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Chapter 1209 The heavenly tribulation’s projection of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure

Pavilion Master Chu: “Don’t worry, Ye Si is much stronger than you think.

However, why did the (Writing of the Sage) cause the power of the heavenly tribulation to skyrocket?

While they were speaking, the heavenly tribulation weapons of the various systems quickly descended towards Ye Si.

Ye Si’s heavenly tribulation was very different from Little Cai’s heavenly tribulation battleship, there was pretty much no grace period in Ye Si’s tribulation. As soon as the projections of the weapons from all over the universe condensed, they all immediately descended on her.

A door-sized giant sword, a wheeled battle axe, a spiraling long sword, an ancient flying sword, and a lot of other oddly-shaped weapons came raining down upon her body.

However, Ye Si did not panic. She calmly stretched out her hand and took out her life-bound golden book and had it, together with the (Writing of the Sage), float beside her while she took out a long sword.

The name of the sword was (Deadly Cold), it was a key to the Palace of Winter and also a previous sword by itself.

While the weapons projections were all coming down, the (Writing of the Sage) propped up a brilliant defense and blocked all the weapons headed towards Ye Si’s left flank.

Within her life-bound golden book, there were chains and azure sword qi. Other than that, there were also shields, defensive formations, and various supplementary techniques such as reduction, weightening, and resistance were released from the golden book and headed to clash with the weapons headed towards Ye Si’s right flank. Each page of her life-bound golden book recorded a different magical technique, there were some that were offensive, some that were defensive, some that would enhance other techniques, and all kinds of techniques.

Afterward, Ye Si waved ‘Deadly Cold’ and made it block, chop, and soar… Her movements were as pleasing to the eye as dancing was. Her brown braids would jump along with her movements, and her water-like eyes which were originally covered by her bangs ended up getting revealed due to her hair getting blown around by the strong winds.

She was able to block and dodge the weapons projected by the heavenly tribulation, but when she had dodged them, they did not disappear, instead, they unexpectedly exploded right beside Ye Si.

Ye Si’s figure was swallowed by the explosions, and her figure was no longer visible on the screen.

“Pavilion Master Chu, you should send me over first. I’ll be able to take care of Ye Si.” Song Shuhang said, “Outside, the current ‘Heaven’ has already shown signs of soon going into retirement, this would lead the heavenly tribulations all over the universe experiencing varying degrees of changes. I’m afraid that Ye Si’s heavenly tribulation has already been affected.”

In addition… He recalled the relationship between the Scholarly Sage and the current Wielder of the Heaven’s Will. The reason why the current Heavens were lacking was due to the terrifyingly talented Scholarly Sage having taken a bit of him. Just now, the power of Ye Si’s heavenly tribulation had suddenly skyrocketed, could it be because of the (Writing of the Sage)?

In short, Ye Si could be in a very dire situation at this moment.

Seeing Song Shuhang’s anxious appearance, Pavilion Master Chu nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll send you over. However, this heavenly tribulation is of the Sixth Stage. You should having your body get too close to it.”

Song Shuhang said, “I know.”

He also had a sure-kill move, as long as he placed the flat imperial crown on the virtuous lamia, a heavenly tribulation of the Sixth Stage would definitely pose no problem.

In addition, he still had the ‘God Slaying Cannon’ on hand… Other than it being quite the ‘money burner’, it was undoubtedly powerful.

Unfortunately, Scarlet Heaven Sword belonged to the category of ‘foreign entities’. It was different from something like Senior White’s Meteor Sword. It was already a being who could cultivate by itself. If it were to join in on the heavenly tribulation, it would be akin to an Eighth or Ninth Stage cultivator interfering with the tribulation. Otherwise, with Scarlet Heaven Sword, Song Shuhang would definitely be able to slash the heavenly tribulation of the Sixth Stage into nothingness.

Pavilion Master Chu said, “Remember to pay attention to your safety, you cannot mess up. If you do, I will directly pull you back.”

Song Shuhang: “Don’t worry!”

A bright spatial gate opened right beside him.

Song Shuhang cast the ‘Turtle Breathing Technique’ on himself and stepped into the spatial gate.

Pavilion Master Chu sent Song Shuhang to the vicinity of Ye Si’s tribulation.

In the sky, the heavenly tribulation condensed more and more weapons, and the power of each one was increasing.

It seems like the intensity of this heavenly tribulation is still rising.

Song Shuhang frowned slightly, he did not immediately enter the range of the heavenly tribulation, instead, he first condensed out the virtuous lamia.

The virtuous lamia was still riding the mini whale which also had its own small pair of wings.

She tilted her head and looked at Song Shuhang

Song Shuhang issued out his instructions, “Give Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword to me first. After that, you go and help Ye Si transcend her tribulation.”

The virtuous lamia showed a reluctant expression.

However, she still cutely opened her mouth, took out Scarlet Heaven Sword, and handed it to Song Shuhang

“God, I’m finally out again.” Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword burst into tears. At the same time, it looked at the heavenly tribulation in the distance, and said, “It’s another heavenly tribulation? Little friend Song, why does there seem to be a heavenly tribulation wherever you go recently?”

“Because recently, everyone is ascending.” Song Shuhang took over Scarlet Heaven Sword.

The virtuous lamia went towards where Ye Si was, turning her head three times with every step she took. While she was flying, she would repeatedly turn back to look at Scarlet Heaven Sword in Song Shuhang’s hands, she appeared to be rather afraid that Scarlet Heaven Sword would just suddenly disappear.


The heavenly tribulation weapons continued to descend and Ye Si was still surrounded by explosions.

