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Chapter 1062: Debate with your mouth, not your fists!

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The Heavenly Tribulation Realm’s sudden darkening was due to the next wave of the heavenly tribulation being on the verge of exploding out.

But from Sage Monarch Winter Melon’s perspective, when Senior White smiled, heaven and earth changed color. The whole world became black and white, and only Fellow Daoist White kept his color.

This smile was definitely capable of causing the downfall of a city.

Sage Monarch Winter Melon subconsciously said, “Fellow Daoist White! Let’s become fri—”

“Whoosh~” In the next moment, he disappeared from the Heavenly Tribulation Realm.

His time was up. Without paying the rent, he was pushed out of the Heavenly Tribulation Realm.

Sage Monarch Winter Melon said, “F*ck!”

At least let me finish my sentence!

Right before he was forced out of the Heavenly Tribulation Realm, he saw ripples in the sky. Then, thousands of guided missiles appeared.

This… Is this really a heavenly tribulation of the Eighth Stage? Are Fellow Daoist White and I even transcending the same kind of heavenly tribulation?

The power of the heavenly tribulation has unexpectedly become so abnormal. Will Fellow Daoist White be alright?

I hope the Fellow Daoist White can successfully transcend his tribulation, Sage Monarch Winter Melon prayed inwardly.

In the Heavenly Tribulation Realm.

As he faced the guided missiles that filled the sky, Venerable White remained very calm. He then stuffed Fellow Daoist Eternity back into the box, put away the box, and performed some stretching exercises.

“This first wave of guided missiles of this new Heavenly Tribulation Realm isn’t very interesting… I should grind it as fast as I can, gather a few missiles, and then collect the nuclear bombs as well as those more powerful hydrogen bombs,” Venerable White murmured.


The guided missiles madly rushed towards Venerable White, but Senior White elegantly moved through them as he looked for interesting or attractive models, which he instantly sealed and kept in his spatial magical treasure.

Soon, the first wave of the heavenly tribulation passed.

The second wave started as the nuclear bombs began to form. As this took place, Venerable White also began to become more serious.

Inside one of the classrooms in Jiangnan University Town.

“Let’s go home first.” Song Shuhang sighed.

He found what Su Clan’s Sixteen said to be reasonable. He believed that there would be no point in worrying about his position getting locked on by Sage Monarch Winter Melon. With the other party being an Eighth Stage Profound Sage, if he really wanted to find him, he would be able to anyway.

Therefore, on the night of the next full moon, Sage monarch Winter Melon would likely find him.

With his seniors coming to the Jiangnan area this evening to study the guided missiles, Song Shuhang planned to take advantage of their presence to discuss the best way to explain the misunderstanding to Sage Monarch Winter Melon.

When the time came, Song Shuhang also planned to ask Senior Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue about the Sage Seal. He felt that the Sage Seal could very possibly be a great treasure, and he should learn how to use it as soon as possible.

As Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue was soon going to be transcending his tribulation, Song Shuhang believed that he might know something regarding this.

“Hm… If True Monarch Yellow Mountain could pull Sage Monarch Winter Melon into the Nine Provinces Number One Group and have him become a member, then wouldn’t this problem be solved?” Song Shuhang suddenly thought of this idea.

“Hehe, you think it’s that simple for someone to join the Nine Provinces Number One Group?” The female version of True Monarch White Crane rolled its eyes. “The Nine Provinces Number One Group is purely a circle of friends. The fellow daoists part of the group all know each other, and they are all reliable. Not just every random cat or dog can join the group. Think about it, if a big demon joined the group, could the group still have the harmonious atmosphere it currently has?”

Song Shuhang quickly retorted, “You say not every cat or dog can join, but Doudou, Cave Lord Snow Wolf, Senior Phoenix Slayer, and so on are still part of the group!”

He didn’t mention himself. After all, he knew that it was only by luck that he’d been able to get into the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

If it wasn’t for the fact that his account number and Soft Feather’s differed by a single digit, if it weren’t for True Monarch Yellow Mountain entering the wrong number, and if it weren’t for True Monarch Yellow Mountain suddenly performing a divination, he would have been kicked out of the Nine Provinces Number One Group a long time ago.

Moreover, if not for the Nine Provinces Number One Group, he would never have been able to embark on the path of cultivation.

He would have continued his life as an ordinary university student. After graduating, he would probably look for a decently paying job, get married, have children, and just live an ordinary life. At most, during his dreams or when he was resting at work, he might imagine or think about ‘superhuman beings, immortals, or people with special abilities’, and then smile self-mockingly. In the end, after his sons or daughters grew up, he could watch them start their own families and businesses, then grow old with his wife, and finally end up in some expensive grave.

True Monarch White Crane: “…”

Song Shuhang added, “And when it comes to everyone knowing each other, then what about Senior Copper Trigram! There’s also Scholar Tyrant Star!” After all, when Senior Copper Trigram changed his face, who would be able to recognize him? As for Scholar Tyrant Star, it was even worse—nobody in the entire Nine Provinces Number One Group could claim that they how to write that scholar’s daoist name.

True Monarch White Crane: “…”

Song Shuhang then said, “Finally, talking about demons, what about Fairy Dongfang Six?! I seem to remember that she was once the Holy Daughter of a demonic sect!”

Fairy Dongfang Six’s main occupation was that of a kamikaze driver, while her secondary occupation consisted in being the Holy Daughter of some demonic sect that practiced the ❮Nine Bewitching Dance Steps❯. In addition, she was also an elder of [All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family] organization.

