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1245 Come out, my army!

Pavilion Master Chu was so angry that even with only her head left, she opened her mouth to bite the golden hand.

The big golden hand casually avoided her small mouth, and then patted her head once again.

The golden man gently said, “Don’t bite. My body is the true body of the Buddha, and it’s to hurt if you bite. Of course, you’re the one who’s going to get hurt. The rebounding power of this body is especially strong, and you would really hurt your teeth. If you really want to bite me, I’ll change my body to have soft skin and flesh so that you can bite me to your heart’s content.”

Pavilion Master Chu: “…”

The golden man continued , “You can leave the rest to me. I’ll take revenge for you.”

Then, he turned around to face the five Tribulation Transcender beast cultivators.

At this time, the five beast cultivators simply stared at the golden man and did not act rashly.

The golden man said, “Five on one, plus the one on the ground that’s currently recovering, so in total, it’s six on one? It seems this situation’s quite unfavorable for me.”

The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender: “…”

Unfavorable your ass!

When the golden man had appeared, he casually punched the black hole and disrupted the hurricane. If this was his real power, even if it were six on one, the Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender was still uncertain of victory.

The golden man opened his arms, and shouted, “Well, compared to fighting at a disadvantage, this king prefers to bully the enemy with superior numbers, so come out, my army!”

The Liquefied Tribulation Transcender: “…”

Wasn’t this guy a penniless buddhist monk when he first appeared? When did he become a king?

However, in the next moment, he figured out the answer to his own questions.

Behind the golden man, a red-golden space appeared. That space extended far and deep; it was as if it was the gate to a new world.

Was it an illusory reality?

No… a Seventh Stage Venerable’s illusory reality had no effect nor use in a battle between those at the Ninth Stage Realm. The golden man’s ability was not an ‘illusory reality’, but rather a real world.

In that red-golden space, there were 70,000 soldiers in golden armor, standing in formation.

These golden-armored soldiers were completely quiet. Their aura condensed into a single wave, and the heaven and earth were moved by it.

Even if one were a Tribulation Transcender, facing such an aura would still cause them to be afraid.

However, this was not the most terrifying thing about the soldiers. What was even more terrifying was that at the forefront of the soldiers, there were seven people with incomparably strong auras standing side by side.

All seven of these men had a shining, moon-like disk on their heads, which obscured their faces.

Each of the disks above the seven people’s heads would give someone a different feeling when looked at.

These disks of light symbolized their status as ‘Immortals’, and each was a condensed form of the ‘path’ they stepped on to achieve immortality. It was like a mirror—no matter what realm a cultivator was at when seeing the light of this ‘path’, they would be reflected in it and feel various emotions.

Anyway, these were seven Immortals!

The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender suddenly began trembling in fear.

The Immortal at the leftmost wore battle armor made of ice and had long silver hair flying in the wind; there were also snowflakes falling beside him. This was an Immortal who’d mastered the principles of ice and stepped onto the ‘path’ of ice.

Outside the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, the sea turtle gaped in shock.

“Heavens, it’s my master!” It couldn’t believe what it was seeing.

There was no mistaking it, the Immortal who seemed to be the ruler of winter and the master of ice was its master, the Great Northern Emperor.

Why did the Great Northern Emperor appear there?

In addition to the Great Northern Emperor, the other six Immortals were also all famous people!

For example, the sea turtle recognized the third Immortal as well.

This Immortal wore a crimson royal robe, and hidden at the cuffs of the robe were what seemed to be two suns. It was the ‘Great Western Emperor’. He shared the same title as the Great Northern Emperor, just that he was the master of the Palace of Summer, and had stepped onto the path of fire!

The door place and square of the Palace of Summer were still in Song Shuhang’s Inner World.

As for the other five Immortals, the sea turtle did not recognize them for the time being.

However, seven Immortals appearing was shocking nonetheless.

There weren’t many of them even all throughout the entire universe, yet there were actually seven of them right here.

The golden man smiled slightly, and said, “Did you see the army of this king?”

“Victory, victory, victory!” the golden-armored soldiers cheered in unison.

The golden man said, “Tell our enemies, what is the Way of the King?”

The Great Northern Emperor took a step forward before chuckling lightly, and saying, “Should the enemy fail to comply, we shall trample over them.”

The golden man asked again, “What is the Way of the Tyrant?”

The second Immortal stepped forward, and said, “Even if they comply, we shall trample over them.”

The golden man raised his hand again, and shouted, “What is… is…”

The third Immortal, the Great Western Emperor, stepped forward, and said, “The third is the Way of the Scholar. We shall speak to them before trampling over them.”

After saying that, the Great Western Emperor went back to his place.

The golden man coughed, calmed down, and raised his hand again. “What is the Way of the Scholar?”

The Great Western Emperor took a step forward, kept his hands in his cuffs, and replied, “Your Majesty, you don’t have to worry about the Way of the Scholar, there is absolutely no fate between you and the scholars.”

The golden man was speechless.

“Can’t you just follow the script?” He turned his head at the Great Western Emperor in dissatisfaction.