At this moment, a soft golden light attached itself onto her and wrapped around her entire body. The power of virtue nourishes her body, causing her mind to tremble in excitement. All of the fatigue that had built up from transcending her tribulation just now had been completely been rid of.

Ye Si smiled, and said, “Fairy @#%x, you’ve come, is Shuhang coming as well?” At the same time, she could remotely feel Song Shuhang’s aura in the distance. She seemed to be in fairly decent shape as she was still able to wave Deadly Cold while she was talking, fending off several weapons. Her strength was indeed much stronger compared to ordinary Fifth Stage cultivators.

The virtuous lamia attached to Ye Si with tenderness, her tail fluttered happily. She was very happy to be able to reconvene with Ye Si. Moreover, Ye Si could even call her by her name, unlike Song Shuhang who would always get the last part of her name wrong.

The virtuous lamia’s excessively intimate movements made Ye Si go stiff. Her relationship with the virtuous lamia was quite complicated. She had even personally tested the virtuous lamia’s tongue, not the tongue of snake, but rather the more flexible human tongue…

Ye Si’s body became stiff and her movements were no longer as fluid as before.

And so, a short dagger broke through her defenses and stabbed her.

At this time, the virtuous lamia clasped her hands together and said aloud, “Virtuous… Giant Sun!”

In the next moment, the virtuous lamia turned into a dazzling Giant Sun, bursting with light of virtue.

The dazzling light of virtue enveloped the lamia and Ye Si.

The virtue-formed Giant Sun expanded and rolled outward. This was its attacking form, a simple ball rolling and pushing down everything in its path.

Wherever the Virtuous Giant Sun passed, everything it came across would get crushed to pieces. As soon as the dagger that had stabbed Ye Si had been touched by the Giant Sun, it turned into light particles and disappeared.

The Virtuous Giant Sun continued to expand while the weapons projected by the heavenly tribulation continued to descend. However, no matter how powerful the weapon was, it would instantly melt down and get crushed when it came across the ‘Giant Sun’.

Ye Si blinked—when did the virtuous lamia become so powerful?

After a bit greater than 20 breaths of time, the rain of weapons sent down by the heavenly tribulation stopped.

The heavenly tribulation was entering its next stage.

The virtuous lamia released her hands and the dispersed the (Virtuous Giant Sun).

At the same time, the explosions of the heavenly tribulation similarly stopped.

The virtuous lamia remained intimately entangled with Ye Si, her face showing great delight.

Ye Si: “…”

While there was still some time before the next wave of the heavenly tribulation, Ye Si turned to look at where Song Shuhang was.

“Shuhang.” She waved at Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang nodded and said, “Be wary of the changes that are happening to the heavenly tribulation. The state of the heavenly tribulations has been quite weird recently, so no matter what change occurs, you have to be cautious.”

“Mm-hm.” Ye Si nodded and happily wiped tears.

It was just the (Tome of Never-Ending Tears) doing its magic~

Ye Si said, “The next wave will be the last one.”

Before Song Shuhang arrived, she had already gotten past several waves of the heavenly tribulation. According to her past experiences, the next wave should be the last hurrah of the heavenly tribulation.

Song Shuhang reminded her once again, “Pay attention to the possible modernization of the heavenly tribulation. It’s possible that a bomber plane or even something like a guided missile appears.”

Ye Si nodded.

At this time, the final wave of Ye Si’s tribulation took form in the sky.

The final wave of the heavenly tribulation was not a bomber plan or a nuclear bomb, instead, it was a projection of thirty-three magical treasures.

The thirty-three magical treasures had varying shapes and were all suspended up high in the air.

Ye Si said softly, “Nice, it’s not a concentrated attack.”

Generally speaking, the final wave of the heavenly tribulation was always the strongest wave. The heavenly tribulation will gather everything it had into a single blow, making it extremely difficult to resist.

If the last blow was scattered over thirty-three pieces of magical treasures, that would be its entire strength divided into 33 different parts, which would make it relatively easier to defend against.

Song Shuhang raised his head to look at the thirty-three magical treasures.

The magical treasures were all covered with a layer of mist, causing their true appearance to be concealed from the people’s sight.

However, even so, when he saw the thirty-three magical treasures in the air, the (Thirty-Three Divine Beasts Technique) within Song Shuhang’s body began to boil and circulate faster.

“Could this be the combined magical treasure of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique’? “Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Song Shuhang reminded Ye Si immediately, “Be careful of Ye Si, these thirty-three magical treasures aren’t simple!”

As soon as his voice fell, the thirty-three magical treasures in the air really began to combine.

Song Shuhang’s eyes widened and he firmly etched the scene right in front of him into his mind.

How the thirty-three magical treasures would combine together was a very precious experience for him. He olny felt that it was rather regretful that these magical treasures were all shrouded in mists that acted like ‘mosaic’.

“Kachak, kachak, kachak”. In a seemingly set and defined order, the thirty-three magical treasures in the sky began to combine with one another.

Ye Si’s expression turned grave.

Song Shuhang extended his hand and sent his ‘saber intent’ towards Ye Si’s body.

Ye Si and he were one and the same. After the saber intent descended on her, an exquisite set of saber intent armor condensed on her body.

Even with this being the case, Song Shuhang still felt uneasy, so he took out the ‘flat imperial crown’ and held it firmly in his hand, ready to place it on the lamia’s head at any moment.


The thirty-three magic treasures successfully combined with one another and blinding thunder surrounded it.

“I wonder what it’s going to end up looking like.” Song Shuhang looked at the weapon projection of the heavenly tribulation expectantly.




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