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Chapter 1083: I don’t want to transcend such a weak tribulation!

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

Not long ago, True Monarch Eternal Fire represented the Scholarly Faction and gave a total of 11 immortal caves to Song Shuhang. Except the ordinary immortal cave in the Jiangnan area, the other 10 immortal caves were all fragments of the ancient Heavenly City.

Now, when True Monarch Eternal Fire looked around, it seemed that the Heavenly City fragments which he’d given Song Shuhang had been connected.

After True Monarch Eternal Fire gave it some thought, his body rushed towards the sky, and then he looked around from above.

He found that the Palace of Summer, the Sword Saber Peak, the Desert Oasis, the Five Spiritual Springs, and the fragment of the Illusory City were all connected together.

True Monarch Eternal Fire thought to himself, Little friend Shuhang did this?

Other than that, when he flew up into the air, he saw that the edges of the ‘world’ seemed to be growing slowly.

As the ruler of the Scholarly Faction’s world of the golden lotus, True Monarch Eternal Fire immediately had a guess in mind.

Little friend Shuhang seems to have a space similar to the world of the golden lotus, but it’s still very small and incomparable to the latter, which has already become a small world.

Making the ancient Heavenly City fragments into a small world? Such means and ideas are truly worthy of little friend Shuhang. True Monarch Eternal Fire then descended.

Perhaps the Scholarly Faction could also try moving the other fragments of the ancient Heavenly City they had into the world of the golden lotus?

Just as True Monarch Eternal Fire was thinking, everyone in the place was suddenly moved out of the Inner World, and once again appeared in Demon Monarch Nirvana’s underground laboratory.

Back in the underground laboratory, everyone saw Song Shuhang holding a sealed ball of evil energy in his right hand. There was a lotus flower projection on his chest, and there were tens of thousand of roots that had stabbed into the evil energy of the Netherworld, crazily absorbing the said energy.

As for Senior White Two, he was no longer to be seen anywhere when the group of people appeared.

“Senior Song, what’s that thing on your hand?” Soft Feather curiously looked at the evil energy of the Netherworld in Song Shuhang’s hand.

“This is an unexpected harvest I got after we entered the Demonic Tribulation Realm,” Song Shuhang said with a smile. The quality of the orb was too high, so he had to absorb it slowly. According to his estimates, it would take at least around an entire day for the Inner World to completely absorb the evil energy of the Netherworld.

After saying that, Song Shuhang extended his hand, and the sealed evil energy floated like a balloon, hovering above Song Shuhang’s head.

Then, he bent over, picked up Lady Onion, and stuffed her back into the size-reducing purse.

In the underground laboratory.

Members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, as well as Demon Monarch Nirvana, sat on the ground and began to exchange what they got from experiencing the guided missile and the nuclear bomb.

It was mainly the two Venerables, Demon Monarch Nirvana, and True Monarch Yellow Mountain—who was the most powerful of those of the Sixth Stage—that were sharing their experiences with everyone, so the other fellow daoists were just sitting and listening.

The exchange lasted until the next morning.

“That’s about it,” Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue said. “Next up, I estimate that I’ll be transcending the tribulation and ascending to the Eighth Stage Realm this month.”

“I should also be ready to ascend to the Eighth Stage before the end of this month,” Venerable Spirit Butterfly said as he nodded with a smile.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain similarly nodded. “I’ve already more or less made my preparations. I feel that today, or… perhaps within these two days, I will be transcending the tribulation.”

Medicine Master added, “I’ve already prepared, and now I also know about the modern heavenly tribulation. If there’s no accident, I will be transcending my tribulation tomorrow, and Purple Mist will be protecting me.”

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber’s eyes lit up. “Tsk, tsk, in addition to those who are currently transcending their tribulations such as Venerable White, Senior Skylark, and Senior Nucle— ah no, Senior Xian Gong, there is also Seven, who is about to transcend his. Then, there are also those who’ve already succeeded in transcending their tribulation like Soft Feather, Su Clan’s Sixteen, little friend Shuhang, Seven Lives Talisman, Northern River, and that shady fortune teller… Moreover, there is quite a good number of people that will be going to transcend their tribulations soon within our group. Senior Yellow Mountain, why don’t we change our group name to ‘Nine Provinces Tribulation Transcending Group’ and wish all the fellow daoists who are going to transcend their tribulation success?”

True Monarch Yellow Mountain: “…”

If it was the suggestion of another fellow daoist, perhaps True Monarch Yellow Mountain would consider it. Honestly, changing the name to ‘Nine Provinces Tribulation Transcending Group’ might really bring them good luck. However, since the suggestion had been made by Thrice Reckless Mad Saber, True Monarch Yellow Mountain didn’t dare change the group name, as he felt that changing it would only be seeking death.

After the exchange, the seniors and the fellow daoists all bade each other goodbye.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber and Soft Feather wanted to play around in the Jiangnan area, but were forcibly taken away by Venerable Spirit Butterfly. It seemed that Senior Thrice Reckless’ movie still hadn’t been completed.

“Let’s go as well,” Su Clan’s Sixteen said.

Song Shuhang nodded, and said, “Alright, Sixteen. You take Shi, I’ll take Little Cai.”

Just as Song Shuhang and Su Clan’s Sixteen were about to leave, Demon Monarch Nirvana called out, “Little friend Shuhang, please wait a moment.”

Song Shuhang asked, “Senior Nirvana, is there still anything else?”

