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Chapter 1069: An extravagant wedding? What the hell is happening?

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

The scorching sun shone fiercely…

Song Shuhang opened his eyes in confusion and looked up towards the sky. Where the hell is this place, why is it so hot?

In the following moment, he saw a humongous sun that was eight times larger than the sun that could be seen from Earth.

“F*ck, what’s going on?” Song Shuhang rubbed his temples.

From what he could recall, he was together with Sixteen at Immortal Fairy Bie Xue’s place, where he just finished a crocodile-leg-based feast. Then, he and Sixteen rode their sabers and headed to Medicine Master’s building to wait for the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group to arrive.

How did he suddenly end up in this strange place?

Could it be that a senior used the power of space to teleport me here? Song Shuhang thought.

The only seniors he knew who possessed such abilities were Senior White, Pavilion Master Chu, and Senior Jellyfish, whom he had encountered in Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion’s Time City.

If Senior White and Pavilion Master Chu were going to use space powers on him, they would definitely inform him beforehand. However, Senior White was still in the Heavenly Tribulation Realm, grinding the heavenly tribulation, so there was no way that he could have been the one to teleport him.

As Song Shuhang was in deep thought, the sound of an explosion echoed from afar. It sounded like fireworks, but was much louder.

Song Shuhang looked towards the location of the explosion, and saw a huge moving golden platform.

The tall platform was being lifted by 300 people. There were 66 steps on the front side, and at its four corners, there were four… four gold-cast pekingeses that faced toward the four cardinal directions.

Song Shuhang: “…”

If one were to take a better look at it, they would be able to see that the 300 ‘people’ that were carrying the platform around were actually puppets.

In front of the puppets, there was a group of men wearing red. They were playing all kinds of musical instruments and occasionally releasing firework-like things into the sky.

Behind the moving platform, there was a large group of luxurious immortal boats, each of them containing luxury cars.

Looking at it, it looks like a wedding procession?

Who’s the one sitting on top of the tall platform? The bride?

Song Shuhang’s eyes were set on the center of the platform. At the center of the four golden pekingeses, he could see a pekingese wearing a red dress.

“Doudou?” Song Shuhang couldn’t help but blurt out.

There was no mistake about it, the pekingese wearing a red dress and sitting on the platform was Doudou.

What is this?

Is this the scene of Doudou’s marriage?

Doudou’s ‘husband’ had been shrouded in mystery. True Monarch Yellow Mountain never disclosed anything about him to the various fellow daoists. Due to this ‘wedding’, Doudou had become very nervous and had once even doubted his own gender.

Several daoists in the group secretly suspected that Doudou’s ‘wedding’ was very likely a prank set up by True Monarch Yellow Mountain to scare him.

Song Shuhang once guessed the same. After all, Doudou was a male, and there was no doubt about that. In addition, True Monarch Yellow Mountain never disclosed anything about Doudou’s husband, causing Shuhang also to suspect that True Monarch Yellow Mountain was just setting up a prank to scare Doudou.

But to think that Doudou was unexpectedly getting married right at this moment…

Moreover, the wedding scene was so grand; it was a scene right out of a movie.

But the real question is… how did I get here?

Was it possible that True Monarch Yellow Mountain had set up a special formation on the invitation card he had given to them, and when it was time, the guests would be directly brought to the wedding venue?

But wasn’t True Monarch Yellow Mountain just a Sixth Stage True Monarch? Wait, in that case, was it the doing of the force behind True Monarch Yellow Mountain? Although he was the admin of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, it seemed that the fellow daoists in the group didn’t know much about which sect he came from. Nevertheless, True Monarch Yellow Mountain possessed great capabilities, and when problems that fellow daoists in the group had difficulty dealing with arose, they would usually ask him for help.

“I wonder if the other fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group were teleported here as well…” When Song Shuhang was halfway through his sentence, he felt that something wasn’t right.

“Wait, I have an appointment with True Monarch Yellow Mountain and the others tonight. We’re supposed to study the guided missiles. Regardless of how urgent it might be, Senior Yellow Mountain wouldn’t marry off Doudou at this time.” Song Shuhang frowned.

Something is wrong, this is simply too sketchy.

Song Shuhang suddenly said, “Is this a dream?”

As soon as he said that, he suddenly felt the world spinning.

Then, the scene in front of him changed once again.

There was the same scorching sun.

There was the same wedding procession playing instruments and singing. The huge moving platform was still there, and so were the four golden pekingeses that stood guard on the four sides of the platform.

The only difference was that… Song Shuhang had replaced Doudou.

The person in the wedding dress had become Song Shuhang.

