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Chapter 1128: Fellow Daoist, please wait

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Song Shuhang grabbed the teacup again and took a sip, and then asked, “Fellow Daoist, what do you think?”

The blond man frowned, lost in thought, and did not immediately answer Song Shuhang.

Just now, the saber intent at the end seemed as if it would cut the sky apart, which caused him to feel a tingling sensation on his skin. The saber intent was exceptionally sharp. He had to admit that… Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song had indeed perfectly integrated ‘offense and defense’ into one.

Should he also try to make his armor intent attack?

As soon as this idea emerged, he immediately cut it off from his mind.

The combination of attack and defense was the path of Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, and not his path. He had to remain firm on his own path, sticking to defense and only defense!

At this time, Su Clan’s Sixteen stood up, held the teapot, and filled Shuhang and the blond man’s cups with tea.

The blond man drank the tea, and sighed. “Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song, you truly did not disappoint me. When it comes to ideologies on attack and defense, yours is truly unique.”

However, Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song’s ‘offensive and defensive saber intent’ still failed to convince him completely. He kept on getting the feeling that there was something missing in Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song’s ideas, that it was merely an illusion of harmony!

But what was really missing in ​​Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song’s ideas? He still couldn’t tell.

Therefore, he decided on identifying ​Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song’s ideals as part of the centrists. Attackers, centrists, and defenders—the question of which one was the real king would be decided in their battle tonight.

Song Shuhang suddenly said, “Every cultivator has its own path, and after stepping on the said path, they may gain the opportunity to achieve immortality. Nevertheless, the path of others may not be suitable for oneself.”

This was what he felt. He had contacted several elders and had some knowledge of such things.

“One’s own path…” The blood man nodded, and said, “Everyone has their own path, and I agree with this. But I think that my own path must also be recognized by others for its correctness.”

Song Shuhang: “…” If others don’t recognize it, then would you use your fists to get others to recognize it?

“Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song, we’ll meet again at tonight’s battle of the full moon.” At this time, the blond man stood up, and he no longer bothered hiding his identity. “I have invited the Daily Cultivator, Secret Information Center, Shengang Broadcasting Station, Temple Channel, Magician Hub, etc. to broadcast the battle tonight.”

Song Shuhang sighed in his heart. Sage Monarch Winter Melon really wanted to make some big news.

“I know that Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song has yet to recover to peak condition. Here, this is a holy elixir, an extremely precious treasure. It should be enough for you to recover to proper condition before tonight,” Sage Monarch Winter Melon said as he took out a small bottle, throwing it at Song Shuhang.

“This precious elixir can be used to save one’s life. Giving it to me for the battle tonight… do you think it’s worth it?” Song Shuhang shook the small bottle and smiled.

“Not worth it,” Sage Monarch Winter Melon said with a pained expression. “So, would you return it to me?”

Song Shuhang: “…” He didn’t expect Sage Monarch Winter Melon to answer like that. And what was with that reply?

Sage Monarch Winter Melon said, “Cough~ Actually, this elixir is the fee for asking Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song to fight with me. After all, if I was Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song, who had been inexplicably forced to go out and fight, I’m sure that I would not go to participate. Therefore, this fee is necessary.”

Song Shuhang: “…” At least, the guy turned out to be self-aware.

“So, that’s all.” Sage Monarch Winter Melon got up and was ready to leave.

At this time, Song Shuhang said, “Is it necessary to fight?”

Sage Monarch Winter Melon firmly said, “Yes, even if you choose to avoid the fight, I will haunt you. Although I know this is wrong, I just have to fight you.”

He wore the shining armor intent and his entire being came to look like those Holy Knights in myths, yet his mouth just had to spout out the words of an asshole.

Song Shuhang said, “What if I refuse?”

Sage Monarch Winter Melon slapped the armor on his chest as he proudly said, “Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song, you should have already gotten your answer from what I said in my Profound Sage Speech. Since ancient times, no one dared to consider themselves first in literature, but no one wanted to be second when it came to military power. Even if you refuse to duel, it is useless. This battle between you and I is something nobody shall be able to stop!”

Song Shuhang said, “Then… I give up!”

“Don’t even think about it,” Sage Monarch Winter Melon said.

“It seems like I can only tell you about a big secret about me,” Song Shuhang said.

Sage Monarch Winter Melon stopped, and said, “Pray tell.”

Song Shuhang said, “Actually, I am not an Eighth Stage Profound Sage. I am only a Fourth Stage cultivator. Because of a coincidence, I’ve ended up condensing a Sage Seal. Even my current strength has yet to truly reach the Fourth Stage and can only be considered to be at the semi-Fourth Stage.”

“Hahahahaha.” Sage Monarch Winter Melon laughed. After laughing, he said, “Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song, it was a funny joke.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Sage Monarch Winter Melon firmly said, “Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song, I know you’re very strong. In fact, when I left the Heavenly Tribulation Realm, I met with Fellow Daoist White, who was in the middle of his tribulation. He told me everything, Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song. He said that you are the most talented cultivator he has ever seen. For you to actually only have used four months of time to get to the Fourth Stage Realm after being an ordinary mortal… To be honest, even I was a bit stunned to hear that. However, it is because of Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song being so monstrous and talented that I’ve become even more motivated to fight you. I want to let the practitioners of all systems know that my ‘path of defense’ will not lose even to the most monstrous genius!”

