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Chapter 116-Not bad abs

 "Isn't Ah Shilu injured?" Loose Practitioner Northriver said disbelievingly.

Su Clan's Ah Qi sighed. "For the past few days, I've been searching afar for methods to heal Ah Shilu's injuries. Then today when I finally returned to the Su Clan, I finally found out she had disappeared. According to the clan members, as soon as I left, she immediately ran away."

Loose Cultivator Northriver frowned. "Ran away? Your Su Clan is so big and you couldn't keep watch on a single injured Ah Shilu?"

Su Clan's Ah Qi said slightly embarrassedly. "Ah Shilu's secret method to escape from home was one left behind by me in the past. Also……when the family had discovered she disappeared, Ah Shilu had already ran off to god knows where. They haven't been able to find her after several days of searching."

 "So many people couldn't find one injured Ah Shilu?" Loose Cultivator Northriver could no longer keep his suspension of disbelief.

Su Clan's Ah Qi sighed. So as soon as he had returned to the Su Clan, he had viciously scolded those four bastards of the clan. However, he couldn't air his clan's dirty laundry out in public, so he had troubles saying anything out.

Loose Cultivator Northriver no longer pursued the internal affairs matters of the Su Clan. "So is there any news now on Ah Shilu?"

 "Mm I left an imprint on one of Ah Shilu's magical treasures. Although it's not as accurate in pinpointing as the Spiritual Imprint Art, but I can roughly tell that Ah Shilu is in the Jiangnan area." Su Clan's Ah Qi said. Because it was Ah Shilu's treasure, leaving a spiritual imprint would affect the owner's usage. Thus, he could only imprint a lower tier kind of imprint. But this kind of lower tier imprint could only give a rough gauge of the location area.

As for those magical treasures Ah Shilu had personally imprinted, they were all behind at the Su Clan. Ah Shilu was quietly running away after all, so how could this kind of items that could expose positions be brought out?

Then, Su Clan's Ah Qi said, "I'll be setting off tonight to go over there to quickly bring Ah Shilu back. I'll also like to ask if any fellow Daoists in the group are nearby the Jiangnan area now, and could help me with finding Ah Shilu. I give you my thanks."

This was also his main reason for coming online.

Song Shuhang paused on seeing this. Su Clan's Ah Shilu had also run over to the Jiangnan area?

Upon hearing Ah Qi had some methods to find Ah Shilu, Loose Cultivator Northriver sighed in relief. He said. "Why is everyone running over to the Jiangnan area now? Speaking of there, I do recall a little friend there."

 "Little friend? Has True Monarch Mt.Huang added yet another new fellow Daoist?" Su Clan's Ah Qi asked.

Loose Cultivator Northriver sent an emoticon of a shaking head. He then laughed, "Still remember that Great Pressure of Mt.Books?"

 "Oh? The one True Monarch Mt.Huang mistakenly added?" Su Clan's Ah Qi asked. After all, such an exotic Daoist title was hard to forget even if he wanted to.

 "He's now a little fellow Daoist, the process was rather interesting. I'll tell you more when we're free. I remember that he is at the Jiangnan University City. If fate wills it you may just have the chance to meet." Loose Cultivator Northriver laughed.

When Song Shuhang read till here, he immediately showed his face. Everyone in the group was a great senior. Getting familiar would make it easier to accept tasks in the future!

Great Pressure of Mt.Books, "Good evening senior Ah Qi."

 "Speak of the devil. That's right this is the time students end class after all." Loose Cultivator Northriver laughed.

Song Shuhang replied, "Today is a rest day, and I just finished cultivating and coming back from dinner with friends."

 "This little friend is from the Jiangnan area? Haha, if we meet due to fate, I'll give you a meeting gift. I can't talk anymore, I need to get ready to set off. I need to quickly get to Jiangnan area to find Ah Shilu. You all carry on slowly chatting." Su Clan's Ah Qi immediately went offline afterwards.

He didn't have time to spend in the group. He had went online mostly to ask the fellow Daoists in the group to take note of news regarding Ah Shilu.

Sighing, Ah Qi lightly whistled. His body shot up towards the sky along with his magical sabre, transforming into a streak of light. Ah Qi stepped onto that streak of light, and disappeared into the night sky.

