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Chapter 1119: Has my opportunity finally come?
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

After ‘dying’, the Great Northern Emperor had seized the opportunity to cut his ties with the ancient Heavenly City.

Now, they discovered that the ancestral golden dragon also wanted to ‘die’, to give birth to a child, and also look for the Great Northern Emperor. Slow-Witted Song also wished for her plan to succeed.

Just like the Great Northern Emperor, the ancestral golden dragon also seemingly wanted to cut off her ties with the ancient Heavenly City. The Great Northern Emperor had done so by preparing a method that could allow him to be reborn. As for the ancestral golden dragon, was she planning to do so by giving birth…?

“Aren’t there other messages?” Song Shuhang asked.

“No, I’ve only found these messages so far. Perhaps there are others in the Dragon King Palace, but I have yet to find them,” Yu Jiaojiao said.

“In that case, let’s go ahead and see what messages were left on the plaque, painting, and half wooden statue,” Song Shuhang said.

The duo arrived in front of the half wooden statue, and Yu Jiaojiao’s body in the Dragon King Palace also rushed in front of the half wooden statue.

The message the ancient golden dragon had left here in this place was: [Surnamed Song, you are slow-witted, slow-witted, slow-witted!]

Song Shuhang carefully looked at the half wooden statue.

The sculpted figure was wearing a scholarly robe, and it was very likely Slow-Witted Song’s sculpture. Unfortunately, the sculpture’s upper half was missing, and there was no way to see Slow-Witted Song’s facial features.

“It would have been better if the upper half was here instead…” Song Shuhang muttered.

Even after inspecting the sculpture for a quite some time, Song Shuhang didn’t find anything useful.

“Slow-Witted Song didn’t leave any message on the sculpture?” Song Shuhang asked.

“Maybe he didn’t know how to reply to the question?” Yu Jiaojiao guessed.

Song Shuhang said, “You have a point. Let’s take a look at the other two messages.”

Next, the duo went to see the ‘painting’.

There was a lifelike divine beast drawn on the picture scroll. The beast seemed to be the combination of 36 different animals.

Song Shuhang stared at the painting, and asked, “What kind of divine beast is this?”

Yu Jiaojiao replied, “It’s the pet of the ancestral golden dragon, a divine beast that lived during the initial period of the remote era. It’s said that the beast possessed 36 different forms with different abilities. It’s a very powerful divine beast with great battle prowess.”

“A beast with 36 different forms and with each form having different abilities?” Song Shuhang held his chin and pondered. “Among its forms, was there one that looked like a pig?”

He had recalled that Senior Lightning Pig with sloth cancer he had met on the mysterious island, the same senior that had kidnapped Immortal Master Copper Trigram for breeding purposes.

Senior Lightning Pig, Senior Anus Pig for friends, possessed 36 different forms, and definitely matched the divine beast drawn on the picture scroll.

“Yes! If you look at this part of the picture, you’ll see the pig-like form.” Yu Jiaojiao pointed at the center of the picture. The curled up tail of the divine beast was that of a pig.

“Does it also have the form of a white crane?” Song Shuhang asked. The last time he saw ‘Senior Lightning Pig’, it had said that True Monarch White Crane had inherited part of its bloodline and thus one of its forms.

“Yes. Among its 18 wings, one is that of a white crane,” Yu Jiaojiao replied.

Song Shuhang was now sure that the lightning pig he had seen after dreaming about his experience on the mysterious island was the same divine beast depicted on the picture scroll.

If the lightning pig was the divine beast depicted on the picture scroll, the ‘white dragon’ it was protecting was possibly the child that the ancestral golden dragon had given birth to, her own method to cut off ties with the ancient Heavenly City.

Still, the small white dragon he saw on the mysterious island had been placed inside a crystal coffin, and its body had no life aura.

The dragon wasn’t dead, but it was waiting for the opportunity to come back to life. He knew it because when he was in the dreamland, the little white dragon came out and patted Song Shuhang.

The only problem was that something went wrong with her resurrection method.

If my guess is correct, something must have gone wrong with the ‘plan’ of the ancestral golden dragon. Just like the Great Northern Emperor, she is seemingly waiting to come back to life. The Great Northern Emperor was stuck because his foolish servant, the jade turtle, didn’t activate his resurrection method. As for the little white dragon, it must be waiting for the right conditions, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

When he was in the dreamland and recovered part of his memories of the mysterious island, he remembered carrying out a transaction with the skeletal dragon. Back then, he had poured some of his blood in the grooves of the crystal coffin.

Unfortunately, his blood didn’t resonate with the coffin in the end.

However, when he asked the skeletal dragon protecting the crystal coffin if whatever they were doing had failed, the reply he received was quite interesting.

The skeletal dragon had said, “It didn’t fail… but it didn’t succeed, either.”

The crystal coffin seemed to have reacted to Song Shuhang’s blood, but still failed to activate.

The person the white dragon was waiting for wasn’t Song Shuhang, but his blood had produced some reaction with the crystal coffin.