Su Clan’s Sixteen added, “Fairy Dongfang Six seems to have gotten a promotion. Last time I heard from Seven, she was promoted from Holy Daughter to sect master candidate. Once she ascends to the Seventh Stage, she might become the sect master. At that time, she will become a real big demoness.”

“Nghrr!” True Monarch White Crane slammed the table with both hands and said, “Sophistry!”

Song Shuhang brought out his ‘Divine Beast Training System v1.5’ glasses and wore them, pushing them up with his fingers and saying, “No, I’m speaking the truth.”

True Monarch White Crane lightly jumped and landed right in front of him. It then vigorously slammed the table, gritted its teeth, and said, “Sophistry!”

The female version of Senior White Crane seemed to be rather hot-headed.

When it stood in front of him, Song Shuhang found out that True Monarch White Crane’s hair was unexpectedly tied in a double ponytail.

…Song Shuhang was very familiar with how to tie a double ponytail. When he had gone crazy in the past, he had sought death with Soft Feather and had tied the same double ponytail for Senior White.

What was True Monarch White Crane trying to do? Was it trying to copy Venerable White?

Song Shuhang remembered that True Monarch White Crane said that it had collected an entire set of Senior White’s expressions. It printed them out and admired them every day, but aside from that, it even tried to imitate Senior White’s hairstyle?

This was really true love.

However, Senior White Crane, do you think that you’d look cute just because you tied your hair into a double ponytail? How naive!

A double ponytail isn’t suitable for every girl!

“It isn’t sophistry, Senior White Crane,” Song Shuhang said seriously. “It’s merely a very basic debate. When debating, Senior White Crane, you present an argument, which I would then counter.”

Su Clan’s Sixteen said questioningly, “Is that how a debate works?”

“Well, it shouldn’t be too far off,” Song Shuhang said. In all honesty, he didn’t know much about debates.

“Gah! Debate your ass, sophistry! It’s all sophistry!” True Monarch White Crane flew into a rage from the humiliation, and crazily flung its head around.

As it flung its head around, the long ponytails flew around like a whip, hitting Song Shuhang again and again.

Although True Monarch White Crane’s female form was petite, it was still a Sixth Stage True Monarch, so when it swung its double ponytails around, the destructive power of the winds they caused was off the charts.

This was the difference between super strong people and ordinary people!

There was a saying in a fiction novel that Song Shuhang was reading a few months ago. It said, ‘Even the dandruff of a powerhouse would be enough to crush a planet if it were to fly out’.

Speaking of which, he felt that the powerhouse was rather pitiful. If they couldn’t control their dandruff growth… then it would be better for them to shave their heads. Or perhaps use a good shampoo and make their hair dandruff-free as advertised on TV. Otherwise, those powerhouses might destroy a galaxy by shaking their heads.

Although this statement was exaggerated, there was some truth behind it. Random actions of powerful practitioners could prove devastating. If they couldn’t control their power, people could die.

Senior White Crane, who was in front of Song Shuhang, was an example of someone who couldn’t control their power.

“Senior White Crane, stop~ debate with your mouth, not your fists!” Song Shuhang instantly used his ‘saber intent armor’ and ❮Scholarly Indestructible Body of the Buddha❯. At the same time, his right hand shone with a metallic color as he activated the ❮Steel Hands Technique❯ and brought his hand up to block his face from getting hit.

As if on instinct, he used the defensive tips that Sage Monarch Winter Melon introduced during his Profound Sage Speech.

“Bam, bam, bam, bam.”

Senior White Crane’s two ponytails continuously struck Song Shuhang. Relying on his strong defense, Song Shuhang was able to resist the storm of attacks.

Just when he began feeling relieved, True Monarch White Crane suddenly switched it up a bit.

“Bam~” Its long ponytails pierced Song Shuhang’s defense, striking his chest from a weird angle.

I made a blunder, I forgot my left hand wasn’t here!

As it wasn’t a fatal attack and was only aiming to fling him back, the virtuous lamia didn’t show up.

“I’m not using my fists.” Senior White Crane continued to fling its ponytails around. “I’m just shaking my head.”

Song Shuhang was flung to a corner, and he could only squat there in silence.

A moment later, he sensed something, and a piece of paper appeared on the palm of his hand.

On the paper, Venerable White had written a message for Song Shuhang. [Shuhang, do you know Sage Monarch Winter Melon?]

Eh? How does Senior White know Sage Monarch Winter Melon? He can’t see the Profound Sage Speech from the Heavenly Tribulation Realm, right?

Wait a minute, could it be that Senior White met Sage Monarch Winter Melon in the Heavenly Tribulation Realm?

Song Shuhang replied, [Senior White, did you meet Sage Monarch Winter Melon?]

Venerable White replied, [Mm-hm, my previous Heavenly Tribulation Realm suddenly collapsed. Afterward, Eternity and I fell into another Heavenly Tribulation Realm and ended up meeting Sage Monarch Winter Melon. After meeting with him, he asked me some questions about you.]

Song Shuhang: “…”

He then quickly asked Senior White, [Senior, what did Sage Monarch Winter Melon ask?]

Venerable White then replied, [Just some things regarding your cultivation talent, which I answered truthfully. When he heard my answers, he seemed to be very shocked. By the way, how do you know him?]

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