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Chapter 1199 Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant

When it came to underwater markets… anyone who had seen works such as the Journey to the West would immediately be able to picture a beautiful underwater world in their minds, one with a style similar to that of the East China Sea’s Dragon Palace. For example, there would be a large number of great buildings under the water, and there would be huge formations that maintained the underwater space, allowing people to move underwater as if they were on normal ground. In addition, when they looked up, they would be able to see fish swimming around in the water.

After Senior Turtle brought Song Shuhang to the underwater market, Song Shuhang saw a variety of submarines.

The smallest was a civilian submarine that was the size of a car. Besides that, there were others that reached lengths greater than 30 meters, greater than 50 meters, and even bigger. The largest submarine that he saw was well over 100 meters in length.

These submarines were arranged into different rows according to their size, and they covered the entire bottom of the lake.

Song Shuhang: “…”

This underwater cultivator market is really beautiful!

All of the submarines were crammed at the bottom of the lake. The style of the entire place was beautiful and rather practical. The only thing that Song Shuhang wondered about was what such a large number of submarines was for.

Also, in the case that each submarine was a shop of its own, considering that the customers would only be able to go into a single submarine at a time, wouldn’t that simply be inconvenient when looking for a specific item?

Ignoring the large submarines, the small submarines could only accommodate two or three people at most. Were the sellers and the customers supposed to stay side by side and make the exchange in a small space they made themselves?

…Nevertheless, the business here appeared to be bustling. Hundreds of all kinds of practitioners shuttled to and fro at the bottom of the lake, entering and exiting the various submarines.

The bustle in this market was obviously incomparable to that in the markets of ordinary people, but there were not that many practitioners in the first place, so this market that was actually able to draw in this many practitioners could already be considered ‘bustling’.

The submarines that were here had all been modified. The entrances of the submarines had water-repelling formations that allowed practitioners to access the vehicle.

While Song Shuhang was in thought, a female cultivator in a diving suit quickly swam to him. Transmitting her voice, she said, “HelloWelcome to Wufang Lake Underwater Market. Oh, so it’s Profound Sage Tyrannical Song!”

Song Shuhang was still in the ‘Divinity Show’ mode, so anyone who encountered him would immediately recognize who he was.

“Hello.” Song Shuhang nodded with a slight smile.

It seemed that this female cultivator was a part of the management of the underwater market. Each cultivation market was organized by one or several powerful forces. They were responsible for maintaining order in the market and preventing any incidents.

She hurriedly said, “Senior Tyrannical Song, I am Little Snow of the Wufang Lake Market. I would not have expected for someone like you to actually visit a small market like ours. Is there something that you wanted to purchase? As our Wufang Lake Underwater Market is relatively special, would you want to have a guide with you?”

Due to the entire market consisting of submarines, when customers had something that they wanted to buy, it would tend to be quite troublesome for them to search through each of the submarines. As a result, an experienced shopping guide was usually needed.

…As Profound Sage Tyrannical Song was simply too dazzling of an entity, Senior Turtle who was right beside him was subconsciously ignored by Little Snow.

Senior Turtle recognized the true body of ‘Little Snow’ at a glance, and transmitted his voice to Song Shuhang. (Eh? A little Third Stage monster mussel has actually condensed her human form. Could it be a racial talent? Seems like she has a special bloodline.]

A monster at the Third Stage was actually able to transform into a person? Such a racial talent would really draw the envy of many monster cultivators, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Senior Turtle added, (However, she has only condensed her human appearance. Unlike Fifth Stage monsters which can completely transform into a human form, the structure of her body is still that of a monster mussel. Before reaching the Fifth Stage realm, she will still have to follow the path of a monster cultivator.]

She was slightly similar to Lady Onion who had qualities of a monster cultivator and a human right when she was born. Such a being was rather rare in the world.

Song Shuhang smiled, and said, “I want to buy a few Buddha’s Hand Fruits. Do you know which store has it?”

The monster mussel grinned, and said, “Buddha’s Hand Fruit? Do you mean the one that buddhist sects grow? I know several stalls that have them. Senior Tyrannical Song, if you don’t mind, I can take you to them.”

And so, Little Snow swam in front, while Song Shuhang and Senior Turtle followed behind her.

While they were swimming, Little Snow suddenly asked, “Senior Tyrannical Song, do you know Lady Yu Jiaojiao?”

Song Shuhang paused, and replied, “Naturally.”

Little Snow said, “Really? I didn’t expect Senior Tyrannical Song to really know Sister Jiaojiao. When she said that she and Senior Tyrannical Song were good friends, I thought that she was just bragging.” With that, it seemed like she suddenly got a lot more closer.

Song Shuhang asked, “Little Snow, do you have a good relationship with Jiaojiao?”

The world was huge, with there being roughly seven, eight billion people living in it. A single person was only one of over seven billion people that were in the world. However, the world could also appear to be very small; there were times that one would casually encounter an acquaintance or even an acquaintance of an acquaintance.

Little Snow grinned, and said, “Jiaojiao is my elder sister’s boss. When I was a child and lived at the bottom of the sea, I would always follow her.”

As expected of the daughter of True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon, a ruler of the seas. As long as it was a place related to water, people who knew her would definitely be present.

