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Chapter 1117: Song One and Slow-Witted Song

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“How is it? Interesting, right?” Yu Jiaojiao’s voice sounded right beside Song Shuhang’s ear.

Song Shuhang: “…”

Yu Jiaojiao said, “I would occasionally stare at this plaque, and this line of words suddenly flashed before my eyes. I tested it out several times, and I found that I had to look at the lower right corner of the plaque at a special angle for it to appear. Then, I thought of you right away. Don’t you think it’s quite the coincidence? Fellow Daoist Song One?”

Song Shuhang replied, “No, ever since the time I showed my divinity in front of the masses, I’ve already changed my daoist name, so please call me Tyrannical Song.”

…For this kind of message to be on the plaque at the Dragon King Palace, from ancient times to the present… meant that many dragons, their children, and grandchildren had likely seen this message.

F*ck, in the future, I have to use the daoist name Song One with great caution lest I meet an unreasonable child or grandchild of a dragon who would suddenly bag me into a sack and start beating me black and blue.

“Hahahaha.” Yu Jiaojiao laughed sweetly.

Song Shuhang continued to stare at the plaque. As long as he stared at the bottom right corner, the text on that line would flash before his eyes once again: [Drop dead, stupid Song One x 10,000!].

Like the words on the plaque, this line was also written in the ‘Script of the Ancient Language’, and the owner of the script had used some mysterious method so that when people saw it, they could immediately understand the meaning of the sentence.

This sentence was not something that would be considered a curse… It was more of a joke among friends instead, but it also contained a strong grudge. What had Song One done to make the one who wrote this line so resentful?

Song Shuhang asked, “Was this plaque written by an ancestor of yours in your clan?”

Yu Jiaojiao said in admiration, “The exact age is no longer known. However, the owner of the plaque was a pure-blooded true dragon.”

“A true dragon?” Song Shuhang seemed to have vaguely remembered something.

“Anyway, that isn’t all, so let’s move on. There are a lot of interesting records which I found in the Dragon King Palace after searching for quite a long time,” Yu Jiaojiao said.

Then, Jiaojiao directed Song Shuhang forward.

After entering the Dragon King Palace, the mosaic became even more exaggerated. The full-screen mosaic would only occasionally allow Song Shuhang to see objects such as small tables and chairs. Song Shuhang could only follow Jiaojiao’s directions, turning either left or right.

Finally, the two arrived before a painting.

It was a huge picture of a divine beast. This divine beast seemed to be composed of 36 different types of beasts.

“Look at the lower right corner of this one too,” Yu Jiaojiao said with a chuckle.

Song Shuhang stared at the lower right corner for a while, and another sentence flashed before his eyes: [Song One, you bald monk, bald monk, bald monk!].

For ‘bald monk’ to have been repeated thrice in a row, how much resentment did the person who left this string of words have for Song One?

Song Shuhang: “…”

“How is it, how is it? Isn’t it very sensational? Senior Monk Tyrannical Song!” From Yu Jiaojiao’s laughter, he could imagine her laughing her ass off and rolling around everywhere.

Song Shuhang asked, “This painting was also left by that ancestor true dragon?”

“Naturally. If you look at the handwriting, you can find that the handwriting of the two messages is exactly the same,” Jiaojiao said while still laughing.

Song Shuhang was silent.

True Dragon… Song One… and the address of ‘bald monk’—these keywords brought him to immediately recall a specific memory.

It was shortly after he had come out of the ‘mysterious island’, and when he had entered a dream.

At that time, when he entered the dream, he seemed to have acquired some of the memory fragments that had been lost on the mysterious island. In that dream, he and Nine Lanterns were drilling a stone wall, until they finally entered a tomb.

In the tomb, there lay 10 ancient coffins.

In the center of the room was a crystal coffin, with nine bronze coffins that surrounded it.

And in that crystal coffin, a pure white true dragon lay.

The moment he saw the true dragon, his spirit suddenly received a great shock, and while that happened, he was taken into a strange spiritual space. There, the pure white true dragon had come to life and soared in the huge colorful clouds. When he saw ‘Song Shuhang’, he suddenly yelled, “Aaaah, stupid bald monk, eat my claw!”

At the same time, it extended its paw and slapped Song Shuhang. After doing that, the little white dragon jumped around happily like a child while screaming, “How delightful!”

But after it yelled cheerfully a couple of times, it became depressed again, and said, “Aiyah… Damn, I hit the wrong person.”

[The person who left the string of words couldn’t possibly be related to the white dragon in the crystal coffin on the mysterious island, right?] Song Shuhang thought to himself.

In addition to that, Song Shuhang also thought of ‘Slow-Witted Song’, which he thought was his first ghost spirit, who had done lots of bad things behind his back.

This Song One… it couldn’t possibly be Slow-Witted Song, right?

“Did your ancestor leave behind any other messages?” Song Shuhang asked—he hoped to find some clues to see if this Song One and Slow-Witted Song really were the same person.

“He did. Follow me,” Yu Jiaojiao said. She then directed Song Shuhang to move along.

Under Yu Jiaojiao’s directions, Song Shuhang shuttled among mosaics again for a long time.

Finally, he arrived at a half of a human statue. The statue was carved from ordinary wood; however, it was protected by a powerful formation and runes, which allowed it to survive eternally and keep it from rotting.

