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Chapter 1134: Lady Onion’s unlimited future!
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

“Eh? What happened to the gate?” Sixteen blinked in confusion.

The barrier gate was not following the script. Didn’t they lose the word game? As such, why had it suddenly disappeared?

Normally, shouldn’t they first win the game?

Su Clan’s Sixteen felt uncomfortable. She had finally made up her mind to use her trump card, yet ended up not having to use it at all as their target had simply disappeared.

It was like preparing to punch yet only end up striking cotton—it couldn’t be expressed how uncomfortable it was.

“The barrier gate disappeared?” Lady Onion had heard them and jumped up. She reached out with her small hand to touch where the barrier gate should have been—indeed, the barrier gate had really disappeared!

Song Shuhang scratched his head. “Didn’t we just fail the ‘word game’?”

Since they failed, why did the barrier gate open?

Could it be that the result was unimportant, and only the process mattered?

Thus, as long as one participated in the ‘word game’, they would be able to pass through the barrier gate?

But what would the significance of that be?

Why had Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven set up this barrier gate here?

Could it really just be a malicious joke Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven played on the people who wanted to enter?

Shi asked, “Since that word game is gone now, we can no longer grind for mental energy?”

Little Cai regretfully said, “It’s a pity. It’s hard to come by such a good method for quickly improving one’s mental energy.”

Song Shuhang said, “Well, let’s move on.”

After the barrier gate opened, the stone footpath leading to the mountain became clearer.

Now that the barrier had disappeared, there was no reason for Song Shuhang and others not to go in.

Therefore, despite their doubts, Song Shuhang and the others continued to walk along the stone path that led to the top of the mountain.

After they had walked far away, an illusionary figure appeared where the barrier gate had been.

It was a thin man wearing a red daoist robe with his hands behind his back—it was that same Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven that had planted Lady Onion. However, the figure this time was illusory, and quite clearly not his main body.

Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven gently said, “Sowing seeds, forming karmic ties… The ❮Flaming Saber Technique❯ was fate, the monster onion was fate, and Li Tiansu was also fate. The fate that was casually planted back then has now turned into thousands of ties.”

Back then, when he taught his disciple ‘Li Tiansu’ sword techniques, he had inadvertently noticed the existence of [Song Shuhang].

With kind intentions, he taught Song Shuhang a basic style of the ❮Heaven Burning Flaming Saber Technique❯, which planted a seed of fate.

Even he had not expected that in the future, the monster onion that he’d planted and his disciple in name, Li Tiansu, would meet Song Shuhang one after the other, allowing him to grow the fate that he sowed at that time.

It was as if there was a large and invisible hand between heaven and earth that had pulled him and Song Shuhang together, causing two people of different ages to become deeply tied to one another through various occasions.

Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven muttered, “Without knowing it, he has actually formed such deep ties with me… Could this little friend Song also be a genius who might become the next Wielder of the Heaven’s Will? He does indeed seem more suitable for becoming the Wielder of the Heaven’s Will than that monster onion.”

Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven was a strange one amongst practitioners.

Most of the practitioners in the universe practiced to become the Wielder of the Will and forge their own immortal legends. It was especially so for those Immortals who had stepped on their ‘path’.

After all, they’d already achieved immortality, and as they continued to advance, the only thing that remained was the Heaven’s Will!

But Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven was different.

After he stepped on his ‘path’, his goal became to ‘cultivate’ the next Wielder of the Heaven’s Will.

Even his ‘path’ was related to this goal.

The Tribulation Transcenders and the Immortals in the universe had already gotten a vague feeling—there appeared a deficiency in the current holder of the Heaven’s Will, and various signs indicated that it was about to disappear.

At that time, a whole new era would begin.

Therefore, Scarlet Heaven began to select talented seeds that could become the next master of the Heaven’s Will.

A long time ago, he planted ‘Lady Onion’ on the mountain peak here.

At that time, he told Lady Onion: [Go on and grow. Even the most common green onion will have an unlimited future. I would like to see how much you will grow in the future.]

When he said ‘unlimited future’, it was not just casual talk.

Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven’s ‘unlimited future’ referred to Lady Onion stepping on her own path one day in the future, fighting the world and suppressing all the creatures in the universe—or, to put it bluntly, beating up all the ‘Immortals’ in the universe until they gave up, and then bearing the destiny of the universe and becoming the one and only one in the universe to wield the Heaven’s Will!

Looking back, about 500 years had already passed since then.

On a random day 500 years ago, Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven suddenly got an urge to eat something, and decided to make a plate of ‘fried mutton with green onions’. However, after he cut the lamb and grabbed the green onion, he had a strange feeling.

