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Chapter 1173: Live broadcast meal

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As Senior White’s lectures gradually unfolded, more and more practitioners became aware of the hidden benefits in Sage White’s speech.

On the surface, it only seemed like Sage White was talking about a hand-guided tractor competition. However, the entire lecture was actually filled with knowledge about formations, rune making, weapon refinement, and so on. When one looked back at the entire speech and thought things through, they would find that they were getting just what they needed, and all of it was filled with sincerity.

In addition, with things being explained though a hand-guided tractor competition, the speech never got boring to listen to.

This kind of feeling was like what one would get from kid stories. While listening to the story, one would unknowingly grasp some knowledge.

Unknowingly, at one point, all of the practitioners in the universe had already been hooked, listening enthusiastically.

Afterward… Just like when Profound Sage Tyrannical Song had given his speech, as Sage White’s speech got better and better, the Great Way started resonating with it, giving birth to auspicious clouds, spiritual mushrooms, flowers, and spiritual leaves, all of which appeared beside Sage White.

Finally, when Sage White’s lecture reached its concluding stages, the phenomena of the Great Way appeared in turns one after the other.

Phenomena of carps leaping through the dragon gate, purple mist covering thousands of miles, unicorns treading the sky, and spirit foxes worshipping the sun seemingly appeared in a hurry as if they were afraid of not being able to have the opportunity to appear on the scene.

Sage White’s speech had become a gathering of phenomena of the Great Way. Nearly all, if not all, of the recorded phenomena that appeared during a speech appeared during Sage White’s speech.

Some of the old Profound Sages were stunned.

They had simply never seen a Profound Sage Speech invoking such a large number of phenomena.

Was Sage White’s speech simply that good?

Nevertheless, they did have to admit that Sage White’s speech was indeed wonderful; this Profound Sage Speech was of such a high quality that was hard to come by.

However, the first Sage in a thousand years Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’s so-called Tribulation Transcender-level speech on the Daoist Canon a while back had not brought about such a large number of phenomena, right?

Could this mean that… the phenomena of the Great Way also took one’s looks into account? Could it be that because Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’s ‘face value’ was not enough, the number of phenomena of the Great Way was not as high as it should have been?

Well, honestly speaking, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’s face couldn’t be said to be bad, either.

Anyway, regardless of that, it could no longer be denied that Sage White’s speech had brought about such a large number of phenomena. The real question now was: how terrifying would the amount of power of virtue he would gain from this when he concluded his speech be?

The old Profound Sages were left secretly guessing at the answer.

At that time, would Sage White be able to directly materialize his power of virtue?

Sage White’s speech slowly came to a close.

Although the practitioners from all over the universe wanted to listen for a while longer, Sage White was not able to talk for a few days and nights.

Moreover, Sage White’s speech was already full of sincerity, and they had learned lots from it. It would be fairly embarrassing for them to force him to continue speaking.

“But I can’t bear it, I really want to continue watching Sage White give a speech. I will only be able to eat rice if I can continue watching Sage White.”

“I’m willing to do good all my life in exchange for Sage White’s speech to never end!”

“A life is too short. I’m willing to live nine lives of doing good in exchange for Sage White being able to extend his speech a bit more!”

“Please sit there for a while longer, Sage White! You don’t need to continue giving a speech, just stay seated right there and let me look at you for a while longer!”

“Sage White, let’s go on a d-d-date!”

“Right, you don’t have to continue with the speech, just let us continue looking at you!”

“Sage White, Sage White! I want to have a baby with you!”

“Sage White, please sit for a little while longer, even just a few more minutes!”

Among the practitioners all over the universe, a small part of them began to express their heart’s desires.

As a Profound Sage who had properly transcended, Senior White could receive a part of the feedback from the ‘practitioners of the universe’—just like Sage Monarch Winter Melon did a few days ago.

Senior White calmly sat as he pondered for a moment. Afterward, he seriously replied, “No, I’m going to go eat.”

With such a powerful reply, the practitioners from all over the universe could not find an excuse to keep him there.

A practitioner shouted out, “How unfortunate, I hate this~ Sage White is currently in the Heavenly Tribulation Realm. If it weren’t for that, I would have definitely been able to send him the best food in the world. As long as Sage White sat and ate and let me be near him, watching silently, I would be satisfied.”

Their words drew a wave of approval from his nearby companions.

In the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Fairy Dongfang Six: “Hahahaha, I’m laughing too much. There’s a good number of monsters on my side who are discussing whether or not they should prepare a feast and send it to Senior White. Moreover, there are so many monsters who only want to silently stay by the side and watch Senior White eat. ”

Song Shuhang: “…”

He had heard that many streamers and viewers were very strange nowadays. The streamers would livestream themselves sleeping, eating, doing homework, and being sick, and even then there would still be a lot of viewers.

He had never been able to understand what the point of sitting in front of a computer or mobile phone and watching some streamer eat and sleep was…

Unexpectedly, there were actually also people in the world of cultivation who wanted to watch another person broadcast themselves eating.

All good things had to come to an end. Even if all the practitioners in the universe continued to persist, Sage White’s speech would still conclude.

