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1242 Come and kill me!

It was not only the four Tribulation Transcender beast cultivators, as even the Fifth Stage and Sixth Stage members that had been led by the One-Horned Venerable in the distance also turned around, snickered, and then repeated the same lines in an orderly voice.

The orderliness caused the sound to become very imposing.

At the same time, the four Tribulation Transcenders that had originally surrounded Pavilion Master Chu all switched sides and surrounded the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender and the Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender.

“What did you do to them?” The Liquefied Tribulation Transcender’s face went dark.

The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender’s face also turned ugly as he could no longer keep his calm. Their mission had been to retrieve the ‘Original Heavenly City’, but none of them had thought that the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion would be so weird.

Pavilion Master Chu snickered. “Hehehehe.”

“Hehehehe.” The four Tribulation Transcenders laughed as well.

“Hehehehe~” In the distance, the One-Horned Venerable and his subordinates laughed in the same way.

Pavilion Master Chu’s long hair fluttered in the wind as she slowly said, “Why do you think I’ve been fighting your four companions for such a long time? Did you actually think that the four of them would be able to keep me occupied for so long until you two could arrive here?”

The Eagle-Winged Tribulation Transcender said, “The reason I’ve been dragging the fight out for such a long time was all for this moment.”

The One-Horned Tribulation Transcender said, “Everyone who enters the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion shall become a part of my body as long as I will it so.”

The Cow-Horned Tribulation Transcender said, “This is my path!”

The Tiger-Striped Tribulation Transcender said, “Now, it’s five on two, come, let’s see just who’s going to be dying today!”

Heavens, Pavilion Master Chu’s skills are simply overpowered. Song Shuhang, who was watching the battle at the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion through the ‘eye of virtue’, was taken aback by the means that Pavilion Master Chu had used.

Was this the path of the ancient Heavenly City’s Heavenly Emperor?

Pavilion Master Chu was only at the Tribulation Transcender Realm, and she had yet to step onto her own path. Despite it, she could still take control of four Tribulation Transcenders. If it was so, then just how powerful was the Heavenly Emperor, who had completed this path and was comparable to the Scholarly Sage?

While he was in thought, the battle in the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion continued.

The four mind-controlled Tribulation Transcenders went on to attack the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender and the Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender.

Without anyone noticing, the Cow-Horned Tribulation Transcender had gotten a hold of a wolf teeth club. The spiked club was ten meters long.

“Roar!” The Cow-Horned Tribulation Transcender waved the club and swung it at the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender.

When the club was waved, everything would be destroyed. Everything that stood in front of the club had to be crushed.

This was the Cow-Horned Tribulation Transcender’s full power blow; even the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender did not dare to block it.

The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender took one step forward and blocked the attack by standing in front of the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender. He waved his hand like a knife and made a cut toward the club.


The hand knife and the club collided, causing space to continuously crumble and twist around.

The immortal energy of both sides collided, producing a harmful aftermath that was similar to radiation. Cultivators who were below the Seventh Stage would have their spirits and minds injured just from watching this scene of the collision between the two powerhouses.

The hand and the giant wolf teeth club were in a deadlock.

Suddenly, the Cow-Horned Tribulation Transcender’s muscles swelled up and its body enlarged, while a beast-like roar came from its mouth. “Roar!”

At this time, the Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender shouted, “Break.”

A dull breaking sound rang out.

The club in the hands of the Cow-Horned Tribulation Transcender had broken from the middle.

The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender shot his palm through the air towards the chest of the Cow-Horned Tribulation Transcender.

“Moo~” the Cow-Horned Tribulation Transcender screamed as it was sent flying.

Although the two sides were both Tribulation Transcenders, the difference in their strength seemed to be akin to the difference between a small mountain and Mount Everest. Although they were both mountains, the gap between their height was undeniable.

Pavilion Master Chu laughed, and said, “The path of devouring truly is quite powerful. Your strength is much greater than this bull’s, but it’s still slightly worse compared to mine. It’s unfortunate. If you had applied a little more force to that palm just now, you could have directly crippled this bull, causing him to lose any fighting power. However, your heart was too soft.”

The corner of the Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender’s eyes twitched.

The Cow-Horned Tribulation Transcender that had been beaten to the ground rose back up, and patted the dust off its body. “It’s unfortunate. If you had applied a little more force to that palm just now, you could have rendered me useless. However, your heart was too soft.”

After saying that, he threw the broken club aside, and brought out a thicker and longer mace. He then patted his chest with his other hand. “Be a man, be a bit crueler. Come and beat me up again, beat me to death!”

The Eagle-Winged Tribulation Transcender shouted, “Come and beat me up, both of you know my weakness, use that to your advantage!”

The One-Horned Tribulation Transcender said, “If you won’t beat me to death, I shall keep on fighting you both.”

The Tiger-Striped Tribulation Transcender roared. “ROOAAR!”

The Liquefied Tribulation Transcender gritted his teeth. “You b*tch.”

Pavilion Master Chu smiled, and this smile was especially sweet.

The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender said, “The four of them won’t be able to stop me. As long as we subdue you first, we can rid the four of them of your control.”

Pavilion Master Chu was not afraid. She simply taunted them in reply. “Come on, I will stand still and wait for you. If I move, I’m your mother.”

Those who stayed near vermillion became stained red, and those who stayed near ink became stained black.

Pavilion Master Chu, who had maintained a close relationship with Slow-Witted Song for a long time, had inevitably been affected by him in some ways.

While they were talking, the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender, who had been hiding behind the Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender, had disappeared.

In the next moment, he quietly drilled out of the ground right behind Pavilion Master Chu.

