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Chapter 1086: She really died? What a joke!
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

This mutated bolt of tribulation lightning was a combination of the power of Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark’s demonic tribulation and the heavenly tribulation drawn in by Fellow Daoist Banknote. Two different kinds of tribulations with different attributes intertwined and integrated with one another like Yin and Yang.

At the same time, after the two different kinds of heavenly tribulation fused, they transformed into a sword.

This kind of attack was similar to the phenomena that great masters would give rise to during their speeches. This sword of mutated tribulation lightning was not only a combined attack of the demonic and heavenly tribulation, but also a phenomenon of heaven and earth. Whether it was a demon of the Netherworld or a human practitioner, this kind of tribulation would be deadly for them.

By the side, the ball of liquid metal thought to itself, [With me here, the power of the demonic tribulation won’t increase much. Just go along with my plan, finish transcending the demonic tribulation, and ascend to the Eighth Stage!]

The Demonic Tribulation Realm was its territory; regardless of what Skylark did, she wouldn’t be able to escape from its control.

The ball of liquid metal made its move. Right before the mutated sword of the demonic tribulation cut down on Skylark, it quickly adjusted the power of the sword to the lowest level.

Facing the mutated sword of demonic tribulation, the eyes of Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark, who was now covered in wounds, lit up.

She could smell the excitement coming from the mutated sword of the demonic tribulation.

Although there was a small gap between this and the guided missiles and nuclear bombs from when Fellow Daoist White was transcending his tribulation, this mutated sword of the demonic tribulation was still a good start.

Skylark felt that as long as she did things properly, she would be able to continue using various methods to stimulate the boring demonic tribulation.

The mutated sword of the demonic tribulation was very fast, and reached her body in an instant.

Skylark chose not to defend. She quickly placed the banknote’s body into her spatial magical treasure—she was someone who kept her promises, so she had to return this part of Fellow Daoist Banknote’s body to it later and do her best not to let it get destroyed.

As for the power of the mutated sword of the demonic tribulation, she wanted to feel it for herself.

When she placed that part of the banknote away, the mutated sword had already cut into her body.

At this moment, all of Skylark’s defenses had already been dispersed. So, the sword of demonic lightning stabbed directly into her shoulder, cutting open her flesh as most of the sword entered her body.

In the next moment, the power of the heavenly and demonic tribulation poured into Skylark’s body, and a violent explosion ensued.

The sword only contained the power of the tribulation lightning… but the purer the energy was, the purer the explosion would be, causing the power to be greater.

Skylark suddenly shouted, “I underestimated it, aaaaah~”

What did she underestimate? The power of the mutated demonic tribulation, or something else?

“Aahhhhh… not good… it’s too much~” Skylark screamed, and her head tilted as she slowly fell to the ground.

When she was falling, left with her last bit of consciousness, she forced herself to land in a beautiful posture.


Eventually, Skylark collapsed in a curled up posture.

When she fell, the demonic tribulation in the sky also stopped, no longer continuing to descend.

The ball of liquid metal was stunned. Why did the demonic tribulation stop? Just now, it didn’t step in to stop the operation of the demonic tribulation.

As long as the contaminated person didn’t die, the demonic tribulation shouldn’t stop.

When the thoughts of the ball of liquid metal reached this point, its couldn’t help but feel uneasy.

Its eyes were now fixed on the contaminated person who was motionless like a corpse.

Then, the life force in Skylark’s body began to dissipate, and the temperature of her body, which was wounded all over, slowly began to decline.

What… is she dead?

[?????] The ball of liquid metal, who had had all of its attention focused on this throughout the entire process, suddenly looked confused.


I suppressed the power of the sword of the demonic tribulation to its lowest level, and I even repeatedly calculated the condition of the contaminated person. The power which the sword of the demonic tribulation had could at most wound her a little more. It definitely couldn’t kill her!

What really happened to her?

Is she dead?

But how could she have died?!

[What’s wrong here? Where did the problem arise? What did I ignore?] At this moment, the ball of liquid metal was completely at a loss.

It felt as though something had exploded in its mind.

[Impossible, even if the power of that sword was to be enhanced several times over, she couldn’t possibly die.] The ball of liquid metal couldn’t believe it. It went on to carefully sense the contaminated person right in front of it.

At this moment, Skylark’s vitality had completely dissipated, and her body was similar to a cold corpse.

She had really died and was not just pretending.

The ball of liquid metal was the ruler of the Netherworld, and in the Demonic Tribulation Realm, only Senior White Two would be able to hinder it. However, even if it was Senior White Two, he and the ball of liquid metal were at the same level. When faced with the ball of liquid metal, Senior White Two wouldn’t be able to hinder it completely. It was absolutely impossible for it to mistake a living person for a dead person.

The ball of liquid metal was unwilling to accept it, so it used its authority as the ruler of the Netherworld on Skylark’s corpse.

The power of the ruler of the Netherworld swept through Skylark’s body, but the result was the same.

Skylark was dead.

She was truly dead.

The ball of liquid metal entered a state of death-like silence.

If… If I had not deliberately suppressed the demonic tribulation before, and if I had let the demonic tribulation and the main world’s heavenly tribulation fuse… would she have seriously tried to transcend the tribulation, ultimately ascending to the Eighth Stage? The ball of liquid metal’s mind was suddenly filled with this thought.

This feeling, was this regret?

To be honest, it really did regret quite a bit.

But in addition to regret, the ball of liquid metal was feeling an indescribable sense of suffocation.

What was wrong with the world?

Just because the power of the demonic tribulation was too weak, she became unhappy, dissatisfied, and uninterested, and then even went on to seek death, abandoning defending and healing. In the end… she died to a heavenly tribulation that was at the level of a beginner Seventh Stage.

What a joke!

What had been going on in this person’s head?

The ultimate goal of cultivation was to attain immortality. Every cultivator had their own dream of becoming an immortal, but what about this girl? What was the end she was seeking? Was she just seeking death?

After bitterly cultivating to the peak of the Seventh Stage Realm, just because of the ‘heavenly tribulation being boring’, she threw away everything she had and died?

How did she survive before?

Were all the previous heavenly tribulations she transcended very fun?

Or… could it be that something like [the heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage unexpectedly had a wave of tribulation fire within, and according to today’s horoscope, Virgo wasn’t supposed to come in contact with fire-related things] had happened, and she had died for that reason…?

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