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Chapter 1110: Legdon
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

When Song Shuhang took Chu Chu and Fairy Fleeting Life back to Medicine Master’s building, they passed a small alley along the way.

A moment later, he had come to witness a familiar scene somewhere in the alley.

In the alley, six ruffians with various hair colors had surrounded a young girl.

The young girl was petite, with a height of only about 1.5 meters; she had short hair, but still looked pretty. Due to her petite figure, she looked like she was just a high school student… but she was probably slightly older.

At this moment, the girl was carrying two big bags in her hands—both contained some fresh ingredients. She should have been on her way back from the vegetable market when she met these six ruffians.

Among the six ruffians, there was a guy close to 1.8 meters tall. He had a smile on his face as he forced the girl against the wall using kabedon.

“Beauty, it’s quite a beautiful day today, isn’t it? Don’t you feel lonely? Would you like to have some fun with this brother?”

“We’ve got a lot of ways to ensure that you have fun.”

“We brothers are not bad guys, no need to be afraid. Hehehehe.”

“We can take you to play for free, how about it?”

“Sister, don’t be shy, be generous, be bold.”

“Give us some face and say something.”

Song Shuhang rubbed his forehead. Sixteen really seemed to be a magnet for kabedons… Didn’t she say that she would be practicing at home today…? How did she end up getting kabedon’ed in an alley?

Then, Song Shuhang saw the ingredients in Su Clan’s Sixteen’s hands… Could it be that she was thinking of preparing lunch?

Su Clan’s Sixteen also saw Song Shuhang. After seeing him, a glint of silver flashed in her eyes. Then, she smiled happily as she moved towards Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang nodded towards her.

With Sixteen’s strength, dealing with these weak chickens was something easy. However, now that he was here, it was natural that the chance to perform was given to him.

Song Shuhang strode forward, raised his leg towards the 1.8-meter tall guy, and sneak attacked him from behind him.

His control over his power was very good. Although the other party wasn’t going to suffer any serious injuries, he would be in for a hell of a pain, which might force them to be unable to get out of bed for a few days.

“Aaaaahh!” The 1.8-meter tall ruffian was kicked and flung away; he fell heavily to the ground and cried in pain.

Men did not cry easily. A man wouldn’t cry just because he’d been placed in a dire situation… but at this moment, the pain he was experiencing was simply too extreme. This kind of severe pain level was comparable to a pregnant woman delivering their baby + her belly getting bitten by a mosquito.


“Dirty guy, you actually dared to attack from behind?!”

“Ah Rong, Ah Rong! Are you all right?”

“Kill this guy!”

Song Shuhang calmly looked at these ruffians, and slightly released the coercive effect of the ‘Sage Seal’ towards them.

In the next moment, the previously arrogant ruffians immediately knelt down.

“T-Tranni…” The ruffians only felt that something like an illusion had appeared in front of them. Song Shuhang had turned into a giant that was over 30 meters tall, and he had big hands that could crush them like mosquitos. They could only beg for mercy and plead for their life.

“Get down and roll away!” Song Shuhang said in a deep voice. He also took advantage of the opportunity to test out the power of the ‘Absolute Command’. This time, he used the ‘Absolute Command’ on all of the ruffians together to try out its group effect.

Originally, he wanted to try commanding ‘Kneel down and slap your face’. However, he felt that this command was a bit too humiliating, and did not fit his style.

After Song Shuhang’s ‘Absolute Command’ function was turned on, all the ruffians obediently lay down on the ground under the influence of his will, and then began to roll away.

Even the 1.8-meter tall ruffian who’d been kicked away was currently screaming as he was rolling away.

As they rolled to the corner, their bodies wriggled by themselves to adjust their positioning so that they could continue to quickly roll away.

Song Shuhang silently withdrew the effect of the ‘Sage Seal’. It seemed that when used on ordinary people, the group effect of the ‘Absolute Command’ of the Sage Seal was quite strong.

Fairy Fleeting Life sighed as she thought, As expected of Mister Tyrannical Song, truly amazing.

Chu Chu’s eyes widened—this student called Song was so amazing that he could send a person flying away with a single kick. Moreover, that kick was even cooler than those seen in action movies. After that, he only shouted ‘roll away’, and those ruffians really lay down and rolled away.

Did those ruffians all know him? Is that why they were afraid of him?

“Sixteen.” Song Shuhang smiled as he greeted Su Clan’s Sixteen.

“Mm-hm.” Su Clan’s Sixteen sweetly smiled, revealing her dimples. At the same time, her eyes fell on Fairy Fleeting Life and Chu Chu who were behind Song Shuhang.

“Sixteen, do you have a kabedon magnet?” Song Shuhang couldn’t help but joke.

“How should I know?” Su Clan’s Sixteen rolled her eyes cutely. She then thought that perhaps it was due to her petite figure, which made it seem that she was easier to bully.

“How does it feel to be kabedon’ed?” Song Shuhang asked.

…After he asked, he regretted it. Being too frank could really be quite a problem sometimes. If it had been before, when he had just met Su Clan’s Sixteen, perhaps he could still ask such questions jokingly, but now, he definitely shouldn’t be joking with such topics.

