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Chapter 1038: Heavenly Tribulation: Let me send a wave of rockets in your stead!

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Who was this new cultivator in white clothing? Why had he suddenly appeared in the frame of Profound Sage Horizon’s Profound Sage Speech? Moreover, from what he said just now, he was seemingly on the verge of facing his tribulation. If that was the case, what tribulation was he going to face—which rank? Among the myriad practitioners in the universe, there were quite a lot that didn’t know Venerable White, and were thus curious.

In addition, the white-clothed cultivator just said: [I was closing up when I gained some sudden insight. Therefore, I came out to transcend my tribulation and go back once I’m done.]

Wasn’t he being a bit too casual here? The ‘heavenly tribulation’ wasn’t child’s play, and one couldn’t transcend it just because they wished to do so!

As for the fellow daoists that knew Venerable White, they raised their spirits because the heavenly tribulation that Venerable White was going to face was definitely that of the Profound Sage-rank.

Such a tribulation-transcending experience absolutely couldn’t be missed. Moreover, the fellow daoists that knew Venerable White were really curious what methods he was going to use when transcending the tribulation.

In the Heavenly Tribulation Realm.

After hearing Venerable White’s words, Song Shuhang and Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman quickly retreated.

Senior White was about to face the tribulation of the Profound Sage-rank!

They had just barely escaped with their lives from the Eighth Stage tribulation, and they didn’t want to get involved in it again.

While retreating, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman took out a rope-like magical treasure, wrapped up Eternity—who was now facing the Inner Demon Tribulation—and brought him away. As for Daoist Priest Horizon, he shouldn’t get involved in Venerable White’s heavenly tribulation, since he was still giving his Profound Sage Speech.

Venerable White also noticed that Horizon was giving his speech right behind him. As such, he put some distance between them to avoid dragging him into his own tribulation.

The strangest thing was that the frame of Daoist Priest Horizon’s Profound Sage Speech was still firmly locked onto Venerable White’s body.

Even if Venerable White put some distance between him and Horizon, he was still in the frame of the Profound Sage Speech.

Venerable White stood straight and took out his Meteor Sword, calmly waiting for the descent of the heavenly tribulation.

“Senior White, aren’t you going to set up some tribulation-transcending formations?” Song Shuhang asked.

Senior White had the ability to instantly arrange formations. Even if the heavenly tribulation was about to fall, this period of time should be enough for him to arrange several formations.

“No need to arrange tribulation-transcending formations today. I’m just seeking confirmation to a few guesses,” Venerable White replied.

Venerable White’s words were relayed to the whole universe through the live broadcast.

[What did I just hear? Did the white-clothed cultivator say that he doesn’t feel the need to arrange tribulation-transcending formations? Did I hear incorrectly?]

[Is he really this powerful? Or is he just seeking death? What heavenly tribulation is he going to face, which rank?]

[Even if he’s very powerful, he shouldn’t gamble with his life. Not even arranging tribulation-transcending formations? That is simply… too cool!] Something like this would happen at times. If one was simply too handsome, they would look cool even while seeking death.

[In light of this, I’m now your fan, unknown white-clothed cultivator!]

Just in this fashion, the main character of the Profound Sage Speech, Daoist Priest Horizon, was blatantly ignored.

[Eh? The space the white-clothed cultivator entered is the same one as the other Profound Sages. Does this mean that the heavenly tribulation he’s going to face is that of the Eighth Stage-rank? Is he a Venerable?] Some sharp-eyed cultivator noticed this point.

Very soon, more and more cultivators began guessing that Venerable White was going to transcend the tribulation-transcending of the Eighth Stage.

[I really feel like gifting a wave of rockets at this time,] some cultivator thought. Too bad that there was no button to do so, truly regrettable.

But very soon, the myriad practitioners in the universe no longer felt regretful.

Just as though it had heard their wishes, a large wave of rocket-like things started to materialize in the Heavenly Tribulation Realm!

Now, this was a true spam of rockets!

Venerable White calmly looked at the ‘sea of tribulation lightning’ above his head. The size of this sea was even larger than the one Song Shuhang and the others had seen during their 5+1 heavenly tribulation.

Song Shuhang and Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman were frightened, and they almost felt as though they were also going to get dragged into that sea of tribulation lightning.

As a matter of fact, this wave of the heavenly tribulation had locked onto Venerable White alone.

Also, the process was different from when Song Shuhang and the others faced their tribulation. This heavenly tribulation that had locked onto Venerable White didn’t send a probing first wave, but directly opened fire.

In the sea of tribulation lightning, countless guided missiles made of heavenly tribulation power suddenly emerged, their number over 10,000! However, the first wave of Venerable White’s heavenly tribulation only had ‘guided missiles’—there was no trace of tanks.

The ten thousand guided missiles filled the whole sky, with their number continually increasing.

Aside from the lightning of tribulation, the guided missiles also possessed the power of the fire, metal, and wind of tribulation, as well as the power to generate Inner Demons.

The bodies of those guided missiles were made of fire and metal tribulation. The lightning of tribulation had increased their firepower, while the wind of tribulation raised their speed. As for the tribulation of the Inner Demon, it had increased the intimidating power of the explosions.

[F*ck! What is that?! Just what the hell am I seeing?!] The myriad practitioners in the universe were scared out of their wits.

Although they wished to gift a wave of rockets earlier, they didn’t mean this type of rockets! The heavenly tribulation had really transformed into rockets!

All the rockets took the shape of guided missiles, extremely lifelike and full of modern hi-tech flavor. Their number over 10,000!

