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1241 You don’t believe me? I’ll use someone else to chat with you!

Over the past few days when the battle between Tribulation Transcenders was taking place, Pavilion Master Chu was still able to handle going against four by herself. She activated her ‘human weapon’ mode, which caused her long hair to fly around while magical treasures would be tied at the end of each braid and use their own attacking patterns to fend off the opponents.

Even though there were four of them, the Tribulation Transcender beast cultivators were actually on the losing side, and they were constantly suppressed by Pavilion Master Chu.

The blood of the Tribulation Transcenders continuously dripped down; some of their blood would tear the space and disappear into the chaotic layers of space. There were also drops that would fall down all the way to the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion below. Each drop of blood that did so was comparable to a meteor hitting the ground, and they caused catastrophic damage to the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

As for Pavilion Master Chu, she was only getting bolder as she continued to battle. During the entire battle, she wore a calm smile on her face.

If there were no accidents, Pavilion Master Chu would be able to repel the four Tribulation Transcenders in the end. Plus, if she could seize the right opportunity, she might even be able to kill one or two of the Tribulation Transcenders.

However, an unexpected event had suddenly taken place.

Two more Tribulation Transcender-level beast cultivators broke through space and joined in the battle.

The initial four Tribulation Transcender beast cultivators, namely the Tiger-Striped Tribulation Transcender, the Eagle-Winged Tribulation Transcender, the One-Horned Tribulation Transcender, and the Cow-Horned Tribulation Transcender, were surprised.

Among them, the One-Horned Tribulation Transcender who was the best at ‘spatial manipulation’ slightly laughed. It then took a step back and cast a secret technique to lock the space of the entire Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

This would make it so that Pavilion Master Chu would be unable to escape by using ‘spatial power’.

For this operation, they had to dispatch an entire six Tribulation Transcenders in one go. This caused them to become determined to subdue Pavilion Master Chu.

At the same time, the six Tribulation Transcender were all strong combatants.

The Tribulation Transcender beast cultivators did not mean to kill Pavilion Master Chu. Before they completely controlled the ‘Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion’, they would still need Pavilion Master Chu to maintain the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion. Therefore, the best result was to seal her and get her to act as the humanoid energy source of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, at least in the short term.

The two new Tribulation Transcenders were more powerful than ordinary Tribulation Transcenders, and they were even able to contend with Pavilion Master Chu.

These two Tribulation Transcenders had also felt about their path, and were just one step short of reaching the Immortal Realm.

On the left was a Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender, who stood in place and remained unmoving while space seemingly collapsed around him. His body seemed as if it were a black hole, and he wanted to devour all the matter and energy around him.

The one to the right appeared not to have a fixed form; it seemed to be a pool of liquid, and was quite similar to the liquefied Song Shuhang. However, on its body, black and purple gas continually emerged, and it appeared to be extremely poisonous.

After the two new Tribulation Transcenders appeared, they immediately attacked Pavilion Master Chu.

The Liquefied Tribulation Transcender spewed out some mist at Pavilion Master Chu.

The mist directly crossed through space, appeared right beside Pavilion Master Chu, and then began surrounding her.

This was a poison that even Tribulation Transcenders would not be able to bear. It contained the power of the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender’s ‘path’—it was the embryonic form of the path of toxicity.

Pavilion Master Chu wanted to avoid it, but the four Tribulation Transcender-level beast cultivators continued to clash with her, causing her to be unable to escape.

The highly poisonous mist enveloped Pavilion Master Chu as well as the four beasts cultivators.

The Tribulation Transcender beast cultivators did not fear the mist, as the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender would naturally not hurt its own allies.

“Cough, cough.” Pavilion Master Chu coughed several times, and her face turned ugly. The poisonous mist had directly broken through the several layers of defense she had, and began affecting her body.

Pavilion Master Chu extended her hand and made a hand seal, leading the immortal energy within her body to burst out.

A magical technique that took on the shape of a ring burst out around her body. The magical technique contained the power of ice, as well as the power of space.

The four beast cultivators that surrounded her were relentlessly assaulted and forced back by this ring as the space around them would constantly crumble, making it impossible for them to maintain the encirclement for a short while.

A feeling of powerlessness filled the four Tribulation Transcender beast cultivators as Pavilion Master Chu showed the overpowering gap in strength between them.

At this moment, Pavilion Master Chu’s figure rushed forward and appeared beside the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender.

The magical treasures controlled by her hair and the sharp swords controlled by her hands all stormed towards the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender.

All kinds of attacks, such as ice, space, and water, gathered on the other party and slashed their body apart.

The Liquefied Tribulation Transcender’s body was chopped into pieces as fluids splashed all over the place.

Some parts of the other party’s body were turned into ice, while some others were thrown into a chaotic layer of space, and the rest was assimilated by the water.

However, when Pavilion Master Chu’s attack concluded, the ice, water, and even the parts of the other party’s body that had been thrown into the chaotic space condensed behind the Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender and reformed into the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender.

Other than a small shrinkage in size, there was practically nothing that had changed.

“Aiyo, such a terrifying attack, it almost felt like I was going to die.” The Liquefied Tribulation Transcender displayed a vulgar smile, and said, “However, Fellow Daoist Chu, did you really just directly attack my body? Did you forget that I’m an incarnation of poison?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Pavilion Master Chu collapsed weakly, unable to maintain her posture of standing in the air, and she directly fell towards the ground.

The Liquefied Tribulation Transcender then took on a human form and turned into a man in a tuxedo. After that, he took off the hat on his head and paid a gentleman’s salute to Pavilion Master Chu. “When you attacked my body, I sent a total of 1,241 poisons back at you while my body was being continuously chopped. I hope you like it~”

When Pavilion Master Chu’s figure was halfway to the ground, she finally stabilized. She slowly descended with a sword in both hands as she stared at the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender.