“Do you wanna try it?” Su Clan’s Sixteen shook her head charmingly, her short hair flying as her exquisite looks shined.

Without waiting for Song Shuhang to answer, she suddenly approached him with surprising momentum.

Sixteen was clearly petite, but Song Shuhang, who was tall, was forced to retreat into a corner.

The corner was quite conveniently shaped—it wasn’t a straight flat wall, but rather formed by two segments.

Below, there was a base-like protrusion with a height of about one meter, and the wall stood on the said base.

Su Clan’s Sixteen approached him as she carried a big bag in each hand.

Song Shuhang was pressed against the wall and sat down on the base, with his back against the wall.

Was he going to be kabedon’ed by Su Clan’s Sixteen?

But Sixteen was carrying a big bag with both hands, and it didn’t seem like she was putting down the ingredients… How was she going to kabedon Shuhang?

As he was still in thought, Su Clan’s Sixteen lifted one of her legs. Her long and slender leg then slammed and stayed on the part of the wall that was right above Song Shuhang’s shoulder.

It was fortunate that Su Clan’s Sixteen was wearing tight-fitting jeans today… otherwise, she really wouldn’t have been able to pose this way.

Song Shuhang asked, “What… is this?”

“Kabedon.” Su Clan’s Sixteen gazed at Song Shuhang while maintaining their heads at the same level. “A different style kabedon—the legdon.”

“I see,” Song Shuhang replied.

This position made it so that their bodies were really close. They were so close that he could even smell the faint scent coming from Su Clan’s Sixteen body and even hear her breathing.

Su Clan’s Sixteen blinked, and then asked using the secret sound transmission, “So, who are these two girls behind you?”

“The little one, uh… what’s her name? I didn’t get to ask. Her online name is Chu Chu, she’s Doudou’s online wife. The beauty in a white suit is Fairy Fleeting Life, the woman who will soon become Doudou’s husband,” Song Shuhang quickly replied.

Su Clan’s Sixteen curiously asked, “Doudou’s husband? Wasn’t it just mentioned in the group that it was a male dog?”

“It’s a long story, but it seems to be just a setup. A series of events full of ups and downs. I’ll explain it to you later in more detail. Anyway, Fairy Fleeting Life still has another identity: she is one of the remaining disciples of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect. And so, she’s got quite some karmic ties with me.” Song Shuhang transmitted back.

“Karmic ties?” Su Clan’s Sixteen blinked in confusion.

“Yes, I acquired the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique❯ and successfully practiced it, and I was entrusted with a box of relics left by her teacher, Elder Bamboo Pipe,”Song Shuhang replied.

Su Clan’s Sixteen asked, “Oh… the 33 spirit beast crystals, that box of clothes, and that book on animal training?”

Song Shuhang nodded.

“Then, with your personality, you want to return those relics to this Fairy Fleeting Life?” Su Clan’s Sixteen smiled cutely.

Song Shuhang wanted to answer, ‘Yes, Sixteen, you really do know me best’, but suddenly, his heart moved.

At this moment, his EQ had peaked.

How could he possibly take back the gifts he had given to a girl?

“I’m going to collect the spirit beast crystals and return them to Fairy Fleeting Life. In addition, I’m going to write the Encyclopedia of Animal Taming tonight and give it to her. As for the rest, if there are still other ways to compensate her, I’ll make use of such opportunities.” Song Shuhang smiled gently.

There was a smile on Su Clan’s Sixteen’s face. Song Shuhang’s answer quite obviously made her very happy. She was very satisfied with Song Shuhang’s good personality and the considerations he had made on the matter.

Su Clan’s Sixteen gently said, “I’ve already worn some of the clothes in that box. So, it wouldn’t be appropriate to return those to her. There are other ones that are too large and don’t fit me, and so I didn’t even bother touching them. Later, I’ll return the rest of the clothes to you so that you can give them to Fairy Fleeting Life on my behalf. After all, those are things left behind by her teacher. They definitely have some special meaning to her.”

Song Shuhang didn’t know what to say.

At this time, Sixteen said, “Don’t refuse… If you feel embarrassed, just try to compensate me.”

Song Shuhang thought for a bit, and then asked, “Do you want a purse?”

“Suit yourself.” Sixteen grinned. Then, she retracted her leg and took a step back. “Let’s go back home. I’m going to try some recipes for today’s lunch.”

Song Shuhang opened his mouth and almost blurted out, ‘Sixteen, you can cook?’

But when the words reached his throat, he recalled that he was being too straightforward, so he forced his tongue around, and said, “Then, it seems that I can look forward to today’s feast.”

…After studying the ‘Language of the Ancient Era’, Shuhang’s tongue could roll excellently.

“I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.” Su Clan’s Sixteen turned around, carried the two big bags, and briskly moved forward.

Fairy Fleeting Life asked, “Mister Song, was that your junior just now?”

At the same time, Chu Chu also asked, “Elder Brother Song, was that your niece?”

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