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Chapter 1085: I don’t have any money to give you, it seems like there is only one way!

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

It was merely a treasured banknote that circulated in the ancient Heavenly City, and it definitely wasn’t a creature of the Netherworld. Why had it suddenly appeared in the Demonic Tribulation Realm? What did Skylark do to it?

The banknote then remembered that it was in its cave, happily counting its spirit stones until just now—it was its favorite pastime. But, all of a sudden, it felt that its feet were quite itchy––its feet referred to the bottom part of the banknote.

Then, it bent over to look at its ‘feet’.

It was then that it suddenly found itself in a trance. Afterward, the face of Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark appeared right in front of it, and then, she invited it to transcend the tribulation with her.

What a joke!

Was the heavenly tribulation something to transcend together with others?

As for those who did attempt to transcend the tribulation with others, if they weren’t stupid, what were they?

It was a banknote that had survived since the times of the ancient Heavenly City and developed intelligence by chance. It hadn’t been easy for it to reach its current realm, and it didn’t want to accompany Skylark in her crazy ideas.

So, the banknote decided to reject Skylark’s invitation. It gritted its teeth, and said, “I refuse! I will not accompany you in transcending the tribulation! It’s a path leading to death. Besides, Skylark, what did you do to me? Why is a part of my body in your hands?”

“No, no, no, I’ve never done anything to you.” Skylark slightly smiled, and said, “You and I were just cooperating with one another. Our relationship is one of equals, and our friendship shall last forever. I would never do something that might cost me the cooperative relationship between us.”

The banknote gnashed its teeth as it said, “Then why is a part of my body in your hands?”

Skylark replied, “It was you that tore it off and said you would give it to me as a gift.”

“Bullshiet! How could such a thing be possible?” the banknote said angrily. “Have you ever seen anyone tear a part of their body off just to gift it to someone?”

“You,” Skylark said.

The banknote angrily said, “Stop kidding, Skylark. Today, if you can’t properly explain it, our cooperative relationship is over!”

“Everything I said is true. If there was any falsehood in anything I’ve said, then may I get struck by lightning from the heavens… Hm, wait, I’m currently transcending a tribulation and getting struck by lightning very hard.” Skylark smiled, and then slowly said, “Let me slowly explain it, then. I remember that it was just an ordinary night. Fellow Daoist Banknote, it seems that you were drunk, for you did not even know which powerful monster you fought, and your body was all torn up. After the fight, you took the torn parts of your body with you as you rode a sword to get to my immortal cave, asking me to mend your body for you. You and I had cooperated for several years, so I used expensive materials to mend your body as a sign of our friendship. After I finished fixing you up, I looked for you to settle the bill. The materials I used to repair you were very expensive, so I couldn’t just suffer a big loss without getting anything in return.”

Well, Skylark did have a point there.

“It’s only natural to pay off one’s debts, but what does that have to do with the part of my body in your hands?” the banknote said with eyes wide open. Skylark couldn’t have taken its body as payment, right?

“Listen to me first.” While taking on the explosions of the demonic tribulation, Skylark continued, “At that time, when you were about to repay me, you suddenly shouted, ‘I don’t have any money to give you, it seems like there is only one way’, and rolled around noisily on the ground. As I saw that you were still drunk, I let you rest first. After waiting for you to regain clarity, I went to settle the accounts with you once again. However, I didn’t expect that…while rolling around, you would suddenly bend over and tore off a large part of your own body, handing it to me. At that time, you said that as your body was a banknote, it should be something that could be used as payment! You were very forceful back then, and you even told me that there was a portion of your will in that torn part of your body, and as long as I stimulate it a little, I would be able to draw in your consciousness.”

Banknote: “…”

“I didn’t want to take Fellow Daoist’s body, but the drunken you was being unreasonable, forcing me to take it, even saying that you would take my not taking it as me looking down on you, and that you would refuse to cooperate again if I didn’t take it. And so, I had to take that part of you. In addition, I should remind Fellow Daoist that, in the end, I had to use other materials to mend your newly torn up body. As such, the second fee still hasn’t been liquidated,” Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark said calmly.

Banknote: “…”

It seemed that such a thing had really happened—it did remember that it had drunk a little bit too much one time. It should have been when it had teamed up with other people to explore some ruins, where they were able to acquire some immortal wine, which they then drank at a later time, probably?

It couldn’t even remember how it drank the wine. Did it immerse its entire body in the immortal wine? Otherwise, how else could it drink the immortal wine?

Anyway, it had gotten drunk, and it did vaguely remember having a fight with a powerful monster. Then, when it woke up, it found itself in Skylark’s immortal cave.

