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Chapter 1111: Heavens, Earth, Space! I’m really tired.
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

Su Clan’s Sixteen, who was walking ahead, stopped for a moment. Then, she lowered her head and glanced at her chest. She, too, would grow up one day, right?

She had started practicing since she was a child, and after reaching the Second Stage, her body development slowed down quite a lot. Under normal circumstances, her body would grow up a bit after getting to the Fifth Stage.

Yet, she couldn’t help but recall Spirit Butterfly Island’s Soft Feather, whose age was the same as hers.

No, although Soft Feather has the same age as me, her condition is rather special, so it’s normal that she looks more mature, Su Clan’s Sixteen thought to herself.

In the rear, Song Shuhang rubbed his face. “Do I really look that old?”

Fairy Fleeting Life hurried to say, “No, you look very young.” She didn’t expect that the first Sage in a thousand years would care about outer appearance that much. Being the first Sage in a thousand years, even if Tyrannical Song wasn’t a thousand years old, he was definitely more than 100 years old.

“Elder Brother Song, you look young on the outside, but the way you act seems very mature,” Chu Chu said with a smile.

“…” Song Shuhang.

He then recalled his Sage Name, Tyrannical Song.

Due to the effects of the Sage Seal, when people pronounced his name, they would say something that sounded similar to the word ‘daddy’ in Mandarin.

Was this the reason people kept associating him with an old man?

Will I show my divinity in front of the masses again after I reach the Eighth Stage for real? Will I get another ‘Sage Seal’ should that happen? Also, will I get the chance to change my Sage Name? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

If he could change his Sage Name, he would definitely remove the ‘Tyrannical’ part!

If he really couldn’t remove it, perhaps he could put it at the end of the name, like Saber Tyrannical or something of the sort.

When they got back at Medicine Master’s building, Shi had already gotten up. However, she was still sleepy and sat at the table in a daze, yawning nonstop.

Perhaps Loli Shi being too tired was the reason Sixteen decided to cook herself.

Little Cai had gone out with Fairy Dongfang Six to ferry souls, and she wouldn’t be back until evening.

Sixteen got into the kitchen, and her culinary skills far surpassed Song Shuhang’s imagination. Her cutting and slicing skills, in particular, were top-notch.

Cutting, slicing, carving, peeling…

She instantly sliced the meat, with the slices being as thin as paper, which she then curled up.

The dishes she served looked like works of art. Each of the dishes was very pleasing to the eye, and it tasted not bad.

The reason it was only ‘not bad’ was Immortal Fairy Bie Xue’s crocodile dish from a few days ago. The taste still lingered in Song Shuhang’s mouth; otherwise, Song Shuhang would have found Sixteen’s dishes delicious.

“Sixteen, are you studying to become an immortal chef?” Song Shuhang asked.

“No, but I’ve frequently practiced basic saber techniques in the kitchen. Seven even prepared some tailor-made techniques for me.” The corner of Sixteen’s mouth rose.

This was one of the reasons her domineering saber technique was this nimble.

After lunch, Sixteen returned to the house that Seven had bought for her to put in order that box of immortal clothing.

Shi went back to sleep.

Song Shuhang had Fairy Fleeting Life stay on the fifth floor and took out the box with her disciple.

Miss Chu Chu felt somewhat out of place, so Song Shuhang arranged a room where she could rest after lunch as well.

After getting into the room, she took out her laptop. Song Shuhang thought that she was going to play games. After all, she had been playing games every day with Doudou the last semester.

But contrary to his expectations, she opened a few documents and started to study diligently.

“Why so serious? Aren’t you going to play games?” Song Shuhang asked with a smile.

“I want to pass Jiangnan University’s test,” Chu Chu said with a nod. “Even if Doudou isn’t here, I promised him that I would get into this university.”

The little girl had very strong willpower.

Doudou wasn’t far from reaching the Fifth Stage Realm. After assuming human form, he could finally meet with her.

“By the way, Chu Chu, what’s your real name?” Song Shuhang asked. Even now, he didn’t know her real name.

“It’s almost the same as my online username, Chu Chuchu,” Chu Chu said after turning her head.

“What?” Song Shuhang blurted out.

Did he just hear the word ‘Chu’ repeated three times?

“My surname is Chu, and my name is Chuchu. My father had a brain cramp and gave me this name,” said Miss Chu Chu after gritting her teeth. “Back then, I quietly took the household register and the identification card and went to the police station to change my name. However, the police officer told me that this type of matter wasn’t handled by them anymore, and that I had to go to another department, the household registration office. Then, when I prepared to go there, I got caught by my father.”

Song Shuhang was speechless. Why did he find the description so familiar?

“Did your father beat you?” Song Shuhang asked. Gao Moumou had also tried something like this. In the end, he was caught, and his father gave him a good beating. Not only his father, but his mother also beat him up.

