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Chapter 1099: Why the hell I’m worried!

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

Doudou’s online wife came all the way to Jiangnan University Town to find me. What should I do? Waiting online for a reply, it’s urgent.

‘Chu Chu’ blinked her eyes and looked at Song Shuhang.

She was already a highschool graduate this semester, and was going to be taking her college entrance exam next semester. Her goal was naturally to enter Jiangnan University Town.

Today, she deliberately asked for a leave and went to Jiangnan University Town to see Doudou. She wanted to see if he was really there.

She was very lucky, and was able to find him very quickly.

Doudou was even more handsome than what she saw online, and he was even more handsome than that Senior Brother Gao Sheng in the movie. She didn’t get tired no matter how long she looked at him—he had an outstanding temperament regardless of which angle you looked at him from, and he was even more handsome than the stars which her classmate chased.

It was just that Doudou’s voice sounded a bit strange…

Song Shuhang touched his nose awkwardly as the little girl continued to stare at him.

“Did you come to Jiangnan University Town by yourself?” Song Shuhang asked.

“Mm-hm.” Chu Chu nodded. “But I didn’t run out secretly. I told my dad that I was going to the Jiangnan area to see some friends, and my dad agreed.”

Song Shuhang: “…” Wasn’t this little girl’s father’s a bit too easygoing? Was she even his child?

Now comes the troublesome part: how do I explain the relationship between myself and Doudou to this little girl?

In theory, it would be better to simply tell her the truth. Otherwise, a lie would end up having to be covered up with more lies, and it’d only become more and more troublesome.

But the problem was that Doudou was a dog, so how was he supposed to introduce Doudou to this girl?

If he discovered that the one who had been playing games with her was a dog, a very cute pekingese, the girl would go crazy.

“Well, take a seat first.” Song Shuhang shifted aside to let Chu Chu sit down.

“Mm-hm.” Chu Chu smiled sweetly, and sat next to Song Shuhang; her hands were clasped together, while her face was flushed red.

Gao Moumou approached Song Shuhang and whispered in his ear, “Hey, Shuhang… who is this girl? Don’t you have a relationship with Teacher Su?”

Song Shuhang, wasn’t this having a foot in two boats?

“It’s a long story, it’s not my fault. I’ll explain it to you later.” Song Shuhang rubbed his temples anxiously.

Chu Chu saw Song Shuhang’s distressed look, and asked, “Doudou, did you not want me to come over?” Suddenly, she remembered the plots of many internet melodramatic romances.

“No, that’s not what I’m worried about.” Song Shuhang sighed.


Why the hell I’m worrying in the first place?!

I’m not Doudou, and it wasn’t me who flirted online.

Isn’t it supposed to be Doudou who faces the headache that is having to explain the situation to Chu Chu and be the one to deal with her?

“It’s actually a long story, Chu Chu. Just wait a bit, I’ll make a call,” Song Shuhang said.

“Oh.” Chu Chu nodded cutely.

Song Shuhang brought out his phone, entered his contacts, then found Doudou’s number, and dialed it.

I heard that Doudou is being held captive by True Monarch Yellow Mountain. I hope that the call can go through.

Fortunately… Doudou was able to answer the call.

“Woof, devil, why are you calling me?” Doudou’s voice came from his phone.

Song Shuhang: “…”

F*ck, what does he mean by calling me ‘devil’?

Doudou said, “Hello? Hello? Why aren’t you saying anything? Was my number accidentally dialed while he put his phone in his pocket?”

Song Shuhang replied, “No, I didn’t misdial. I just couldn’t stand your strange way of addressing me all of a sudden.”

Doudou proudly said, “I’m actually practicing. To resist that stupid Yellow Mountain’s attempts to get me married, I’m practicing how to make the worst first impression when I meet someone.”

Song Shuhang responded, “I feel like you don’t need to practice at all. As long as your instincts are still there, you’ll be able to give people the worst first impression.”

“Really? Am I that awesome? Hahahaha, that’s embarrassing.” Doudou laughed.

Song Shuhang’s teeth ached as he said, “I’m not complimenting you.”

“Bah, sweetie, you are making me feel shy,” Doudou said.

Song Shuhang was creeped out, and said, “Don’t say things like that, and we’re still friends.”

“Woof, why are you calling me?” Doudou said.

“Chu Chu is here,” Song Shuhang said.

“What?” Doudou froze.

“Chu Chu came to Jiangnan University Town to find me, and is sitting next to me right now,” Song Shuhang repeated. “Now, can you talk to her yourself?”

Doudou: “…”

Song Shuhang said, “I can only help you this much. Next, you’ll have to talk to Chu Chu yourself and explain things to her.”

Then, he handed the phone to Chu Chu who wore a puzzled look.

“Here, talk to Doudou.” Song Shuhang said.

Chu Chu looked shy. “Talk to Doudou? Who are you then?”

“I’m not Doudou.” Song Shuhang smiled gently.

