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Chapter 1075: The style of the group needs to be reformed

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Song Shuhang continued smiling as he made a hand seal.

By his side, the Black Iron Godly Armor disassembled itself—its limbs flew away, while its chest opened up.

Just like all ‘daoist robes’, the Black Iron Godly Armor also had the ability to fit the body of its master.

A normal daoist robe would be able to fit the body of a three-year-old child while still being able to fit a four-meter-tall cultivator. If the cultivator was as big as a hill… then apologies. Most daoist robes in circulation on the market weren’t able to fit that size. For such sizes, the cultivator would have to get one custom made.

“Clang, clang, clang!”

The Black Iron Godly Armor wrapped around Song Shuhang, and changed its size to fit him on its own. The fellow daoists in the room now saw a statue of black iron at the center of the living room.

“Hahahaha, Shuhang, was this supposed to make me disappointed?” Young Master Phoenix Slayer was laughing so hard that tears were coming out of his eyes.

Su Clan’s Sixteen remarked, “I feel that it’s too monotonous. Senior Northern River, is this ‘Black Iron Godly Armor’ incomplete? I feel like it would look much cooler if one were to add some decorations to it.”

“I’m not done yet, Senior Phoenix Slayer,” Song Shuhang said.

As he said this, the saber intent in his body activated.

The awe-inspiring saber intent flashed and became a mass that wrapped around Song Shuhang’s head, chest, joints, and other places that needed protection.

In the following moment, a set of exquisite steel armor appeared over the ‘Black Iron Godly Armor’.

The black metal served as the base while the exquisite steel armor was layered over it. There was also the addition of the saber intent that released saber light every now and then…




“Combined armor?”

The eyes of the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group lit up one after the other. The ‘Black Iron Godly Armor’ alone was rather ugly, but with the addition of the saber intent armor, its look instantly improved.

Only when there was contrast could beauty be appreciated.

“Eh? After little friend Shuhang released his armor intent, he somehow appears more handsome now,” True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple said.

“Thank you, Senior Ancient Lake Temple. However, this isn’t armor intent, but rather saber intent,” Song Shuhang clarified.

“Leaving that aside, I didn’t think that pairing your ‘saber intent armor’ with the ‘Black Iron Godly Armor’ would end up producing such a great result. It seems that this armor is really fated to be with little friend Shuhang,” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator said with a smile.

“What now, Senior Phoenix Slayer?” Song Shuhang wore the ‘saber intent armor’ for a while and felt that it was great; his movements were pretty much completely unaffected.

“Well, it isn’t ugly,” Young Master Phoenix Slayer said lazily. “However, I think that it would be more interesting to see you only wear the Black Iron Godly Armor, it’s cute and ugly at the same time.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

“It’s almost the appointed time, who else still hasn’t arrived?” True Monarch Yellow Mountain looked at the time.

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator said, “Only Medicine Master and Senior Spirit Butterfly. Medicine Master might get here a bit late. He said that he and Riverly Purple Mist will just go to the place where we’re researching the guided missiles at 8 PM. Thrice Reckless Mad Saber and Senior Spirit Butterfly are together, and said they were going to get here soon. Have they not arrived yet?”

Young Master Phoenix Slayer said, “I’ve already pinged Senior Spirit Butterfly in the group, but he hasn’t replied. Wait… Soft Feather replied.”

[Soft “Father Already Owes Me Two Daoist Names” Feather]: “We’ll be there soon. We’re about to land. Senior Song, have all the other seniors who said they were going to come already arrived?”

Su Clan’s Sixteen handed over her phone to Song Shuhang. “Soft Feather is looking for you.”

And so, Song Shuhang used Su Clan’s Sixteen’s account, and said, ” @[Soft “Father Already Owes Me Two Daoist Names” Feather], the other seniors have already arrived. We’re all waiting for you, Senior Spirit Butterfly, and Senior Thrice Reckless.”

“Got it, Elder Sister Sixteen,” Soft Feather replied.

“The one replying is me, Shuhang,” Song Shuhang replied.

“Oooh, got it, Senior Song.” [Soft “Father Already Owes Me Two Daoist Names” Feather] then said, “By the way, Senior Song, can you take a photo of all the seniors together with you in a single picture? All the seniors who set up an appointment to gather together, plus your photo.”

Song Shuhang used Su Clan’s Sixteen’s account to say, “What for?”

[Soft “Father Already Owes Me Two Daoist Names” Feather]: “It’s rare for so many seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group to gather together. It’d be great if everyone could take a photo together. Later, I could send some of them to the group’s shared space as a keepsake.”

“Makes sense,” True Monarch Yellow Mountain said.

They were rather idle anyway.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain said, “Everyone, gather and sit down in an arranged manner. Fairy Lychee, what about you guys?”

When it came to photography skills, Fairy Lychee was definitely the best in the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

“We’ll be coming out in a minute,” Fairy Lychee answered. From how she sounded, it seemed like her mouth was filled with food.

After about 30 seconds.

Fairy Lychee, Fairy Dongfang Six, Little Cai, and True Monarch White Crane in its female form all had faces smothered with foods and drinks as they came out of the dining area.

