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1244 A buddhist warrior under the thriving and the withering tree

The virtuous lamia turned around in puzzlement. When she entered through the spatial gate, she was still behind Song Shuhang. However, as soon as she stepped out of the portal, Song Shuhang was no longer anywhere to be seen.

The sea turtle asked, “Fairy @ #%×, can you sense where Song Shuhang is?”

As Song Shuhang’s light of virtue, the lamia was able to lock onto Song Shuhang’s position.

And so, the virtuous lamia closed her eyes and tried to find Song Shuhang.

Then, she suddenly stretched out her hand.

In the air, a figure fell and was caught by the virtuous lamia.

The figure that fell was Ye Si. She was in the middle of transcending her inner demon tribulation, and was separated from Song Shuhang.

The virtuous lamia hugged Ye Si with a soft expression on her face, which was as gentle as water.

The virtuous lamia showing such a gentle expression while being in her Empress mode caused even the sea turtle to have a dumbfounded expression.

The sea turtle said questioningly, “Isn’t this little lass Song Shuhang’s ghost spirit? Why was she the one to come out?”

Could Song Shuhang have been smashed into pieces during the spatial teleportation?

At the same time, in the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender’s claws finally broke through the spatial blockade and stabbed Pavilion Master Chu.

Behind it, the three beast cultivators finally broke free from the shackles of the miniature black hole, and all rushed towards the Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender.

“Die!” The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender gritted his teeth and let out the strongest blow that he could. All of the strength of his body gathered in his claws as he prepared to tear Pavilion Master Chu apart.

Pavilion Master Chu raised her head and smiled slightly.

She did not resist, and continued to stand with the help of her swords.

The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender’s claws pierced her body… But right then, her body turned into light particles, and she began to dissipate.

The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender struck only air with his full-force blow.

“Did she fail in condensing her path?” The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender looked at the Pavilion Master Chu, whose body had begun to dissipate.

Pavilion Master Chu’s current state seemed to be the same state that Tribulation Transcenders would fall into after they failed to step onto their own path.

Failing to step onto one’s own path brought about even graver and more horrifying consequences than failing to transcend a heavenly tribulation.

Failure to transcend a heavenly tribulation would still leave one with a chance of survival, albeit a small one. And then, after recovering from the injury, that same person who had failed could go and attempt to transcend their tribulation once again.

However, failing to step onto one’s own path would directly cause one to die. Even if they were to prepare means of resurrection in advance, all of it would become useless.

However, in the next moment, the Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender overturned his previous guess.

The two big trees were still growing.

Pavilion Master Chu was still stepping onto her path.

It was just that her path seemed rather strange, as she had to abandon her body.

The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender glanced at the two trees and the huge Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

He thought, Damn… I’ve failed.

To prevent Pavilion Master Chu from continuing to condense her path, he would have to destroy the two trees behind her. However, the trees seemed to be integrated with the entire Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

As such, the destruction of the two trees was equivalent to the complete destruction of the entire Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, and not even the foundation would be left.

As the goal of the Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender was to retrieve the Original Heavenly City, he had to at least preserve the ‘foundation’ of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

It was a dead end no matter what he did.

If he tried to prevent Pavilion Master Chu from continuing to condense her path, he would have to destroy the entire Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, causing the mission to fail.

If he chose not to ruin the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion and simply wait for her to condense her path and and become an Immortal, then everyone present would be beaten up by her, and the mission would end in failure.

“Aaaaah~” At this time, the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender burst out from the ground of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion. On his body, there were countless tiny root-shaped things wriggling about.

The Liquefied Tribulation Transcender shouted, “Damn, the entire Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion is collapsing!”

He’d originally wanted to contaminate the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, but he had not expected that Pavilion Master Chu would choose to destroy the place directly.

Under the thriving and the withering tree, half of Pavilion Master Chu’s body had already turned into light particles.

She lowered her head slightly and stared deeply at the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion below her.

In the distance… Ye Si, who was in the virtuous lamia’s hands, had tears in the corners of her eyes, which fell unceasingly.

The virtuous lamia could only helplessly wipe her tears.

Without Song Shuhang, and without the next order, she had no idea what she was supposed to do, and so she could only instinctively protect Ye Si.

The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender looked at the disappearing Pavilion Master Chu, and his mind suddenly stirred.

He said, “You’re going to die.”

Pavilion Master Chu lightly glanced at him.

The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender continued, “There is something wrong with your path. If you continue, you’re even going to lose your opportunity to resurrect. If you stop now, there’s still a chance.”

The Liquefied Tribulation Transcender also flew into the air. “Stop it, stop quickly, you can still be saved.”

Behind him, the three other beast cultivators had also recovered. When Pavilion Master Chu’s body began dissipating, they had recovered from the possessed state.

However, Pavilion Master Chu did not respond to them. She simply raised her head slightly and stared at the void.

Once again…

I’ve reached the end…

Yet the person in my fantasies, who would come to save the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, still has yet to show up…

Placing my hope in others was a kind of weakness.

Nobody can be trusted.

Others are others, after all. Cultivators aren’t supposed to be depending on others, but rather only on themselves.

