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Chapter 1116: Drop dead, stupid Song One x10,000!

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The rune exuded gentle water-type magical energy. However, Song Shuhang did not recognize the rune. He frowned as his head became filled up with questions; he could not understand what the little turtle was trying to say.

Could it be… that this was the rumored way of expressing an apology by showing one’s belly?

The little turtle quickly stomped its feet, and its monster energy stirred. The rune moved, and formed into text that only Song Shuhang could see.

[Loyally serving the country.]

Song Shuhang: “…”

Sure enough, he should just catch it and boil some soup. In his mind, he was already thinking about several ways on how to cook up the little turtle.

But as he thought of turtle soup… he also ended up thinking about the ‘sky-high priced bathwater’ which was mentioned in the group today. According to that logic, wouldn’t the turtle soup actually be the turtle’s bathwater? Did this mean that he had drunk chicken’s, duck’s, turtle’s, and other animals’ bathwater in the past?

Ugh, how could soup and bathwater be considered the same?

True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon’s bathwater came about because of him running for his life. If he had been really boiled to death in the soup that time, it would have been a genuine ‘flood dragon soup’, and not just ‘flood dragon bathwater’.

Although the turtle couldn’t see the words on its belly, it saw see that Song Shuhang’s face had turned quite unsightly.

Damn, didn’t Lady Jiaojiao say that if we encountered Song Shuhang, we just had to show the rune on our belly and convert it into text, and then Fellow Daoist Song would understand that we’re allies?

Why does it seem like this Fellow Daoist Song only became more murderous?

Right at this time, the text on the turtle’s belly changed again.

[I am a subordinate of Lady Jiaojiao]

Song Shuhang: “…”

Was Jiaojiao not afraid that her joke was a bit too much? When he saw the words ‘Loyally serving the country’, he almost offed the little turtle…

Subsequently, the saber intent in his eyes dissipated. As for Yu Jiaojiao’s action of sending a subordinate to approach Gao Moumou and see what he was doing, Song Shuhang could easily guess what she was trying to do.

It was nothing more than using various means to quietly get Gao Moumou to type more stuff into his novels and be unable to extricate himself from doing so.

It seemed that the unlucky Gao Moumou, who happened to love writing novels, had dug a pit for himself.

At this time, Shuhang secretly glanced at Gao Moumou.

He had not noticed it a few days ago, but now after taking a closer look, he found that Gao Moumou had become thinner and his skin more tender—his entire being seemed to be in good shape, better than ever before.

Although Gao Moumou didn’t have the opportunity to cultivate, as he was bathed by Yu Jiaojiao with spells and liquefied pills, he had become extremely healthy and disease-free—he would have no problem living a long life.

After seeing Song Shuhang’s killing intent disappear, the turtle secretly sighed in relief.

At this moment, Song Shuhang’s voice had entered its mind. [How is Jiaojiao doing recently?]

The little turtle blinked at Song Shuhang… It couldn’t use the ‘secret sound transmission’, and it wouldn’t be good for it to speak, either, as Song Shuhang ‘s roommates would definitely be frightened if it did so.

“Why’s Shuhang staring at that stupid turtle?” Gao Moumou laughed, and said, “Oh, the stupid turtle has flipped over again.”

The stupid turtle’s favorite thing to do was to climb up the wall of the fish tank, and then lean on its back as it was flipped over. Gao Moumou reached out to grab it and flip it over again.

“This turtle is quite cute.” Song Shuhang laughed.

“Do you like it? I could give it to you if you like it,” Gao Moumou said—it wasn’t a hobby of his to keep pets. After the initial interest passed, he was no longer interested in raising the turtle.

The little turtle became anxious when it heard this.

It had come with the great mission given to it by Lady Yu Jiaojiao. It had gone through great difficulties to approach Mister Gao Moumou. If it was taken away by Fellow Daoist Song, how could it face its responsibilities?

“Forget it, I have terrifying kids at home. If I were to bring this little turtle back there, it would probably end up all broken in a few days.” Song Shuhang laughed while he took out a few packets of Spirit Green Tea. “These are some tea leaves that that friend sent me. Do you guys want some?”

“Of course. Is it still the same as previously where you can only put in one or two at a time?” Yangde asked. The Spirit Green Tea was like a divine treasure to him. With it, he was able to write programs at double the efficiency.

“Yes, only one or two at a time, don’t put any more than that.” After saying that, Song Shuhang lifted the fish tank, and said, “I’ll go and change the water for this little turtle.”

As he was changing the water for the little turtle, Song Shuhang gently asked, “Can you speak?”

“Replying to Mister Song, I can,” Little Turtle replied softly.

Song Shuhang asked, “Is Yu Jiaojiao doing well these days?”

After a farewell last time, Yu Jiaojiao went to the ‘Dragon King Palace’ for further training. It was said that there was not even any signal there, which seemed to be why she no longer showed up in the group.

The little turtle replied, “The lady is doing very well, and she can occasionally go online in secret. But when going online, the only entertainment that she can get is from downloading novels and read them later.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

It sounded like the ‘Dragon King Palace’ was a very strict place.

“Don’t mess with Gao Moumou too much, give him some rest from time to time. Office workers usually have three or four days of rest a month,” Song Shuhang said.

The little turtle said, “This little turtle understands. Then, would it be fine as long as Mister Gao can have a day off every Sunday?”

