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Chapter 1162: The fat whale illusory core forms

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The Great Northern Emperor: “…”

He was staring at Song Shuhang with a ‘you are kidding me, right?’ expression.

He and Cheng Lin had known each other since the era of the ancient Heavenly City.

Moreover, he’d had a very good relationship with her before the destruction of the city.

As for how good their relationship was, Cheng Lin had even participated in the construction of the Palace of Winter where he lived. Additionally, even after his home was built, Cheng Lin was given the permission to come and go as she pleased.

Such a relationship had surpassed that of ordinary friends. If it weren’t for the destruction of the ancient Heavenly City… there was even a possibility that he and Cheng Lin would have ended up as dao companions.

However, as the destruction of the ancient Heavenly City was due to Cheng Lin, the Great Northern Emperor’s feelings for her became very complicated, and so the love and the hate had become entangled.

Therefore, after hearing that Cheng Lin had a daughter named ‘Ye Si’, although the Great Northern Emperor was laughing on the surface, his heart was in a gigantic mess.

Although he knew from the moment the ancient Heavenly City was destroyed that there was no longer a possibility of anything happening between them, when he heard that Cheng Lin and a man surnamed ‘Ye’ had conceived a daughter, the Great Northern Emperor’s heart still fell into a state of turmoil.

However, he had never heard about Cheng Lin having a younger twin sister.

[This matter is complicated, and it is specifically related to Fairy Cheng Lin’s path to immortality.] Song Shuhang transmitted his voice once again.

The Great Northern Emperor said, [Cheng Lin’s path to immortality… Yes, I know about it. Her path is to conceive a new life. Several times, when she conceived, I had been the one to guard her…]

However, as he was halfway through what he was going to say, he suddenly thought of another possibility. [Wait, is it possible that Cheng Lin gave birth to twins once and Fairy Lychee is the younger sister?]

Though the possibility was extremely low, it really did seem to be possible. If Cheng Lin wanted to do something, then she should be able to find a way to accomplish it.

Song Shuhang nodded.

The Great Northern Emperor looked up at the sky, and said, “F*ck.”

The Jade Lake Empress, Cheng Lin, was truly a very, very, very complicated woman.


Since Cheng Lin could even give birth to twins, what about that ‘daughter’ of hers?

In this world, was there really a man surnamed ‘Ye’ who could conquer Cheng Lin and get her to willingly give birth to his children?

The Jade Lake Empress was not a woman who was so easily conquered.

The Great Northern Emperor asked, [Little friend Song, can I ask you who is Ye Si’s father?]

Song Shuhang shrugged his shoulders, and sent a secret voice transmission. [Since you’re asking about it, you should have already guessed it. Anyway, it is as you imagine. Ye Si was also birthed by Fairy Cheng Lin. However, she did not use her path, which could conceive life, but directly conceived her after getting pregnant. As such, Ye Si isn’t Fairy Cheng Lin’s sister; instead, she’s her daughter.]

The Great Northern Emperor listened to Song Shuhang, let out a long sigh, and after a while let out a sigh of relief.

It felt truly great to him that Cheng Lin had not actually gotten together with any man surnamed ‘Ye’.

However, Cheng Lin was still a very, very, very complicated woman nonetheless.

The Great Northern Emperor changed the way he was looking at Song Shuhang.

Then he said very seriously, “Little friend Shuhang, take good care of Ye Si.”

Song Shuhang responded, “Huh?”

It felt as if the Great Northern Emperor had become another person. This time, his tone carried a hint of affection, which caused Song Shuhang to have goosebumps.

“In short, don’t let her suffer. Even though she might currently only be your ghost spirit, do take good care of her. Even if you get a dao companion in the future, don’t ignore her feelings. But then again, if her hobbies are like her mother’s, your dao companion would be her dao companion. It won’t be that big of a deal,” the Great Northern Emperor murmured.

As he spoke, the great emperor’s heart faintly ached.

He said all this because in those years, the ancient Heavenly City’s belle, Fairy @#%×, had also been deeply in love with the Jade Lake Empress Cheng Lin. As such, Fairy @#%× was one of the great emperor’s greatest love rivals. However, they had always remained on good terms.

F*ck, those memories are coming to my mind once again.

Love was really complicated. Even for Immortals, love would still constantly bring one pain and cause one to be unreasonable.

Song Shuhang: “…”

He subconsciously didn’t want to think about the Great Northern Emperor at this moment. His current state seemed to be very troublesome.

Fortunately, the other party recovered quickly.

“Since this little girl is a junior of Fairy Lychee, I’ll take a good look at her.” The Great Northern Emperor once again checked the attributes, physique, and talent of ‘Shi’. “Unfortunately, your strength is truly too low, and only at the Second Stage Realm. I will shrink down the western center a little bit so that you stand there and gain the most benefits. It will be a little painful at that time, so you have to hold on.”

Shi’s eyes were bright as she gritted her teeth, and said, “Rest assured, Senior, I will definitely be able to bear it.”

The Great Northern Emperor smiled, and said, “Good child, you’ve got this.” He stretched out his hand and sent Shi to the western center. At the same time, he modified the western center and shrunk it down a little. The energy that the formation had was simply too much for Shi, and could end up hurting her.

Finally, the Great Northern Emperor looked at Lady Onion.

At first glance, she looked like an ordinary monster onion that grew on an enlightenment stone. However, if one were to take a closer look at her, they would be able to see that the meridians of this monster onion were exactly the same as that of a human.

