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Chapter 1061: I can only kneel in front of Tyrannical Song who reached the Fourth Stage in four months!

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 If two Venerables were to enter the Heavenly Tribulation Realm at the same time, they could only kneel and die. One world, one kneeling technique.

In short, two Venerables transcending the tribulation together = seeking death!

According to Sage Monarch Winter Melon’s knowledge, there had never been anyone from the cultivation or holy knight system that was so set on seeking death. After all, practitioners who were able to reach the Venerable Realm were usually big shots and wouldn’t play with their lives.

Actually, in the ancient witch system, it was indeed possible to find ‘two Venerables transcending the tribulation together’, but this referred to a Venerable-level witch and their Venerable-level familiar transcending together. Such a situation was somewhat different from two non-related Venerables transcending the tribulation together.

Other than two Venerables transcending their tribulation together and ending up in the same Heavenly Tribulation Realm… there was another event that could end up placing two practitioners in the same Heavenly Tribulation Realm.

It was possible that a Seventh Stage Venerable might start transcending their tribulation right when a Profound Sage was about to leave the Heavenly Tribulation Realm. If that happened, there was a really, really small chance that the Venerable would end up entering the Heavenly Tribulation Realm that the Profound Sage had just finished transcending in.

On the off chance that such a thing happened, the Profound Sage who had already finished transcending their tribulation and was preparing to leave would end up having a short meeting with the Seventh Stage Venerable who was just about to start transcending their tribulation.

However, although they would meet, they wouldn’t be able to interfere with the other’s business. The most they could do would be to chat a bit. Then, the Profound Sage would exit the Heavenly Tribulation Realm.

The probability of such a thing happening could be considered negligible. Furthermore, even in ancient times, a Profound Sage would normally appear every 100-200 years. There would usually be only one Venerable attempting to transcend their tribulation every ten years, and the majority would just fail, making the chances of two Venerables sharing the same Heavenly Tribulation Realm even lower.

But that can’t be right. Sage Monarch Winter Melon frowned.

Although he was able to succeed in transcending his tribulation and was now about to leave… the white-robed Venerable seemed to have entered the Heavenly Tribulation Realm and begun transcending his tribulation before he could even start his speech!

Why was this white-robed cultivator able to appear in my Heavenly Tribulation Realm? What about his own Heavenly Tribulation Realm?

“Boom~” The explosion of the nuclear bomb generated a shock wave that surged all around.

Fortunately, Sage Monarch Winter Melon had already successfully transcended his tribulation. As such, the explosion of the nuclear bomb from Venerable White’s heavenly tribulation could no longer hurt him.

Sage Monarch Winter Melon gulped secretly. Even if he was just in ‘spectator’ mode, when he saw the power of the explosion, he couldn’t prevent himself from trembling. He thought to himself, The power of this nuclear explosion has already exceeded the limit of what a Seventh Stage Venerable should be able to bear!

Will that white-robed Venerable be fine?

Just as Sage Monarch Winter Melon was thinking this, the mushroom cloud gradually scattered, and the white-robed cultivator came out from the nuclear bomb’s explosion completely unscathed.

“I failed… Well, I already have several bombs of this type anyway, so it should be fine even if this one blew up,” the white-robed cultivator said to himself.

Sage Monarch Winter Melon, relying on his power of the Eighth Stage, could hear the voice of another person even from a thousand miles away.

Failed? Bombs of this type? Several? Should be fine?

What’s he trying to say?

Sage Monarch Winter Melon could understand the words of the white-robed cultivator, but when he pieced them together, he couldn’t make sense of them.

The white-robed Venerable then said, “I’ll just take a break for a while. I’ll get back to grinding another wave in a bit.”

After saying that, the white-robed Venerable stretched out his hand and pulled something from the void. Then, a two-meter-long and two-meter-wide box-shaped magical treasure appeared. The box opened and revealed a pale-faced cultivator inside.

The pale-faced cultivator only had the strength of someone at the Sixth Stage, but his body seemed to have already condensed a ‘Sage Seal’.

Sage Monarch Winter Melon glanced at the other party and immediately knew their name––Profound Sage Eternity!

At this moment, this Profound Sage Eternity seemed to have been caught in the Inner Demon Tribulation.

“Did he encounter a problem during his Profound Sage Speech? Did that problem cause his strength to fall to the Sixth Stage Realm and even get stuck in the Inner Demon Tribulation?” Sage Monarch Winter Melon immediately came up with an answer.

Truly a pity, he was only a step away from successfully becoming a Profound Sage, yet he ended up failing at the final step. I wonder if he will be able to get through the Inner Demon Tribulation.

This was why when practitioners practiced, they shouldn’t only focus on practicing but also on their eloquence.

The Profound Sage Speech was very important!

Even those buddhist practitioners that engaged in silent meditation no longer continued practicing it when they reached the Seventh Stage Venerable Realm. Whenever they had time, they would discuss dharmas or write drafts.

It was said that in ancient times, some Eighth Stage Profound Sages would sell their drafts to Seventh Stage Venerables that were about to transcend their tribulation, and easily made some money in the process.

Unfortunately, after the end of the ancient Heavenly City era, Profound Sages and Tribulation Transcenders retreated into seclusion. Now, Venerables had no way to buy drafts even if they wanted to.

It was really a pity that this Profound Sage Eternity was lacking a draft.

“Wait, this can’t be right!” Sage Monarch Winter Melon suddenly realized something.

Why was that white-robed Venerable able to interact with Profound Sage Eternity, who’s currently transcending his Inner Demon Tribulation? Also, why have both of them appeared in my Heavenly Tribulation Realm? What happened to their original Heavenly Tribulation Realm?

What in the world is going on!?

