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Chapter 1206 Have none of you heard of cut apart a person but not their kidneys?

Song Shuhang transformed into a puddle of black liquid that had a metallic luster to it.

Song Shuhang regretfully said, “I initially thought that I would have been able to condense out a pair of hands, but using the technique actually just coated my entire body in steel instead.” He really wanted to use find a technique that would allow him to condense out two hands and make things more convenient for himself.

Su Clan’s Sixteen said, “Is this black mercury?”

Loli Shi’s eyes lit up. “Senior Brother Song, can I poke you when you’re in this state?”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Before he could reply to her, she had already extended her finger and poked his body.

The poke was a very firm and hard one, yet it could not break through the outer layer of his body at all.

Despite Song Shuhang’s body being able to flow freely, change shape arbitrarily, and looking very soft, the steel layer that had been attached through the (Steel Hands Technique) would continue to stick to his body as the shape of his body changed.

“I thought that it would feel soft.” Shi poked at him again, but similar to before, she still could not poke her finger through.

“My (Steel Hands Technique) is already at the master level, it isn’t strange that you can’t poke through me,” Song Shuhang said. “By the way, is there a mirror here? I want to see what I look like right now.”

Senior White said, “You still don’t look that good, your current appearance… is actually rather disgusting.”

Loli Shi added, “It’s as if mercury were poured on the ground, and it turned black.”

Su Clan’s Sixteen comforted, “To be honest, it isn’t that bad. After gaining that metallic luster, you look much better than the sticky puddle you looked like previously.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Immortal Fairy Bie Xue smiled with a friendly expression, and said, “Since you now have a liquefied body, can I cut you open?”

“It should be possible,” replied Song Shuhang

—when Doudou had been turned into a puddle by Young Master Phoenix Slayer, he hit some glass and fell apart, yet he was able to merge into one again like nothing happened.

Immortal Fairy Bie Xue asked, “Can I try it out?”

Song Shuhang immediately curled his body into a ball and madly urged the (Steel Hands Technique) to the best of his ability. “Immortal Fairy, please don’t mess around. What if something goes wrong?”

He truly turned into a ball out of cowardliness.

“I’ll do the cutting instead,” Senior White said. “If you want me to crack Fellow Daoist Phoenix Slayer’s secret technique, it will be necessary to cut your liquefied self apart to research you. Don’t worry, we will definitely be able to reassemble you after we finish cutting you.”

The first half of Senior White’s words left Song Shuhang reassured; however, as he got to the second half, Song Shuhang went back to feeling very anxious about his situation.

Reassemble me?

He couldn’t help but recall the household appliances Senior White had shot off into space using his ‘disposable flying sword’. If Senior White were really to cut him up and put him back together, what could he do in the off chance that a few parts of him went missing?

Song Shuhang said, “Wait, Senior White, please wait. There are still a few techniques that I want to try out. Sixteen, can you pass me my magical bracelet first? I want to take out the Heaven and Earth Worshipping Brush.”

Sixteen brought out his magical bracelet and placed it on the ground. “Are you able to hold onto a pen in your current state?”

Song Shuhang said, “If I maintain the (Steel Hands Technique), I should be able to, just that it’s quite unfortunate that I wasn’t able to condense out a pair of hands.”

After saying that, he rolled onto his magical bracelet and took out the Heaven and Earth Worshipping Brush with a thought. After that, he maintained the ‘Steel Hands Technique’ and tried to hold the brush and get a good hold of it.

Sure enough, it worked.

Afterward, he took out a blank sheet of paper from his magical bracelet.

Su Clan’s Sixteen asked, “Are you going to try out the ‘Scholarly Indestructible Body of the Buddha’?”

Song Shuhang said, “Indeed, in my human form, my fleshly body is already nearing the limit. As such, I want to try practicing the (Scholarly Indestructible Body of the Buddha) and see if it has any unexpected effects when I’m in this state.”

After having said that, Song Shuhang began to write on the blank sheet of paper.

The (Righteous Body Tempering Poem) slowly appeared on the paper.

Every time he finished writing a word, Song Shuhang’s liquefied body could not help but shake. When he wrote the (Righteous Body Tempering Poem) in his human form, writing every word would already bring about a great pressure on his body, and now that he was in a liquefied state, the difficulty and the weight he felt had become even greater.

After writing a single set of the (Righteous Body Tempering Poem), he felt that his entire body had exhausted all of its energy.

Song Shuhang collapsed to the ground, and his body lay completely flat on the ground. At the same time, on the sheet of paper in front of him, all of the words flashed together.

After a short period of time, all of the words on the paper disappeared, and were converted into ‘righteousness’ which then flew to Song Shuhang.

He got a vague feeling that his physique had improved by a little. At the same time, his understanding of the (Scholarly Indestructible Body of the Buddha) improved to whole new level.

Song Shuhang said, “Sure enough, being able to experience < Scholarly Indestructible Body of the Buddha) from another different perspective really has a great effect.”

With his proficiency on the (Scholarly Indestructible Body of the Buddha) being at the intermediate level, a series of ancient runes emerged on Song Shuhang’s body. All of them were runes of the (Righteous Body Tempering Poem) in the ancient script; the runes completely filled Song Shuhang’s body and dyed his black body golden.

Loli Shi said, “Senior Brother Song, this time, you’ve become golden mercury!”

As Shi’s words fell, Song Shuhang, who was in the liquefied state, rose with a ‘whoosh-‘.

Am I recovering my human form?

Song Shuhang gently shouted, “Saber intent!”. After that, saber intent emerged from his body. Immediately afterward, saber intent armor covered Song Shuhang’s body.