Although she was only at the Second Stage Realm, Lady Onion already had a physique that countless monsters desired. Since she was born, this young green onion had been standing at the endpoint which many monster cultivations desired to reach.

The Great Northern Emperor asked, “This green onion is really not bad. Her foundation is very good. Could she be your monster per?”

“Indeed,” Song Shuhang said.

In fact, even Lady Onion herself had already accepted the identity of a ‘monster pet’, which was a cruel fact—although Lady Onion would still verbally reject the identity of being a monster pet, the karmic ties between her and Song Shuhang had been unceasingly increasing, causing her to be unable to leave Song Shuhang even if she wanted to.

“Since she’s your monster pet, then she can stay in the northern center. That’s the location of life, so the benefits she will gain will definitely not be small,” the Great Northern Emperor said. He then stretched out his hand and sent Lady Onion to the northern center.

After doing all this, the great emperor brought Song Shuhang and threw him to the center that was directly facing ‘Sage Monarch Melon Eater’. This allowed Song Shuhang and Sage Monarch Melon Eater to see each other eye to eye.

The Great Northern Emperor said, “This is the special modification I did on the formation center just for you. In a while, once the ‘body abandoning’ ceremony starts, you will be able to gain the most from standing here; this will allow a very firm foundation to be formed within your body. I think quite highly of you, and hope that you can ascend the Fifth Stage earlier.”

“Senior, is there something that you need my assistance with?” Song Shuhang suddenly asked—to Song Shuhang, there simply seemed to be something wrong with the Great Northern Emperor today. It was like the great emperor had taken the wrong medicine, and suddenly started treating him especially well.

Song Shuhang was especially unaccustomed to the great emperor ‘showing love’.

“Just practice hard, that will already be enough for me. Don’t think so much, you helped me come back to life, and that already makes me owe you everything.” The Great Northern Emperor vigorously patted Song Shuhang, and said, “Get ready. Everyone, start using your meditation techniques and your cultivation techniques, I’m about to activate the formation.”

After he said that, the Great Northern Emperor rose into the air, floating above the large formation.

Sage Monarch Melon Eater shouted, “Senior~ Great Emperor~ What am I supposed to do?”

He was the main character of this ‘body abandoning’ ceremony, yet the great emperor actually didn’t tell him what he was supposed to do at any point of the process. His heart was currently in panic; he felt like he had just been baited into a trap.

The Great Northern Emperor gravely said, “You don’t have to do anything. You just have to wait there quietly. After the formation has been ​​fully activated, simply follow your instincts. Remember, when you break out of your body, follow your instincts, don’t go against them.”

Sage Monarch Melon Eater nodded, and his body floated at the center of the formation.

At this time, just when the Great Northern Emperor was about to activate the formation, he suddenly saw ‘Fairy @#%×’ behind Song Shuhang making some movements.

She broke away from Song Shuhang, and then quickly ran into an empty ‘center’. Such a matter did not need anybody else’s guidance for her at all.

The corners of the Great Northern Emperor’s mouth rose.

Sure enough, some of Fairy @#%×’s consciousness was still hidden within little friend Song Shuhang’s light of virtue. When he designed the large formation just now, he had intentionally left a spot that was most suitable for ‘Fairy @#%×’. And, as he expected, she really ran there.

“Whether it is @#%×, Cheng Lin, or the golden dragon… or the existences related to them, they are gathering by this little friend’s side. Slow-Witted Song, could you be doing all this in the dark?” the Great Northern Emperor mused.

Song Shuhang obviously was not Slow-Witted Song; this was something that he was certain of.

Although he had mistaken Shuhang for Slow-Witted Song when he’d first seen him, when he took a closer look, he noticed that the two of them were completely different. Moreover, Slow-Witted Song had no means of reincarnation or rebirth, so Song Shuhang could definitely not be a reincarnation of Slow-Witted Song.

However, what was certain was that a relationship between Slow-Witted Song and Song Shuhang existed.

After confirming that Fairy @#%× had arrived at her designated spot, the Great Northern Emperor raised his hands, and activated the large formation.

The entire formation made from Sage Monarch Melon Eater’s blood burst out with dazzling golden lights that enveloped everyone in the formation.

Even if the Great Northern Emperor had used some measures to conceal the aura of the large formation, there were still some powerful existences that were able to sense the changes in the ocean.

From the middle of the golden light, a great amount of power of virtue emerged.

The power of virtue gathered towards Sage Monarch Melon Eater’s body. Sage Monarch Melon Eater experienced terrifying pain—it was as if there were hundreds of billions of small knives that carved into his body, cutting his flesh as they did so.

He wanted to struggle and get out of the large formation. However, his intuition told him to stay put! To not move even a single muscle!

At this time, he just had to be patient and hold on!

This was the most important part of the abandonment of his physical body.

With the activation of the large formation, there was an indescribable amount of energy that came from Sage Monarch Melon Eater and flowed into the large formation, and subsequently into each of the centers.

Song Shuhang only felt a warm feeling all over his body; the feeling was as comfortable as when one soaked themselves inside a hot spring.

Moreover, the ‘fat whale illusory core’ inside his life dantian had left its lazy state as it moved around in great excitement. It greedily absorbed the energy that came from the formation, solidified, and finally finished completely forming.

Song Shuhang had finally stepped into the real Fourth Stage, and was no longer at the semi-Fourth Stage Realm.

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