“Go on, she is a weakened state right now,” the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender said while making a hand seal.

Pavilion Master Chu had a variety of dark purple, dark, and green patches constantly emerging on her body. It was the highly poisonous substance in her body that was being activated by the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender.

Seeing this scene through the ‘eye of virtue’, Song Shuhang became slightly worried.

It had only been the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender who had made a move. The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender was still standing in the air, and had yet to launch an attack.

Yet, Pavilion Master Chu had been poisoned, and even fell into a disadvantageous position.

“Pavilion Master Chu still isn’t leaving, does she have a plan?” Song Shuhang gently tapped the table with his fingers.

On the screen, after the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender activated the poison, the four Tribulation Transcender beast cultivators broke away from the crumbling space layer around them, and each brought out their own best moves, which then descended upon Pavilion Master Chu.

Pavilion Master Chu lightly said, “It’s just poison.”

After saying that, all of the poison that had entered her body seemed to have been rejected and gathered on her blade.

In the air, the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender’s face changed.

The four other beast cultivators also slightly paused…

“My Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion fears poison the least.” A calm smile appeared on Pavilion Master Chu’s face once again as she grabbed a sword pill.

Sword qi and the 1241 kinds of poison rushed towards the four Tribulation Transcender-level beast cultivators.

The Liquefied Tribulation Transcender gritted his teeth, and said, “Dodge them, those poisons… are no longer under my control.”

At this time, the Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender solemnly said, “I’m going.”

He took a step forward, and everything in the air collapsed towards him. As he stepped forward, his body crossed through space and blocked Pavilion Master Chu’s sword qi.

And so, the poisons and the sword qi all assaulted him instead.

However, the Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender remained calm, and neither resisted nor attacked.

The sword qi and the poisons seemed to have suddenly twisted as they approached his body. In the end, it was as if they had been swallowed by a black hole and disappeared.

“The embryonic form of the path of devouring?” Pavilion Master Chu used her sword as support while her long black hair fluttered in the wind.

Her long hair was several times longer than her body, making it appear like there was a big black cloak that was fluttering behind her.

“Yes.” It appeared that the Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender’s words were like gold, as he spoke only as much as he had to.

“You have great ambitions, but no one has ever succeeded on this path.” Pavilion Master Chu did not rush to attack, and instead chatted quite casually.

“I will succeed.” Tribulation Transcender Dragon Scale had a confident face.

Pavilion Master Chu chuckled. “Everyone who had stepped onto this path said so as well. However, they all ended up dying sooner or later.”

The way of ‘devouring all things’ was a path to immortality that had no end.

The Liquefied Tribulation Transcender laughed strangely, and said, “It’s useless to say any more, are you still going to stubbornly resist?”

The six Tribulation Transcenders encircled Pavilion Master Chu.

In the distance, there was also the One-Horned Venerable with the group of Fifth Stage and Sixth Stage beast cultivators who were all busily arranging some rune formations to completely lock the space of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender said, “You can’t escape, just surrender. If you do so, we’ll let you keep your life. It’s not like we’re cold-blooded killers.”

Pavilion Master Chu responded, “Hehe.”

“It seems that Fellow Daoist Chu has prepared to resist to the bitter end.” The corner of the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender’s mouth rose. “You will no longer have another chance. This has already dragged on for long enough, we can’t keep wasting our time on you.”

The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender said, “I’ll deal with all of her attacks. Just focus on attacking her.”

The Liquefied Tribulation Transcender responded, “With it being one-on-six, she has no chance at all.”

“Hahahaha.” At this time, Pavilion Master Chu suddenly began laughing.

Although it was a crazy laugh, there was an unspeakable charm that emanated from her body.

“I’ll let you two in on a secret… Actually, everyone in the entire Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion is currently a ‘clone’ of mine, and I truly mean everyone… If you don’t believe me, how about I get someone else to talk to you?” Pavilion Master Chu winked at the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender and the Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender.

She looked extremely cute while winking.

The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender looked puzzled.

The Liquefied Tribulation Transcender replied, “I don’t know what nonsense you’re talking about, but stubbornly resisting us will only increase your own suffering. In addition, it will also cause greater damage to your dear Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.”

…The second half of their sentence held what they deemed the most important. They hoped to get a perfect Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion rather than a Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion that was ruined because of a battle between Tribulation Transcenders.

“So, if the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion gets destroyed, don’t regret it.” The Liquefied Tribulation Transcender chuckled, trying to scare her.

The Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion was the most important thing to Pavilion Master Chu. With this, she was definitely going to surrender in the following battle.

However, just when the Liquefied Tribulation Transcender’s words fell…

Beside him, the Cow-Horned Tribulation Transcender beast cultivator suddenly said, “Hehehe, I’ll let you two in on a secret… Actually, everyone in the entire Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion is currently a ‘clone’ of mine, and I truly mean everyone… If you don’t believe me, how about I get someone else to talk to you?”

The Dragon-Scaled Tribulation Transcender: “?”

The Liquefied Tribulation Transcender: “?”

At the same time, the Tiger-Striped Tribulation Transcender beast cultivator smiled, and said, “I’ll let you two in on a secret… Actually, everyone in the entire Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion is currently a ‘clone’ of mine, and I truly mean everyone… If you don’t believe me, how about I get someone else to talk to you?”

After that, the One-Horned Tribulation Transcender also smiled and repeated the same statement.

And then, the Eagle-Winged Tribulation Transcender repeated the same lines.


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