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Chapter 1060: Tyrannical Song, I’ve found you!

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But the flooding armies of the sea urchin warrior and puppet factions were left disappointed—the new Profound Sage, Sage Monarch Winter Melon, paid no heed to them.

In the frame of the Profound Sage Speech, Sage Monarch Winter Melon maintained his sword propped up with both his hands, and officially entered the ‘Speech’ state, with him focused on telling all the practitioners in the universe about the path of defense.

The Sea King was puzzled. Strange, shouldn’t Sage Monarch Winter Melon have already heard us with millions of sea urchin warriors flooding and shouting so intensely?

Did we do anything wrong?

Are we sea urchin warriors not loud enough? Or perhaps there’s something wrong with how we’re shouting? Could it be that the signal is bad at the bottom of the sea? Shiet, what’s the problem?

The Sea King was lost in thought.

After a while, it suddenly thought of another possibility––had Sage Monarch Winter Melon turned off the ability to intercept the conversations between practitioners all over the universe?

There was a high chance that this was what happened.

Sage Monarch Winter Melon had already formally started his speech, after all.

One couldn’t really give a speech while listening to the jeering of the practitioners all over the universe. What if their rhythm got messed up?

After thinking about this possibility, the Sea King’s heart felt stifled.

Are my sea urchin warriors, who have been calling out for a while, with their throats already dry, doing this all in vain?

Together with the Sea King, the many puppets and the disciples of the Limitless Demon Sect that were calling out like crazy also felt stifled.

Sage Monarch Winter Melon’s speech continued. Although his path of defense was quite boring to listen to, and didn’t really have anything particularly gorgeous about it, it was nevertheless practical.

His speech included tips on how to bring out the armor’s power, how to use the strongest place of the armor to resist the attacks of an enemy, how to defend vital points, and so on. These were merely the basics of defense, but they just happened to be exactly what Song Shuhang needed.

Although Song Shuhang had the powerful ‘saber intent armor’, without a good understanding of defensive techniques, he couldn’t do much better compared to just standing still and getting others to beat him. When he defended, he knew that one should defend their vital points, but he had no idea how to use the armor to do such a thing.

After the basic defensive techniques had been covered, Sage Monarch Winter Melon officially began the topic of the path of defense. Consequently, the content of the speech became more profound.

When the Profound Sage Speech was already halfway through, phenomena appeared beside Sage Monarch Winter Melon. There was also the sound of the Great Way that echoed, and all kinds of lotuses appeared in the air…

However, when the lotuses of the Great Way were half condensed, they transformed into small sets of armor that filled up the entire screen.

Perhaps this was the world using its own way to show everyone Sage Monarch Winter Melon’s inhuman defense.

Song Shuhang listened to Sage Monarch Winter Melon’s Profound Sage Speech with great interest. He felt that he was able to gain a better understanding of his ❮Inverted Scale Saber Technique❯ and saber intent armor thanks to the speech.

After about ten minutes.

In the frame of the Profound Sage Speech, Sage Monarch Winter Melon half-lowered his eyes and stopped the speech.

The speech had concluded.

Song Shuhang hoped that it could have continued. “There is truly no end to learning, defense alone already has such profound principles. I truly want to continue listening to Sage Monarch Winter Melon discuss it.”

True Monarch White Crane said, “Compared to defensive techniques, I would’ve preferred if Sage Monarch Winter Melon talked about the profoundness of ‘Holy Light’ instead. I don’t really have much use for defensive techniques. I wouldn’t be able to rely on defense to eat.”

Su Clan’s Sixteen said, “For me, it wasn’t that bad. Some of the tips on defense he talked about could prove to be quite useful.”

“Phew. Well, it’s done now, at least I can be at ease,” Song Shuhang said.

Before this, he was worried that there would be some cheap person who would provide Sage Monarch Winter Melon information on him during the Profound Sage Speech. If that were to happen, Sage Monarch Winter Melon would’ve been able to go straight to where he was on the night of the next full moon, and he wouldn’t have had the time to prepare.

True Monarch White Crane then said, “It seems that while he was delivering his speech, Sage Monarch Winter Melon turned off the ability to get feedback from the practitioners in the universe. Your luck isn’t bad today.”

At this moment, in the Profound Sage Speech, Profound Sage Winter Melon revealed a mysterious smile.

Then, using a magnetic voice, he said, “Tyrannical Song, I’ve found you.”

Sage Monarch Winter Melon was originally already handsome, with him belonging to the hardcore good-looking type of Western men, yet when he revealed that mysterious smile, his charm increased by several percentages!

After having said that, Sage Monarch Winter Melon disappeared, and the Profound Sage Speech had truly ended.

“I take back what I said,” True Monarch White Crane said. “Little friend Shuhang, your luck’s really damn bad today.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Someone actually sold me out!

Su Clan’s Sixteen gently patted Song Shuhang and comforted him. “Shuhang, with the other party’s power of the Eighth Stage, if he really wanted to find you, he would find a way. So, even if someone did take advantage of the opportunity presented to them by the Profound Sage Speech to disclose information about you, it merely anticipated the inevitable.”

“What Little Sixteen said is right, so instead of cursing those snitches, you might as well think about how to fight against Sage Monarch Winter Melon on the night of the next full moon,” True Monarch White Crane said with a smile.