Half of the statue seemed to have been intentionally cut off by someone, leaving the statue with only its lower half. From what could be seen from half of the statue, it looked like the statue was of a man wearing scholarly clothing.

“Look at the lower right corner of this one too. Oh, wait, it should be around the position of the right foot. You can find it if you look carefully,” Yu Jiaojiao said.

Song Shuhang stared at the statue’s right foot for a while, and sure enough, another line of text flashed by his eyes.

[Surnamed Song, you are slow-witted, slow-witted, slow-witted!!]

Song Shuhang: “…”

For some reason, when seeing the halved wooden statue, Song Shuhang felt some pain on his waist as if he had been sliced there.

Was it really Slow-Witted Song?

Song Shuhang bitterly asked, “Any more?”

In his heart, he was feeling worse and worse.

“Hehehehe, naturally, there are more. The best part has yet to come,” Yu Jiaojiao said while laughing.

Under her guidance, Song Shuhang arduously moved across mosaics…

Soon, he arrived in a small study. There was only one shelf in the study, and it was filled with all kinds of books. However, since nothing there contained godly cultivation methods or anything secret, it was not blocked by the contract.

Yu Jiaojiao said, “Third row, the sixth book. It’s a white diary, take it out.”

Song Shuhang stepped forward and took out the white diary-like booklet.

This booklet seemed to be made of silk, thin and soft.

Yu Jiaojiao said, “Turn to the last page and look at the lower right corner of the page.”

Song Shuhang suddenly said, “Jiaojiao, are you really staying at the Dragon King Palace for practice, or are you just playing detective?”

The plaques, the painting, the halved wooden statue, and the diary in the bookshelf were all objects unrelated to one another other than the fact that they all had a hidden message from an ancient true dragon. As such, how much time did Yu Jiaojiao have to spend to find these things?

Yu Jiaojiao proudly said, “Hahaha, do you think that one can only devote themself to bitter practice in the Dragon King Palace? The Dragon King Palace is a combination of work and rest, and there are rules for the time of practice and rest. Moreover, looking for something in the Dragon King Palace is neither a waste of time nor a game… It’s about finding one’s own opportunity!”

“Opportunity?” Song Shuhang opened the diary.

“In the Dragon King Palace, there are countless opportunities—opportunities that were left by the senior dragons that built the Dragon King Palace, as well as others that were added by other seniors at a later point in time. When one practices in the Dragon King Palace, as long as they have the heart, they would always be able to find some adventures. As such, one’s strength making great leaps forward isn’t a dream. This is why the Dragon King Palace attracts the youth to enter for practice,” Yu Jiaojiao said. “So, I’m not simply ‘playing detective’… I have a feeling that perhaps the messages hidden in these miscellaneous things would bring me to a great opportunity! Shuhang, you have always been lucky. With this, I might be able to borrow some of your luck to encounter a great opportunity!”

Song Shuhang said, “Ah, so that’s why you seemed to have a sense of purpose even though you appeared to be playing around.”

With a laugh, Yu Jiaojiao said, “Hehehehe, anyway, stop talking and look at this. If I’m really able to find that opportunity—the opportunity left behind by that ancestor true dragon—then my strength will definitely progress by leaps and bounds.”

Song Shuhang asked, “What if there is no opportunity? What if they are just random ramblings of your ancestor true dragon?”

Yu Jiaojiao said, “That’s okay, at least I was able to let ‘Fellow Daoist Song One’ see these random ramblings and see his disconcerted expressions, which isn’t that bad, either.”

Song Shuhang replied, “Your friendship is over!”

“How petty,” Yu Jiaojiao said.

At this time, Song Shuhang opened the diary and stared at the lower right corner of the last page.

[Hey, Slow-Witted Song… If I die one day, will you cry for me?]

The handwriting in this sentence was still the same handwriting as before, but the size of the words had become slightly thinner. It had become more graceful, and was no longer as domineering as before.

But when he saw this, Song Shuhang only felt his scalp tingle and shivered uncontrollably.

Vaguely, he seemed to hear the voice of a woman whispering in his ear, repeating the sentence. “Hey, Slow-Witted Song… If I die one day, will you cry for me?”

Song Shuhang didn’t know how to describe his state at this time. After a while, he could only utter, “Heavens.”

Song One = Slow-Witted Song.

Slow-Witted Song = his first ghost spirit (probably).

So, apart from a fashionable ‘heavens’, Song Shuhang really did not know what else to say.

Yu Jiaojiao asked, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s okay, let me sort out my thoughts first,” Song Shuhang said.

Yu Jiaojiao immediately burst into joy. “Shuhang, what opportunities do you see from it?”

“Nothing yet, but I have cleared some doubts in my heart,” Song Shuhang said. “Let me think first.”

He looked at the last page of the diary again, staring at the lower right corner for a bit longer.

[Hey, Slow-Witted Song… If I die one day…]


Song Shuhang asked, “Jiaojiao, what type of true dragon was that ancestor true dragon of yours?”

Yu Jiaojiao replied, “A true dragon is a true dragon. How can there be any type?”

Song Shuhang asked, “No, what I’m asking is, what was the color of your ancestor true dragon? Was it white?”

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