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Chapter 1087: After people die, the color of their hair can still change?

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At this moment, the ball of liquid metal felt quite tired.

It hadn’t been easy to find such an important chess piece, and then completely contaminate and turn her into a creature of the Netherworld. In just a few more moments, it could have finally started its grand plan and descend into the main world like a king. Alas, just before its grand plan was about to begin, that woman died.

Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark had died. Her death was so sudden that even the ball of liquid metal was caught off guard.

In the Demonic Tribulation Realm, there was still a death-like silence.

After a long time.

The ball of liquid metal suddenly yelled, “White, come out! Is this your doing?!”

But this time… that hateful voice didn’t respond to it.

Since Senior White Two had already brought Song Shuhang back to the main world, he no longer paid attention to the ‘Demonic Tribulation Realm’. The ball of liquid metal felt that Senior White Two had recently been messing with it, but in fact, Senior White Two hadn’t really been doing anything. Many things that seemed to be aimed at it were actually Song Shuhang’s fault.

After the ball of liquid metal roared, it calmed down once again.

In fact, it understood in its heart that this matter shouldn’t be the doing of ‘White’.

If that guy was really the one who did it, then he would definitely jump out and laugh at it.

Moreover, White’s body was still sealed in the ‘world of the black lotus’. Regardless of the effect of the seal, the world of the black lotus separated them, and the metallic ball had come over with its main body. Even if White were to do something, he wouldn’t be able to hide his actions from the ball of liquid metal.

Still, if it hadn’t yelled like that, the metallic ball wouldn’t have been able to ease the discomfort in its heart.

Everything was White’s fault, all the faults in this world were his fault!

[What to do next? Is it necessary to re-screen for another qualified person? ] the ball of liquid metal mused.

However, the state of its counterpart was getting worse with every passing day. It was currently lacking time, and it would be very difficult to find another person like Skylark, who was nearly ‘perfect’ in terms of accommodating its power.

This was the most vital point as to why the ball of liquid metal valued ​​Skylark so much. Skylark’s acceptance of the “pollution” of the evil energy of the Netherworld was pretty much as natural as it could get, containing almost 100% of the power of the ball of liquid metal—she was simply the best vessel it could get. It was as if she was destined to become its container.

The only thing was that the destined one had died.

[F*CK!] the ball of liquid metal said, filled with hatred.

It looked at Skylark’s corpse, which was on the ground, and then condensed a powerful hand in the void to take it away.

This ‘contaminated person’ was an important experimental item, and was the most perfect chess piece that it had selected. It was necessary to take her away as it couldn’t let White touch her.

But right when its hand had moved, it suddenly stopped.

In mere seconds, Skylark’s dazzling blue hair had been seemingly dyed with ink. After around two breaths of time, the color of her hair had changed from blue to black.

[Not dead yet?] The ball of liquid metal’s heart moved. It dispersed the hands, and invoked the authority of the ruler of the Netherworld to investigate Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark’s body once again.

However, the result did not change.

Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark had really died, and there wasn’t a shred of life in her.

The ball of liquid metal mused, [Strange, could it be that after she died, the color of her hair returned to its original black color?]

Black-haired Skylark’s style looked completely different with her lavender-color skin.

Unfortunately, the ball of liquid metal was not a humanoid creature, and its preferences were different from those of humans.

It once again condensed the hands, and then took Skylark’s body away.

“I really want to destroy this test subject.” The ball of liquid metal sighed. However, the experimental body still had some research value, so it temporarily didn’t destroy it.

After it had completed its research, it would destroy the body so as to no longer see this pain-inducing being.

The ball of liquid metal grabbed Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark with one hand, and returned from the Demonic Tribulation Realm back to the center of the Netherworld Realm. This was the new place where it had been staying recently.

Here, there was also an Immortal-rank guy bound by dark chains. It was the stone giant that had been tricked in the ‘forbidden area of the Palace of Winter’ the other day. Song Shuhang had baited him into throwing a powerful spatial bomb into the old lair of the ball of liquid metal.

As a result, it was captured by the metallic ball and dragged into the Netherworld Realm, and now it was being forced to undergo the baptism of the evil energy of the Netherworld. Recently, he also participated in two major ‘research experiments’ of the ball of liquid metal, with him being the test subject.

After the ball of liquid metal returned, Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark’s body was placed on a high platform. Skylark’s thick, long hair covered her body like a quilt.

The stone giant raised its head to look at the ball of liquid metal and Skylark’s body. From the outside, the stone giant seemed to be in a terrible state. The flames left by the Daoist Priest Scarlet on its body had grown more intense and more vigorous… and now there was also the evil energy of the Netherworld which had invaded its body and made its situation a lot messier.

However, under that terrible appearance, there was a hint of hope––he found that the flames left by Daoist Priest Scarlet were incompatible with the attributes of the Netherworld. As such, both used its body as their battlefield.

Now, it just needed to wait and build up its power silently. Perhaps it could somehow take the opportunity to cure the wounds left by Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven. And when it recovered its strength, it could then escape the Netherworld and return to the main world.

The ball of liquid metal suddenly asked, “Do you know her?”

“Hehe.” The stone giant smiled coldly—how could he know this female cultivator who was just a small cultivator at the Seventh Stage? Even if he had seen her before, he would have quickly forgotten about her. What he would remember were beings who at least had power at the Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender Realm.

“It looks like you don’t know each other, but it’s okay, you will have the opportunity to learn more about her in the future,” the ball of liquid metal said.

It wanted to try and see if it could alter the state of the stone giant in a way similar to how Skylark had been changed. It wasn’t that it wanted to replace Skylark with the stone giant—after all, it wouldn’t be easy to control a Tribulation Transcender that had found its ‘path’.

What the ball of liquid metal wanted was just to conduct some experiments on the stone giant.

The stone giant caught the meaning in the words of the ball of liquid metal and cursed “Beeeeeeep~.”

The ball of liquid metal automatically censored the roar of the stone giant. Then, it willed, and dozens of different magical treasures appeared in the air.

These were all things that were developed by the ball of liquid metal itself, and were items that could assist it during its experiments.

“First, let me see why you are able to ‘perfectly’ contain my strength…” the ball of liquid metal said.

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