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Chapter 1132: What’s the point of the word game?

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Loli Shi comforted, “Lady Onion, you had even forgotten where your home was. It’s very normal that you don’t remember this gate to the barrier, either. Rest assured, no one will blame you.”

Lady Onion felt like crying—although she couldn’t remember where her home was, she at least remembered when she was coming down the mountain after transforming.

She was different from other monsters as she hadn’t condense a monster core when she’d transformed, and there hadn’t been any storm or thunder. She had just woken up one night, and after that, she found that she was no longer a green onion, and had become a girl with green hair.

Others had to cultivate for thousands of years, but she had just woken up as a human one day. Many monsters that had to cultivate until they became a Fifth Stage monster to assume human form were about to cry themselves to sleep.

Anyway, she remembered the scene when she transformed and went down the mountain peak very clearly. At that time, she jumped all the way to a nearby forest and began her new life. From the beginning to the end, she did not encounter such a ‘barrier gate’ blocking the path.

“It’s normal for you not to remember this barrier gate,” Song Shuhang said. “This barrier gate was likely set up to only block people entering from the outside, and not block the people exiting it. You were going out from the inside, so it didn’t stop you. Now, as everyone is trying to get in from the outside, it would naturally block us from getting in.”

“Wait a second. As the master of this place, shouldn’t I be able to enter?” Lady Onion said, happily squeezing out of Song Shuhang’s size reducing purse, and then rushing towards the barrier gate with a leap.

Song Shuhang didn’t stop her.


Lady Onion hit the barrier gate, and then slipped down along the invisible barrier.

“It hurts!!!” Lady Onion screamed with tears in her eyes.

Song Shuhang lightly said, “Obviously, you no longer have permission to go in. At that time, you lived in the nearby forest for over 10 years, and you did not return to the mountain peak. It’s quite clear that you subconsciously understood why you couldn’t come back.”

“F*ck you! You read my memory, didn’t you? Otherwise, how do you know that I lived in the woods nearby for over 10 years?” Lady Onion was angry. She jumped fiercely and kicked Song Shuhang’s knee.


Lady Onion slid down Song Shuhang’s calf with eyes filled with tears, and she squatted on the ground, rubbing her little foot. “It hurts!!!”

Song Shuhang possessed strength of the Fourth Stage Realm, and with his several body tempering techniques, his physical body had long since surpassed that of an ordinary human. When Lady Onion kicked his leg, it resulted in her having to experience pain greater than when one would kick a steel plate.

“I didn’t read your memory,” Song Shuhang said lightly—he only had a dream about Lady Onion’s life.

Lady Onion said, “I don’t believe you. If you didn’t read my memory, then how could you know so much about me?”

Song Shuhang grinned. “Guess? Anyway, I can swear that I didn’t read your memory.”

Lady Onion made a bewildered face, and then she fell deep in thought. “Could it be that… I divulged parts of my life while I was dreaming?”

On the other side, Su Clan’s Sixteen started feeling out the barrier gate.

Loli Shi curiously asked, “How big is the barrier gate? Can we go around it?”

“If you can go around it, then placing a barrier gate here would have been pointless,” Song Shuhang said with a smile.

“Just break it then!” Little Cai waved her wings.

Song Shuhang said, “This is a barrier placed by an Immortal-level cultivator, none of us are capable of breaking it.”

As far as he knew, Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven had already forged his own path. Even amongst the Immortals, his combat power was relatively high. In the forbidden area, the stone giant who had been trapped and sent by Song Shuhang into the Netherworld Realm was also an Immortal-level existence, yet it’d been defeated by Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven.

“Found a clue over here… There’s some text. It’s in the script of the ancient era,” Su Clan’s Sixteen said. Her fingers, which have been touching all over the barrier, had found a clue.

Shi curiously asked, “What does it say?”

“I don’t know much about the script of the ancient era… I’ll transcribe it first.” Su Clan’s Sixteen’s left hand continued to explore the barrier gate while she took out a pen and paper with her right hand and copied the writing she’d found.

After copying the text, Sixteen took a picture with her mobile phone, and she prepared to send it to the Nine Provinces Number One Group and see if any of the seniors knew what those words meant.

But when she opened her phone, she found that there was no signal.

Su Clan’s Sixteen said, “There’s nothing we can do, let’s go down the mountain first and go somewhere with a signal so that we can figure out what these words mean.”

Yet, as soon as she finished talking… a bright pattern appeared above Song Shuhang’s ribs.

Light shone through Song Shuhang’s t-shirt.

Loli Shi said, “Huh? It looks like a Calabash Brother? I’ve seen this TV show before.”

Little Cai: “It’s in 3D!”

Song Shuhang: “…”


It was the ‘Learning God System’ prototype given to him by Venerable White. Because he didn’t want the 3D Calabash Brother tattoo to be seen by others, he purposely attached it to his waist and hid it under his clothes. He didn’t think that it would actually have its own light effect that could find its way out through the clothes. It was simply too cruel.

Sixteen pinched his chin as she seriously said, “Shuhang, I didn’t expect you to like such cute tattoos.”

