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Chapter 1127: Two Sages’ Debate

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The blond man sat down cross-legged opposite to Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang’s eyes slightly lowered. Then, he reached out to take out a bamboo cup from his magical bracelet.

To his side, Su Clan’s Sixteen had also reached out to pick up the bamboo cup, added some tea leaves, and made the ‘Living Spring’ tea.

“Guest, please.” Sixteen handed the tea to the blond man.

At the same time, she scrutinized the other party.

Even though the blond man was trying to suppress his aura, he could not hide the pressure when he moved his hands. This blond man was most likely ‘Sage Monarch Winter Melon’.

When an Eighth Stage Profound Sages condensed their Sage Seal, they would gain the power to ‘show their divinity to the masses’. Under normal circumstances, whenever a cultivator saw a Profound Sage, they would immediately know their Sage Name and identity.

However, as Profound Sage Winter Melon was a genuine Eighth Stage Profound Sage, Song Shuhang and Su Clan’s Sixteen couldn’t be sure whether the other party had the means to hide their ‘Sage name’ or not.

So, they just stuck to thinking that the other party was really Sage Monarch Winter Melon.

What to do next?

Since the other party had already come out… Shuhang couldn’t just say, ‘I spoke out thoughtlessly just now, so you can go back from whence you came’, right?

“Thank you, Little Fellow Daoist.” The blond man, Manstein, took the bamboo cup from Su Clan’s Sixteen’s hands, took a sip, and sighed. “Great tea.”

Song Shuhang smiled, and said, “Fellow Daoist, are you not afraid that there might be something wrong with the tea?”

“I have trust in the character of Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song, the first Sage in a thousand years.” The blond man then praised, “Moreover, this tea contains strong vitality. A single cup can prolong one’s life by at least 50 years, truly worthy of Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song. ”

Such a precious treasure that can prolong one’s life is actually being used by the other party to make tea…

Is this the grandeur of the first Sage in a thousand years? If so, his style cannot be considered weak, the blond man thought.

Song Shuhang smiled and nodded slightly—the other party’s trust in him caused him to be slightly embarrassed.

The blond man said, ” After drinking Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song’s tea, I’m embarrassed for not being able to bring out anything worthy in exchange.”

From the moment they met, the two sides had already entered a ‘competition’.

With Profound Sage Tyrannical Song entertaining him with tea that could extend one’s life by 50 years, he definitely could not show weakness.

So, the blond man waved his hand and brought out a huge food container from his spatial magical treasure.

When the food container was opened, all kinds of immortal dishes were revealed before their eyes.

“This is an immortal banquet that I specifically requested from an immortal chef. Although it can’t be compared to Immortal Fairy Bie Xue’s cooking, there are still some precious ingredients within it that I personally cultivated. Eating this can strengthen one’s body… and if you eat a large amount of this, then you would even be able to regenerate a limb. If Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song needs it, I can request a batch of it for you,” the blond man said as he stared at the location where Song Shuhang’s left hand should be. Although there was an illusory arm, with his eyesight, he could naturally perceive it as fake at a glance.

“Thank you Fellow Daoist, but there’s no need for you to do so. My left arm was not lost. I lent it to a friend for a few days, and it will be returned soon,” Song Shuhang said as he smiled.

The blond man took a serious look at Song Shuhang’s left arm—sure enough, the left arm had not been cut off. Instead, some secret method, which he couldn’t see through, had been used to ‘remove’ it and keep it in such a state.

“Will Fellow Daoist’s left arm be back by tonight?” the blond man asked in a deep voice.

“It depends on how long the heavenly tribulation lasts,” Song Shuhang replied. This guy… he undoubtedly was Sage Monarch Winter Melon.

However, since the other party had hidden his Sage Name using special means, it meant that he did not want to meet him directly as ‘Sage Monarch Winter Melon’. He probably wanted to wait until the night came before coming to fight him.

The blond man: “…”

F*ck, listening to Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’s words, it sounded like his left arm was borrowed to help someone transcend the tribulation? It was actually possible?

As they chatted, the two parties eventually fell into a temporary silence.

Then, they drank tea and ate the food silently.

After the silence, the blond man couldn’t help but ask, “Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song, which one do you think is more important? Defense or offense?”

The blond man had gone straight to the point.

Before the ‘battle of the full moon’ tonight, he wanted to have a conceptual battle!

“Whether it is defense or attack, for cultivators, they are indispensable. Both are very important,” Song Shuhang answered, using a big brain reply.

The blond man shook his head, and said, “However, people have limits, and time is also limited. For most, it wouldn’t be cost-effective to practice both offense and defense at the same time. There’s a heavenly tribulation waiting for us as we ascend each realm. To fight the heavenly tribulation, wouldn’t 10 points of defense be more effective than 5 points in attack + 5 points in defense? What does Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song think?”

Song Shuhang looked up at the sky—shiet, Sage Monarch Winter Melon wanted to drag him into a debate. However, how could a ‘fake Eighth Stage Profound Sage’ + ‘half-finished Fourth Stage cultivator’ like him possibly compare to Sage Monarch Winter Melon, a genuine Eighth Stage Profound Sage, in a discussion? He would be obliterated in mere minutes.