The Great Western Emperor tilted his head, turned his gaze to the sky, and began whistling.

Pavilion Master Chu: “…”

The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender, The Liquefied Tribulation Transcender, and the four Tribulation Transcender beast cultivators were all speechless.

“Let’s stop at that. Anyway, just kill them.” The golden man pointed to the several Tribulation Transcender beast cultivators.

Behind him, the Great Northern Emperor stood up and jumped out of the red-golden space.

At the same time, a spatial gate opened in front of him, and the Great Emperor entered the gate.

When he reappeared, he was already behind the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender.

The Great Northern Emperor extended his hand, touched the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender, and used the power of ice.

The poison of the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender had met its nemesis, and was instantly frozen before it could even be unleashed.

This was the gap in the power between Immortals and Tribulation Transcenders. Even if the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender had already condensed an embryonic form of his path, he was still much weaker than an Immortal.

At this moment, The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender on the side shouted, “Devour!”

A black hole appeared next to the Great Northern Emperor, and attempted to devour him.

The Great Northern Emperor’s figure was sucked towards it, causing him to slightly pause.

On this occasion, the Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender once again revealed his dragon form. He grabbed the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender that had been frozen into ice, and with a swing of his dragon tail, he opened up a spatial gate and entered it.

The several other Tribulation Transcender beast cultivators also opened the spatial gates and entered them.

When the One-Horned Tribulation Transcender was fleeing, he grabbed his juniors and took them away with him.

The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender’s figure flashed and fell beside his allies. He then quickly wrapped around everyone and disappeared into the spatial gate.

If one’s strength had reached the Tribulation Transcender Realm, and as long as space wasn’t locked, it would be difficult to kill them all. Using their spatial prowess was simply the best means for them to escape with their lives.

The golden man’s eyes narrowed. “You think you can escape?”

As he had to protect Pavilion Master Chu, he couldn’t leave his position. It was especially so with how he had to continuously pour immortal energy into her body to keep it from dissipating. Due to this, he couldn’t join the others in battle.

The golden man said, “As I said, we have to take revenge. You can’t just escape like this.”

While he was speaking, in the red-golden space behind him, the second Immortal made his move.

There were golden chains on his hands, which stretched out and penetrated into the void.

Then, space gates opened one by one in the sky.

The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender and the cultivators who had previously escaped into spatial gates were all tied up by the golden chains and dragged out of them.

“How is this possible?!” the Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender said in panic.

The Immortal then reached out and formed a hand seal, causing the golden chains to form a cage, trapping the Tribulation Transcender beast cultivators within.

The fight was over.

The beast cultivators attempted to open spatial gates once again, but they could not do so while in the golden cage.

At the back, the 70,000 gold-armored soldiers roared and moved forward to securely surround the cage.

When all the Tribulation Transcenders were captured, in the distance, the Great Northern Emperor slightly shook his body, easily breaking free from the small black hole. He turned his head and glanced at the sea turtle outside the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, and then stepped back into the red-golden space.

The golden man said, “Good job. Save a few for me, I’ll personally deal with them in a while.”

The Great Western Emperor said, “Unfortunately, Your Majesty, you are not able to enter this ‘space’ yet, so you won’t be able to deal with them yourself.”

The golden man said, “Then send them out and let me deal with them.”

The Great Western Emperor said, “Regarding that, Your Majesty, we can’t lend you a hand to stop these Tribulation Transcenders if they get out. After all, only Beifang can leave this ‘space’ and move about. Your Majesty, you’ll have to personally set up a space seal, and only then will you be able to beat them up.”

The golden man’s face contorted. “This won’t do, that won’t do… Gah, why do I even have you guys, then?”

The second Immortal lightly said, “To show off.”

The golden man was infuriated. “Show off your ass. Just now, you stabbed my heart and made me lose face. Go back, all of you scram back.”

The Great Northern Emperor and the Great Western Emperor went back.

The red-golden space then slowly closed.

The 70,000 gold-armored soldiers, as well as the seven Immortals, all disappeared.

There was also the group of captured beast cultivators that screamed in terror while being brought to the red-golden space.

The chaos within the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion had come to an end.

However, the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion below was still collapsing and was polluted all over.

The two trees were still growing, and continued to absorb the power of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion and Pavilion Master Chu.

The golden man stretched his hand and kept it on Pavilion Master Chu’s head. He was still pouring powerful immortal energy into Pavilion Master Chu’s body so as to keep her from disintegrating further.

Pavilion Master Chu asked, “What was that just now?”

The golden man replied, “A magical treasure that is very good to show off and scare people.”

Pavilion Master Chu: “…”

The golden man asked, “Can you stop condensing your ‘path’?”

Pavilion Master Chu answered, “It’s too late to stop it. However, I won’t die, I have already made preparations.”

“Your ‘path’ is too extreme, even I did not expect you to choose such a path.” The golden man sighed, and said, “The means of resurrection you had prepared won’t necessarily work.”

Pavilion Master Chu went silent.

“My time is almost up,” the golden man said. “He’ll have to deal with this mess next.”


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