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Chapter 1037: Where’s the button for launching rockets?

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Since ancient times, there had never been a Profound Sage that had used the ‘Profound Sage Speech’ to confess to his beloved.

First of all, by the time cultivators reached the Profound Sage Realm, they would no longer be lacking ‘wealth, partners, techniques, and land’. Second, the ‘Profound Sage Speech was a great opportunity to gather ‘virtue’. The higher one’s ‘virtue’, the higher their chance to transcend the following heavenly tribulation of the Ninth Stage. Therefore, since ancient times, there had never been a Profound Sage that had given up on the opportunity of giving the ‘Profound Sage Speech’.

Only Song Shuhang and company had been able to obtain this special opportunity ahead of time. As a matter of fact, Eternity hadn’t reached the Eighth Stage yet, and this ‘Profound Sage Speech’ was something he had obtained for free. When it came to opportunities that people hadn’t worked hard for, they would be unable to truly appreciate them.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman guessed that Eternity wouldn’t receive any ‘virtue’ after wasting the speech to court someone.

And Palace Master’s guess turned out to be correct.

After Eternity’s Profound Sage Speech came to an end, there were no changes that happened to him. Practitioners from all over the world had just been malicious stabbed in their hearts, and let alone give him power of virtue, it was already a miracle that they weren’t openly cursing him!

Eternity paid it no heed. Frankly, he didn’t really care about that amount of ‘power of virtue’. As long as he used the cultivation resources of his family and spent a few decades, he could easily acquire that much virtue.

As such, courting Immortal Fairy Bie Xue was of greater importance than gathering some virtue.

Right after Eternity exited the ‘Profound Sage Speech’, his body shook fiercely, and his face paled.

In the air, countless illusions descended and enveloped him.

Upon seeing this situation, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman pulled Song Shuhang and ran away, quickly leaving the place.

“What’s happening?” Song Shuhang asked.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman said, “It’s the Inner Demon Tribulation… how could this happen? Haven’t we already transcended the tribulation? Why did the Inner Demon Tribulation suddenly appear?”

Eternity’s body was shrouded in illusions, his eyes blurred. Due to his grave injuries, his face paled even more. It seemed that the level of this Inner Demon Tribulation that had befall him was truly terrifying. It was unknown whether he would be able to withstand it. Inner Demon Tribulations were very personal, and so outsiders wouldn’t be able to interfere much with them.

The only thing that Song Shuhang knew could have some effect on the ‘Inner Demon Tribulation’ was mentioned in that article that Venerable Spirit Butterfly had sent to the Nine Provinces Number One Group—[The influence of Dharma King Creation’s singing on the Inner Demon Tribulation]. In that document, Venerable Spirit Butterfly mentioned that the singing of Dharma King Creation could break inner demons.

If… Fellow Daoist Eternity is really unable to hold up against the Inner Demon Tribulation, should I actually try using Dharma King Creation’s singing? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

“I think that the sudden appearance of the Inner Demon Tribulation might be related to the Profound Sage Speech.” At this moment, the far away ‘Frenzied Strength Imparter’ Daoist Priest Horizon had come beside Song Shuhang and Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman.

Next, it was his turn to undertake the ‘Profound Sage Speech’, so he had woken up like the rest. When he woke up, he similarly checked his body’s condition and activated his ‘Sage Seal’.

After activating his Sage Seal, he acquired the memory of what happened while he was in a coma.

Daoist Priest Horizon looked at Eternity, and continued, “If you think about it, although we have already transcended the tribulation, we can’t leave this Heavenly Tribulation Realm until these Profound Sage Speeches come to an end. As such, there can only be one reason for us not being able to leave this place—our heavenly tribulation still hasn’t completely ended. From the looks of it, the Profound Sage Speech is also part of the tribulation, and as our speech concludes, a great amount of power of virtue descends onto our bodies, thereby offsetting the final wave of the tribulation—the Inner Demon Tribulation. As such, if we were to treat the ‘Profound Sage Speech’ as a joke, then we wouldn’t be able to acquire that great amount of power of virtue, and without the power of virtue offsetting the ‘Inner Demon Tribulation’, the tribulation will descend directly onto the cultivator.”

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman agreed. “Fellow Daoist Horizon’s speculation makes sense. As such, the Profound Sage Speech shouldn’t be taken lightly. Then, Fellow Daoist Horizon, have you already prepared the contents of your ‘Profound Sage-Level Speech’?

“I have some sort of a draft in mind. As you should already know, I have long been carrying out this ‘strength imparting’ to avoid the heavenly tribulation and delay the time of its descent. This is also the reason for my nickname, Frenzied Strength Imparter.” Horizon laughed as he mocked himself.

“Senior, are you going to talk about your ‘strength imparting’ experience?” The corners of Song Shuhang’s mouth twitched––if this were the case, it would be better to let Daoist Priest Horizon buy a book from the high-quality puppet.

Daoist Priest Horizon shook his head, and said, “Honestly, ‘strength imparting’ is only one of the many methods at my disposal to delay the descent of the heavenly tribulation. I was able to delay the descent of my heavenly tribulation for more than 300 years, do you seriously think that the only method I used to do so was the ‘strength imparting’ method? I actually have a total of 17 different methods for delaying the descent of the heavenly tribulation, with ten or so being suitable only for low-level cultivators. I would like to use this opportunity to tell all the practitioners in the universe about my experience with ‘delaying the heavenly tribulation’. These experiences and my methods should be quite useful for a great number of cultivators.”