After the armor formed, Song Shuhang who had originally been in a liquefied state recovered his human form.

Su Clan’s Sixteen asked, “Did you crack Senior Phoenix Slayer’s secret technique?”Visit on our

Song Shuhang shook his head, and replied, “Not yet, I don’t have the capability to crack something like Senior Phoenix Slayer’s secret technique at my current level. Essentially, I’m still in a liquefied state.”

Just now, with the help of the (Scholarly Indestructible Body of the Buddha) and the runes of the (Righteous Body Tempering Poem), Song Shuhang attempted to stretch his body into a shape according to his memory of his body.

This attempt was a success.

Now, if one were to look at him from afar, he would look no different from any other human.

Senior White asked, “What happens if we forcefully poke your body now?”

Shi replied, “I still can’t poke him.”

Song Shuhang guessed, “It’s because my body is still in the ‘liquefied state’. However, if I were to retract the power of my defense, you should be able to poke through my body, right?”

“Should we try it out?” Senior White asked.

After giving it some thought, Song Shuhang stretched out his arm, and said, “You can only test it out on my arm.”

After saying that, he dispersed the saber intent armor around his arm.

“Good.” And so, Senior White extended his finger.

Song Shuhang said, “Senior White, can you prepare a healing technique first?”

Senior White replied, “My healing technique works instantly, you don’t have to worry.”

After that, he vigorously extended his hand and poked Song Shuhang’s arm.

Sure enough, as Song Shuhang had guessed, his arm rippled like a liquid that had been poked after a strong jab from Senior White.

Shi asked, “Senior Brother Song, does it hurt?”

Song Shuhang shook his head—while in his liquefied state, it seemed like he could not feel any pain.

Senior White exerted a little more force; this time, his fingers directly penetrated Song Shuhang’s arm and poked an entire hole through it.

Su Clan’s Sixteen asked, “Does it hurt now?”

Song Shuhang shook his head, and replied, “I don’t feel anything.”

Senior White said, “It seems that your body is immune to pure physical damage.”

Loli Shi’s eyes sparkled as she said, “Like Terminator? That sounds so cool. A few years ago, my dream was to order a puppet like that when I reached the Fourth Stage.”

Senior White suggested, “Should I try poking you with sword qi?”

Song Shuhang desperately shook his head, and replied, “No, no, no. My intuition is telling me that regardless of which form it has, sword qi would have no problem piercing through it.”

When he shook his head, the angles his head reached were particularly astounding. It was probably because his entire body was in a liquefied state right now?

Immortal Fairy Bie Xue said, “If it’s alright to stab your arm, does that mean that you have no problem with your body being stabbed elsewhere?”

Song Shuhang turned his head and saw Immortal Fairy Bie Xue standing there with a knife in her hands which she continuously kept spinning while aimed at his waist.

Is this part his waist?

“Wait!” Song Shuhang said. “Senior Bie Xue, you can beat up a person, but not at their face. Similarly, you can cut apart a person, but not their kidneys! Have you not heard of this expression?”

“I haven’t heard of it before, but now I know it.” Immortal Fairy Bie Xue nodded, and seriously asked, “So, can I stab your kidney?”

She unexpectedly did not directly stab him, and instead asked him politely.

This made Shuhang a little surprised. Originally, he thought that Immortal Fairy Bie Xue would stab him directly while she was in an agitated state.

Nevertheless, the question extremely terrified him.

“Can I stab your kidney?” Immortal Fairy Bie Xue asked once again.

“No, no, absolutely not.” Song Shuhang waved his arms repeatedly.

At this time, Immortal Fairy Bie Xue smiled. “Actually, I was just asking for the heck of it; no matter the answer, I am still going to stab


Song Shuhang: “…” Has the Immortal Fairy become evil?

“Eat my knife.” Immortal Fairy Bie Xue stabbed while a huge smile was on her face.

Sure enough, the Immortal Fairy’s character had entirely collapsed.

Song Shuhang quickly dodged.

Immortal Fairy Bie Xue brandished the sharp knife in her hands as she chased Song Shuhang with a gentle smile.

“Sixteen, I’ll leave my things with you for safekeeping,” Song Shuhang yelled as he fled out of the immortal cave.

“Don’t be afraid, little friend Shuhang… I will be very gentle when I use my knife.” Immortal Fairy Bie Xue followed after him.

Soon, the two could no longer even be seen from within the immortal cave.

Loli Shi worriedly asked, “Will Senior Brother Song be alright?”

Senior White smiled, and said, “Relax, Fellow Daoist Bie Xue is just playing with little friend Shuhang. Otherwise, with her strength, she could catch up with Song Shuhang in two moments and then cut him up into small uniform pieces in the next. Don’t doubt the skills of an immortal chef when it comes to knives.”

Shi responded, “Since Senior Bie Xue is playing around, then I don’t have to worry too much.”

Su Clan’s Sixteen said, “But I’m still quite worried.”

Senior White asked, “Why?”

Su Clan’s Sixteen said, “Shuhang’s clothes are all still here… he’s only wearing his saber intent armor.”

Loli Shi: “…”

Senior White: “…”

At the forest outside the immortal cave.

“Senior, until when are you going to be chasing me?” Song Shuhang fled.

Right behind him, Immortal Fairy Bie Xue smiled beautifully, and said, “When I stab your kidney.”

Song Shuhang really felt like crying.

Just as the two were in a chase scene, a figure suddenly flashed out from the woods, stabbing Song Shuhang at his waist. “It’s over, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song.”

Seriously, have none of you heard of ‘cut apart a person but not their kidneys’?




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