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1240 The Netherworld search engine

“Divinations? I can’t. F*ck off.” Pet No. 1 tried using what it had just learned.

Song Shuhang: “…”

Pet No. 1 immediately continued, “No. Tyrannical Song, I don’t know how to make a divination, but I do have a special search engine. This is a new feature that my master had added on to me while I was hibernating the other day. If you need something, just tell me the target’s daoist name or some other information about them. I could help you search it up.”

Song Shuhang responded, “Huh? A search engine?”

It was needless to say that this was definitely something that Senior White Two had taken a liking to while using his clone traveled around the main world, and as he fancied it, he simply added it to his own ultimate weapon.

You’re busy T233 asked, “Are you certain that the other party’s daoist name is [Huh? A search engine?]”

Song Shuhang waved his hand, and said, “No, the other party’s daoist name is ‘Daoist Mulan’, and he’s a disciple of the Penniless Thief Sect. Also, he should have mastered the script of the ancient era.”

“Confirming information… Penniless Thief Sect, Daoist Mulan, script of the ancient era. After the keywords are input, the search will begin.” The voice of Pet No. 1 sounded out.

Song Shuhang curiously asked, “You can find the other party just like that?”

This function was even more powerful than divinations.

Pet No.1 confidently said, “Don’t forget about my master’s identity, this search engine is based on my master’s own database. As such, as long as the other party had been in contact with the ‘Netherworld Realm’, they can be found through the search engine.”

So what you’re saying is that if Daoist Mulan has never been in contact with the Netherworld Realm, he can’t be found through the search engine?

I guess I can only pray that Daoist Mulan has made contact with the Netherworld at least once.

The disciples of the Penniless Thief Sect would only appear in lands with treasures. Sometimes, secret treasures would appear in the Netherworld Realm, so the chance that Daoist Mulan had gone into the Netherworld to search for treasures was actually quite high.

After about 10 more breaths, Pet No. 1 replied, “Search Condition 1: A total of 1,639 ‘Daoist Mulan’ have been found to have been in contact with the Netherworld Realm. Search Condition 2: There are 13 disciples with this name in the ‘Penniless Thief Sect’. Search Condition 3: Unable to determine; the 13 Daoist Mulans from Condition 2 have not been found making use of the script of the ancient era. Performing retrograde search: Repeating Condition 3 and performing counter-condition… Determined that the number of Daoist Mulans who have not mastered the script of the ancient era is nine, all now being excluded. There are four Daoist Mulans remaining. It is not possible to determine whether or not these four Daoist Mulan have mastered the script of the ancient era. Search concluded.”

Surprised, Song Shuhang said, “The daoist name ‘Daoist Mulan’ was that rampant? Moreover, there were over 1,600 of them who have been in contact with the Netherworld? And 13 of them who use this daoist name in the ‘Penniless Thief Sect’?”

How were they differentiated from one another in the Penniless Thief Sect, then?

Assuming that they were all still alive, did they go from Daoist Mulan 1, 2, and all the way to 13?

Or was it something like XL Mulan, L Mulan, M Mulan, S Mulan, XS Mulan?

For some reason, the scene seemed quite funny.

Pet No. 1 replied, “The information comes from my master. With the library of information that my master has, this result is very reliable and accurate.”

Song Shuhang asked, “Where are the remaining four Daoist Mulans? Do you have any information on them?”

Pet No. 1 replied, “Searching… Of the remaining four Daoist Mulans, Daoist Mulan No. 1 died in 1432 due to an explosion of energy during their expedition to the Netherworld; Daoist Mulan No. 2 entered the Netherworld in 1811 and then returned to the main world, no trace of him can be found; Daoist Mulan No. 3 had sealed a passage between the Netherworld and the main world in 2000, records found; Daoist Mulan No. 4 held a broken knife on the 2nd of September 2019 and degenerated into a demon of the Netherworld, he has entered the Netherworld and is currently wandering around aimlessly in the Netherworld’s Calamity Plain.”

It seems that both No. 2 and No. 3 are possibly still alive in the main world. As for that No. 4 who is still wandering in the Netherworld’s Calamity Plain… It might just be him! Song Shuhang thought.

The Tooth Fairy’d said that the code was hidden in a dirty place.

It was probably in the hands of Daoist Mulan No. 4 who had been taken to the Netherworld.

I should go and contact this Daoist Mulan 4 to see if he was the one who sneaked into the scholarly faction and got into the ‘palace’, Song Shuhang thought.

Pet No. 1 said, “Is there anything else I can help you with, No. Tyrannical Song? If not, I will be returning to my master.”

Pet No. 1 was really generous. It was really willing to use all the extra energy to help him out.

Song Shuhang felt rather embarrassed as he said, “Well, I do still have something I need some help with. As you can see, I’m trapped in the Beast Realm… If possible, can you open a spatial gate that will allow me to return to the main world?”

Pet No. 1 asked, “Replying to No. Tyrannical Song, that is not a problem at all. Do you want to return right now?”

Song Shuhang was about to nod and agree.

But suddenly, he felt something and turned his head to look beside him.

Beside him, Kindness was clenching her hands tightly while looking at Song Shuhang nervously.

It had to be taken note of that Song Shuhang and Pet No. 1 were communicating through their minds, so it could not be heard by anyone else.

However, Kindness seemed to have sensed something as she said, “Senior Tyrannical Song, are… are you going back?”

