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Chapter 1039: Store away my equipment first!

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Demon Venerable Lushan Street was worthy of the name ‘Venerable’. In just three seconds, he was able to load 10,000 ‘wooden swords’ into the magical ring.

Once he was done with the wooden swords, Demon Venerable returned into the small teapot––to be exact, he had run back into the teapot as fast as he could. If his speed were any slower, he might also be pulled into Venerable White’s heavenly tribulation, which was quite clearly not something to be desired.

Venerable White adjusted his magical ring, and then stretched his hand out to make a daoist seal. “Explode!”

In the following moment, 10,000+ ordinary wooden swords crazily shot through the ‘magical ring’. In the instant they passed through the magical ring, hundreds of supplementary formations were placed onto the swords. The originally ordinary wooden swords began to faintly radiate a seven-colored light.

Unfortunately, these wooden swords hadn’t been refined ‘disposable flying swords’, so the power output was greatly reduced.


10,000+ wooden swords glowing with seven-colored light shot out to welcome 10,000+ heavenly tribulation guided missiles.

The entire Heavenly Tribulation Realm was instantly overshadowed, with only the unceasing sounds of explosions audible and the seven-colored light flashing from time to time.

“Will Venerable White be able to handle this?” Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman asked.

Song Shuhang was also somewhat nervous. He had already seen this move of Venerable White before. In theory, it possessed the offensive power of the peak Seventh Stage, possibly even higher. But this time, Venerable White wasn’t using disposable flying swords, and the heavenly tribulation had materialized 10,000+ missiles.

In the frame of the Profound Sage Speech.

Horizon had a calm expression on his face. “When a cultivator advances from the Third to the Fourth Stage, there are three methods to delay the heavenly tribulation, and the cost of these methods isn’t high. The first method is…”

“Boom~” The voice of the daoist priest was drowned out by the noise from the explosions.

The corner of Daoist Priest Horizon’s mouth twitched, but he still continued, “Cough, for the first method, you would only need to prepare the several following materials, all of which are very common materials that can be purchased on cultivator street markets. Now, I’ll be listing the materials. Everybody, listen carefully…”

“Boom~” Daoist Priest Horizon’s voice was once again drowned out by the noise from the explosions.

Daoist Priest Horizon: “…”

He had no choice here—the only thing he could do was to repeat it another time at the top of his voice.

He was getting tired and also stressed.

As long as he was in ‘Profound Sage Speech’ mode, he wouldn’t receive any harm from Venerable White’s heavenly tribulation. Nevertheless, the overbearing power of the heavenly tribulation still caused his back to be drenched in cold sweat.

When is this Profound Sage Speech going to end? My clothes are all wet. If this goes on, even my crotch is going to end up wet…

But, more importantly, how much ‘power of virtue’ would he gain if Venerable White kept creating a ruckus like this?

It was possible that he would get more virtue due to Venerable White’s entrance, but it could also be that the amount of virtue would end up greatly reduced.

If he didn’t have enough power of virtue, would he be able to get through the ‘Inner Demon Tribulation’?

He truly felt stifled at this time.

All across the universe.

[What was that thing just now? The one that loaded the wooden swords, was it a genie? These kinds of summoning treasures can be actually used while transcending the heavenly tribulation?]

The disciples of the Limitless Demon Sect: “…”

Wasn’t that ‘Demon Venerable Lushan Street’, one of the veteran members of their Limitless Demon Sect? But, wasn’t he in deep meditation? Why did he suddenly become a lamp spirit and appear in the tribulation of this white-robed cultivator?

Was there really no problem with Demon Venerable being this lovely?


Flames, lightning, violent winds, scorching light, explosions, sword qi, as well as dazzling beams of light would rush toward the sky from time to time… Venerable White stood in the Heavenly Tribulation Realm, with the whole place filled with magnificent fireworks, making for a shocking visual effect.

The violent sounds of explosions lasted for several minutes before subsiding.

As the explosions stopped…

Venerable White’s figure reappeared in the frame.

Aside from some dark marks that had appeared on his white robe, it didn’t seem like he had taken much damage at all.

Other than this, sharp-eyed cultivators saw that there was something piled up behind Venerable White.

[What’s that? The picture is a little blurry, let me get a better look at it… wait, am I seeing things? Are those guided missiles?]

[F*ck, are those the guided missiles of the heavenly tribulation? How did they end up piled up together without detonating?]

[Heavens, how did those guided missiles end up piled up together? And there even seems to be a layer of seals on them… Was the heavenly tribulation actually sealed?]

All the practitioners in the universe burst into discussion.

If they could flood the screen, they would have long flooded the frame of the ‘Profound Sage Speech’.

All the practitioners in the universe swallowed their saliva with a loud gulp. According to rumors, there were some incredibly strong cultivators who had forged some of their treasures while transcending the tribulation—an example being a sword forged with the lightning of the heavenly tribulation, which would allow that sword to have the evil-purging property of the heavenly tribulation.

But it was the first time that someone had sealed and piled up on one another the guided missiles of the heavenly tribulation.

At this moment, in the frame, Venerable White turned around and began to count the number of ‘guided missiles’.