With a slight smile, Demon Monarch Nirvana said, “This time, when little friend Shuhang transcended his tribulation, an accident came up. I was originally going to repay you by giving you the tribulation transcending formation for the Fourth Stage, but now, you won’t be able to use it.”

Song Shuhang nodded.

“So, when you plan on transcending the heavenly tribulation of the Fifth Stage, make sure to contact me,” Demon Monarch Nirvana said. “At that time, I’ll make the tribulation-transcending formation of the Fifth Stage for you.”

“Will I have to pay more?” Song Shuhang asked with a smile.

The tribulation-transcending formation of the Fifth Stage was definitely more expensive than the tribulation-transcending formation of the Fourth Stage.

Demon Monarch Nirvana waved his hand, and said, “Why would you? Little friend Shuhang was willing to bring me to experience the power of the guided missile and the nuclear bomb, and that’s already more than enough as payment. Experiencing the two explosions today has brought me great comfort.”

Demon Monarch, are you a masochist…?

“Great, when I plan on transcending the tribulation of the Fifth Stage, I’ll make sure to contact you, Demon Monarch,” Song Shuhang replied.

With this, he no longer had to worry about a tribulation-transcending formation for when he transcended the heavenly tribulation of the Fifth Stage.

After saying goodbye to Demon Monarch Nirvana and leaving the underground laboratory, something came up in Song Shuhang’s mind.

“Sixteen, please contact Senior Phoenix Slayer for me and see where he’s gone,” Song Shuhang said. Now that his phone was no longer by his side, he needed to use it again and again…

Su Clan’s Sixteen, who had stepped on her saber light, asked, “Is something up?”

“I still have to borrow his CPU, so I can’t just let him run away,” Song Shuhang said with a smile.

“I’ll ask in the group.” Su Clan’s Sixteen took out her phone, and sent a message in the group.

In the next moment, Sixteen said to Song Shuhang, “Senior Phoenix Slayer said that he’s already with True Monarch White Crane, waiting for us at Medicine Master’s building. He said that since he agreed to help you, he naturally wouldn’t forget about it.”

“Then, let’s hurry back,” Song Shuhang said with a smile.

In the Demonic Tribulation Realm.

Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark calmly stood on the ground as her icy-blue eyes stared at the evil lightning in the sky.

In the sky, the evil lightning continued to pour down.

Every bolt of lightning contained power at the level of the Seventh Stage… but it was still around the middle level of the Seventh Stage, so it wasn’t too powerful.

Skylark didn’t even have to fight back at all. She continuously condensed thick ice around her body. Every bolt of evil lightning that fell on her body would merely melt the ice around her.

Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark said lightly, “This is the heavenly tribulation of the Eighth Stage of the Netherworld? How weak…”

The heavenly tribulation lasted for an entire night, but ever since the first wave until now, the intensity of the evil lightning remained the same. It remained the same from the beginning to the end, without any change.

The seemingly powerful evil lightning was not a threat to Skylark at all.

“This is too boring,” Skylark said. She’d thought that she would have the pleasure to withstand something like the guided missiles or the nuclear bombs as Venerable White did.

Therefore, when she’d felt that she could take on the demonic tribulation, she entered the Demonic Tribulation Realm without hesitation to ascend to the Eighth Stage.

But, she hadn’t expected that the Demonic Tribulation was unexpectedly this weak.

“No fun at all.” Skylark shook her hand. Icicles sprang up under her feet, carrying her to the sky.

Then, she put her hand hands together. “World of Cold Ice!”

Huge amounts of evil energy poured out of her body and transformed into black cold ice, covering the evil lightning in the sky.

“Crack, crack, crack…”

In the blink of an eye, Skylark froze the cloud of evil lightning, transforming into a two-kilometer-long ice block that fell from the sky.

The demonic tribulation of the Eighth Stage is unexpectedly only this strong. Is this why the Netherworld Realm has so many Eighth Stage demons? Skylark mused.

“Boom~” The frozen cloud of evil lightning landed.

But in the next moment, another cloud appeared in the sky. It was still two kilometers in size, and the sky was once again filled with evil lightning that had the power of someone at the middle levels of the Seventh Stage. Then, the lightning advanced towards Skylark.

“Aaaah, how about you just get lost? Can’t you be a little stronger than this?!” Skylark said angrily.

Countless icicles exploded out from her body, scattering the falling evil lightning.

“Too weak, too weak.” Skylark flicked her long blue hair. “I feel so regretful!’

She’d decided.

She no longer wanted to transcend this tribulation.

The Netherworld Realm’s Demonic Tribulation was too weak—it wasn’t fun at all. Hence, she decided to return to the main world and transcend the heavenly tribulation.

She wanted to experience the guided missiles, the nuclear bombs, and even the hydrogen bombs!

Experience the thrill of an explosion that went ‘BOOOOOM~’!

Skylark shouted, “I’m no longer going to transcend this Demonic Tribulation. Let me out!”

Her voice reverberated in the space of the Demonic Tribulation Realm.

In the sky not too far away from her, the ball of liquid metal remained silent.

This isn’t the reaction I was expecting, it thought.

As the ruler of the Netherworld, it had stealthily made Skylark’s demonic tribulation have ‘constant power’ and ‘constant speed’.

It had gone through so much trouble to make Skylark successfully transcend the demonic tribulation of the Eighth Stage and become a Profound Sage without a problem…

But this woman was actually unhappy? Even dissatisfied?

When cultivators transcended their tribulation, didn’t they all expect the power of the heavenly tribulation to be weaker?

What to do now? Should it increase the power of the heavenly tribulation?

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