Among cultivators, the number of those who were at the top was always the least, with most cultivators being of low-level. The experience that Horizon was going to impart wasn’t as good as Song Shuhang’s explanation of the Daoist Canon or Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman’s buddhist scriptures. Nonetheless, for the cultivators in the lower realms, it could easily save their lives. He would definitely get a great amount of virtue out of it.

“My Profound Sagel Speech is about to begin. Fellow Daoist Shuhang, Fellow Daoist Seven Lives Talisman, see you in a while,” Horizon said as he fixed his appearance. Next, he entered into ‘Profound Sage Speech’ mode.

And this time, Song Shuhang realized that his ‘high-quality puppet’ didn’t offer Daoist Priest Horizon any of her books. In her opinion, was Daoist Priest Horizon’s explanation on how to ‘delay the heavenly tribulation’ qualified for the ‘Profound Sage Speech’?

Having witnessed Eternity’s example, Horizon didn’t mess around after entering into ‘Profound Sage Speech’ mode, he wasn’t going to blindly make a mess. He had a stern expression on his face as he used the ‘Sage Seal’ to make himself look more dignified.

Afterward, he went straight to the point. “I am not like the three previous talented cultivators, as my talent is rather ordinary. What I will talk about today might not be of interest to those talented cultivators out there, because it is something very simple—it’s regarding the delaying of the descent of the heavenly tribulation.”

The theme of Daoist Priest Horizon’s speech instantly attracted the attention of many low-level cultivators.

In the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

True Monarch Northern River: “Oh no, Horizon is really going to talk about his ‘strength imparting’ experience.”

Fairy Lychee: “It’s over… in the future, when lower level cultivators come across higher level cultivators and try to curry favors with them, they would have to be extra careful. Otherwise, the opposite party might simply impart tens of years of strength onto them.”

Fairy Dongfang Six: “Actually, I’d like to know how Immortal Fairy Bie Xue is doing right now. After all, she was confessed to in the presence of all the practitioners in the universe. If a handsome cultivator confessed to me in the presence of so many practitioners, I might actually end up falling for him.”

Fairy Firefly: “+1. I also find this kind of confession very romantic.”

Fairy Dreamland [Soft Feather]: “Me too, me too! If someone were to confess to me in such a way, I would like it very much.”

The topic of discussion in the Nine Provinces Number One Group had suddenly changed from the ‘Profound Sage Speech’ to romantic confessions.

The content of Daoist Priest Horizon’s speech wasn’t complex, with him starting off by tirelessly talking about several methods to delay the heavenly tribulation of the Third Stage. All of the low-level practitioners in the universe listened with infatuation. Even some of the cultivators of higher realm were taking down notes—they might not have any use for the stuff themselves, but their disciples and descendants might have some.

Song Shuhang and Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman were nodding their heads. It seemed that Daoist Priest Horizon would be able to easily get through the final wave.

Meanwhile, the two people once again worriedly looked at ‘Eternity’, who was still facing the Inner Demon Tribulation. It was unknown whether he would be able to get through it.

Song Shuhang thought, If Eternity is still trapped in the Inner Demon Tribulation as Daoist Priest Horizon’s speech is about to end, I’ll just try out Dharma King Creatin’s singing and see if it can actually help Eternity.

Otherwise, if Daoist Priest Horizon’s speech ended and they were sent out of the Heavenly Tribulation Realm, they would no longer have the chance to help Eternity.

Some people listened to Horizon’s speech with great interest, but some didn’t really find anything useful in what he was saying.

Some of the cultivators at higher realms murmured, “It seems that this Profound Sage Horizon won’t be saying anything new.”

There were some that were already prepared to stop watching the ‘Profound Sage Speech’ and get back to their own affairs.

But right at this time, in the space behind Daoist Priest Horizon, a space fissure suddenly appeared.

Then, a figure in white emerged from the space fissure and entered the frame of Daoist Priest Horiozn’s ‘Profound Sage Speech’.

The figure looked like an immortal that had been banished to the mortal world. His long black hair sprinkled behind his back, and his eyes shone brightly, like stars. As soon as he appeared, the billions practitioners all over the universe were suddenly drawn to him, all of their gazes unconsciously fell on his body.

Song Shuhang: “Pfff~”

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman: “Pfff~”

The fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group who were watching the Profound Sage Speech: “Pfff~”

Immortal Fairy Bie Xue: “Pfff~”

Why did Venerable White suddenly appear there? Wasn’t he still closing up?

Song Shuhang immediately checked his Inner World––it might be because he had already transcended his tribulation, but the connection between him and the Inner World had been unknowingly restored, and there was no longer that feeling of ‘great distance’. However, there still seemed to be a solid barrier between his Inner World and the Heavenly Tribulation Realm.

“Eh? Shuhang, guys, you’re also here?” Venerable White smiled and waved at Song Shuhang.

“Senior White, weren’t you closing up?” Song Shuhang asked.

“I was indeed closing up when I had a sudden feeling. Therefore, I came out to transcend my tribulation, and go back once I’m done,” Venerable White said. “By the way, stay away from me, my heavenly tribulation is about to descend.”

Senior White wanted to transcend his tribulation while Daoist Priest Horizon was streaming his Profound Sage Speech?

Where was the button to launch rockets and planes? Shoudn’t you be supporting him as well with some rockets 1 ?

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