The little white dragon was waiting for someone, but the person she was waiting for wasn’t me. Still, this person is definitely related to me. Perhaps… it’s none other than this Slow-Witted Song, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

However, that Slow-Witted Song she was waiting for still hadn’t gone to find her.

Did something happen to Slow-Witted Song? This thought suddenly flashed in Song Shuhang’s mind.

The relationship between Slow-Witted Song and the ancestral golden dragon was very good. After building the Dragon King Palace, the ancestral golden dragon had left some messages inside, and several years later, Slow-Witted Song sneaked into the palace and replied to all the messages.

If Slow-Witted Song knew about the little white dragon, he should have already gone to look for it. Unless… something happened to him, or if he didn’t know about the little white dragon in the first place.

“What are you thinking about? Did Slow-Witted Song leave some message on the picture of this divine beast?” Yu Jiaojiao asked out of curiosity.

Song Shuhang said, “I have my theories… However, I have no proof to back them up. In addition, part of the information I have can’t be divulged to others. It’s probably due to a contract or something.”

Song Shuhang was unable to tell others about the events that had taken place on the mysterious island. He was sure that he had signed some kind of contract when he lost his memory. It was likely one of the safety measures that the inhabitants of the mysterious island had taken to protect themselves.

“I see. It must be something similar to the contract of confidentiality that I’ve signed with the Dragon King Palace,” Yu Jiaojiao said.

Song Shuhang nodded, and said, “However, I might be able to mention part of the content. For example, the divine beast on this picture scroll is very likely the same person that kidnapped Immortal Master Copper Trigram.”

“Oh! Are you talking about the one that took away Senior Copper Trigram after the battle on the summit of the forbidden city ended?” Yu Jiaojiao said.

“Yes. That senior has a very ancient bloodline as well as 36 different forms. They perfectly match the divine beast depicted on the picture scroll,” Song Shuhang said.

Yu Jiaojiao fell into deep thought—if that senior was the pet of the ancestral golden dragon, then they should have some information on it.

The next time Senior Copper Trigram came online, they could ask him to ask that senior about it.

Song Shuhang carefully looked at the picture scroll depicting the divine beast.

The message the golden dragon had left on it was: [Song One, you bald monk, bald monk, bald monk!].

“Here it is… As expected, Slow-Witted Song left a message on the picture scroll.” Song Shuhang pointed at the center of the picture, where the eye of the divine beast was, and said, “Here. Jiaojiao, you can start with the synchronization.”

“Alright.” Thereupon, in real life, Yu Jiaojiao headed toward the real picture scroll in Dragon King Palace.

Yu Jiaojiao had already given up on the idea of getting some benefit from the conversation between Slow-Witted Song and the ancestral golden dragon. The messages they had left behind felt like lovers joking and flirting.

However, she was very curious as to how Slow-Witted Song would reply. After all, everyone liked gossip.

Her main body arrived in front of the picture scroll, staring at the eye of the divine beast.

Soon after, Slow-Witted Song’s reply appeared.

[I’m not a bald monk! It’s just that I’ve lost my hair in battle. However, one small magical technique and I can grow them back! Golden-furred thing, are you jealous of my shining pitch-black hair? In addition, although I’m late, it’s because I’ve been very busy. After I was done with my business, I came to the Dragon King Palace to look for you, but you had already run away. Not only that, but you also cursed me 10,000 times! Damned golden-furred thing, do you want to die or something! Finally, as for the secret technique you wanted me to find, I’ve got it and placed where you and I know. Go take it yourself.]

My opportunity has finally come! Yu Jiaojiao’s face was full of tears.

She quickly used the secret method to enter Song Shuhang’s dreamland.

“Shuhang, I’ve made a big discovery!” Yu Jiaojiao said.

Then, she quickly updated the picture in the dreamland so that Song Shuhang could also see Slow-Witted Song’s message.

Song Shuhang held his chin. A technique that could let one regrow their hair after battle… Was it the hair growing technique?

“Slow-Witted Song was looking for a secret technique on behalf of the ancestral golden dragon! My intuition is telling me that this is the opportunity I was waiting for! I’m gonna get rich!” Yu Jiaojiao laughed loudly.

“But there is a problem: do you even know where this secret technique is?” Song Shuhang said with a smile.

According to what Slow-Witted Song said, the secret technique was concealed in a place that both he and the ancestral golden dragon knew about. In that case, how could a stranger know about it?!

“Can’t it be somewhere in the Dragon King Palace?” Yu Jiaojiao said.

Song Shuhang shook his head. “Slow-Witted Song came to the Dragon King Palace 13 years after its construction. In other words, it was his first time going to that place. Therefore, it’s impossible for this place that both of them know about to be the ‘Dragon King Palace’.”

Yu Jiaojiao was immediately disappointed. She was going to cultivate in the Dragon King Palace for quite some time, so if that thing wasn’t there, she wouldn’t have an opportunity to get it.

“Moreover, since the ancestral golden dragon was an Immortal, Slow-Witted Song shouldn’t be any weaker. Therefore, there are a lot of places where that thing could have been hidden. It could be anywhere in the universe.”



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