In order to protect the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion and prevent it from being destroyed by anyone, I must have the power to protect it. For that, I must first become complete.”

She stretched out another finger. “Secondly, the other me is prepared to be sacrificed anyway. Everything that happened was because she wanted to go through with it, nobody forced her to do it. Instead, it was you who interrupted our plan. So, don’t you think you’re being a bit too nosy here?”

Song Shuhang sighed, and said, “Senior Chu, you do indeed have a point.”

Pavilion Master Chu Two said, “So, give me the other me.”

Song Shuhang seriously said, “Alright, I guess I can only tell you the truth. If you want to find your counterpart, you have to go and find Slow-Witted Song!”

Pavilion Master Chu Two: “?”

Song Shuhang said, “Senior Chu, just look at me, I’m only a small Fourth Stage cultivator. Do you think that with my strength and means, I would be able to stop your counterpart from dissipating? Of course not! As long as you think about it, you’d be able to guess that everything that happened is because of Slow-Witted Song.”

Pavilion Master Chu Two blinked.

She actually felt that Song Shuhang’s words were reasonable.

“So, go and find Slow-Witted Song, he’s the one that owes you. After finding him, beat him up until he cries; he himself has even said that his teardrops are precious,” Song Shuhang said in encouragement.

Pavilion Master Chu Two said, “Song Shuhang, you sly fellow.”

After saying that, she turned around and trod on the air barefoot, returning to the withering tree. Every time she took a step, the bell on her fair ankle would jingle pleasantly.

After returning to the withering tree, Pavilion Master Chu Two turned around, and said, “Then, I’ll be rebuilding the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion and waking up the souls of those in the pavilion. This entire process will take about a month.”

Pavilion Master Chu Two continued, “A month from now, I will look for you once again. Next time, I want you to give me a satisfactory answer.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Pavilion Master Chu Two entered the fruit that had grown on the withering tree. After doing so, her body and the withering tree had become one once again.

“Lastly, sweet jellied bean curd is the one that’s heresy!” She looked at Song Shuhang seriously, and again said, “Heresy, got it?!”

After saying that, her figure completely disappeared.

Song Shuhang: “…”

With Pavilion Master Chu Two’s disappearance, the ‘circle’ that held Song Shuhang and Senior Turtle prisoners also disappeared.

The spatial lock on the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion had also been removed.

The sea turtle picked up Song Shuhang again, and then ran away from the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion without looking back.

Song Shuhang said, “Senior Turtle, there’s no need to be in such a panic. I feel that although this Pavilion Master Chu Two is quite weird, she doesn’t intend to kill me.”

The sea turtle rolled its eyes. “Yeah, she doesn’t intend to kill you, and she even teases you quite affectionately. However, she isn’t the same to me. From the beginning to end, I kept on getting the feeling that she was staring at me with greedy eyes and wanted to stew me into soup. If you weren’t right in front of her, she would have probably dealt with me.”

Song Shuhang asked, “Really?”

The sea turtle said, “You’re someone special to her. She might not hurt you, but as an Immortal, she has all kinds of means that, though they might not hurt you, would still make you miserable… Pavilion Master Chu’s path to immortality is simply too strange. As for this new Pavilion Master Chu, I don’t even have any idea what raw materials were used to make her. Nonetheless, she is very dangerous. After returning, I’ll ask my master and see if he can tell us something.”

After mentioning the Great Northern Emperor, the sea turtle recalled what had just happened.

It said, “Speaking of which, the red-golden space that Slow-Witted Song had summoned just now had my master in it. When did my master go into that red-golden space?”

Song Shuhang asked, “What? The Great Emperor appeared just now?”

The sea turtle said, “Mm-hm, but he seemed to be a bit off. He didn’t even come over to greet me.”

The sea turtle carried Song Shuhang and wildly sprinted away from the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

While it was running as quick as it could, it also gave a brief rundown of ‘Slow-Witted Song appearing at a critical time as a golden man’ and ‘Slow-Witted Song’s summoning of the red-golden space which had seven Immortals inside’ to Song Shuhang.

The sea turtle said, “My master was among the seven Immortals in the red-golden space.”

