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Chapter 1233 Third Stage in 10 years, Fourth Stage in 40 years, Fifth Stage in 100 years, do you want it or not?

Great Master Turtle asked, “Anything special? No, I don’t seem to feel anything special when I do.”

Song Shuhang moved his gaze to Kindness once again.

Kindness thought for a while, and asked, “Senior Tyrannical Song, what do you mean by something ‘special’?”

Song Shuhang asked, “For example, when you practice the secret technique of the human alliance and the ❮World-Destroying Divine Beast Technique❯, did you happen to see or feel something?”

Kindness shook her head.

That’s strange, the secret appraisal technique claimed that one would get an unexpected benefit when they practiced the secret technique and the cultivation technique together. However, it seems like nothing out of the ordinary happened for Great Master Turtle and Kindness, Song Shuhang thought.

Could it be something like the secret book of the ‘All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family’ organization? You’d have to practice the technique in a particular way for the secret text to appear.

Perhaps I should borrow Senior Phoenix Slayer’s CPU. However, Senior Phoenix Slayer is probably still mad at me, it won’t be easy to borrow his CPU again.

At this time, Kindness added, “However, Senior Tyrannical Song, when I practice the ❮World-Destroying Divine Beast Technique❯, I would only focus on practicing the cultivation technique. On the other hand, when I study the secret technique of the alliance, I would only focus on studying the secret book. I have never tried doing both at the same time.”

Song Shuhang heard this, and said, “Then, could you try it out?”

Kindness shook her head, and replied, “No, I don’t think I can do both of them at the same time.”

She was currently still at the First Stage Realm, so her practice of the ❮World-Destroying Divine Beast Technique❯ was still at its first layer and consisted of a body tempering technique; hence, she would have to practice it by performing a fist technique. If she wanted to practice both the fist technique and the alliance’s secret technique at the same time, she would have to split into two.

Great Master Turtle asked, “Mister Tyrannical Song, are you researching our cultivation technique and secret technique?”

It was related to the inheritance of his own cultivation technique, so this would naturally place Great Master Turtle’s mind on high alert. If it hadn’t been for their careful behavior, the ❮World-Destroying Divine Beast Technique❯ would have long become a cultivation technique that could be found anywhere.

Song Shuhang shook his head, and replied, “I only learned about your cultivation technique and secret book yesterday.”

Kindness added, “I translated the secret book of our alliance for Senior Tyrannical Song yesterday.”

Great Master Turtle relaxed a little.

He looked up and was about to say something…

At this moment, Great Master Turtle’s eyes and the virtuous lamia’s eyes behind Song Shuhang met.

The virtuous lamia’s eyes, which seemed to have been made from buddhist relics, shone brightly.

Great Master Turtle looked at these eyes and saw great compassion, great wisdom, and great virtue. Unexpectedly, after seeing them, even his mind became compassionate, and his mind became very open; it was as if it could accommodate the entire world.

“Mister Tyrannical Song, perhaps this junior could try doing it for you, you can simply watch me.” Great Master Turtle patted his chest and suddenly offered to be the one to try out practicing both the secret technique and the cultivation technique at the same time.

Song Shuhang curiously looked at Great Master Turtle. He did not understand why the other party’s attitude changed so greatly.

However, since the other party had offered to work with him, how could he reject him?

Song Shuhang nodded, and said, “Then I’ll be troubling you, Fellow Daoist.”

Great Master Turtle took off his turtle shell and threw it aside. His turtle shell was a heavy turtle beast’s turtle shell; it was a symbol of status when worn on one’s back.

After doing that, Great Master Turtle took a deep breath and began to use the ❮World-Destroying Divine Beast Technique❯.

He was a cultivator at the Fourth Stage, so he could use the alliance’s secret technique while circulating the ❮World-Destroying Divine Beast Technique❯. Moreover, as an elder who was responsible for imparting lessons, he could recite the entire secret book of the alliance without difficulty.

When Great Master Turtle circulated the cultivation technique, a slight resonance suddenly emerged.

He could not help raise his head and look at Profound Sage Tyrannical Song. The object of resonance was… Profound Sage Tyrannical Song?

“Fellow Daoist Gui, there’s no need to be surprised.” Song Shuhang smiled slightly, and said, “The cultivation technique that I practice belongs to the same system as yours, and they can even complement each other. It’s normal for them to resonate with one another.”

Great Master Turtle nodded, and said, “So that’s the case.”

Afterward, while maintaining the cultivation technique, he began to practice the secret technique of the alliance.

When compared to the secret book of the monster alliance, the secret book of the human alliance was relatively thinner, and most of the moves in those of the human alliance were ‘speeches’.

Of course, there was also some singing and dancing.

Anyhow, Great Master Turtle started with the ‘welcoming technique’, the ‘eloquence technique’, then the ‘establishing diplomatic relations technique’, and the ‘Dance of Friendship’ after that.

Song Shuhang closely watched the other party’s every move.

Honestly speaking, Great Master Turtle’s dance postures were somewhat embarrassing. This was why he would rarely be the one to dance when conducting his lectures, and would rather have his disciples be the one to perform the dances.

After a set of practice, Great Master Turtle didn’t appear to be any different.

Song Shuhang could not find any worthwhile results.

Song Shuhang thought, Perhaps the method we are using isn’t the right one.

Due to it not being a ‘lecture’, Great Master Turtle sped up his performance of the technique. His movements got faster and faster, and the speech nature of the techniques made it seem like a high-speed rap.

The 300 moves were soon all done.

Great Master Turtle gasped for breath, and asked, “Senior Tyrannical Song, did you find anything?”

Song Shuhang shook his head, and replied, “Do you feel anything different?”