“Deal with this matter by yourself,” Song Shuhang said with a laugh.

After saying that, Song Shuhang changed the little turtle’s tank water.

“Mister Song… Can you bring me some seawater next time? I’m fairly unaccustomed to freshwater. In fact, though I might look a bit more like a tortoise, the blood of sea turtles flows within me,” the little turtle said.

Song Shuhang: “…”

After changing the water for the little turtle, Song Shuhang was just about to take it out when it remembered something.

The little turtle said, “By the way, Mister Song. Lady Jiaojiao had ordered me to transfer the rune on my belly to you when I met you. Please reach out and press the rune on my belly.”

So, Song Shuhang flipped it over, and then poked its belly. “What do I do?”

The little turtle shyly said, “Lady Jiaojiao personally told me the secret method, please wait. By the way, Mister Song, please move your finger up a bit, this little turtle is a female turtle.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

He then moved his fingers slightly up.

The little turtle used the secret method, and the rune on its belly seemed to come to life. It climbed up Song Shuhang’s fingers, all the way to his wrist. Finally, it transformed into a beautiful mermaid pattern.

The pattern was very familiar to… Yu Jiaojiao’s mother.

That girl really likes to take pictures of her mother and spread them around. I wonder what True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon would feel if he were to know about it?

The pattern was branded on his wrist—now he had to look for another method to cover it. Otherwise, others would think that he was some pervert who had gotten a tattoo of a beauty on his wrist.

Song Shuhang asked, “What’s the use of this rune?”

“This little turtle doesn’t know.” The little turtle shook its head, and said, “Lady Yu Jiaojiao only told me to transfer it to Mister Song, she didn’t say anything else.”

“I see,” Song Shuhang said.

That night, in Song Shuhang’s dormitory, the four of them chatted about all kinds of things for a long time, and it was not until early in the morning that they went to bed one after another.

In consideration of Song Shuhang’s face, the little turtle did not mess with Gao Moumou.

Gao Moumou was finally able to get some good sleep.

Tubo also didn’t hear the weird typing sound in the middle of the night.

As for Shuhang, he had a weird dream.

Immediately after falling asleep, he suddenly found himself on the ocean floor, surrounded by various marine creatures that were swimming around.

[Such a realistic feeling, did I enter the ‘dreamland’ again?] Song Shuhang said.

[What do you mean by that?] At this time, Yu Jiaojiao’s voice echoed right by his ear.

[Jiaojiao? Is this your doing?] Song Shuhang immediately understood—it should be the rune that he had obtained from the little turtle earlier that caused him to dream about this scene.

[You are making it sound like something bad. Anyway, I saw something interesting and wanted to share it with you. Also, you haven’t answered me yet. What did you mean by ‘enter the dreamland’?] Jiaojiao’s voice was again right by Song Shuhang’s ear. However, Song Shuhang could not see where she was.

[It’s one of my special abilities. Sometimes, I get very interesting dreams. I learned the ❮Flaming Saber Technique❯ in a dream I entered,] Song Shuhang said.

[You can learn martial arts in your dreams? What kind of abnormal special ability do you have?! Is it some kind of cheat?] Yu Jiaojiao ridiculed.

Song Shuhang: “…”

[Alright, what did you want me to see?] Song Shuhang asked curiously, changing the topic.

[You should know that I am studying at the ‘Dragon King Palace’, right? I saw something interesting while I was in it,] Yu Jiaojiao said with a smile.

[Wait, isn’t the Dragon King Palace a forbidden area for others? Is it okay for you to show me what’s inside it?] Song Shuhang asked.

He knew, that regardless of which sect or family it was, their forbidden areas would always have strictly enforced rules. Even if Yu Jiaojiao was True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon’s daughter, if she were to take Song Shuhang, who was an outsider, to pry into the mystery of the Dragon King Palace, the consequences were not something that Yu Jiaojiao and Song Shuhang could afford to suffer.

[I’m not stupid to the point of taking you to the Dragon King Palace to seek death. I am just using a special spell to take you into a part of my memory. Just like showing you a video. Moreover, the part involving secrets has long been blocked by the power of the ‘Dragon King Palace’ contract. Nothing you will see is a secret,] Yu Jiaojiao said smugly.

When Song Shuhang heard this, he felt relieved.

[Are you ready? Let’s go,] Yu Jiaojiao said.

In the next moment, Song Shuhang’s consciousness was dragged deeper to the bottom of the sea.

On the way, there should have been a lot of iconic buildings or formations, but in the eyes of Song Shuhang, they were all blocked by mosaic. This was the blocking power of the contract that Jiaojiao mentioned earlier.

Censorship was an evil thing. What should have been pure images could become evil when coupled with the mosaic censorship.

Song Shuhang vision was currently like this.

With a glance, he saw all kinds of mosaic floating on the seafloor. There were squares, circles, triangles, cylinders, and different polygons, with some even having the ability to move.

Soon, Yu Jiaojiao took Song Shuhang to the door of a large hall.

“Look over here, at the lower right corner of the plaque. Stare at it and you will find something interesting,” Yu Jiaojiao said with a smile.

Song Shuhang stared at the location indicated by Yu Jiaojiao.

[Drop dead, stupid Song One x10,000!] A string of text suddenly flashed in front of Song Shuhang’s eyes.

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