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Chapter 1109: Fairy Fleeting Life feeling something fishy

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The deep and magnetic voice resounded without any emotional fluctuations, calmly asking, “What made you think so?”

“Eldest Brother, it’s because that Doudou you are going to marry is male, and you have a really rigid personality. So, considering your personality, how could you possibly agree to marry a male? Unless… you’re a woman!” Fairy Fleeting Life said earnestly. “And in retrospect, when eldest brother was taking care of me, you would always give me the feeling of warmth that one might come by when facing their mother. Eldest Brother, rest assured, even if you are a woman, I will still continue to treat you like my mother and continue to love you. ”

Her eldest brother: “…”

Fairy Fleeting Life finely stroked her hair as she said softly, “Eldest Brother, if you aren’t going to deny it, then I’m going to assume that it’s true.”

Her eldest brother then replied, “Slow down, Fleeting Life. Don’t watch so many unrealistic dramas, it seems that your IQ has been affected.”

Fairy Fleeting Life: “…”

Song Shuhang: “…”

With his hearing, he could naturally hear the conversation between Fairy Fleeting Life and her brother as Fairy Fleeting Life didn’t bother setting up a sound-proof formation.

That line from her eldest brother sounded really familiar. Hmm… Had Fairy Fleeting Life’s eldest brother and True Monarch Yellow Mountain discussed things beforehand and agreed on some lines to say?

“I’m a man, there’s no doubt about that. As for my motherly care when I was taking care of you, it has to do with my race. You can look up information about my race online and find that the action of taking care of children is in my nature.” Her eldest brother’s voice continued to maintain a gentle tone.

Fairy Fleeting Life heard his words, and her eyes widened.

Song Shuhang rubbed his temples.

Unexpectedly, both sides were confirmed to be men. Her eldest brother was a male, and Doudou was also a male dog.

At this instant, the decent image that Song Shuhang had of True Monarch Yellow Mountain began to crumble.

Was the strongest pillar of the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’ finally going to break down?

“But Eldest Brother, Doudou is a boy!” Fairy Fleeting Life gritted her teeth as she said this line.

Her eldest brother replied, “Well, I know that.” His voice continued not to betray the slightest emotional fluctuation.

“So, how did you end up getting engaged to Doudou? Both of you are male,” Fairy Fleeting Life said. She felt the world around her collapse. Similar to Song Shuhang, the image she had of her ‘old-fashioned, principled’ eldest brother in her mind also collapsed.

Her eldest brother said, “The marriage has already been set, and there is no point in talking about it. Come visit me when you have the time, and I will give you the invitation.”

Her eldest brother’s voice remained as calm as still water. It was as if he was telling someone about something that had nothing to do with him; it was as if he wasn’t even a part of the wedding at all.

“Eldest Brother, I can’t agree to this! I absolutely cannot accept you marrying Doudou. Eldest Brother, you are a manly man, how can you marry someone of the same sex?! I oppose this! I oppose, I oppose!” Fairy Fleeting Life said angrily.

“There’s no use, the marriage has already been set in stone, and changes to the plan will absolutely not be tolerated,” her eldest brother said calmly.

Fairy Fleeting Life cried. She took a deep breath. After thinking for a bit, she then used a roundabout way to ask, “Eldest Brother, tell me, are you facing any troubles? Tell me… I’ve heard that Mister Yellow Mountain is a principled cultivator who is great to talk to. Tell me the troubles you have, I’ll look for him and ask him to help you! If you feel that it’s too shameless to do so, then just let me go to his house and rescind the engagement.”

“I already told you that you shouldn’t watch too many unrealistic dramas, they have influenced your way of thinking. I have no troubles, nor am I a character in a tragedy. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Anyway, Doudou and I are going to get married, and nothing will stop it as it’s not popular to break engagements nowadays,” her eldest brother calmly responded.

The calmer her eldest brother was, the more impatient Fairy Fleeting Life became.

Her concern caused more chaos inwardly… although it was a matter that she wasn’t even supposed to be concerned with.

She was currently in such a chaotic state due to the main character of the entire incident being her most beloved eldest brother. When she heard that her eldest brother was going to marry a male dog, she simply couldn’t stop herself from feeling very disturbed.

Fairy Fleeting Life angrily said, “No, absolutely not! I can’t just sit and watch as you bring a guy home, even if he’s cute. I strongly refuse to accept such a marriage.”

Her eldest brother replied, “Your refusal is useless.”

“Eldest Brother, do you really want to step on the gay way?” Fairy Fleeting Life started to feel helpless.

Her eldest brother replied decisively, “I don’t.”

Fairy Fleeting Life’s eyes suddenly brightened up; things took a turn. “Then, what in the world are you planning? If you don’t want to do such things, then why the hell are you getting married to a guy?!”

Her eldest brother said, “There’s simply no other way.” His voice was still calm.

Enraged, Fairy Fleeting Life said, “Are you trying to anger me to death? No matter what, you can’t marry Doudou, period. I’m telling you, if you dare marry Doudou, I will go to the wedding, and I will thoroughly mess it up. There is no way I’m going to just sit and watch as my eldest brother gets married to a guy!”

Song Shuhang felt that Fairy Fleeting Life was being led around by her eldest brother. She would quickly go from being angry to crying and back, while her eldest brother remained unperturbed from the beginning to the end.