Great Master Turtle shook his head.

Song Shuhang leaned in the chair.

It seems that the method wasn’t right… Slow-Witted Song, can’t you give me any more tips?

At this time, the head of the Branch Horse Branch had gotten back to them.

“Mister Tyrannical Song, I’ve brought the broken knife.” The branch head looked pale as he pushed the door open and entered.

“Are you all right?” Great Master Turtle looked at the branch head.

“This blade is very strange.” The branch head put down the broken knife. After doing that, it was as if a great burden had been removed from his back. “When I took it out of the treasure chest, it was very excited. It probably thought that I finally had a change of heart. On the way here, it constantly urged me, asking me if I wanted strength or power. It even tried to stimulate my mind by seduce me. Fortunately, my will is firm, and I did not fall into its grasp.”Read more chapter on

Kindness quickly translated the branch head’s words for Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang nodded and reached straight for the broken saber.

Compared to the items for protagonists such as ‘rings’ and ‘jewelry’ that had appeared on Earth, this broken saber that appeared in the Beast Realm was even more perfect and fitting for a protagonist.

On the surface, one would not be able to sense the evil energy of the Netherworld at all.

This broken sword was like a genuine ancient weapon with how great of an ancient vibe it gave off.

Great Master Turtle said, “Senior Tyrannical Song, pay attention to your safety, this blade is very evil.”

Song Shuhang said, “Relax, this isn’t the first time I’m dealing with something like this.”

As he stretched his hand towards the broken saber, a sound immediately echoed in his ear.

[Young man, do you want strength?]

The voice was illusory yet ethereal; it seemed to be close yet far at the same time, masculine yet feminine, aged yet youthful… it sounded really strange. Moreover, the voice appeared to have an enticing aspect to it, making it so that when one heard it, their heart was moved.

[Are you eager to beat your enemies? Are you eager to become a genius and attract the attention of many people? Do you want to be the ruler of this era?]

[Come, hold the handle of the blade and accept my strength. With the blade, you will reach the Third Stage in 10 years, the Fourth Stage in 40 years, and the Fifth Stage in 100 years! What are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity and climb to the peak of the world, stand above everyone!]

The corners of Song Shuhang’s mouth raised, and he replied, [Third Stage in 10 years, Fourth Stage in another 40 years, and Fifth Stage in another 100 years? So slow?]

The broken saber, who wanted to continue to entice Song Shuhang, could not help but suddenly freeze.

This ethereal voice was the effect of a magical technique that did not really have a mind of its own. However, it could lower people’s guard through enticement and make them actively accept it.

Now, it felt that it was just held in great contempt.

In total, it would only be 150 years to reach the Fifth Stage—wasn’t that ascension speed really fast? How did it end up getting despised? Was there something wrong with this world?

“Do you really think that you’d be able to entice people and abduct them with such a lame marketing method?” Behind Song Shuhang, the virtuous lamia grabbed the invisible saber insect and directly slashed apart the broken saber.


The broken saber was sliced in half, and in the next moment, violent evil energy of the Netherworld spewed out of the broken saber.

“Be careful.” Great Master Turtle was startled. He reached out, grabbed the branch head and Kindness, and then quickly retreated.

However, before the wild evil energy of the Netherworld could even use its power, it suddenly disappeared.

The evil energy had appeared quickly, but it disappeared even quicker.

Song Shuhang’s fingers retracted, and hundreds of lotus roots retreated into his body under the cover of light of the virtuous lamia.

The Inner World in his body was able to get another energy reserve. This was merely more funding for another expansion.

This time, it did not draw the attention of the ‘ruler of the Netherworld’.

“It’s already been dealt with?” Great Master Turtle looked confused.

All that terrifying and violent evil energy of the Netherworld had disappeared just like that?

If it weren’t for the remnants of the broken saber on the table, he would have thought that everything was just an illusion.

Song Shuhang gently said, “It’s done. This time, the other party was even weaker than I thought, it was quite simple to deal with it.”

He reached out and grabbed the remnants of the broken saber, which was made of ordinary brass. However, due to it having been invaded by the evil energy of the Netherworld, there was a chance that there was a little variation in the material.

Song Shuhang kept away the broken saber, got up, and said, “Fellow Daoist Gui, take me to your companion.”

Great Master Turtle had just cooperated with him by practicing the secret technique and the cultivation technique. Therefore, Song Shuhang did not mind relieving his companion of the evil energy which plagued them in return.

Great Master Turtle said, “Thank you, Senior Tyrannical Song.”

Great Master Turtle led the way, and Song Shuhang followed behind on his saber.

The branch head thickened his face and followed them. He also brought the translator, Kindness, with him.

The branch head said, “No wonder Great Master Turtle wasn’t able to get to the Black Horse Branch at the appointed time, it turns out that a problem had unexpectedly arisen with your companion.”

Great Master Turtle nodded.

The location of the seal was by a small stretch of forest.

At the edge of the forest, three young men carrying turtle shells could be seen. They were the disciples of Great Master Turtle’s companion.

One of the young men expectantly said, “Great Master, you’re finally back. Has the organization sent an expert to rescue our teacher?”

Great Master Turtle comforted, “The expert from the organization is probably still on the way, but I was able to bring Senior Tyrannical Song over. With him, your teacher will be safe.”

In the forest, six ancient trees were engraved with runes and turned into a sealing formation.

In the middle of each ancient tree, there was a huge turtle shell that suppressed the demonized companion of Great Master Turtle.

The transformation of Great Master Turtle’s companion was very serious, and the aura of the Netherworld on his body was intense.

Song Shuhang directly entered the seal with the virtuous lamia protecting him and prepared to drive away the aura of the Netherworld.




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