Song Shuhang hung around in the group a while longer, and also accepted a few new senior's friend requests. After he had accepted the mission of receiving True Monarch White, the seniors in the group had started to add him as friends.

Song Shuhang suspected these seniors had ill intentions. They most likely just wanted to know first thing what his state was after receiving True Monarch White. It was even possible some seniors would want to record him, just like the True Monarch Mt.Huang of then.

And some seniors added him as a friend just to go to his online farm and ranch.

To think that a farm game could help him acquaint himself faster with these seniors. …..Song Shuhang casually opened his space before he went to sleep, preparing to enter his farm.

When he had opened his space, he saw his already friended Madsabre Threewaves had sent a picture to the space.

The scenery was that of an endless sea, and even a giant whale breaking the surface of the ocean. A handsome man with a grin was floating in midair. He had a streak of light formed from a sabre beneath his feet, stably supporting his figure.

"The East Sea is really beautiful! Just gazing at the grand sea absolutely widens one's breath of vision!"

Below, there were the praises of Loose Cultivator Northriver, True Monarch Mt.Huang, Immortal Master Copper Trigrams, Roamcloud Monk Tongxuan……etc., a whole bunch of seniors.

Loose Cultivator Northriver: And here I thought you would post a picture of the East Sea scenery. An unexpected idiot appears in midair to ruin the photo.

Great Master Tongxuan: Thumbs up emoticon.

Fairy Ye: Eh? Little Waves has not bad abs. No wonder he dares claim he has 'abs'olutely widened his breadth of vision1.

Seven-Seven: Not bad abs +1

Immortal Master Copper Trigrams: I'm here for the abs.

Immortal Master Copper Trigrams: @True Monarch Mt.Huang, I know my wrongs! Please unmute me! Thirty days is too long!

True Monarch Mt.Huang: HAHA!

Immortal Master Copper Trigrams: @True Monarch Mt.Huang, it's unfair! Even that bastard Northriver got unmuted, why am I still banned?!

True Monarch Mt.Huang: HAHA!!

Madsabre Threewaves: @True Monarch Mt.Huang, True Monarch, you need to mute that black fortune teller for another ten days or half a month. But can I be released? And Northriver you bastard, who did you say is an idiot? FIGHT ME!

True Monarch Mt.Huang: HAHA!!!

Song Shuhang thought about it, and silently gave a like to the photo. He didn't dare say anything else, and then went to his farm to plant a few more valuable plants.

Then, he switched off his computer and went to sleep.

When Song Shuhang sank into a deep sleep, near his bed a black dot appeared, slowly becoming bigger. Song Shuhang was constantly maintaining a spiritual energy 'alert system' art, but he actually couldn't sense anything!

June tenth.

Song Shuhang applied for leave for another day, then went with Tubo to the driving centre to learn his theory lessons.

Of course… truth this theory class didn't force you to join. You just had to swipe a card in the morning, and swipe ut again at two in the afternoon.

Whether or not you learnt theory was your own matter. Anyways if you couldn't pass the test when the time came, you would be the one paying money for the retest.

"Since we already applied for leave, I'll be going over to Yangde's to play. What about you Shuhang?" Tubo asked.

 "I need to make a trip to the hospital, and send big sis Zhou Yaya to the station." Song Shuhang laughed. Now that the sports meet was over, Zhou Yaya's practical had also come to an end.

Right now she was at Jiangnan University City Hospital saying her goodbyes to several acquaintances. She would take the train to leave Jiangnan University City after eating lunch. He had to send her on her way.

"Alright, then I won't accompany you. See you in the afternoon!" Tubo still had some fear in his heart when he thought of Zhou Yaya.

Ten minutes later, Song Shuhang reached the hospital, and went to the resting room to find Zhou Yaya.

Fifteen minutes later, at the hospital door, an office worker uncle who seemed to be in a hurry entered the hospital. He paused, then quickly walked towards block 8B.


1:Oh my god the goddamn wordplay. In Chinese, the word for breadth of vision(胸肌) shares a word with abs(胸). She's trying to say he has good abs(胸) so his breadth of vision(胸肌) is thus good. Obviously, the original wordplay that Fairy Ye tries to do can't survive a translation to English. I spent like twenty minutes trying to come up with a wordplay in English that makes sense and lets you know she was trying to make a play on words. Sorry Fairy Ye for turning your wordplay into a lower level wordplay.

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