Little Snow was very talkative. On their way to the store, her mouth would yammer nonstop like a bird; she appeared to be very happy. Soon, they finally arrived at a huge submarine.

This submarine was the stall of the ‘Lustrous Eastern Buddhist Sect’ and was one of the places where Buddha’s Hand Fruit was sold.

Little Snow took Song Shuhang directly to where the Buddha’s Hand Fruits were sold.

The two humans and one turtle passed through an aisle, where a cultivator with a rather ugly and ferocious appearance appeared right in front of them.

wu x ia world .s ite

When he saw Song Shuhang from afar, the ugly and ferocious-looking cultivator paused.

At this time, Song Shuhang also saw the other party.

This guy looks familiar.

Song Shuhang pinched his chin, and said, “Hm… Demon Monarch Tyrant?”

He had quite an impression of this Demon Monarch—he was one of the experts of the ‘Limitless Demon Sect’. They’d first met at the Moon Saber Sect. At that time, Su Clan’s Seven used the ‘Heavenly Saber Burying the Starry Sea’ in an attempt to kill Young Master Hai. At that time, it was this Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant who suddenly appeared, rescued the seriously injured Young Master Hai, and successfully escaped while being under Su Clan’s Seven’s strikes.

He was a Fifth Stage-level expert who belonged at the top of the Fifth Stage.

Little Snow, who was at the side, softly corrected, “Senior Tyrannical Song, you’re wrong, that is Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant.”

“Same thing,” Song Shuhang said with a dry smile.

At this time, he was recalling the information on Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant and remembered that the Daily Cultivator’s evaluation of him was that he was ‘the Limitless Demon Sect’s only relatively harmless being, as long as no one provoked him!

The disciples of the Limitless Demon Sect tended to have extreme personalities. Therefore, for such a harmless being to appear within the Limitless Demon Sect, there definitely had to be a problem with how he cultivated.

However, he also remembered that Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant’s constitution was quite unique.

As Song Shuhang was in thought, another cultivator came from not too far away.

This cultivator was wearing a garish daoist robe and his hair appeared to be really smooth. After he arrived where Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant was, and just as he was about to pass beside him-note that the aisle was large enough for four or five people to stand side by side—the fancy-robed cultivator suddenly provoked the Demon Monarch. “F*ck, good dogs shouldn’t block the path, scram to the side for your grandfather here.”

Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant turned his head coldly.

“Shiet, such an ugly dog.” After saying that, the cultivator wearing the fancy robe opened his mouth and spat at Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant. “Pui, try my saliva!

Song Shuhang: “…”

The sea turtle: “…”

Little Snow: “…”

Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant was furious. He took a step back and avoided the flying spit. “Did I ever f*cking provoke you?”

“Ptui, I just felt unhappy when I looked at you. Come on, let’s hurt each other!” The cultivator in the fancy robe seemed to be completely filled with pride. After he said that, he rubbed out a ball of fire and threw it at Mad Tyrant.

Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant became enraged.

Mm-hm, indeed, this is the special constitution of Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant. Song Shuhang nodded.

As a rare ‘harmless’ breed in the Limitless Demon Sect, Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant was only harmless as long as nobody provoked him. However, Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant was born with a ‘provoking’ constitution, one that made others want to provoke him. Anyone who walked on the same aisle or road with him was likely to get an uncomfortable feeling when looking at him and get the urge to slap or spit at him.

After that… a scene like the one that just played out would take place.

Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant was furious. With three punches and two kicks, he beat the cultivator to the ground and beat him up violently

“Where did I f*cking provoke you, huh? Is it my fault that I have an ugly face? The aisle is so wide, can’t you just walk past by my side? Do you really have to provoke me?” Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant continued to yell at the other party while beating him up in a rage.

“Ptui, I just felt really uncomfortable when I looked at you.” Despite already being forced to the ground and getting beat up, the fancy-robed cultivator still refused to give in and opened his mouth to try and spit blood at Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant.

Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant avoided spit and punched the cultivator in the face, knocking the other party out.

This was a cultivation market, and he did not want to kill anyone.

After beating up the other person, the Demon Monarch’s anger would finally subside.

If his ‘provoking’ constitution was something he was born with, he’s probably really tired of living by now, Song Shuhang thought to himself. But in a sense, wasn’t this also a ‘protagonist’ kind of constitution?

Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant got up and stared at Song Shuhang with bloodshot eyes.

Both parties looked at one another calmly.

“Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song.” Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant suddenly politely greeted Song Shuhang

While he was greeting Song Shuhang, he used secret sound transmission to transmit his voice. “The first Sage in a thousand years at the Fourth Stage, sure enough… Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song, you’re just like Horizon, you’re a fake Profound Sage.”

After he took a closer look, he found that the current Song Shuhang was only at the Fourth Stage Realm.

Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant seemed to have gotten information on Daoist Priest Horizon, and, from that, found that although Horizon had already condensed a Sage Seal, he had really only reached the Sixth Stage Realm. Taking that into account, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, who had transcended together with Horizon, was also very likely to be a fake.

“So, do you want to test me?” The corners of Song Shuhang’s mouth rose.

Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant raised his head, and said, “No, that isn’t something that I need to do.”

The matter of challenging the Fourth Stage Profound Sage Tyrannical Song was something he was going to leave to his Junior Brother Young Master Hai.




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