He turned his right hand into a syringe and slammed it towards Pavilion Master Chu. The syringe-like attack was designed to break all kinds of defenses. At the same time, it could instantly inject highly toxic poison into the enemy.

This time, he poured in the strongest poison he had as he wanted to knock down Pavilion Master Chu in one go.


The needle had pierced into her flesh.

Success! The Liquefied Tribulation Transcender thought. He was sure the blow connected.

As he willed, the poison was quickly injected into the other party’s body.

Scream, Fairy Chu.

This dose of poison will not kill you right away, but it shall place you in a state of unrelenting despair, a state where you can choose neither to live nor die!

Pavilion Master Chu, who had been injected with the poison, crashed down to the ground and rolled about in pain.

She opened her mouth and began to scream… However, the scream that came from her mouth was not one of a woman.

“ROOAAAR!!” The scream that resounded sounded like it was that of a tiger.

The Liquefied Tribulation Transcender’s heart chilled as he got a bad feeling.

“Hehehehe.” In the air, the ‘Tiger-Striped Tribulation Transcender’ twisted and changed into Pavilion Master Chu.

On the ground, the Pavilion Master Chu that was rolling around the ground similarly twisted and changed into the Tiger-Striped Tribulation Transcender.

“Roar~ Even in death, I will not move~ Roar~ If I move, I am your mother~ Roar.” The Tiger-Striped Tribulation Transcender roared, screamed, and rolled about.

He repeated the same lines with due diligence.

“How is this possible?” The Liquefied Tribulation Transcender couldn’t believe it.

He had strength that was at the peak of the Ninth Stage Realm, and he had also condensed the embryonic form of his ‘path’. His strength should not be much weaker, if at all, than Pavilion Master Chu’s.

However, he could not see through the illusion. In the end, he’d regarded his companion, the Tiger-Striped Tribulation Transcender, as Pavilion Master Chu without noticing anything amiss.

“What kind of illusion technique was that?” the Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender asked in a deep voice. Even he had not seen through the illusion.

“Illusion? It wasn’t such a thing.” Pavilion Master Chu continued to wear a calm smile.

The One-Horned Tribulation Transcender chimed in, “Enough chit-chat, I don’t have the habit of explaining my methods to the enemy.”

The Eagle-Winged Tribulation Transcender said, “Come on, today, we either die in your hands, or you two will die in our hands.”

Pavilion Master Chu said, “I did say just now that should you come at me, I would stand still and wait for you to come beat me up. If I were to move at all, I’d become your mother.”

“Roar, roar, your mother, roar, roar, your mother.” The Tiger-Striped Tribulation Transcender rolled across the floor in pain, with tears streaming down his face and a runny nose. However, he still repeated Pavilion Master Chu’s words firmly.

“F*ck.” The Liquefied Tribulation Transcender’s heart felt greatly stifled.

They had gone all out, gathering six Tribulation Transcenders for a single operation, yet they still ended up being played with by Pavilion Master Chu.

While looking at the Tiger-Striped Tribulation Transcender that was rolling about on the ground, the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender let out a sigh.

His other hand turned into a syringe and pierced into the Tiger-Striped Tribulation Transcender, injecting an antidote into the other party.

Of course, he would not completely undo the poison that was in the Tiger-Striped Tribulation Transcender’s body.

Before the battle with Pavilion Master Chu ended, it was best to have the Tiger-Striped Tribulation Transcender stay out of the battle and simply watch the entire process.


After the needle pierced into the Tiger-Striped Tribulation Transcender, he finally stopped twitching and rolling around.

He simply remained down on the ground, motionless.

The only thing that he could move was his mouth.

“It hurts, it hurts. I just rolled over the floor just now, and I couldn’t keep still. Roar, so now, I’m your mother.” Satisfaction shone through the face of the Tiger-Striped Tribulation Transcender.

For a moment, the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender really wanted to poison the Tiger-Striped Tribulation Transcender again.

“What do we do?” He raised his head and looked at the Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender.

The whole development was beyond their expectations.

None of them had thought that Pavilion Master Chu would be so difficult to deal with.

At this time, The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender transmitted something to the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender. “Destroy the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.”

The Liquefied Tribulation Transcender was shocked.

The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender continued, “The only thing we came here for was the Original Heavenly City. As long as we can obtain the foundation, we can still rebuild it. As long as we destroy Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, the root of her power, we might also be able to rid our companions of her control.”

The Liquefied Tribulation Transcender replied, “Alright.”

In the next moment, his body merged into the ground once again.

The immortal energy in his body burst out. His liquefied body unceasingly expanded as he began to spread himself all throughout the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

As he spread further, the ground of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion would turn black, the flowers and trees would dry up, and the river would become filthy.

There was also toxic gas that started spewing out from cracks on the ground.

In the blink of an eye, the beautiful land of birds and trees turned into a highly poisonous and polluted hell.

Pavilion Master Chu held a sword in both hands, her face still calm, but her smile had receded.

The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender coldly looked at Pavilion Master Chu, and said, “You’ve lost.”

As long as he was willing to go and cut off the Pavilion Master Chu’s ‘roots’ and destroy the Original Heavenly City, Pavilion Master Chu would definitely be defeated.

Pavilion Master Chu looked at the defiled Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion. “I have always been bound to the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion. From ancient times to the present, the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion is my inner demon. Ever since I had reached the Venerable Realm, every time I advanced to the next realm, I would encounter an inner demon with the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion as the theme. This inner demon was simply too powerful for me. As long as I stayed in the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, I would never be able to defeat it.

“However, even if I never had a way to defeat the inner demon, I could still ascend.”

The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender suddenly experienced a feeling of uneasiness.


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