Pavilion Master Chu stared blankly at the sky while her chest was already beginning to dissipate into light particles.

In a few more seconds, she was going to be completely gone.

The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender frowned. For some reason, he felt that something was wrong.

Pavilion Master Chu’s ‘path’ was truly strange. It was quite apparent that she had failed to condense her path and her body was disappearing, soon going to be destroyed. However, the two trees behind her continued to grow stronger.

It seemed that her ‘path’ had not entirely failed, if even at all.

Even if she disappeared and would no longer be in this world, her path would continue.

The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender contemplated, After her death, is there something that’s going to replace her and inherit her path?

Suddenly, there was a flash of light in his mind.

Maybe… her inner demons?

He suddenly thought of a problem.

Pavilion Master Chu had asked him something before: [Take a guess. Since I couldn’t get past my inner demons, just where did those horrifying inner demons go in the end?]

Where did her inner demons go?

Her inner demons could not have simply disappeared; they might have experienced some sort of change instead.

They might be the ones to continue her path.

As he thought to this point, The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender hurriedly said, “Quick! Destroy the two trees and level the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion. Don’t leave anything behind. Hurry!”

There was no longer a chance for them to obtain the Original Heavenly City.

Terrifying black holes, violent corrosive poisons, a thick and long wolf teeth club, sharp blades that filled the sky, and violent hurricanes all appeared as the beast cultivators let out everything they had.

They planned on using all the immortal energy they had to destroy the place.

The Tribulation Transcenders made their move and focused all of their power on the two trees and the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

At this moment, the only things left of Pavilion Master Chu were her hands and her head.

She slowly closed her eyes.

She had finished doing what she wanted to do. What followed was no longer her concern.

But at that moment, a loud voice suddenly rang out.

“Avalokiteshvara, while practicing deeply with the insight that brings us to the other shore…”

At the same time, a bright and dazzling fist drilled out of the void.

When the word ‘shore’ was shouted out, the fist punched the black hole, directly breaking it.

“…suddenly discovered that all of the five Skandhas are equally empty,”

When the word ’empty’ was shouted out, another bright and dazzling fist punched out, but this time towards the poison.

The poison was hit by the fist and directly vaporized.

“…and with this realisation, he overcame all ill-being!”

When ‘ill-being’ rang out, ​​a huge leg stepped out of the void and stomped on the club.

The mace directly collapsed and shattered into iron dust.

“Moo~” The Cow-Horned Tribulation Transcender who had been holding the club got sent flying by the leg, causing it to issue out a long scream.

“Listen Sariputra, this body itself is emptiness and emptiness itself is this body.” Another equally huge leg emerged and kicked the hurricane.

“Bang~” The hurricane was wiped out.

“This body is not other than emptiness and emptiness is not other than this body.” Finally, a huge bald head that was attached to a body squeezed out of the void.

It was a man that had a height of three meters, a muscular body, and golden skin.

He had not emerged through a spatial gate, but rather squeezed out from the void in a violent way.

“The same is true of feelings, perceptions, mental formations, and consciousness.” The golden man joined his hands together. He stooped slightly and protected Pavilion Master Chu with his huge body.

The sharp blades descended from the sky and struck the golden man, but only a symphony of metal meeting metal echoed.

These blades that fell from the sky had been summoned by the Eagle-Winged Tribulation Transcender, and the power that each blade contained was not much weaker than a ‘heavenly tribulation Hydrogen Bomb’.

However, when it fell on the golden man, it couldn’t injure him in the slightest.

“Listen Sariputra, all phenomena bear the mark of emptiness; their true nature is the nature of… of… wait, what was it again?” The golden man straightened his back with a muddled expression.

The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender, the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender, and the several other Tribulation Transcenders looked at this blond man in great shock.

“Well, that’s all, I don’t want to continue anymore. It’s simply too much of a mouthful.” The golden man reached out and touched his head. Then, he turned around and faced Pavilion Master Chu, who was only left with her neck and head.

He squinted his eyes and joined his hands together again. “Fairy Chu~ This penniless monk has come for alms.”

Pavilion Master Chu looked at the golden man.

There was a very serious problem.

She had no idea who this guy was.

The golden man laughed, and said, “Fairy Chu, since only your head is left, you made this penniless monk experience a rather exotic sense of beauty. Especially with your long hair, you seem to have come out of a horror movie.”

Then, he reached out and patted Pavilion Master Chu gently.

Pavilion Master Chu, who was originally disintegrating, suddenly stabilized.

The golden man softly whispered, “This time, I’m here.”

Pavilion Master Chu was slightly surprised.

The big hand above her head gave her a warm feeling.

Although the golden man in front of her looked strange, the warmth from his hands felt really familiar.

It’s him…

This time, he finally came …

The tears of grievance kept falling from her eyes.

“Fairy Chu, this penniless monk has figured something out,” the golden man said. “With only your head left, you will no longer be able to stop this penniless monk from patting your head, because you have no hands left to do so!”

While he was speaking, the big hand touched Pavilion Master Chu’s head left and right and all over.

Pavilion Master Chu’s tears that had been flowing stopped at once.

“You bastard!”


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