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Chapter 1088: Tranny Song

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Under the control of the ball of liquid metal, various magical treasures emitted layers of light that covered Skylark’s corpse, and dug into her body in search of its secrets.

The ball of liquid metal was the ruler of the Netherworld, and someone like Skylark, who was only at the Seventh Stage Realm, shouldn’t be able to hide anything from it.

But that did not appear to be the case this time… Whether it was Skylark having suddenly died after being hit by a mutated heavenly tribulation, the strange change in the color of her hair at the end, or that seemingly problematic brain of hers, all of it made the ball of liquid metal have a strange feeling.

Soon after, the ball of liquid metal stopped moving.

…It was unable to find out anything.

Now, what was presented in front of it was the body of a very normal human female cultivator, and her injuries seemed to only be due to the damage from the ‘demonic tribulation’.

In the end, there seemed to be no reason as to why Skylark’s body matched its power so perfectly.

What did I overlook? the ball of liquid metal thought to itself.

At this moment, it saw the wound on Skylark’s shoulder.

A wound of such level should have healed very quickly with the natural healing powers of a Seventh Stage Venerable. However, due to her being already dead, Skylark’s wounds didn’t automatically heal.

A thought suddenly appeared in the mind of the ball of liquid metal.

What if it tried to heal her body?

Neither creation nor revival were among its expertise. However, as the ruler of the Netherworld, it still had some means.

It wanted to try and see if it could restore Skylark’s seriously injured body… Perhaps the secret she was hiding was hidden in the area where she was injured and damaged––Skylark said that she would die and then she died, so there was a good chance that there was an important secret in her body, which ended up getting destroyed.

The more it thought about it, the more logical it thought the idea was.

As a result, the ball of liquid metal condensed a finger, which then pointed at the center of Skylark’s brows.

Its unique energy surged out, and was injected into Skylark’s body. This energy was something beyond the Ninth Stage, and represented invincible power in the Netherworld Realm.

As expected, even if it was a corpse, Skylark’s body could still perfectly accept its energy.

Skylark’s wound, in accordance with the will of the ball of liquid metal, began to recover.

The ball of liquid metal nodded, satisfied with the gradual recovery of the body.

It then retracted its finger and silently waited for Skylark’s injuries to recover.

Under the influence of its energy, Skylark’s injuries were ‘reversed’ a little bit. It wasn’t a ‘healing’, but ‘damage reversing’ instead.

After two breaths passed, Skylark, with all of her injuries gone, looked exactly like how she had before.

The ball of liquid metal stretched out its finger again, reaching out to the center of her brows and observing the changes which had happened to her.

This time, what it did really paid off.

When its finger reached Skylark’s brow, it was able to get a glimpse of her memory.

I did the right thing, thought the ball of liquid metal.

When Skylark was seriously injured before, it was unable to obtain any useful information from her, but after restoring her body, it could read her memory fragments with just a touch.

…However, why would healing her physical body lead to it being able to obtain information from her memory? Could it be that this gal didn’t rely on her brain for thinking and memory?

The ball of liquid metal searched Skylark’s memory with all its might, trying to get something useful from her memories.

However, Skylark’s memories were trivial.

Most of the time, she seemed to be wandering the world and looking for something. From the mountains to the deep sea, from secret realms to space, and from nearby planets to other celestial bodies, she was busy searching for something.

Moreover, the state of her memory was not continuous… It would jump randomly every time.

When the ball of liquid metal saw some of the mysterious scenes, it couldn’t help but stop its finger.

It might be due to the memory being relatively distant, but the scenes of the secret realms in Skylark’s memory were blurry. However, this wasn’t the important point; what was important was that there were several secret realms in her memory. The ball of liquid metal had only known of the existence of such places from ancient books; it had never had a chance to see them for itself. In addition, the styles of the secret realms in her memories were very old, and looked like something that came from the end of the immemorial era.

Was she a Seventh Stage Venerable that had survived from immemorial era to the present…?

The ball of liquid metal mumbled, “With the longevity that Seventh Stage Venerables have, they wouldn’t even live through the ancient era, let alone the immemorial one. It looks like it should have been a secret reincarnation technique?”

Then, right at that moment, Skylark’s memory changed once again. In this period of the memory, Skylark looked up at the sky, which was covered by purple clouds and auspicious omens.

The memory jumped again… Skylark, who had been searching for ‘something important’, searched along the place where the purple clouds condensed. Then, a few years later, she met a boy.

The boy was about five years old, but he had studied a lot of books and seemed to have gathered all the knowledge in the world.

Skylark and the boy chanced upon one another, but it was clear that the boy wasn’t what Skylark was looking for. Therefore, she stayed with the boy only for a while and guided him from the ordinary world into the more magnificent world of cultivation.

The boy’s cultivation speed was quite exaggerated. Within half a month, he had left behind his mortal life and broken through the ‘Dragon Gate’ realm, ascending to the Second Stage Realm.