Was the dinner at Song Shuhang’s place so good that even Fairy Lychee and Fairy Dongfang were drawn in? Moreover, True Monarch White Crane seemed to have been hiding in the dining area ever since the beginning—it didn’t even bother to see the guests and only came out now.

Some of the fellow daoists were confused.

Fairy Lychee asked, “How do you want me to take the picture?”

“Let’s arrange everyone in order. All the female cultivators sit in front, while all the male cultivators stand at the back,” Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue said.

So, the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group arranged themselves in that order.

Song Shuhang stood at the upper left corner together with Senior Northern River when Su Clan’s Sixteen suddenly waved at him.

Then, Song Shuhang was shifted to the place right behind Su Clan’s Sixteen––at the center of the entire picture.

“Are you ready? If you’re all ready, then I’ll be taking a photo,” Fairy Lychee said as she adjusted her phone to the best position with her spiritual energy.

“Click~” She took three shots in succession.

Fairy Lychee took back her phone and looked at the screen. “The shots aren’t bad… but why does Fellow Daoist Northern River look so tall here? He’s half a head taller than True Monarch Fallout, who’s in the same line as him.”

“It’s because he floated. Right when you took the photo, Fellow Daoist Northern River took a step up and started hovering,” True Monarch Fallout said.

“Hahahaha.” Although Northern River’s Loose Cultivator was exposed, he wasn’t embarrassed at all. “It’s just a little trick for pictures.”

True Monarch Yellow Mountain, who was watching on the side the entire time, suddenly reached out and touched his chest, worried.

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator’s style just now was exactly the same as a certain Thrice Reckless’ style.

“I’m going to send the photo to Soft Feather.” Fairy Lychee swiped on her screen and sent the photo to Soft Feather.

Then, just a few seconds later, the phones of the members of the group got a notification.

[Soft “Father Already Owes Me Two Daoist Names” Feather] had sent a photo message in the shared folder.

Title: The night after Senior Song proposed a date to everyone. Now, he and his dates are together.

Below it was a screenshot of the Nine Provinces Number One Group’s chat history.

[Tyrannical Saber Song Number One: How about it? Are you willing or not?

Tyrant Flood Dragon wants to father a football team: Willing, willing willing!

Yellow Mountain is very tired and wants to retire: Willing, willing, willing!

Fairy Lychee: Willing, willing, willing!

All the fellow daoists in the group: Willing, willing, willing!]

Below were three group pictures.

In the photo, Song Shuhang was at the center, and in front of him was a row of beautiful fairy maidens with smiles on their faces.

As for beside him and behind him, there were handsome daoist priests and scholars with different expressions and styles.

Song Shuhang: “…”

Su Clan’s Sixteen: “Pfff~”

Fairy Lychee: “…”

Fairy Dongfang Six: “Has the group’s chat history been photoshopped?”

True Monarch Yellow Mountain sighed quietly. “I wasn’t photoshopped, but little friend Soft Feather didn’t take a photo of the entire screen.

So tiring…

He recalled Soft Feather’s behavior when she had just joined the group. At that time, Soft Feather was so simple and cute. She was earnestly researching Medicine Master’s modified pills with the other seniors in the group. Where she went out and got lost, she asked the fellow daoists in the group for help.

Just when did Soft Feather’s style change this much?

Is it because Venerable Spirit Butterfly caught Thrice Reckless Mad Saber and filmed a movie on the Spirit Butterfly Island?

No matter what, the style of the group needs to be reformed!

True Monarch Yellow Mountain waved his big hand. [System notification: [Soft “Father Already Owes Me Two Daoist Names” Feather] has been muted by the group founder, True Monarch Yellow Mountain, for three days.]

Soft Feather was sent to a small black room.

Then, she used her father’s account, Venerable Spirit Butterfly, to go online. ” @True Monarch Yellow Mountain, Senior Yellow Mountain, this lady suffered injustice! Just now, it wasn’t me who sent the message to the group, it was Senior Thrice Reckless! I was just sorting through my photo library and had yet to send anything when Senior Thrice Reckless suddenly reached out and poked my phone’s screen, sending the photo of the group that I had just sorted!”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator rubbed his forehead as he said, “Sure enough, it’s still Thrice Reckless’s fault?”

“Even if he changed his name to Frice Reckless, when he chances upon opportunities to seek death, he still can’t control himself.” Young Master Phoenix Slayer sighed with emotion.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s mouth twitched, and he waved his big hand once again. [System message prompt: Frice Reckless Mad Saber has been muted by the group founder, True Monarch Yellow Mountain, for three days.]

Three days each, this should be fair enough!

Soon after, Soft Feather, Venerable Spirit Butterfly, and Frice Reckless Mad Saber arrived.

Frice Reckless Mad Saber was staring at his hand. He couldn’t believe it… although he had already changed his name to Frice Reckless, he still couldn’t keep himself from seeking death.

At about 8:00 PM.

The fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, led by Demon Monarch Nirvana, arrived at a large laboratory close to the Jiangnan area.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain asked, “Are we dismantling the guided missiles here?”

“Yeah, we’ll be staying underground, where the real laboratory is located. However, we need to strengthen the defenses before we can research the guided missiles,” Demon Monarch Nirvana replied.

How exciting, just how much power would the explosion of the guided missiles unleash?

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