“The night of the next full moon.” Song Shuhang sighed. “If only there wasn’t a night with a full moon, I would be fine. In that case, Sage Monarch Winter Melon would be eternally unable to fight me.”

“You aren’t thinking of blowing up the moon, are you?” True Monarch White Crane advised, “Don’t entertain such ideas, if you really were to blow up the moon, then the Chinese people would cry. Without the mid-autumn festival, they would be very distressed.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Senior White Crane, do you honestly think that I would be able to blow up the moon after having just ascended to the Fourth Stage? If the moon could be blown up so easily, Chinese people wouldn’t have had the opportunity to come up with a festivity such as the mid-autumn festival in the first place!

“You might not be able to do it, but that doesn’t mean that other people can’t.” True Monarch White Crane sighed, and said, “Only heaven knows how many heavenly tribulation weapons Venerable White has collected. If the number of nuclear bombs is enough, you might be able to blow up part of the moon. That would be enough to never see a full moon again.”

“…” Song Shuhang. “It would be best if Senior White could finish transcending his tribulation a little earlier. At that time, he would also be an Eighth Stage Profound Sage, something that would make me feel relieved while facing Sage Monarch Winter Melon.”

True Monarch White Crane said, “After Senior White finishes gathering all the guided missiles and nuclear bombs he needs, he will come out. Either that or he gets tired of grinding and just comes out. After all, he can’t just live inside the Heavenly Tribulation Realm.”

Song Shuhang raised his head to look at the sky.

That isn’t certain. Senior White seems to have plans to temporarily stay in the Heavenly Tribulation Realm. Just this afternoon, he asked me to lend him a computer. It really feels like Senior White intends to take his time and enjoy himself inside that place.

Besides that, Senior White has divined that I may have to face some trouble soon, and he even said that I might have to use the guided missiles.

Thinking further, did things as dangerous as the guided missiles from the ‘Eighth Stage-rank Tribulation’ still pose a danger to Eighth Stage Profound Sages?

Sage Monarch Winter Melon would be someone very suitable to test this out.

Senior White had given the guided missiles to Song Shuhang, which meant that he might not be able to help him when the time came. Therefore, it was likely that he wouldn’t come out of the Heavenly Tribulation Realm by the time Sage Monarch Winter Melon went to China to challenge Song Shuhang.

In the entire universe.

After watching the Profound Sage Speech, the practitioners were able to gain a whole lot once again. But of greater interest to them than the knowledge they gained about the path of defense was Sage Monarch Winter Melon’s message declaring his desire to fight Profound Sage Tyrannical Song.

“Does Sage Monarch Winter Melon’s final line at the end of his speech, ‘Tyrannical Song, I’ve found you’, mean that he’s already contacted Profound Sage Tyrannical Song?”

“Did Profound Sage Tyrannical Song already reply to Sage Monarch Winter Melon’s challenge?”

“Sage Monarch Winter Melon had a confident expression, is he sure that he’ll be able to defeat Profound Sage Tyrannical Song?”

“When’s the night of the next full moon? The next time there is a full moon? Is it going to be on next year’s mid-autumn festival?”

“I’ve already decided to migrate to China. It would be best for me to buy an apartment there. I’m going to stay there to be sure, I can’t miss this fight between Profound Sages. This stuff is hard to come by even in a thousand years.”

At that moment, the entire universe was filled with discussions.

In the world at the bottom of the sea, the Sea King’s eye looked towards the sky as it laughed triumphantly in its heart.

The Sea King thought inwardly, It worked! Having millions of my sea urchin warriors flood the screen was actually effective! Sage Monarch Winter Melon already knows where Profound Sage Tyrannical Song is. On next year’s mid-autumn festival, the two Profound Sages will fight.

“Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, allow me to witness your true strength,” the Sea King said in a deep voice. If there was an opportunity, it would use the space formation of the altar to teleport beside Profound Sage Tyrannical Song and retrieve the silver glove!

Besides the Sea King, the other flooding armies at work were also filled with satisfaction.

They were able to achieve their goal. Next, they simply had to wait.

In the Heavenly Tribulation Realm.

Sage Monarch Winter Melon concluded the Profound Sage Speech, and a huge amount of power of virtue that came from all over the universe fell on his body.

Possibly due to the explosive news that the 5th Sage in a thousand years was challenging the 1st Sage in a thousand years, the amount of power of virtue he got was more than he’d expected.

Sage Monarch Winter Melon clenched his fist and integrated the power of virtue into his body. At this moment, he had truly become a Profound Sage.

After transcending his tribulation, the Heavenly Tribulation Realm around his body began to crumble.

“It’s time to leave the Heavenly Tribulation Realm,” Sage Monarch Winter Melon said.

But just as he was about to leave, a loud explosion resounded in his ears.

In the distance, a thousand miles away, he saw a huge mushroom cloud.

A white-robed cultivator? It couldn’t be the white-robed Venerable that was facing the nuclear bombs, right?

How could he possibly appear in my Heavenly Tribulation Realm?

Under normal circumstances, when transcending the tribulation of the Eighth Stage, each person would be allocated a single Heavenly Tribulation Realm space of their own.

The sole exception was if there were two Seventh Stage Venerables stupid enough to transcended their tribulation together—the two Venerables would then end up in the same Heavenly Tribulation Realm space.

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