[The Scholarly Sage!!!] the ball of liquid metal said as it gritted its teeth.

If it was asked who was the most annoying person in the world, it would naturally say ‘White’.

However, in the heart of the ball of liquid metal, there was another guy it hated a hundred times more than ‘White’, and that was the Scholarly Sage. Its aversion to the Scholarly Sage was buried deep in his heart. Even if it destroyed the main world’s scholarly faction again and again, it couldn’t rid itself of the grievance.

The boy in Skylark’s memory was only five years old. However, even if the boy were to turned into ashes, the ball of liquid metal would still never mistake him for someone else.

Unexpectedly, the ‘chess piece’ and ‘container’ that it had screened out turned out to be the one who had guided the Scholarly Sage onto the road of cultivation.

It had always considered the Scholarly Sage to be its enemy. Even though he had already died, it still remained on guard against the ‘rebirth’ card of its opponent.

The memory jumped once again.

What was shown were Skylark and the child Scholarly Sage.

The Scholarly Sage, who was still a child, used a mature tone to ask, “Hey, Skylark, what are you looking for?”

Skylark answered seriously, “I’m looking for someone.”

The Scholarly Sage curiously asked, “Who are you looking for?”

“I don’t know.” Skylark still looked serious.

The Scholarly Sage asked, “Are you messing with me? Is the other party a male or female? What are their characteristics?”

“Whether they’re a male or a female, I don’t know,” Skylark said. “But they must be a very interesting person, different from others. They have to like to do things that others cannot understand, and should be a kind person. Their strength doesn’t necessarily have to be high, but they must be very talented, and must have a goal.”

When Skylark talked about it, her beautiful blue eyes narrowed happily.

“Aren’t you talking about me?” the child Scholarly Sage remarked with his chest pushed out. He was a person different from others, and the things he did were generally incomprehensible to others. He wasn’t that strong at the moment, but he had quite the talent for cultivation. He was a very kind person, or at least he thought so. Additionally, he also had great goals––ever since the moment he came in contact with the world of cultivation, he decided to do his best. He would obtain immortality and suppress all the living things in the universe, finally taking control of the Will of the Heavens!

“Unfortunately, it isn’t you.” Skylark laughed as she flicked Scholarly Sage’s head, directly causing the child to be flung away and smash into a poor rock on the way.

Then, Skylark’s memory turned into a long and goalless journey.

The only clear memory she had during her journey was the scene of the Scholarly Sage showing his divinity as he reached Eighth Stage, and the Profound Sage Speech of the Scholarly Sage.

After the memory of the Scholarly Sage’s Profound Sage Speech, what unfolded was another long series of adventures. If one were to write books based on Skylark’s adventures, it was quite possible that one would be able to fill an entire library.

The final memory of Skylark’s journey was when she heard that the Scholarly Sage had created and perfected his own path, becoming known as the ‘Sage’ and entering the scholarly faction.

The memory seemingly belonged to the ‘middle period of the ancient era’, very close to the beginning of the ‘final period of the ancient era’.

After that, Skylark’s memory was blank.

There were no recent memories…

In the memories, Skylark’s personality appeared to be quite normal, showing no signs of madness.

The ball of liquid metal couldn’t really associate the Skylark in the memories with the Skylark it knew—the one ‘who had given up defending, and went on to seek death just because the heavenly tribulation wasn’t fun’.

[So, what happened to this girl after the end of the ancient era? To the point that her personality ended up getting twisted into this?] The ball of liquid metal retracted its finger again.

From the long memory, apart from learning that Skylark was related to the Scholarly Sage, the ball of liquid metal didn’t gain anything else.

However, this confirmed that Skylark had extraordinary origins. This girl had been looking for someone, and had never given up. Perhaps the person she was looking for was the clue.

It was just that the ball of liquid metal couldn’t even protect itself now, it didn’t have time to waste on Skylark.

“It seems that there is only one way. Although the precious test subject will be destroyed, I have to give it a try,” the ball of liquid metal said lightly.

It would thoroughly dissolve Skylark’s body and research why it could perfectly accommodate its power.

In the Jiangnan Area.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer, True Monarch White Crane, Su Clan’s Sixteen, Shi, and Little Cai sat side by side.

In front of them, Song Shuhang reached out to condense his Sage Seal, carefully controlling the aura of dignity it was letting out.

“Go, say my name,” Song Shuhang said expectantly.

“Little friend Shuhang,” True Monarch White Crane called out.

“Little friend Song.” Young Master Phoenix Slayer also wasn’t affected.

“Shuhang.” Su Clan’s Sixteen was also fine.

“T-Tyra… Teacher.” The monster bird Little Cai was clearly affected.

“T-Tranny… Song,” Shi said timidly.

Song Shuhang: “…”

This was why he couldn’t come to like the ‘Sage Name’ Tyrannical Song…

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