“Don’t get the wrong idea.” Song Shuhang waved his hands as he said, “This is the ‘Learning God System’ designed by Venerable White. It somehow started up by itself. As I felt that the tattoo was a bit too embarrassing, I pasted it onto my waist. I just didn’t expect this thing to come with its own light effects.”

At this time, in Song Shuhang’s mind, Venerable White’s calm and emotionless voice sounded. [Detected words of the ancient era that the host does not recognize. Starting up the Learning God System. Successful learning will grant the host with 1 Learning God point.]

Song Shuhang: “…”

Shi curiously asked, “What is the Learning God System?”

“An auxiliary system that allows people to become a learning god.” Song Shuhang looked up at the sky, and said, “You guys just wait for a bit, I’ll be entering the learning god mode.”

After about three breaths of time.

Song Shuhang’s eyes lit up. “Got it, I know what these words mean. This sentence is saying ‘Next is a fun word game that you can use to open the barrier gate. Will you participate?’. If we choose Yes, then we enter the stage for the word game. Are we going to participate?”

“A word game… Are the words in the game going to be from the language of the ancient era? My performance in the language of the ancient era courses have always been poor. I would at most know one or two phrases.” Su Clan’s Sixteen shrugged her shoulders, and said, “Compared to rolling my tongue to speak the language of the ancient era, I prefer to spend my time practicing with saber techniques.”

Loli Shi raised her hand, and said, “I’ve only learned how to pronounce three phrases in the language of the ancient era, and my tongue has already rolled itself numb. It’s really uncomfortable. Also, every time I study the language of the ancient era, it always feels like I’m going to end up spewing out saliva.”

“I haven’t studied the language of the ancient era. I’m just a wild little monster bird,” Little Cai said with her wings raised.

Lady Onion remarked, “Don’t look at me, I haven’t learned it.”

Song Shuhang said, “Heavens, I have only learned 10 phrases and 1,000 words. How are we going to play?”

Song Shuhang, who had learned 10 phrases and 1,000 words, was unexpectedly the most proficient in it among everyone.

In addition, he had also learned some literature of the ancient era back in the scholarly faction. However, although he could write the text down, he didn’t know how to read it.

“Let’s just give it a try for now. I feel that the creator of the barrier gate wouldn’t be cruel. Even if we lose the game, our life shouldn’t be in danger,” Su Clan’s Sixteen said. Moreover, she had a trump card in her hand, and if things didn’t go well, she could simply use it.

Song Shuhang said, “Then, let’s make the choice. We choose ‘Yes’.”

Song Shuhang said the [Yes] word in the language of the ancient era.

The three humans, one bird, and one green onion felt as if the entire world had started spinning.

In the next moment, they found themselves in a vast desert.

In addition to the three humans, one bird, and one green onion, there were two other figures who were there with them.

The virtuous lamia stood behind Song Shuhang with a serious face. Then, when everyone’s eyes were on her, she suddenly tilted her head and turned away from the others.

In addition, there was a puppet wearing a scary mask. The body of the puppet, which was originally severely damaged, was now completely intact.

Song Shuhang guessed, “This isn’t reality. A spiritual world?”

If it was a spiritual world, then it was understandable that the puppet with the scary mask appeared. But why was the virtuous lamia here as well? Wasn’t she simply golden light of virtue?

But… whether it was the virtuous lamia or the puppet wearing the scary mask, both were linked to the ancient era.

The two of them should be proficient in the language of the ancient era; perhaps they could be of great assistance!

Song Shuhang asked, “Both of you know the script of the ancient language, right?”

The virtuous lamia turned her head to look at Song Shuhang. Her eyes rolled, while the mole right by her eye added a strange charm to her.

After a moment, her red lips slightly opened, “Aaaaaaaaah!!!”

Song Shuhang’s scream came out of her mouth.

Then, she slowly fell to the ground and ‘died’. Perhaps it was because they were in a spiritual world, but the virtuous lamia had died in a very lifelike wai, with blood flowing out of her mouth.

Song Shuhang: “…”

It was stupid of him to actually expect anything from the virtuous lamia!

After sighing, Song Shuhang turned to look at the puppet wearing the scary mask. Though virtuous lamia was not reliable, the puppet could still be somewhat depended on, right?

The puppet’s eyes sparkled with yellow light as she stared right back at Song Shuhang.

Loli Shi curiously asked, “What are the rules of this word game?”

[The rules of the word game are very simple. The generals of both parties will have to conduct a dialogue using the language of the ancient era. Upon making a mistake or mispronouncing something, the general who made the mistake will have to bear the brunt of an attack. When a general loses all of their health bar, the game will conclude.] A voice echoed in the air, explaining the rules of the ‘word game’.

Song Shuhang wondered, “Both parties? Who is the other party?”

…Besides, did this word game have any special meaning?

Song Shuhang felt that Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven wasn’t someone who would do meaningless things.

Whether it was planting Lady Onion, taking Li Tiansu as a disciple, or imparting Song Shuhang with the ❮Flaming Saber Technique❯ in his dream, it seemed that he had planned everything out.

With that being the case, wouldn’t that mean that this seemingly playful word game also had a special meaning?

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