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Chapter 1113: Forever alone

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Song Shuhang could only hate his hand for not being fast enough—he should have definitely hung up the moment Dharma King Creation said ‘It’s me, Dharma King Creation’. Or, maybe even hung up the moment he heard Dharma King Creation’s voice.

However, his reaction was too slow. Perhaps Fairy Fleeting Life’s singing the ❮Seven Deaths Song❯ had disturbed his mind or something; he didn’t really know…

Anyway, the point was that his finger was too late.

Then, Dharma King Creation’s horrible singing voice had come through from the phone.

And this time, Song Shuhang’s phone was still close to his ear, and the demonic tune went straight into his brain.

Ghosts and spirits wailing and howling, the heaven and earth collapsing, mountains losing their peaks, and rivers drying up… At this moment, Song Shuhang felt like he was witnessing the end of the world.

His body went weak, and he almost fell to the ground.

He even faintly saw his late great-grandfather with a kind smile on his face, spreading his hands wide open in the white clouds, ready to welcome him with a warm embrace.

Only a few days had passed, yet the power of Dharma King’s singing had increased a lot, with its lethality even doubling.

I’m dying, I’m dying, I’m dying…

Now, the only fortunate thing was that his phone wasn’t in loudspeaker mode… Otherwise, Dharma King’s singing would be heard throughout the room or even the entire building, completely letting hell go loose.

At this moment, Fairy Fleeting Life’s eyes lit up—in the end, she was still a Fifth Stage monster, and with her being of a dog on top of that, her hearing was excellent. So, she could easily hear the sound coming from Song Shuhang’s phone!

This is the voice of the Good Luck’s lead vocalist, Mister Creation! Senior Tyrannical Song unexpectedly knows him? Fairy Fleeting Life was suddenly filled with energy.

Song Shuhang shivered as he moved the phone away from his ear. Fortunately, he did not turn on the loudspeaker. After he moved the phone further away from his ears, he felt much more comfortable, and his body regained some strength. Then, he quickly reached out to hang up. He was still young, and didn’t plan on dying anytime soon.

Fairy Fleeting Life was shocked when Song Shuhang stretched out his trembling hand to hang up.

How can this be? Senior Tyrannical Song actually wants to hang up? Fairy Fleeting Life suddenly flew over to him. “Senior Tyrannical Song, have mercy!”

“Huh?” Song Shuhang was bewildered, and then he saw Fairy Fleeting Life rushing at him.

Song Shuhang stepped back, avoiding the female dog’s charge. “What are you doing?”

“Senior, please lend me the phone. I brought earphones with me, please let me finish listening to the singing of Mister Creation!” Fairy Fleeting Life quickly brought out a set of common earphones.

Song Shuhang: “…”

His hand trembled as he handed his phone to Fairy Fleeting Life. “Don’t turn on the amplifier,” Song Shuhang reminded.

Fairy Fleeting Life happily inserted the earphone jack into Shuhang’s phone and gleefully wore her earphones.

In the next moment, her face quickly turned pale as her eyes blurred.

However, a very delighted expression was still on her face.

Song Shuhang turned silent for a while.

Dharma King Creation’s singing was truly poisonous.

At the same time, Senior White Two’s voice sounded in Song Shuhang’s mind. [Damn, was your friend singing on the phone just now? That singing voice is simply crazy, it’s full of explosive and destructive power.]

Song Shuhang went into a panic—Senior White could not have fallen in love with his voice, right?

[Rest assured, I don’t appreciate such hardcore singing. As soon as that fellow daoist spoke, it simply felt like my mind was being polluted,] Senior White Two said as he evaluated Dharma King Creation’s singing.

Song Shuhang responded, [Indeed, the lethality of Dharma King’s singing is famous all over the world. He is an existence capable of sending hundreds of thousands of people to the hospital with a single song.]

[Sending hundreds of thousands of people to the hospital?] Senior White Two curiously asked.

Song Shuhang sighed as he said, [Not only that, but he is also currently on a concert tour in various foreign countries… It is said that the venue would always be full, with each performance guaranteed to be watched by tens of thousands of people. At its peak, it is said that there were more than 200,000 people. It seems that it’s one of the reasons as to why the number of people in foreign countries has decreased.]

Senior White Two said, [Interesting!]

Song Shuhang: “…”

Did he say something that should not have said again?

[Where is this fellow daoist currently?] Senior White Two said. [I want to see his concert.]

It appeared that Senior White Two had gained a bit of an interest in Dharma King Creation’s concerts.

[I’ll ask for you later. I’ll just wait for Fairy Fleeting Life to finish listening first…] Song Shuhang said as he turned to look at Fairy Fleeting Life.

He saw her shake her head around violently. After shaking her head for over 10 times, she let out a high~ vibrato shout. “Aaaaaaaah~”

Then, she fainted.

Dharma King Creation was singing on the other side, yet Fairy Fleeting Life still plugged her earphones into the phone to listen to his singing… How could she possibly not faint?

Song Shuhang stepped forward and squatted down to poke Fairy Fleeting Life.

Fairy Fleeting Life’s body only trembled, frothing at the mouth.

“Not dead.” Song Shuhang carefully took off her earplugs.

From the earphones, he could hear that Dharma King Creation’s extended version of the ❮Seven Deaths Song❯ was coming to an end.