Song Shuhang thought for a while before saying, “Could that be the place the Great Emperor was talking about when he said that he was going somewhere to ‘retire from the world’? He said that the entire universe was going to be affected by the change in the heavens, and so Immortals and Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcenders had to retire from the world to avoid being involved in the turmoil. Perhaps he contacted Slow-Witted Song so that he could retire from the world and stay inside that red-golden space?”

The sea turtle said, “However, I got the feeling that the red-golden space wasn’t a place that was outside of the grid of the world. Moreover, my master’s state at the time was also a little weird.”

Song Shuhang said, “Can you contact the Great Emperor? Can’t you just ask him himself?”

The sea turtle said, “Go into your world, and over to the Palace of Winter. There is a way to contact my master in it. However, it still depends on your luck as to whether or not you can reach him.”

Song Shuhang willed it and transferred the two of them to the Palace of Winter.

Inside the Inner World.

The sea turtle said, “I don’t know if it’s just me, but why am I smelling a strange scent?”

Song Shuhang sniffed, and replied, “I don’t smell anything.”

The sea turtle said, “It’s probably just me being paranoid, then.”

One person, one turtle, and a floating fat whale entered the Palace of Winter together.

The sea turtle directly went to the main hall.

In the main hall, there was a throne cast from ice crystals that exuded a bitter chill. This was the place where the Great Northern Emperor handled important matters back in the days of the ancient Heavenly City.

The sea turtle climbed onto the throne of ice crystal, and then pressed a few times on the throne’s armrest while pouring its monster energy into it.

“I hope that the hiding place that my master chose isn’t hidden too deeply,” the sea turtle said while it unceasingly pouring its monster energy,

As it said that, a large screen suddenly appeared in front of the throne.

The cool and handsome appearance of the Great Northern Emperor could be seen on the screen.

The sea turtle excitedly said, “Heavens, Master, I was finally able to reach you.”

The Great Northern Emperor asked, “You were looking for me?”

The sea turtle asked, “Great Emperor, did you just go to the Beast Realm?”

The Great Northern Emperor’s eyes were filled with doubt as he said, “The Beast Realm? Why would I go there? I’ve been here all along, waiting for Immortal Fairy Bie Xue to serve the meal.”

The corners of Song Shuhang’s mouth twitched. “Great Emperor, weren’t you going to retire from the world?”

The Great Northern Emperor slowly said, “Can’t I have some food as I do that? A few days ago, I went back to the ‘reclusive immortal cave’ that I had prepared and found that there was a stupid snake occupying it. I persuaded him to leave, but not only did he not listen, he even stood up to me. So, I ended up beating it black and blue and cutting off its tail. After that, I asked Immortal Fairy Bie Xue to help me make a dish from the snake tail, and now Immortal Fairy is busy preparing the dish in the kitchen.”

Song Shuhang asked, “Senior, is it really alright for you to come out into the world again?”

The Great Northern Emperor said, “I didn’t go out, I requested for Immortal Fairy Bie Xue to come and cook at my place.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Immortal Fairy Bie Xue also had a home-cooking service?

To have been able to make Immortal Fairy Bie Xue go and cook the snake tail for him even when she was at a critical point in the preparation of the ‘Immortal Feast’, could the ‘stupid snake’ that the Great Emperor had mentioned be at the Eighth or Ninth Stage?

The sea turtle said, “Heavens, don’t change the topic. Anyway, as long as it isn’t a turtle, I’m fine with whatever you eat. Master, I’m in the Beast Realm right now. Slow-Witted Song had appeared in the form of a three-meter-tall golden man. After that, he opened a red-golden space, within which were seven Immortals.”

“Heavens,” the Great Northern Emperor said. “Was I still inside there?”

“Yeah.” The sea turtle nodded desperately.

The Great Northern Emperor sighed.

Song Shuhang’s eyes lit up. “Does Slow-Witted Song have a ‘Great Northern Emperor Two’ in his hands?”

“What’s the matter with rabbits[1]?” The Great Northern Emperor was confused.

Song Shuhang asked, “Cough, I mean, was the Immortal that Slow-Witted Song had summoned an incarnation of you?”

“Not exactly.” The Great Northern Emperor shook his head, smiled bitterly, and said, “It’s quite hard to explain…”

[1] The English word ‘two’ is pronounced the same as ‘rabbit’ in Chinese.



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