Right when Sage Monarch Winter Melon’s face had become one of confusion, Venerable White, who was a distance away from him, also noticed him.

“Hello, uh… Fellow Daoist Winter Melon. Have you finished transcending your tribulation?” Venerable White said politely. Sage Monarch Winter Melon had the Sage Seal in his body, so when Venerable White saw him, he was able to see the other party’s daoist name.

“Greetings, Fellow Daoist.” Sage Monarch Winter Melon could feel from Venerable White’s tone that he was rather relaxed, just as though he was asking his neighbor if they had eaten already. It was as if that terrifying nuclear bomb wasn’t even worth mentioning.

“This poor daoist has just concluded his Profound Sage Speech,” Sage Monarch Winter Melon said.

During the Profound Sage Speech, all the practitioners in the universe could see him. However, if someone was transcending their tribulation at that time, they would receive a replay of the Profound Sage Speech after the tribulation.

“Just finished transcending? Then, Fellow Daoist, you should be the fifth Sage in a thousand years, right? By the way, this guy beside me is the third Sage in a thousand years, he transcended the tribulation together with Profound Sage Tyrannical Song and ended up encountering some problems,” Venerable White casually said.

“They transcended the tribulation together?” Sage Monarch Winter Melon’s eyes widened––as far as he knew, there never had been two Venerables stupid enough to transcended their tribulation together. He didn’t think that he would actually meet two.

However, what was even more terrifying was that both the first Sage in a thousand years, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, and the third Sage in a thousand years, Profound Sage Eternity, both transcended the heavenly tribulation! Although Profound Sage Eternity was caught up in the Inner Demon Tribulation, he had already condensed his Sage Seal, and as long as he got past the Inner Demon, he would be able to leave the Heavenly Tribulation Realm with the identity of a Profound Sage.

When two people dared to transcend the Profound Sage tribulation together, they were either fools or monstrous geniuses, and that first Sage in a thousand years Tyrannical Song was quite clearly the latter!

But, why is Eternity the third Sage? Could it be that there was another Venerable that butted in between the two, then ascended and became the second Sage?

Sage Monarch Winter Melon didn’t even think about the possibility of the second Sage having transcended the tribulation together with the first, the third, and even the fourth Sage. It was already monstrous for two Venerables to transcend their tribulation together. Three people transcending together? Did those fools’ brains get trampled upon by a donkey?

“Hm, indeed, they transcended the tribulation together,” Venerable White answered.

Sage Monarch Winter Melon then asked, “Fellow Daoist, could it be that you know Profound Sage Tyrannical Song?” When this white-robed cultivator talked about Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, it sounded like he was very familiar with him. Could it be they knew each other?

Venerable White held his chin as he said, “Mm-hm, I do. I’ve actually known him ever since he began cultivating.”

Such a coincidence! This white-robed cultivator was actually someone who grew up with Profound Sage Tyrannical Song?

Sage Monarch Winter Melon asked, “Fellow Daoist, can I ask you a question? Of course, if it isn’t convenient for you to answer, then you don’t have to. I just want to ask you, how talented is that Profound Sage Tyrannical Song?”

Sage Monarch Winter Melon wanted to know just how monstrous Tyrannical Song was for him to be able to transcend the tribulation with other people and still become a Profound Sage.

Venerable White held his chin and tilted his head as he thought for a moment. He then replied, “Hmm, if I recall correctly, from when he began cultivating, even counting the time he spent in secret realms, he used around four months to ascend to the Fourth Stage Realm.”

“Huh?” Sage Monarch Winter Melon’s eyes widened.

Did I hear it wrong?

Four months?

Fourth Stage Realm?

Did this white-robed cultivator misspeak?

After all, how could it be possible to reach the Fourth Stage Realm in just four months?!

“Fellow Daoist, I’m sorry, but can you say that one more time? How long did Profound Sage Tyrannical Song take to reach the Fourth Stage?” Sage Monarch Winter Melon asked another time.

“If them time is added together, it should be nearing four months,” Venerable White confirmed.

“Four months? Not four years? Or 40 years? Is it really four months?” Sage Monarch Winter Melon asked, pausing after saying each word.

“I’m sure it’s four months. Speaking of it, the speed at which he advanced was even faster than mine own,” Venerable White said seriously.


Sage Monarch Winter Melon could only think of this word.

He had already prepared himself for how monstrous Profound Sage Tyrannical Song might be. After all, he was a fierce man who was able to transcend a tribulation together with another Venerable.

But Profound Sage Tyrannical Song was even more monstrous than what he had expected, completely breaking his understanding of ‘slow and endless cultivation’.

Four months, Fourth Stage Realm!

I can only kneel in front of such an achievement!

However, Sage Monarch Winter Melon very quickly adjusted his mind.

It was precisely due to how monstrous of a genius Profound Sage Tyrannical Song was that he was now even more motivated to fight him.

He wanted to let all the practitioners in the universe know that his ‘path of defense’ wouldn’t lose to any genius.

“On the night of the next full moon, I will prove what I have to Profound Sage Tyrannical Song. My path of defense isn’t weaker than any other person’s path,” Sage Monarch Winter Melon said firmly.

Now, it was Venerable White’s turn to be confused. “Huh?”

“Thank you, Fellow Daoist. By the way, I still haven’t asked for your daoist name; I’ve truly been quite impolite. I’m Daoist Winter Melon, and my English daoist name is… nevermind, let’s not talk about that. During the show of divinity, I chose to use the daoist name Winter Melon.” Sage Monarch Winter Melon stroked his golden hair and showed a kind smile.

“My daoist name is ‘White’, you can call me White or Fellow Daoist White.” Venerable White smiled faintly.

When Venerable White smiled, the entire Heavenly Tribulation Realm darkened, a sign that the next wave of the heavenly tribulation was coming soon.

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