And so, Sage White calmly sat down and entered the final part of a Profound Sage’s ascension—accepting the virtue coming from all over the universe!

After listening to the Profound Sage Speech, all the practitioners from the universe would produce a kind power according to their satisfaction from the speech. This power would turn into a force similar to the power of faith and gather around Senior White.

And when this energy similar to the power of faith descended on Senior White, it would transform into something more fitting of the laws of the Great Way—it would transform into power of virtue, and wrap around Senior White.

The Profound Sage Speech, a speech for all the practitioners in the universe, a stage wherein one taught everyone with no regard as to who they might be—this was a huge and vast virtue.

At the time when Song Shuhang’s speech had ended, due to his explanation of the Daoist Canon being at the Tribulation Transcender level—far exceeding the expectations of most practitioners—and with there even being many Profound Sages who listened to it with satisfaction, the amount of power of virtue which he got was simply enormous. It descended upon him and the virtuous lamia like pouring rain.

The power of virtue obtained by Senior White this time was also akin to pouring rain.

Moreover, this rain became heavier and heavier, and the later waves of rain of virtue were already like hail.

On Senior White’s body, the power of virtue quickly piled up.

Prior to becoming a Profound Sage, Senior White had only had a small amount of power of virtue as he did not practice techniques related to virtue, and his light of virtue had only just formed.

But now, Senior White’s light of virtue had completely undergone a qualitative change in an extremely short time. Immediately afterward, it already began to materialize.

A cylindrical pillar of virtue emerged behind Senior White.

It was the prototype of something.

Before Song Shuhang completely condensed the virtuous lamia, there had also been a stage of his virtue being a ‘stickman’.

Sure enough, with the continuous descent of power of virtue, the pillar of virtue behind Senior White began to experience subtle changes. Vaguely, the pillar began to change into a large tree.

The trunk was straight, while its branches extended in all directions.

After dozens of breaths, golden leaves began to condense on the bare branches.

A 10-meter-tall tree of virtue emerged behind Senior White and came to life.

Senior White, who had just condensed his light of virtue, directly skipped several stages and went straight to the stage of materialization!

In the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator: “I knew that this was going to be the case, Senior White’s light of virtue really materialized.”

True Monarch Fallout: “Well, it’s Senior White, after all. I’m willing to bet two packs of chili sticks that even if Senior White had only sat still, he would still receive a great amount of power of virtue when his Profound Sage Speech ended.”

Fairy Lychee: “Hey… what’s that tree of virtue behind Senior White? Is it a prototype of something? I’m quite curious about it.”

Monk Swallow Cloud: “Looking at it, there should be many things like it. The leaves look weird, though. Maybe it’s just something out of Senior White’s mind?”

Frice Reckless Mad Saber: “Oh, Great Master Swallow Cloud, you’re still alive? You haven’t died from Fellow Daoist Creation’s singing?”

Monk Swallow Cloud: “Since I decisively pierced my eardrums, I feel much better. Other than the small tremors still in my brain, going online to chat isn’t a problem at all. After a few days, I’ll simply do an eardrum repair operation.”

Song Shuhang: “Looking at its leaves, they look like… the leaves of the bayberry tree.”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator: “Now that little friend Song Shuhang mentions it, it does indeed seem to be so.”

Fairy Lychee: “Bayberry? Is there anything auspicious about this kind of tree?”

Song Shuhang: “Perhaps it’s because Senior White likes bayberries?”

As they were talking, a small round fruit grew out on the tree of virtue behind Senior White.

“It really is a bayberry!” True Monarch White Crane said.

There was no mistaking it—although it had been condensed from the power of virtue and it was all golden and bright, it really was just like a bayberry.

The virtuous golden bayberry tree was very tall.

At this time, under the gazes of the practitioners all over the universe, Senior White turned his head and looked at the tree of virtue behind him, his face showing contemplation.

After that, he turned around, tiptoed, and picked a fruit from his tree of virtue.

He had really picked a golden fruit.

The fruit lay in Senior White’s palm, looking really cute and pleasing to the eye.

Senior White looked at this fruit and fell into thought for about a second. Afterward, he decisively inserted the golden bayberry into his mouth.

A moment later, Senior White’s face showed satisfaction as he said, “Ooh~”

The taste of this virtuous fruit clearly matched Senior White’s tastes.

…The fruits of one’s own light of virtue could actually be picked and eaten?

At this time, one more topic for research emerged in the world of cultivation. In addition to the ‘could the lotus produced from the phenomena of the Great Way be eaten’ from when Profound Sage Tyrannical Song showed his divinity, another new topic, ‘could the fruit from one’s own light of virtue be eaten’, had emerged to be researched.

On the other side, Senior White stretched out his hand, brought out a small box, and opened it. A monster willow was released, fell into the Heavenly Tribulation Realm, and appeared before the eyes of all the practitioners in the universe.

Damn, Sage White had been carrying his own monster pet while he had been transcending the heavenly tribulation of the Eighth Stage?

After the monster willow Qing Wu was released, she looked around in confusion. When she saw the golden bayberry tree, she came to her senses.

With her identity as a ‘treasure picker’ monster pet, Qing Wu understood her responsibilities.

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