Song Shuhang smiled, and said, “Your intuition is quite good.”

“Thank you for your praise. I wish Senior a safe journey.” Kindness squeezed out a smile.

She knew that Senior Tyrannical Song had been looking for a way to go back, so she had no reason to prevent him from going back.

Kindness was really a kind girl.

Song Shuhang raised his head, and said to Pet No. 1, “If possible, I want to return in two or three days. There are still things that I have to do here.”

Not only did he stand to gain here by curing the infected, and gathering ‘evil energy of the Netherworld’, virtue, and forging materials, but he also still had to wait for Pavilion Master Chu. He at least had to wait for the matter that Pavilion Master Chu was facing at the moment to end.

Pet No. 1 said, “No problem, I can leave a spatial transmission rune with No. Tyrannical Song. As long as No. Tyrannical Song activates it, it can directly send you back to the main world. It is just that without my control, its accuracy might be a bit faulty. The energy within the rune can be maintained for three days. Please be careful not to let the rune expire. Once the expiration date has passed, any accidents from using the rune shall no longer be something you can hold me responsible for.”

Song Shuhang was thrilled; this was one of the best things that has happened to him recently.

Song Shuhang replied, “Thank you, I shall be accepting the spatial transmission rune.”

In the sky, the golden sun brightened up once again.

While the golden sun was lighting up, a ‘rune’ appeared in Song Shuhang’s hands.

[Mission accomplished, removing target lock on No. Tyrannical Song. Spatial jump ignition, returning to the Netherworld Realm. Beginning countdown, 3… 2… 1…]

“Whoosh~” The golden sun soon disappeared from the sky.

Song Shuhang carefully stored the rune away.

Now, he could stay at the Beast Realm for up to three more days.

“The golden sun disappeared?” Kindness stared at the sky blankly, and then looked at Senior Tyrannical Song before saying, “Senior Tyrannical Song, you aren’t going yet?”

“I’ll still stay here for around two more days.” Song Shuhang reached out and rubbed the little girl’s head. “After all, I did make an agreement with everyone at the beginning.”

The girl heard his words and was overjoyed.

After that, she thought of the matter just now. “Senior Tyrannical Song, was the golden sun in the sky just now related to you?”

Song Shuhang replied, “How should I say this… That golden sun just now was a pet of my senior.”

When Kindness heard this, her eyes lit up.

Senior Tyrannical Song really does have many methods. Not only does he know so many Tribulation Transcenders, but even his senior’s pet is a small sun. He truly deserves the title of the first Sage in a thousand years.

Song Shuhang returned to his room, and began meditating in his free time.

At the same time, he was thinking about the clues that he had got from ‘Pet No. 1′.

Daoist Mulan No. 4 had degenerated into a demon on September 2, 2019. Calculating the time, it seemed that it should have been sometime when the ruler of the Netherworld had left all kinds of divine artifacts in the main world that could cause people to become demons…

The Calamity Plains of the Netherworld Realm… I’ll have to wait until I return to the main world before even considering going there. At that time, I guess I can check if there are any seniors in the group who want to go with me to the Netherworld Realm, Song Shuhang thought.

Were there any seniors who were going to the Netherworld recently?

He then remembered that Senior Thrice Reckless previously seemed to want to go to the Netherworld to look for Senior Skylark.

When he thought of this, he suddenly facepalmed.

Song Shuhang sighed, and said, “Ugh… I forgot to ask Senior White Two about Senior Skylark for Senior Thrice Reckless’ sake just now. There are so many things that I keep forgetting recently. Perhaps I need a small notebook like Daoist Umbrella to keep track of things I need to remember.”

Well, he could only wait until he got back to the main world before being able to contact Senior White Two, and then ask about ‘Senior Skylark’ for Senior Thrice Reckless.

After that, he might still be able to party up with Senior Thrice Reckless and go to the Netherworld together.

Song Shuhang took out a pen and paper, and recorded this on the piece of paper.

Although he did have a good memory, sometimes people were simply so busy that some things were just moved to the back of the ‘importance queue’.

By the time they remember, it would already be too late.

Song Shuhang practiced all the way until noon.

After that, the second wave of ‘infected people’ was sent into the Black Horse Branch.

Song Shuhang started the process of collecting materials, and harvesting of the ‘evil energy of the Netherworld’ and power of virtue.

In the past two days, the reputation of the first Sage in a thousand years, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, had spread all over the Beast Realm.

As his Inner World was still upgrading, all the evil energy that he absorbed this time would simply be stored away. Song Shuhang had a hunch that when his Inner World finished evolving, all the accumulated evil energy could be used to create more area for the ​​Inner World. By then, his world would expand once again.

If the area was expanded further, he might just be able to plant the medicinal materials he obtained from the ‘Immortal Farming Sect’ in large quantities.

Also, I might even be able to start raising spirit beasts inside the Inner World.

Not only that, I could also add a place for recuperating into it so that if I get into a fight with someone and end up severely injured in the future, I could simply escape into the Inner World for treatment and heal up.

This time, there were more infected people than yesterday. Time flew past, and it was soon sunset.

It seems that I’ll be continuing until dawn again, Song Shuhang thought.

At this moment, the virtuous lamia behind him slightly trembled.

Through the ‘eye of virtue’, one would be able to see that the situation of the battle among Tribulation Transcenders in the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion had changed.

Two more Tribulation Transcender-level beast cultivators had joined the battle!


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