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Chapter 1175: A real Golden Finger!

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There was no lack of extremely lucky existences among practitioners. There was the common practice of ‘falling off a cliff and picking up a divine technique’, and there were also cases of practitioners simply walking when they suddenly awakened an inexplicable cultivation physique, and some would casually be taken in as disciples by some powerful expert that was passing by. There was even the type that would always get the most benefits every time they ventured into a secret area.

But generally speaking, even if a practitioner’s luck was especially strong, it would still be within an acceptable range. There was a limit to the amount of luck that a ‘person’ could have.

However, Sage White’s luck was clearly abnormal.

Looking at the amount of luck that Sage White had, the Great Northern Emperor racked his brain, and could only think of one existence that was somewhat similar—the Scholarly Sage.

The Scholarly Sage was also like this—his luck was simply unmatched. Moreover, he carved his own path and ascended into the Immortal Realm in a very short time, and from then on became a peerless existence.

At that time, the Great Northern Emperor vaguely remembered that the ‘Heavenly Emperor’ had mentioned that the Scholarly Sage was very unusual.

The Heavenly Emperor had repeatedly mentioned that the Scholarly Sage was very abnormal, saying that his luck was not that of a human.

The Great Northern Emperor thought to himself, Could this ‘Sage White’ be an existence similar to the Scholarly Sage?

If things were to continue to develop in this way, would this ‘Sage White’ also become like him, defeating everyone and finally battle for the Heaven’s Will?

The Great Northern Emperor looked at Song Shuhang, and asked, “Little friend Song, do you know this Sage White?”

After all, Song Shuhang’s ‘left hand’ was hanging on the branch of Sage White’s virtuous tree…

Song Shuhang nodded, and said, “Yes, Senior White is a senior I know. When he left closed-door cultivation, I was the one to pick him up and help him learn some modern knowledge.”

The Great Northern Emperor asked, “Has Sage White’s luck always been very good?”

Song Shuhang replied, “Very much so, Senior White’s luck is really good. I have never seen anyone who had better luck.”

The Great Northern Emperor asked, “Does Sage White have any other characteristics besides having great luck?”

Song Shuhang subconsciously replied, “Other characteristics? Like, tripping on flat ground? Or the 10-fold acceleration?”

The Great Northern Emperor: “…”

He found that his thinking and Song Shuhang’s thinking were not on the same page, which sometimes made it very tiring to communicate.

“Also, Great Emperor, why do you suddenly care so much about Senior White? You couldn’t have… fallen in love with Senior White, right? I know Senior White’s charm is great, but…” Song Shuhang’s illness had recurred—sometimes, he just couldn’t shut his mouth and keep himself from seeking death. When he thought of this possibility in his head, he blurted out those words without thinking. However, when he was halfway through the sentence, he realized that this old illness of his had recurred again, and he quickly stopped talking.

The Great Northern Emperor said, “Little friend Song, I heard that you got a ‘life talisman’ recently, and that because of it you can resurrect once after you die. Should I help you test out if this ‘life talisman’ is effective?”

Song Shuhang quickly apologized, admitting his mistakes, “I’m sorry, Great Emperor, I made a mistake!”

The Great Northern Emperor said, “I just feel like this Sage White is really similar to the Scholarly Sage.”

Song Shuhang said, “Great Emperor, are you talking about the one who had an amazing birth, an amazing childhood, and cultivated amazingly? I feel that the Scholarly Sage is very different from Senior White, be it how they act or their personal styles. Apart from the Scholarly Sage’s luck being similarly heaven-defying, their styles are almost complete opposites.”

“Have you ever seen the Scholarly Sage?” The Great Northern Emperor gave Song Shuhang a sidewards glance. Song Shuhang was talking about the Scholarly Sage as if he had personally encountered him, causing some doubts to appear in the Great Northern Emperor’s head.

Song Shuhang sighed, and said, “Not long ago, I followed Senior White to the scholarly faction’s White Cloud Academy as a guest. Later, something had occurred, and we encountered an image left behind by the Scholarly Sage himself. That image told us about the super duper amazing life of the Scholarly Sage for a whole afternoon.”

The Great Northern Emperor: “…”

The great emperor fell in though.

A moment later, he suddenly asked, “Little friend Song, how’s your luck?”

“My luck? It seems to be good recently… but it was pretty bad not too long ago. Every time a senior who is considered to be a shady fortune teller divines me to have ‘great fortune’, so many bad things happen. Recently, there were countless encounters wherein the chances of dying and living was 9 to 1, and I felt very depressed and wanted to take a rest,” Song Shuhang said. At this time, he felt his whole body weak.

The Great Northern Emperor nodded.

As they were talking, beads of cold sweat suddenly drenched Song Shuhang’s forehead.

“Ouch~” He hissed in pain.

The Great Northern Emperor: “?”

“My left arm feels really hot, it feels like it’s boiling… Hot, hot, hot!” Song Shuhang said as he gritted his teeth and raised his head to look at the sky.

In the Heavenly Tribulation Realm, the hail of virtue on Senior White’s head finally started to become weaker, and it soon reverted to rain of virtue.