The banknote then asked, “So, what happened after my feet were… I mean, the bottom part of my body was torn? Did you patch it up?”

“Exactly,” Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark said. “My skills are pretty good. Moreover, I guess that until now, you didn’t realize that the bottom part of your body was replaced.”

The banknote could only feel depressed.

A part of its body was now in Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark’s hands, and it was also true that its consciousness was being drawn to this small part of its body, which was something that could not be changed.

The banknote asked, “Tell me, how can I get you to return this part of my body?”

Skylark immediately replied, “How about transcending this tribulation with me? You see, my heavenly tribulation is simply too weak; there’s no meaning to it at all.”

The banknote said angrily, “What’s wrong with it being weak? Aren’t you just seeking death with this attitude?!”

“Seriously, this isn’t the first time you and I are cooperating.” Skylark smiled. Then, her icy blue eyes blinked. “When have I not been seeking death?”

Banknote: “…”

Skylark encouragingly said, “Just consider it. As long as you lend me a hand here, you just have to wait for me to return to the main world, and the part of your body which I have will be returned to you! I remember your power as you also, in fact, are on the verge of ascending. With just one thought, you could draw in the heavenly tribulation. So, it would be better for you to take advantage of this opportunity and not only get back your lower body, but also draw in the heavenly tribulation here in the Demonic Tribulation Realm and ascend it together with me.”

The banknote said, “In the case that the heavenly tribulation descends and destroys that part of my body, wouldn’t I be incurring a great loss?”

“Don’t worry, you just have to believe in my strength,” Skylark said.

“How can I possibly just leave everything up to you in your current conditions? This is why I don’t want to do it,” the banknote said.

Skylark looked terrible right now, with her body full of bruises, and with the tribulation lightning striking it from time to time.

“Sigh… Fellow Daoist Banknote, there’s something I didn’t want to tell you. Although it doesn’t really matter, but anyway, I’ll just explain it to you,” Skylark said slowly. “This part of your body is now in my hands. Even if you don’t draw in the heavenly tribulation and strengthen my tribulation, I could just throw this part away, and it would be directly blown to ashes amidst the demonic tribulation ongoing here.”

Banknote: “…”

“The complete destruction of that part of your body should be the worst outcome for you. However, if you are willing to help me, I would give my best to protect that part of your body, Fellow Daoist. Anyway, even putting my protection aside, there would at least be a possibility for survival for you. Therefore, this is a situation of ‘life or death’. Now, do you still have any reason to refuse?” Skylark smiled sweetly.

Banknote responded, “F*ck you!”

“Make up your mind, Fellow Daoist,” Skylark said. “Let me just remind you that I won’t be able to support my defensive formation much longer. At most, there is 10 seconds before the defensive formation collapses. At that time, this part of your body will be exposed to the tribulation lightning.”

“I’ll help!” the banknote said bitterly. “But I have one condition: once I help you draw in the heavenly tribulation, you must release the consciousness in this portion of my body right away and let it return to my main body.”

The consciousness in that part of its body didn’t want to accompany the insane Skylark as she transcended the demonic tribulation.

“Fellow Daoist, you’re really frank. I agree to your terms,” Skylark said. “You just have to use this part of your body to draw in the heavenly tribulation and increase the power of my demonic tribulation. Regardless of whether it succeeds or not, I will definitely release your consciousness and let it return to you.”

The banknote took a deep breath, and that part of its body circulated its spiritual energy…

Could it really draw in the heavenly tribulation in the Demonic Tribulation Realm?

The banknote and Skylark both had no idea what kind of changes would take place, but if it didn’t work, the banknote would only need to use that part of its body to interfere with the demonic tribulation, which would then still be strengthened according to the principles of the world.

At this moment, the ball of liquid metal remained completely focused.

She wants to use the heavenly tribulation of her monster pet to strengthen the power of her demonic tribulation. This person, does she really want to seek death?

However, with me here at the side, the power of the demonic tribulation won’t increase too much, the ball of liquid metal thought to itself. It had to make sure that Skylark would transcend her tribulation smoothly, and it definitely couldn’t allow the power of the demonic tribulation to increase randomly.

The banknote was regarded by the ball of liquid metal as Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark’s monster pet.

As the banknote released its spiritual energy, it was then identified as a disruptor by the heavenly tribulation.

In the sky, the power of the demonic tribulation was raised by a little.

Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark thought, There’s an effect, but… it isn’t enough.


In the sky, another wave of tribulation lightning descended.

This bolt of tribulation lightning was purple-black, but inside, it contained purple-golden lightning, making the bolt of tribulation lightning appear like a blood vessel. The tribulation lightning had clearly mutated.

The mutated tribulation lightning was like a sword, cutting down on Skylark’s body.

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