The feeling was simply too weird. At that time, when he held the green onion, he suddenly felt something…

Ah! What if this green onion in my hand becomes the Wielder of the Heaven’s Will one day in the future?!

It was a very strange idea, even stranger than [Ah! My family’s cat will transform into a catgirl and marry me someday.]

When he got the idea, he couldn’t forget it. As a result, the rich and willful Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven found a spiritual mountain in China and laid down a barrier.

Next, he used treasures of heaven and earth to set up a ‘transformation formation’ on this spiritual mountain.

In the end, Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven planted the green onion that he had almost cooked on the peak of the spiritual mountain.

In the following centuries, Lady Onion absorbed the spiritual energy between heaven and earth, and was nourished by that ‘transformation formation’ set up with treasures of heaven and earth, which laid the most solid foundation for her cultivation.

All the monsters in the world would definitely be envious of Lady Onion—not only did she gain the ability to transform into a human when she was born, once she transformed, the structure of her meridians would be exactly the same as that of a human.

In this way, Lady Onion not only possessed the body and longevity of a monster, but also the monster energy that accumulated as the monster aged. In addition, she had a human-like body and very high talent. Hence, she could directly practice human cultivation techniques at the First Stage Realm.

From the moment she was born, Lady Onion had already reached the ‘end point’ that many monster cultivators strived for their entire lives.

In terms of cultivation talent, Lady Onion far surpassed the genius disciples of large sects. After all, that large formation set up with treasures of heaven and earth was carefully arranged by Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven, a powerhouse of the Immortal level.

Now, 500 years later, Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven used a secret method and once again saw the monster onion that he had planted.

To be honest… Lady Onion was so miserable that it was beyond Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven’s expectations.

Reasonably speaking, considering the foundation that he’d laid for Lady Onion back then, she should have at least reached the Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor Realm as 300 years passed since she transformed…

However, Lady Onion was still only at the Second Stage Realm. Even if she was rooted in the enlightenment stone, her strength was still very bad.

Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven felt a little skeptical of life.

When I was holding that green onion sprout, the thought that this spring onion might have unlimited future suddenly appeared in my mind. Was it because I had already fried the lamb in the pot until it was charred? And so, I subconsciously didn’t want to make the ‘fried mutton with green onions’ anymore, causing me to find an excuse for myself?

However, I just noticed that this monster onion’s luck has been rising, and her future still has infinite possibilities, Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven thought again as he pinched his chin.

“There is this possibility…” At this moment, a sharp sword emerged beside Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven, and said, “The monster onion has met that little friend Song, so she has opened up a future of infinite possibilities.”

Scarlet Heaven asked, “Perhaps this little friend Song is the one that should be ‘cultivated’ instead?”

The sharp sword replied, “Not necessarily. Maybe… that little friend Song, like us, is also cultivating the monster onion.”

“Hm… what you said makes sense,” Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven said, and then asked, “Why did the word game suddenly vanish just now?”

“Because someone disrupted everything, and I flipped the table in response.” The sharp sword laughed.

Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven nodded slightly, and then said, “Continue to pay attention to these little friends, and then return to my main body when there is a result. Also, remember to remind these little friends to improve their knowledge of the language of the ancient era. The language of the ancient era is an important part in creating one’s own path. ”

The sharp sword replied, “I understand.”

Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven nodded, and then his body disappeared. This place only had a mark that was left behind by a magical technique 500 years ago. After completing its task, the image would dissipate and send its memory to the main body.

On the other side.

Song Shuhang and his group were unhindered the entire way; they did not encounter any obstacles, and successfully reached the top of the mountain.

Lady Onion looked up and began to look for where she had been ‘planted’.

300 years had passed, and she only had a vague memory of where the spot she’d occupied back then was.

At this moment, Song Shuhang quickly found the place where Lady Onion was planted according to his memories from the ‘dreamland’.

When Song Shuhang was bored during the several hundred years he spent in the dream, he could only count the number of trees in the nearby forest or watch the water in the stream on the other side to relieve his boredom.

Under the effects of the ‘barrier’, the forest on the peak of the spiritual mountain had not changed much, and the trees had hardly grown. In this situation, Shuhang could find the place where Lady Onion was planted with his eyes closed.

Song Shuhang sighed, and said, “It’s over here.”

This spot was the place where he had been planted, spending day after day, year after year in the sun and rain. This was where he had turned into a spring onion and went through the darkest and most boring centuries of his life.

“Hey, you are going too far! Why are you more familiar with this place than me? I was the one planted here, okay?” Lady Onion stamped her foot.

Song Shuhang laughed, and said, “Haha, don’t be angry. Come and have a look, let’s see what might be here that would cause you to come back.”



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