“He didn’t beat me up. However, I was forced to stay at home for half the summer vacation. I passed next to half a month in confinement,” Chu Chu said, depressed.

“It’s fine. The name ‘Chu Chuchu’ is still passable since you can just introduce yourself as ‘Chu Chu’ when you meet someone,” Song Shuhang comforted. “I have a friend that is an even worse situation than yours. His name is Gao Moumou (tall so-and-so), surname Gao and name Moumou. In the past, he also tried to change his name and got caught by his father, receiving a good beating. He was that guy wearing glasses sitting next to me in class, a little handsome. The short girl next to him was his girlfriend.”

“Pfff~” Chu Chu couldn’t help but laugh.

“Anyway, you can keep studying. If you don’t understand something, you can just ask me,” Song Shuhang said.

Chu Chuchu replied, “Thank you, Elder Brother Song.”

Song Shuhang smiled and waved his hand, leaving. He still couldn’t get used to the address ‘Elder Brother Song’.

Since he had free time at noon, Song Shuhang took his computer and opened a word document, starting to write down the ❮Encyclopedia of Animal Taming❯.

As for the various pictures, he would have to manually draw them after he had printed the whole thing.

Half an hour later, Song Shuhang smiled bitterly and stretched himself. “Typing can be really tiring.”

He had just typed the content that was in his mind, yet he hadn’t written much in this half an hour. Gao Moumou, who wrote chapters every day and spent several hours typing, really had it hard.

Just as Song Shuhang was ridiculing Gao Moumou in his heart, someone knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Song Shuhang said. He had already felt Fairy Fleeting Life’s aura outside.

Fairy Fleeting Life came in and saw Song Shuhang writing the ❮Encyclopedia of Animal Taming❯ on his computer.

“Thank you, Senior Tyrannical Song,” said Fairy Fleeting Life.

“You are welcome. Is something the matter?” Song Shuhang asked.

Fairy Fleeting Life nodded. “Senior Tyrannical Song, what you practice is the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique❯, right?”

Song Shuhang faintly smiled and nodded.

“In that case, which life-bound magical treasure did you choose to use with this technique?” Fairy Fleeting Life asked.

“Life-bound magical treasure?” Song Shuhang curiously looked at Fairy Fleeting Life. Why did she ask him this question? Song Shuhang was looking for an opportunity to ask her about that special ‘life-bound magical treasure’ of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect that could be assembled, but he didn’t think that Fairy Fleeting Life would bring it up on her own.

Fairy Fleeting Life blinked, and said, “Yes. Among the 33 divine beasts, Senior Tyrannical Song is from the whale department, correct? Information about the ‘life-bound magical treasure’ of this department was long lost and wasn’t passed down in the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect. The forging method of the camel, elephant, and tortoise department was also lost. As such, I was just curious how the ‘life-bound magical treasure’ related to the ‘huge whale’ department looked.”

From her perspective, Senior Tyrannical Song was an Eighth Stage Profound Sage that even knew about the matters related to the ‘Divine Beast Department’ of the ancient Heavenly City. Therefore, it was very likely that his cultivation technique had been obtained directly from the Divine Beast Department, and that he had a complete version of the lost ‘life-bound magical treasure’ of the whale department with him.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Heavens, Earth, Space!

He was truly dispirited now. He was planning to obtain that special forging method from Fairy Fleeting Life, but it turned out that the method to forge the ‘life-bound magical treasure’ of the ‘huge whale’ department had been lost already. On the contrary, it was Fairy Fleeting Life who hoped to know more about the life-bound magical treasure of the whale department from him…

At this time, Song Shuhang really felt as if he had f*cked a Doudou… No, that was improper. Doudou would soon get married to Fairy Fleeting Life, and it was improper to covet Fairy Fleeting Life’s soon-to-be wife!

Fairy Fleeting Life saw that Song Shuhang didn’t reply. Therefore, she hurried to say, “Senior Tyrannical Song, don’t misunderstand. I’m not planning to get the method to forge the life-bound magical treasure of the whale department from you. After all, the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect had been destroyed already, and I have no intention of gathering the various cultivation techniques of the sect. I was just curious how the life-bound magical treasure of the whale department looked…”

“Fellow Daoist Fleeting Life, that’s not what I meant.” Song Shuhang smiled and shook his head. Then, he said, “Due to certain reasons, I still haven’t forged a life-bound magical treasure.”

“Ah?!” Fairy Fleeting Life opened her eyes wide. Then, her imagination started to run wild. “Senior Tyrannical Song, is it possible that you never forged one, because you didn’t have the method to forge a suitable one?”

“More or less.” Song Shuhang smiled bitterly.

Fairy Fleeting Life was dumbfounded. Then, she sighed with emotion. “Senior Tyrannical Song, you are really incredible. Even without a life-bound magical treasure, you were able to reach the Eighth Stage.”

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