And Doudou, on the other hand, stood not too far away from the platform while looking at Song Shuhang, who was on the golden platform. He was standing right in the position where Song Shuhang was standing earlier.

Song Shuhang: “…”

What kind of dream is this?!

“Let me out of here!” Song Shuhang shouted in a deep voice.

In the end, he was still a Fourth Stage cultivator. This was just a dream, so if he wanted to wake up, he should be able to do so!

With Song Shuhang’s shout, the innate true yuan in his body surged, and the strange dream collapsed.

In the following moment, a huge bronze mirror had appeared in front of Song Shuhang.

In the mirror, there was a figure. However, this figure wasn’t Song Shuhang, but rather an ugly crocodile.

Song Shuhang: “…”

At that moment, he finally understood what was happening. He had entered the dreamland.

There were various reasons as to why he had randomly entered the dreamland. It happened when he came in contact with an object with a resentful soul attached to it. It happened when he accidentally ate someone or came in contact with the blood of the other party, or even when it was his blood that came in contact with the other party.

The reason for this dream should be the crocodile-leg-based feast he enjoyed just now. That was why he was now dreaming of the ugly crocodile’s life.

But it was strange, why would he see a scene of Doudou getting married while experiencing the life of the ugly crocodile?

Furthermore, what exactly was this ancient bronze mirror?

[What did you see?] At this moment, a deep voice was suddenly heard from the ancient bronze mirror.

The big crocodile in the ancient mirror opened its mouth, and said, “I saw a strange scene. I witnessed the scene of a pekingese monster wearing a red dress as it was getting married. The wedding looked so grand that it left me envious. Then, just as I was feeling envious, I found that the dream had changed. ‘I’ appeared on the moving platform in the place of the pekingese. However, I seemed to have become a human this time.”

[This is your future,] the ancient bronze mirror said in a deep and resounding voice. [It seems that one day in the future, you will get what you so desire, breaking the curse of your race and becoming human. Then, you will have a grand wedding.]

“That can’t be right!” the ugly crocodile said. “I’m a male crocodile, so doesn’t this ‘future’ have a problem? Moreover, if it was my wedding, then why did that pekingese appear on the moving platform? It was only after I felt envious that I switched places with it and ended up on the platform. Therefore, I feel that this future isn’t real.”

[No, there is no problem with the future I showed you. As long as you look into the mirror and wish to see the future, you’ll do so without fail. Therefore, there is only one possibility… someday in the future, you’ll leave behind your crocodile body and possess a monster pekingese. Finally, you’ll become a ‘bride’ while possessing a pekingese and reach the Fifth Stage, gaining the ability to assume human form. In that future, you simply saw yourself getting married in your pekingese and human form.] The ancient bronze mirror put on a serious face and made a fool out of the ugly crocodile.

“Is it really so? I’m really going to switch bodies with a pekingese in the future?” The ugly crocodile wore a face filled with confusion.

Song Shuhang: “…”

“But I keep on getting the feeling that something is wrong, it’s simply too strange for such a future to actually come true. Even if I were to switch bodies with a female pekingese, I wouldn’t want to get married to a man. Give me another divination! Please, another one,” the ugly crocodile cried out.

[You’re really troublesome,] the ancient bronze mirror said. [Alright, I’ll give you another chance. The last one! This time, no matter what kind of future appears, it will be the last one you’ll see. Carefully look into the mirror and think of what you want to know. I’ll give you some time to prepare. I’ll be counting to three in a bit. In the meantime, think of what you wish to know!]

Song Shuhang heard this, and his heart moved.

A divining ancient bronze mirror?

It sounded pretty cool.

If this mirror was really able to divine the future… what about the scene of Doudou’s marriage? Was it something the crocodile wished? Or did it appear because of him?

Song Shuhang believed that it might be because of him. Due to Sixteen suddenly asking him if he planned to marry a man, he unconsciously thought of Doudou.

There was a chance he gave the wrong info to the ancient bronze mirror when he subconsciously thought of Doudou’s marriage after entering the dreamland.

Although it sounded quite inconceivable, the ancient bronze mirror seemed to possess the ability to divine the future. Perhaps through the long river of time, it was able to divine the doubts in Song Shuhang’s heart.

If this is the case… does that mean that True Monarch Yellow Mountain is really planning to marry off Doudou? Song Shuhang thought.

But speaking of the future, is there anything in particular that I want to know? Song Shuhang began thinking and found that he actually wanted to know quite a lot of things.

For example, would he become an Immortal in the future? Who would end up as his dao companion? What techniques would he practice? Or what skills would he end up creating?

Besides things related to himself, he also wanted to know the futures of some of his friends.

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