After the song ended, Dharma King Creation caught his breath as he said, “My pleasure!”

Song Shuhang applauded, and said, “Senior Dharma King, your singing is awesome. Where are you performing for your next concert?”

“The next stop is a place called ‘Luoshanji’ (Los Angeles) in the US. I forgot what its official name was, but it should be pronounced like this. Nevertheless, calling the place Luoshanji is still better than calling it Luomaoji 1 ,” Dharma King Creation said happily. “There are close to 100,000 fans waiting for me to sing and bring them hellish enjoyment.”

“You got this covered, Senior Creation. Go and let everyone in the world submit to your singing. Goodbye now,” Song Shuhang said dryly.

After that, without waiting for Senior Creation to say anything more, he quickly hung up the phone—he was afraid that the Dharma King would suddenly start singing him a new song or something. At that point, he could only accept death.

After taking back his phone, Song Shuhang said in his head, [Senior White, I’ve already got what you asked for. Next, Senior Creation will be performing in the United States’ Luoshanji— ugh, I mean Los Angeles. I’ve been confused by Dharma King’s words. Anyway, the concert’s going to be held there.]

Senior White Two said, [The distance is a bit far, but in my current state, it should still be doable. I’ll be going there next, then.]

[Wait, Senior White, you haven’t answered my question yet,] Song Shuhang said in a hurry.

Senior White Two went silent for a moment. [But you haven’t finished singing your song yet.]

[It’s already almost done being sung, can’t you let it go?] Song Shuhang said. [Also, didn’t it help you find something even more interesting?]

[Such poor reasoning,] Senior White Two responded. [Forget it, I’ll let it go this time. Jokes aren’t good, and the singing was average. Little friend Shuhang, you need to further cultivate your skills.]

Song Shuhang: “…”

Senior White Two continued, [So, to answer your previous question, the secret combined magical treasure of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect is indeed a combination of the 33 magical treasures. Your guess was correct.]

Song Shuhang frowned, and said, [However, of the 33 life-bound magical treasures of the Beast God Sect, several have been lost.]

[Having reached my realm, after seeing three or four of those life-bound magical treasures, I would immediately be able to infer its full structure. Those 33 kinds of life-bound magical treasures are closely related to one another and have various forms. They are one of the few rare magical treasures that make me want to collect them,] Senior White Two said.

Song Shuhang asked, [Senior White, does this mean that you don’t have the complete version of the secret method needed to forge the 33 magical treasures?]

[Stop asking stupid questions. You yourself said that the secret method to forge some of the magical treasures of the ‘Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect’ was lost. So, how can I have the complete version? If you have the full version, you can give it to me, and I will exchange it for a satisfactory equivalent item. My treasure trove is very, very plentiful,] Senior White Two said.

Song Shuhang smiled bitterly. [The Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect was destroyed, where can I get the complete version?]

[Indeed, the complete version might not be found inside the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect, but… where did the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect originate from? You said it yourself, it is a branch of the ancient Heavenly City’s ‘Divine Beast Department’. So, you could consider starting from this point,] Senior White Two said.

Song Shuhang shook his head. [The ancient Heavenly City’s Divine Beast Department is shrouded in even more mystery compared to the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts ‘Sect. The Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect still has ruins that one can try to find. But when it comes to the Divine Beast Department, we don’t even know if there was ruins that can be found.]

[Then, I won’t be able to give you much help~ After all, the matters regarding the ancient Heavenly City happened after my time. I’ve been staying in the Netherworld Realm all along and know very little about this part of the history of the main world,] Senior White Two said. [This is all the help I can give you for your question. I’ll be going then. Bye bye.]

After saying that, without waiting for Song Shuhang to reply, Senior White Two’s voice had disappeared.

The Divine Beast Department? Where should I go to look for its ruins…? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Then, True Monarch Eternal Fire came up in his mind.

True Monarch Eternal Fire said that after the destruction of ancient Heavenly City, the scholarly faction secretly collected many of its fragments. The 10 fragments passed on to him were only very small fragments that had no research value. It was a given that the scholarly faction also had fragments that were way bigger.

Perhaps he could get some information from him?

Song Shuhang swiped his phone and logged in to the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’.

In the group, Medicine Master and several seniors were talking about how to properly grow spiritual herbs.

From time to time, there was still some talk about serious cultivation matters.

Song Shuhang went online, and messaged, ” @Eternal Fire is very tired and wants to retire, Senior Eternal Fire, are you online?”

After waiting a short while, Shuhang found that True Monarch Eternal Fire had not responded.

It looked like he wasn’t online… Well, the fellow daoists in the group were very busy, not everyone was always online like Senior Northern River.

At this point, he should just wait until True Monarch Eternal Fire got online.

True Monarch Northern River: “Little friend Shuhang, what’s the matter?”

“I’m looking for True Monarch Eternal Fire to ask him about something related to the ancient Heavenly City,” Song Shuhang replied. At the same time, he saw Fairy Fleeting Life, who was in a coma, so he casually asked, “I have a fellow daoist here who fainted due to Dharma King Creation’s singing. She didn’t seem to respond even after being poked, so I wanted to ask: is it okay to leave her alone and let her naturally wake up?”

“Forever alone,” Frice Reckless Mad Saber hurriedly said.

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