Song Shuhang responded, “That’s true, but—”

Sage Monarch Winter Melon said, “Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song, please don’t hold back and fight with everything you have! Even if I lose, I will have no regrets.”

Song Shuhang looked up at the sky.

“Well, it’s decided,” Sage Monarch Winter Melon said as he walked away step by step.

Song Shuhang suddenly asked, “Fellow Daoist, how many nuclear bombs can your path of defense take on?”

Sage Monarch Winter Melon turned around, and said, “Are you talking about the kind of nuclear bombs and hydrogen bombs in Fellow Daoist White’s heavenly tribulation?”

Song Shuhang nodded slightly, and said, “Can you tell me?”

Sage Monarch Winter Melon said, “Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song, you are asking so openly, but I don’t really know how to answer you. I’m guessing that if the power of the nuclear bombs is at the initial level of the Eighth Stage, then with my path of defense, I wouldn’t be afraid even if dozens of them were to attack together. As for the power of the hydrogen bombs, I’m too unclear, so it’s hard to say.”

Of course, what he said were just his speculations. In fact, if he defended with all his strength, he would certainly be able to defend against the power of the explosion of an even greater number of nuclear bombs.

“The power of a hydrogen bomb is at the peak of the Eighth Stage,” Song Shuhang added.

Sage Monarch Winter Melon took a deep breath. “If that’s the case, then I’m afraid that I would, at most, be able to defend against one hydrogen bomb.”

“If that’s the case, I’ll ask you another question.” Song Shuhang then asked, “If faced with 1,000 nuclear bombs and 100 hydrogen bombs, would Fellow Daoist be able to resist?”

The corners of Sage Monarch Winter Melon’s mouth twitched. “I would definitely die.”

Song Shuhang nodded silently, and then began to scan his inventory of the heavenly tribulation weapons—Senior White had already grinded numerous waves of heavenly tribulation over a day and a night. And after he grinded them, he sent them to the Inner World through Song Shuhang’s left hand.

However, the number of hydrogen bombs and nuclear bombs had not yet reached the initial estimates. Song Shuhang could only guess how many more of the bombs Senior White could grind before tonight.

“Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song, why are you asking this?” Sage Monarch Winter Melon asked in response.

Song Shuhang thought for a moment, and then said, “Well, actually… I have a magical technique that I want to show to you, Fellow Daoist.”

Originally, he had intended on conducting the trick of ‘nuclear deterrence’ on the night of the full moon. With some words, perhaps he could even get Sage Monarch Winter Melon to retreat.

And, by that time, Senior White would definitely have grinded more nuclear bombs and hydrogen bombs, so the effect would be even greater.

However, Sage Monarch Winter Melon had invited the ‘Daily Cultivator’ and journalists from major practitioner circles to make big news.

Song Shuhang was worried that when using the ‘nuclear deterrence’ during the live broadcast, things might not go as planned.

For example… Sage Monarch Winter Melon, because of the numerous eyes on the scene, might stand his ground and try his best to resist the bombs.

Furthermore, with so many reporters present, Song Shuhang would be apprehensive in using the hydrogen bombs. Although he knew that they weren’t able to explode in the main world, it wasn’t something that others knew of, so if he did such an act during the live broadcast, there would likely be a lot of trouble.

In the end, nuclear deterrence was an act of terror. He also wanted to conceal it for now, and perhaps use it in more important times in the future. Such a trump card would not be effective if it was done on live broadcast.

After much deliberation, he felt it was better to use the ‘nuclear deterrence’ now.

It would be best if he could scare Sage Monarch Winter Melon now. If not… he would go directly to his Inner World and wait for Venerable White to finish his heavenly tribulation and then come out to defeat Winter Melon.

Sage Monarch Winter Melon laughed. “Whatever magical technique that is, just reveal it in the evening.”

After saying that, Sage Monarch Winter Melon took big strides as he went towards the horizon.

“Fellow Daoist, please wait. I feel that it would be best to display this magical technique right now,” Song Shuhang said as he snapped his fingers and opened his Inner World.

In the sky, ripples appeared as nuclear bombs squeezed out of the space. These nuclear bombs peaked into the main world, while half of their bodies remained within the Inner World.

Each warhead carried the aura of the heavenly tribulation and terrifying pressure. This batch of nuclear bombs all had the offensive power of someone at the beginning of the Eighth Stage.

There was a total of almost 200 nuclear bombs, and this was only a fraction of the total number of nuclear bombs that Song Shuhang had.

“F*ck!” Sage Monarch Winter Melon’s eyes widened.

Song Shuhang wanted to pose with both arms crossed in front of his chest, but as he only had one hand today, he had to give up on the idea.

And so, he could only pose with one hand in his pants’ pocket as he calmly said, “So, Fellow Daoist… are you really certain that you want to fight with me tonight?”

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