“It is undeniable that in the face of a heavenly tribulation, 10 points of defense would be more effective than 5 points in attack + 5 points in defense.” Song Shuhang sipped his tea, and then continued, “With this being the case, to have the other catch up, one would have to integrate offense and defense into one.”

“Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song’s answer does not satisfy me.” After the blond man said that, his body slightly shook. In the next moment, a set of golden armor appeared on his body—it was authentic armor intent.

The blond man then said, “Offense and defense are of completely opposite nature. In my opinion, the integration of offense and defense would only leave them both weakened. Still, Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song, how exactly does a person combine offense and defense into one?”

Song Shuhang: “…” How in the world did we end up talking about this?

Su Clan’s Sixteen on the side was a bit nervous, but after seeing the blond man condensing the armor intent, the corners of her mouth could not help but rise. Then, as she held a teacup with both her hands, she took a sip.

Song Shuhang placed down the teacup with his right hand, and praised, “Fellow Daoist’s armor intent truly leaves people in awe.”

Now he could see how this man had withstood the heavenly tribulation of the Eighth Stage for three years… This armor intent deserved 33,333 likes!

The blond man said, “Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song hasn’t answered my question yet.”

“Well, although I have yet to fully recover, it should be fine to show it to Fellow Daoist,” Song Shuhang said with a serious face.

He didn’t really need to say that he had yet to fully recover—the blond man should have also been able to guess this. After all, Song Shuhang was currently only showing power of the Fourth Stage.

After Song Shuhang spoke, he let out a gentle breath, and saber intent condensed in his eyes.

The saber intent emanated out, and as the fallen leaves from the forest approached Song Shuhang’s body, they were instantly crushed by the saber intent.

The saber intent wasn’t strong—the blond man wouldn’t normally pay any attention to such weak saber intent. But in the next moment, he was shocked.

He saw the saber intent twine around the key parts of Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song’s body, beginning to condense. The saber intent drew in Song Shuhang’s saber qi, and instantly formed a set of steel armor.

Exquisite lines could be seen on the armor. After the set of armor had formed, the saber intent and saber qi had completely fused…

“This… is this armor intent? No, it’s actually saber intent!” The blond man suddenly stood up.

The scene that had taken place in front of him had almost destroyed his view of the world.

The seemingly unparalleled and overbearing saber intent had actually condensed into armor?

Song Shuhang smiled, and said, “Saber intent, armor intent, both are intents that are condensed by cultivators. While offense and defense are both means of a cultivator, as long as one dares to try, it is not impossible to combine the two into one. The world is only as big as your heart deems it. As long as you dare to think and dare to try, nothing is impossible.”

The blond man pondered for a moment, and then suddenly shook his head. “However, what’s the point? It’s just condensing saber intent to become like armor intent, only to give up the saber intent’s strengths, and amplify the saber intent’s shortcomings. In that case, you’re practically just making do with the short end of the stick. Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song, what you call ‘integrating offense and defense into one’, in my opinion, is a mere joke.”

Song Shuhang smiled and shook his head. In the next moment, he willed, and more than ten ‘invisible sword insects’ appeared.

“Fellow Daoist, watch carefully,” Song Shuhang said. He gestured with his hands. Then, the ten invisible sword insects charged at Song Shuhang frantically, and they began attacking the ‘saber intent armor’ on his body.

The invisible sword insects were spirit beasts domesticated by Venerable White, but recently, they have been growing in Song Shuhang’s Inner World. In addition to that, Venerable White and Song Shuhang had jointly used the ‘Divine Beast Training System’. There appeared a small link between these batches of sword insects and Song Shuhang.

Although Shuhang couldn’t control them like he was their master, he could still command them to perform some simple actions.

…Song Shuhang had thought about letting the blond man punch him, but as the other party was likely to be Sage Monarch Winter Melon, an Eighth Stage Profound Sage, even a simple punch would be able to kill him. So, he took a step back and simply called the invisible sword insects to do the job.

The invisible sword insects’ attacks were very fast. After about 20 breaths, Song Shuhang’s ‘saber intent armor’ had reached the critical point.

Song Shuhang quickly stretched out his hand and transferred all of the invisible sword insects back into his Inner World.

This move had slightly shocked the blond man again—spatial power!

He was able to see it clearly just now: Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song did not use any ‘spatial magical treasure’. He only felt some slight fluctuations in the surrounding space, and the invisible sword insects had disappeared.

However, wasn’t mastering spatial power something for those of the Tribulation Transcender Realm?

Indeed worthy of the title of ‘first Sage in a thousand years’… he had many tricks at his disposal.

Right at this moment, he sensed that there was a change in Song Shuhang’s ‘saber intent armor’.

A shocking saber intent emerged from the saber intent armor.

The power of the saber intent was not too strong for him, but he found the ‘intent’ contained within extremely sharp.

The saber intent’s counterattack drew in saber qi and cut through the sky, covering a distance of nearly two hundred meters and seemingly wishing to cut the sky apart.

…This saber intent, which seemed to want to cut the sky apart, was something that Song Shuhang had copied from Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven’s ❮Heaven Burning Flaming Saber Technique❯. That tyrannical saber intent of Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven, which desired to burn the skies and the seas, had been changed in Song Shuhang’s hands into saber intent that desired to slash the skies apart.

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