Chu Chu opened her mouth wide. Her cute little face was full of shock, and her expression was unbelievable.

“In fact, Doudou… looks like me. So, people often mistake him for me.” Song Shuhang laughed.

Anyway, that stupid dog Doudou hadn’t transformed yet. Once he reached the Fifth Stage, he would just have to pay attention to his human form and make it slightly similar to him.

“Is that so?” Chu Chu’s face was flushed with shame. She then took Song Shuhang’s mobile phone, and timidly called out, “Doudou?”

“Woof, it’s me, wife.” The voice she was familiar with came from the phone.

This voice, this tone… yes, this was the Doudou she knew.

But then, what was the deal with this Song Shuhang from Jiangnan University Town?

“Wife, find a quiet place. I’ll talk to you alone. Stay away from Song Shuhang, don’t let him hear what I’m going to tell you.” Doudou’s voice echoed.

Song Shuhang: “…”

“Oh.” Chu Chu nodded. She stood up, nodded apologetically to Song Shuhang, and went out of the classroom.

After seeing the girl leave, Song Shuhang was relieved.

“Hey, Shuhang… What did that girl want?” Tubo and the others asked curiously.

“She’s a friend of mine, a girl I met in an online game.” Song Shuhang sighed.

“What? The girls in online games are of such high quality?” Tubo’s eyes widened. “Which game was it?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never played that game.” Song Shuhang shrugged.

“Then, why did she run all the way to Jiangnan University Town just to find you?” Gao Moumou stared at him. “There’s definitely adultery somewhere.”

“F*ck off,” Song Shuhang said. “In fact, I’m also troubled by this. My friend is rather wacky, so when that girl asked him what he looked like, he sent my picture to the girl.”

Gao Moumou: “…”

Tubo: “…”

Yangde: “…”

Classmate Xiong Donghua, who was right beside him, exclaimed, “F*ck, please give me a dozen of such friends!”

Why couldn’t he meet such a friend who thought about the happiness of his friends and looked for girls for them?

“Does your friend lack a buddy?” Tubo said solemnly. “Next time, let him send my pictures when he’s playing games. I can even send my home address, I really don’t mind.”

Yangde asked, “Shuhang, are we friends?”

“What are you trying to say?” Song Shuhang’s face twitched.

“If we’re friends, then your friend is my friend.” Yangde patted his chest, and said, “I have a set of really good-looking photos of myself. Please help me send them to your friend. Next time, when he meets a girl who wants a photo, ask him to send mine. I give him full authority, and charge no fee.”

“You’re so desperate?” Song Shuhang smiled bitterly.

“You already have Teacher Su, how can you understand the pain of us lone dogs? These days, it’s really difficult to find beautiful women.” Tubo sighed.

“Actually, I fell in love with Classmate Bai He at first sight,” Yangde said. “Looking back at the past few days, I felt that she looked more and more beautiful, her appearance had the kind of style that an angel would have. Shuhang, What do you think would happen if I go to Classmate Bai He and confess?”

Yangde actually likes True Monarch White Crane?

Song Shuhang suddenly felt like smiling…

Well, the female Senior White Crane was indeed quite cute. It was no wonder that Yangde liked her. After all, men were ‘visual animals’, and instinctively liked beautiful things.

“Ahem, if you confess to her, perhaps she would beat you death,” Song Shuhang said. “Because she already likes someone.”

“F*ck, who is it? Tell me who my rival is!” Tubo said.

Song Shuhang: “…”

Wasn’t it Yangde who was interested in White Crane? Tubo, why are you the one getting incensed?

“Classmate Bai He likes someone? Oh my God, it can’t be.”

“No, my new goddess actually has a lover?”

“It’s too cruel, Classmate Bai He has just transferred to this school. I just fell in love, but I lost her immediately.”

In the class, there was unexpectedly a lot of students wailing.

Song Shuhang: “…”

There were so many people who secretly liked Senior White Crane?

Gao Moumou curiously asked, “Tell me, who does Classmate Bai He like?”

Song Shuhang said, “You should all know him, he’s ❮Apocalypse War❯’s lead actor.”

Yangde replied, “My God, it’s over.”

As long as he thought of that man who looked like a celestial being, he felt a burst of despair. If the enemy was such an existence, he had no chance at all.

“Old Song, does Classmate Shi have a boyfriend?” At this time, another voice echoed behind Song Shuhang.

“F*ck!” Song Shuhang said. Wasn’t that too crazy?

Loli Shi is still so young, yet there are already people who want to fight for her hand?

Do you think I don’t dare to report you to the FBI?

A voice could be heard from behind, saying, “Only three years in jail would be a big profit, but even if we get the death penalty, it would be still worth it!”

A person corrected, “No, even with the death penalty it would be a big profit!”

“In a few years, Classmate Shi will definitely not be worse than Classmate Bai He.”

“It’s better to book her early so that there won’t be a need to face millions of competitors in the future.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

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