A practitioner that had a deep understanding of modern weapons shouted, [I can see many familiar models among those guided missiles. Some of the models are very recent, and humans developed them just this year. Although their size is small, their speed and destructive power are higher than previous models. Is this really the heavenly tribulation? Did it copy the weapons of ordinary people?]

[What is the heavenly tribulation trying to do? Does it want to modernize? What a joke!]

[Damn, how are we supposed to transcend such a heavenly tribulation? Is the heavenly tribulation of the white-clothed cultivator the only one that has changed, or is everyone going to face this mutated heavenly tribulation in the future? If everyone’s heavenly tribulation is going to change, will our ‘tribulation-transcending formations’ still work?]

[How is the white-clothed cultivator going to face this heavenly tribulation? After all, modern heavenly tribulation is something unheard of! The heavenly tribulation is already very scary as it is. How are we going to deal with it if it ends up copying modern technology and weaponry?]

In the Nine Provinces Number One Group, the expressions of the various fellow daoists became serious.

“I didn’t think that the ‘modern heavenly tribulation’ little friend Song Shuhang talked about would really appear. The fellow daoists that are going to transcend the tribulation soon should be extra careful and find ways to deal with this mutated heavenly tribulation,” True Monarch Yellow Mountain said gravely. He was preparing to face the heavenly tribulation of the Seventh Stage soon, and he hadn’t expected that something like this would happen.

Su Clan’s Seven: “When Little Sixteen transcended the tribulation earlier, the heavenly tribulation had already started to change a little. I made some preparations, but the heavenly tribulation has now changed beyond recognition.”

He was also one of the members that were going to transcend the tribulation soon.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly: “I’m also going to make thorough preparations. Let’s first take a look at how Fellow Daoist White deals with this heavenly tribulation. It will help us get ready for what we are going to face next.” After that trip to Immortal Cheng Lin’s cave, Venerable Spirit Butterfly had gained some insight, and was preparing to transcend the tribulation.

Medicine Master: “…”

He was also one of the members preparing to transcend the tribulation.

Fairy Dongfang Six: “Are there other fellow daoists that want to transcend the tribulation in the near future? Demon Monarch Nirvana is right beside me. If you need help, you can contact him and research a method to deal with this modern heavenly tribulation.”

“Aside from Senior Yellow Mountain, Senior Spirit Butterfly, Seven, and Medicine Master… there is also Senior Xian Gong who will face the tribulation soon. Actually, it is unknown if he has already started to transcend the tribulation or not,” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator said.

The fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group suddenly quieted down.

The heavenly tribulation decided to undergo a mutation just as Senior Xian Gong was going to advance to the next realm.

Frice Reckless Mad Saber: “The heavenly tribulation isn’t suddenly going to transform into a nuclear bomb and explode, right? If that were to happen, things might turn for the worse for Scholar Xian Gong who was traumatized in the past. After all, there is some fate between him and nuclear bombs…”

“Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless, don’t jinx it. As we saw, the starting wave of the tribulation of the Eighth Stage was made of ‘guided missiles’. Therefore, the strongest wave of the heavenly tribulation of the Seventh Stage should also only have guided missiles. Given his strength, Fellow Daoist Xian Gong should be able to resist this type of tribulation wave just fine,” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator said.

Although this was very likely the case, the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group were still worried.

“It’s starting.” Fairy Lychee reminded them at this time.

In the Heavenly Tribulation Realm, Venerable White and the first wave of guided missiles made contact.

The 10,000 guided missiles either spurted out flames or got wrapped in green wind as they headed toward Venerable White. The 10,000+ missiles almost all rained down at the same time.

Back then, when Song Shuhang and the others were facing their 5+1 heavenly tribulation, the guided missiles came down in waves, but now that it was Venerable White’s turn, the missiles came down all together. The volume of the guided missiles increased to a terrifying level as they piled up one on the other. However, the Heavenly Tribulation Realm wasn’t a place that followed logic to begin with.

If felt as though space had been compressed when those 10,000+ guided missiles headed toward Venerable White’s position.

Song Shuhang and Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman felt their livers tremble. If the heavenly tribulation had decided to attack like this when they were the ones transcending the tribulation, they would have died in the first wave!

[Shiet! The 10,000 missiles were launched at the same time! Will that white-clothed cultivator be able to withstand the explosion of this attack reinforced with the power of the heavenly tribulation?]

[After looking at my skills, I don’t have what it takes to meet this attack head on,] an experienced Seventh Stage Spiritual Venerable said, panic-stricken. He, too, was a Venerable planning to advance to the next realm. The great change of heaven and earth was imminent, and the next tide of spiritual energy was also at hand. Therefore, he wanted to seize this opportunity to advance to the Profound Sage Realm. But, after seeing this wave of guided missiles, he felt his heart tremble.

Venerable White didn’t panic while facing the joint attack of the guided missiles.

He stretched out his hand and drew a circle in the air. Right after, a magical circle appeared before his body.

Then, a small teapot that resembled a ‘magic lamp’ also appeared next to him.

Light smoke emerged from the small teapot, and in the next moment, Demon Venerable Lushan Street was standing beside Venerable White.

“F*ck.” Right after making his appearance, Demon Venerable Lushan Street was scared shitless.

Yet, his body faithfully executed Venerable White’s orders, continually bringing out bundles of ‘wooden flying swords’ and loading them into Venerable White’s magical ring.

Originally, it should have been Qing Wu’s duty to perform these tasks. However, her roots went soft while facing the heavenly tribulation of the Profound Sage-rank. The task was thus left to Demon Venerable Lushan Street.

In addition, these flying swords were only ordinary wooden swords crafted through Qing Wu’s wood. They had yet to be refined into ‘disposable flying swords’.

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