Her eldest brother replied, “Just do whatever you want.”

Fairy Fleeting Life became furious. “I’m telling you, eldest brother, don’t you even dare think about carrying on with it! Don’t you dare! Don’t you dare! You can only dream about marrying Doudou! At that time, I will knock you unconscious and force myself to be the one to marry Doudou instead.”

…After she got married to Doudou, she could just look for an opportunity to get a divorce and leave Doudou. She inwardly praised herself for the plan she thought of.

When her eldest brother heard this, he had turned silent.

After a while, her eldest brother said, “Okay, then let’s go with this. I’ll send the groom’s clothes to your house after two days.”

After speaking, the eldest brother hung up the phone quietly.

From the beginning to the end, her eldest brother’s tone was as calm as still water, deep and magnetic, and without fluctuations. It was as if he was a hardcore man with no expression… except that his tone had gone slightly higher by a thousandth of a point at the end.

Fairy Fleeting Life sighed coldly at the phone. “You can’t fight me, eldest brother. As your little sister, I can’t just as watch you marry a guy. Hmph, marrying Doudou, don’t even think about it!”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Chu Chu: “…”

After putting the phone away, Fairy Fleeting Life suddenly felt something was fishy. F*ck… Was she just being led by her eldest brother the entire way?

“Miss Fleeting Life.” Song Shuhang smiled gently, and said, “It’s already quite unusual that you’ve lived to this day without getting kidnapped and sold by human traffickers.”

“What?” Fairy Fleeting Life frowned.

“No, it’s nothing.” Song Shuhang raised his head. He kept on getting the feeling that Fairy Fleeting Life’s eldest brother was swindling her. He talked all that rubbish just to make her say that last sentence.

She might not have given it much thought, but no matter how she opposed or resisted, her eldest brother simply responded with “whatever” or “there’s no use”.

Then, Fairy Fleeting Life’s brain had a cramp. She said that she was going to beat her eldest brother—when she said that she was going to marry Doudou, the unperturbed voice of her eldest brother had slightly fluctuated. Afterward, her eldest brother promised to send the groom’s clothes to Fairy Fleeting Life. After the promise, her eldest brother immediately hung up the phone and did not give Fairy Fleeting Life any more room for regret.

Was baiting Fairy Fleeting Life to marry Doudou the ultimate plan of True Monarch Yellow Mountain and Fairy Fleeting Life’s eldest brother? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Although True Monarch Yellow Mountain was a very proper senior, with Song Shuhang even identifying him as the pillar of the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’, sometimes, the True Monarch appeared to be rather two-faced.

For example, he had used the clone technique to play with “Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist”, messing around with the unfortunate daoist.

Moreover, there seemed to be a trace of True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s style in the conversation between Fairy Fleeting Life and her eldest brother earlier.

Chu Chu pointed at Fairy Fleeting Life in shock, and said, “You, you, you’re going to marry Doudou?”

Fairy Fleeting Life: “…”

Chu Chu said seriously, “I can’t let you marry Doudou. Doudou is mine.”

Fairy Fleeting Life: “…”

Song Shuhang: “…”

If Chu Chu was also a cultivator, then this matter would be easy to handle. They could let her replace Fairy Fleeting Life and marry Doudou as long as they could fool Fairy Fleeting Life’s eldest brother.

Unfortunately, Chu Chu was just a mortal. Some things simply wouldn’t work out.

“Doudou is mine,” Chu Chu said seriously once again.

Fairy Fleeting Life asked, “Do you think I care about him?”

Chu Chu said, “Then, let me marry Doudou.”

“You can’t, Doudou and my eldest brother’s wedding isn’t something you can participate in.” Fairy Fleeting Life frowned, and said, “However, rest assured, I’ve already planned it out. I will marry Doudou for my eldest brother first, and then get a divorce. In this way, it is in line with etiquette. After I divorce Doudou, you can go and get engaged to Doudou and marry him.”

Chu Chu asked, “Is that really fine?”

“Of course. If you don’t feel assured… when I marry Doudou and bring him back home, you can go and become his second wife. Afterward, you can be together with Doudou,” Fairy Fleeting Life said.

Song Shuhang then said, “Hey, hey, hey. Don’t just do things on your own without consulting others, you will only end up making things even messier. The most important point here is that you are able to leave Doudou. As for other things, we have to take them one step at a time.”

“What Mister Tyrannical Song said is reasonable. I was simply blinded by anger from conversing with my eldest brother just now,” Fairy Fleeting Life said. “Then, let’s set an appointment. At that time, I will divorce Doudou, and Chu Chu can secretly get married to him later.”

Chu Chu suddenly blushed. “I… I’m not yet of legal age to marry.” After calming down, she also thought that the relationship between herself and Doudou was not yet advanced enough for them to even discuss marriage. She just had a good opinion of Doudou, and wanted to meet him in person. Just now… she just said things in the heat of the moment.

Song Shuhang rubbed his temples. How did things become this messy?

However, as far as the current development was concerned… although Doudou still remained as the bride, the husband he was supposed to marry had been replaced by ‘Fairy Fleeting Life’.

Normally, this outcome should already be something that satisfied everyone.

The only victim was the monster fox in his Inner World… he remembered that the monster fox had feelings for his teacher, Fairy Fleeting Life, and didn’t just love her as a disciple.

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