At this time, Song Shuhang’s left arm, which was still hanging on Senior White’s virtuous tree, had become golden. Furthermore, as the rain of virtue continued to fall, the left arm faintly began to turn transparent.

It looked like it had become made of golden glass.

The Great Northern Emperor calmly said, “If I’m not seeing wrong, your left arm should be mutating.”

Song Shuhang asked, “How’s it going to mutate?”

A mutation was not necessarily a good thing. He had no idea whether the arm would turn into a real fapping arm and be rejected by his body when he tried to reattach it. Moreover, even if it did not become a fapping arm, it would still feel quite weird to put back a golden arm.

The Great Northern Emperor pointed not too far away ‘Sage Monarch Melon Eater’, and said, “Do you see Fellow Daoist Melon Eater?”

“Is my left hand going to become like Fellow Daoist Melon Eater?” Song Shuhang said in shock.

Sage Monarch Melon Eater turned his head, camly glanced at Song Shuhang and the Great Northern Emperor, and then looked up once again at the screen that showed Sage White.

“In your dreams,” the Great Northern Emperor said. “Your left arm is still currently in a fleshly state, so after the mutation, it should become the same as the old body of Fellow Daoist Melon Eater. The flesh and the light of virtue would merge into one, but there are always going to be some small differences between a physical body and the light of virtue.”

Song Shuhang inquired, “Then when I ascend to the Ninth Stage, will I also have to go through a body abandonment ceremony?”

The Great Northern Emperor replied, “Do you practice the ❮Dual System Virtue Technique❯? If you don’t, why would you have to abandon your fleshly body?”

The monster bird Little Cai said, “Slurp, how good would it be if I could replace Teacher’s left arm? With so much power of virtue descending onto my body, my own power of virtue would definitely rise like a rocket!”

Song Shuhang gently patted Little Cai, and said, “Don’t worry, Little Cai. You will be my right-hand bird in the future.”

Little Cai: “Teacher, you aren’t going to make me replace your left hand and have me act as your left hand instead, are you?”

Song Shuhang: “…”

A colorful bird as his left hand? What kind of style would that even be?!

As they were talking, Song Shuhang’s left arm suddenly began issuing a boiling sensation once again, bringing him severe pain.

Song Shuhang gritted his teeth, and said, “Here it is again. Ow, ow, ouch. This time it hurts even my heart.”

The level of pain this time was no less than the pain that he would feel when he used the “secret appraisal technique”.

In Sage White’s divinity show screen, the rain of virtue that filled the sky finally stopped.

At this time, Song Shuhang’s left arm experienced another change.

All the gold color covering his left arm, which had become like golden glass now, seemed to gather it all rushed towards the index finger of his left hand.

After a while, his left arm recovered to how it was before, but his forefinger remained pure gold, and it even had its own light effects as it let out a dazzling light.

A real Golden Finger!1

“From today onwards, Teacher, you are a man who has the makings of a protagonist,” the monster bird Little Cai said, “You have the most essential thing for every protagonist—the Golden Finger.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

That single golden finger looked especially weird. People who didn’t know would think that his finger had been cut off, and he replaced it with pure gold.

As Song Shuhang’s left arm mutated, the third Sage in a thousand years, Eternity, who had also been hanging on a branch of the virtuous tree, also underwent some changes.

Eternity was still shouting some messy lines. However, as a steady stream of power of virtue fell onto his body, his voice became softer and softer.

Finally, when the rain of virtue ended, Eternity’s eyes opened. His eyes were no longer chaotic; they were bright.

His inner demon tribulation was over.

The various practitioners in the universe couldn’t help but start discussing again.

“The third Sage in a thousand years has quite the good luck. He got to meet Sage White, and even took advantage of Sage White’s power of virtue to get through his inner demon tribulation!”

“With this being the case, the third Sage in a thousand years will be able to enter the main world, right?”

“He owes Sage White a huge favor!”

However, the Great Northern Emperor slightly shook his head, and said, “He was defeated, he lost to the inner demon tribulation.”

Song Shuhang asked, “He lost? But isn’t he awake?”

The Great Northern Emperor said, “He really has to thank Sage White for lending him his power of virtue. If it weren’t for this wave of power of virtue, after he lost to the inner demon tribulation, flames of tribulation would’ve directly engulfed his body and destroyed him for good. This wave of power of virtue that came from Sage White kept him alive.”

While they were talking, Eternity leapt from the tree of virtue, and he bowed down deeply towards Senior White.

He knew that he had been defeated by the inner demon tribulation, and that it was only because of Senior White’s help that he was able to survive.

“Eternity thanks Sage White,” Eternity said with much pain in his heart.

It was painful because the person in front of him was none other than Sage White… the person who had always been the focus of Eternity’s envy—after all, he was the only man that Immortal Fairy Bie Xue had ever loved.

But now, he had to bow to this love rival of his.

After giving his thanks, Eternity extended his hand and took out his Sage Seal.

At this point, his Sage Seal was dim and without a trace of dignity.

Eternity sighed softly.

He missed a big opportunity due to using his ‘Profound Sage Speech’ to confess to Immortal Fairy Bie Xue, thereby leading to his failure to transcend the tribulation.

When he sighed, his Sage Seal began to dissipate.

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