“10… 27… 32… eh? There’re around ten types missing.” Venerable White then turned to Song Shuhang, and said, “Song— hm, Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song, did you perhaps pay attention to how many kinds of guided missiles were launched? I vaguely remember there being 47 different kinds among the 10,000 that were launched.”

Song Shuhang shook his head. “I didn’t see clearly, Senior White.” After seeing those 10,000 guided missiles, he got scared out of his wits. Where did he have the time to observe how many kinds of guided missiles there were?

“Then, help me take a look at how many kinds there are. By the way, don’t you have a spatial magical treasure that can store spirit stones? If there’s space, help me keep these,” Venerable White said as he threw the 32 guided missiles toward Song Shuhang.

Seeing Senior White’s actions, Shuhang almost knelt down.

Those 32 guided missiles were 32 big baddies. If one of them were to accidentally explode, he, Song Shuhang, would definitely die.

“Can this sort of thing even enter into a spatial magical treasure?” Song Shuhang asked.

“Of course, I’ve placed a special seal on them. This seal is one of the gains I had while I was closed up. You collect these guided missiles first. In the meantime, I’ll lower my realm and transcend the heavenly tribulation anew to collect all 47 kinds of guided missiles. At that time, we’ll be able to study their properties,” Venerable White said. “Mm, it would be more convenient to collect some more for the research.”

Song Shuhang, who was storing the ‘guided missiles’ in his spatial magical treasure, was taken aback. “Huh?”

What did he mean with ‘transcend the heavenly tribulation anew’?

“It’s alright, just help me collect these guided missiles. As a reward, once I’ve finished studying these guided missiles, I’ll gift you all of the extra missiles,” Venerable White said.

Song Shuhang was dumbfounded.

Why would I want these guided missiles? What am I supposed to do if one of these big baddies accidentally explodes?

“This time, Song— Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song, help me see how many kinds of guided missiles there are,” Venerable White said.

During their conversation, he saw Venerable White’s aura drop rapidly, from peak Seventh Stage Venerable all the way down to beginner Seventh Stage Venerable.

However, the sea of tribulation lightning didn’t care if one lowered their realm—if the transcending of the tribulation had already begun, it would continue until the very end!

As a result, the tribulation began to condense once again, brewing the second wave. As long as it was locked onto Venerable White, it would attack him until the very end.

At this moment, Venerable White suddenly threw out a golden talisman treasure. After the golden talisman appeared, it changed into a gigantic wave of ‘lightning power’ that poured into the sea of heavenly tribulation.

In the following moment… the sea of heavenly tribulation which was brewing the second wave calmed down.

Venerable White then put the golden talisman treasure away, and his aura began to rise again, instantly returning to the peak Seventh Stage Venerable and reaching the point where he would have to transcend the tribulation.

“Boom!” The sea of heavenly tribulation became violent once again.

After two breaths, 10,000+ guided missiles gradually formed in the heavenly tribulation sea.

The heavenly tribulation had seemingly undergone a ‘factory-reset’, starting anew.

Song Shuhang: ⊙_⊙

Was the heavenly tribulation so easy to play around with?

All across the universe.

[Who can tell me what’s going on? What happened after I shut my eyes? Hadn’t the guided missiles already been taken care of?]

There were some people who were able to understand the contents of Venerable White’s conversation. [It seems that this white-robed Venerable is acquainted with Profound Sage Tyrannical Song. Just now, he and Profound Sage Tyrannical Song were apparently exchanging.]

The characters of the live broadcast were only Horizon and Venerable White—Song Shuhang’s and Palace Master’s figures didn’t appear in the Profound Sage Speech frame. Therefore, all the cultivators in the world could only see Venerable White talking to himself.

Just like in the previous first wave, 10,000+ guided missiles were shot at once towards Venerable White, who was still in the ‘space twisting’ mode.

However, he changed his approach while facing the heavenly tribulation this time around. He used an earth-type spell to block most of the guided missiles, seizing the opportunity to capture over 20 of them.

Among those 20 guided missiles that Venerable White had collected, there was quite a number of duplicates. As such, he had yet to collect them all.

As a result… with everyone’s gazes fixed on him, Venerable White redid everything. He brought out the golden talisman to reset the heavenly tribulation one more time.

In this way, after another two rounds, Venerable White was able to collect a total of 123 guided missiles, with all of the different kinds of guided missiles collected as well.

Song Shuhang, with a numb face, put these guided missiles in his spatial magical treasure.

This was the strongest heavenly tribulation he had ever come across, but also the most miserable and honorless heavenly tribulation. Luckily, Venerable White had finally managed to collect all the different kinds of guided missiles.

Now, Senior White should go face the second wave of the heavenly tribulation, right? Shuhang thought.

Just as Song Shuhang was in deep thought, Venerable White ran to his side, taking off and handing all the magical treasures on his body, his Meteor Sword, and even his daoist robe to Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang was baffled. “Senior White, what are you doing?”

“The golden talisman treasure I used just now has a rather exaggerated side effect. The power of the next wave of the heavenly tribulation will be beyond imagination, so I might not be able to hold up. As such, store away my equipment first,” Venerable White said hurriedly.

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